J. Croft

Newsweek had on its cover “we are all socialists now”; first off what the fuck is this “we” crap?! My stuff-what little there is-ain’t yours and it certainly ain’t some human sized turd with a government job. I got bad news for you, the “socialists” are communists and they’ve been cultivated in the universities for generations now. Whether they’re Barack Hussein Obama or the five bubbas running your little shitburg’s city council voting in a SWAT team that’ll just be used to terrorize everyone, they’ve been filled with a lot of BS about how they’re the “intelligentsia”. How they’re better, smarter than you and therefore have to rule you. By the time they graduate they’re all power hungry, insufferable little shits.

And then they get to law school. Become lawyers and therefore license to “practice law”; whether arguing cases in America’s kangaroo courts, or presiding as judge, or writing and enacting the laws in the first place. The lawyers have made America’s political system into their own racket-all in service to the foreign financiers that are liquidating what’s left of America. Do they care? Have they ever?!!

Their monopolization of political power through the farce of the two party system alone is enough to seek to remove the traitors from office. Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear… hopefully they will have the brains to comprehend what they’re reading here, and a pair to actually do something. Something needs to be done; the federal government is reaching down and taking over the state and local governments so we need to act to start taking back what is supposed to be OUR government-NOW!

So target your first town with care. Go over the criteria I laid out in my essay “It’s Time” at my blog. That and search for the most corrupt little shitburg that fits.

After that, there are three obstacles we’re going to face.

The first obstacle? All the Walter Mitty lip service “patriots” who’d rather shoot down ideals, start fights within their own ranks, and stroke the actions on their semiautomatic weapons than actually doing something about the tyranny that is now in full bloom. While we still have some form of elected government at the local level we can easily defeat in a recall election.

Yes: many in the freedom movement are posers, cammie clad serfs with as much credibility in their actions as some rich white teenager claiming on the internet he’s some bad ass gangsta. Unfortunately they’re the norm for most of what passes for Americans; let someone else handle the problem so long as they can watch the ball game on the weekend. Rather argue arcane bits of some dead person’s philosophy, or pick a fight with those who are supposed to be on the same side-over nothing-than do something about the enemy that has radicalized them in the first place. Unbelievable thinking about it, but oh so true.

Look, finding patriots in a land of TV lobotomized debt slaves is challenge enough, but you’ve got the additional problem of all the TV lobotomized debt slaves taking on the airs of Free Men without the understanding of what that means. So look at their actions, or lack of. Perhaps some will see that this is a God given opportunity to make amends for being do-nothings but most won’t. All you can do is persevere, keep putting your message out until it finds audience in for-real Patriots who will click with the ideal of taking their government back.

So, you’re going to put together your campaign staff. Have your candidates-MAKE CERTAIN THEY’RE SQUEAKY CLEAN AND BEYOND REPROACH!! God knows the enemy is going to have the resources to do an investigation, don’t make their job any easier. If dirt does come up, or is manufactured pray to God your candidates have the force of personality to make the dirt moot. Better to get new candidates and try in a different town though.

Gather your forces. Depending on the town and your numbers… or lack… you and yours should establish legal residence in your target town before your petition drive. Ideally they should be people known in the area, or know the area well enough to be accepted by the local townsfolk. Being accepted is very important as people will listen to those like them more readily than “outsiders”. Don’t believe me? Ask a office type when leftist protestors rumble in and start yelling and a few still have sense to engage in dialog-see if they don’t think they’re off-putting. Cultural similarities go a long way toward bridging the ideological gap we have with the rest of modern America.

HAVE A FULL TICKET OF CANDIDATES TO SWEEP THAT GOVERNMENT CLEAN!!!! These criminals are like cockroaches you have to get rid of them all, or what’s the point? This will deliver the message that you and yours are serious about cleaning up your government. Each person must have a facet of the campaign that reflects them and yet complements the ticket at the same time.

You’re going to need to delegate. Someone needs to run the phone and pamphlet staff. Someone needs to handle the bills. Someone who knows what dirty tricks the state will pull needs to run security. You’ll need two campaign offices; an official office and the office you’re going to keep secret so that you opponents don’t plant drugs and stage a SWAT raid.

Cash will be needed, to print pamphlets, pay for the utilities, events, etc. Hopefully, patriotism will drive your staff to volunteer part time, in which case you’ll potentially need double the staff so they can support themselves. Yes most Americans can hardly scrap enough cash together to pay the bills, so you’re going to have to find other means than dollar bills to acquire what you need, get who you need. Offer a room to stay in for campaign work, or someone can fix something, or offer training in some skill or cut their lawn or whatever. Barter still works.

A media saavy crew is vital. Fortunately HD cameras and HD video capable laptops are in the price range of a small town campaign. Finding media saavy Patriots? Hit the message boards. Hit craigslist. Lots of college age kids are looking to DO something. You get to provide that. If they’re hard up, offer room and board.

You’ll need Militia undercover-NOT THE WALTER MITTY GUN STROKERS-to covertly provide security, in case of the worst… I mean we need men of action who know how to stay hidden and are willing to do whatever is necessary.

All these people are going to have to be recruited, largely from the patriot movement… who are willing to provide the time and effort. Like I stated there are too many lip service patriots so you’d better start your recruiting and vetting process now, right after you read this.

All right-all that was to address the FIRST obstacle! The second obstacle is going to be the recall petition process itself. Keep in mind that it is going to be the same pack of self-serving gangsters in office garb you’re seeking to remove from power that will be administering your recall petition. Given the proven, outlandish history of vote fraud in America this will be a challenge.

So-first thing after you set up your campaign is to begin the propaganda campaign; you selected this particular town to take back because of the especially obnoxious manner in which those “public servants” crush and squeeze the people. Air their dirty laundry, slap the people in their faces with how they could expose their loved ones, friends and neighbors to tyranny.

Use video. Professionally produced spots work best in a TV enslaved America, I hate to say. But whatever the means, get that dirty laundry aired. Our enemies will have dirty laundry, or they wouldn’t have been targeted in the first place.

Never, ever miss an opportunity to confront your opposition, even if they’re not doing anything. Confront their bully boys when they harass people, confront them in restaurants, in church, at the mall. Confront them with their own Consolidated Annual Financial Report when they make excuses at town hall meetings for more taxes. Have your own film crew whenever you do this…

Everyone must record writing their name on the petition. The government will do anything to state that the recall petition didn’t go through-not enough votes, disqualified votes, whatever. For that matter everyone voting for your ticket must record their vote and all the records must be compiled to be able to challenge any vote fraud in court. Because you must count on the enemy hacking the black boxes, messing with hanging chads or absconding with the paper ballots behind locked doors and armed guards.

Your last and most formidable obstacle will be the very residents of your target town. Your election campaign rests on activating enough people to swamp those ballot boxes with votes for your candidates. Typical small town elections don’t have high vote counts because politics is boring… until those politicians do something that affects Americans personally-and that’s the conumdrum we face. A lifetime of TV programs, mind enslaving state schools and peer pressure not to speak out, not to be smart makes ‘murikans an easy flock for our opponents to fleece and otherwise manage. They’ve suffered from Stockholm Syndrome for so long, it’s ingrained into them that they suffer “authority” even when they throw families out onto the street for a $200 property tax.

Take your film crew and ask these people hard questions. Structure your questions in a way that starts relatively easy but that will lead your target to an epiphany. We need to cause as many epiphanies as possible, because only through crisis will Americans change, start taking back their nation. It’s the only way this will work and we’ll all pay the price for this character flaw. Best start the process now while it’s under our terms.

In review:

Get your group together-good luck with all the lip service patriots and walter mitty gun strokers, they are legion and worse than useless. Good news is there still are Patriots worthy of the name, they just need a purpose. Know what your campaign will need and fill the needed slots.

Target your town, using the criteria laid out in my essay “It’s Time”; same blog you found this one. I’ll get into that deeper in my next essay. Know your enemy, the dirt, the issues the locals have with them. That will form your campaign. Know the demographics. Know the rules regarding recall petitions and monitor them.

Don’t let up on the campaign! Pamphlets, videos; make it short and to the point, attacking each issue, each opposing candidate. Confront citizens, ask them hard questions on why they’d let their family and friends be exposed to such tyranny-shake them out of their Stockholm Syndrome.

Monitor the election; independently record each and every vote, compile them and compare with the official stats; any fraud, hammer em.

Have some for-real Patriots to covertly provide security.

We can do this.

You can do this! Your family and friends are counting on you to save them from tyranny, whether they know it or not.

J. Croft

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  1. Publius Says:

    I have been trying tell people on some of these massage boards that if they want change or want to take their country back, they must start the recall process. But most don’t unstained what it is and how it works and many think only the government is aloud to do or use this recall thing and that your nuts to think that we the people are empowered to do this Petition of recall, but nooo.. they just cower in corner of their home and have this look of a deer in the headlights of a oncoming truck. I’m not tech savvy so posting videos on the Internet on how its done is out for right now. I would like to get in contact with bob basso! the guy that does Thomas Paine on YouTube he probably think it a great idea, thats if they have not threatened him about his vid’s.

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