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An analysis of the article “Six Reasons Insurgencies Lose: A Contrarian View by Donald Stoker” and applying to the forces of Freedom


J. Croft



Insurgencies do win, and most of the writing and talking about insurgencies (which is often very good) focuses on what insurgencies do to win, or how to conduct an effective counterinsurgency. More often, insurgencies lose, and sometimes their defeats are a result of the inherent weaknesses of insurgencies, or of their own actions. There are six critical reasons why insurgencies lose, curses brought down upon their own houses, and not induced by counterinsurgent forces.


This is an opening quote to the article I will reference to and through it analyze America’s Freedom Movement and the Militia Movement and III Movement in particular, the latter a fresh wave of armed, responsible Americans. 


1. Insurgencies are weak in comparison to their opponents.


This is unavoidable: a government will typically have more resources due to controlling a nation-state than an insurgency, however the exact nature of just how they’re weak will vary greatly and that will greatly affect their strategy and tactics.  For America’s Freedom Fighters, their enemy is largely clear cut:


*Approximately 1 million in law enforcement, which includes everything from local to state to the various federal agencies, but they will have due to pushes among the LE community have automatic weapons, military pattern semi-automatic rifles along with pistols, shotguns, light aircraft and helicopters, and lightly armored vehicles specifically suited for LE applications.  Assume that every patrol car has some kind of patrol rifle.  Also assume there’s a tactical team that can be quickly called upon, and they’re equipped and geared toward assaulting homes, not full bore military operations.  Most local police officers will be in their profession for exercising the power inherent in their job against average Americans in the form of issuing tickets and fines, and committing violent assault although there is a hard core minority among them that are active serial killers, in or out of their tactical units.   Also, the ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan is producing a new generation of combat capable police officers-too many of whom will do what they’re told to do and will have enough combat experience to make them opponents to be respected, though they are yet to be the majority in the local police forces.  That will change for the worse the longer revolution is delayed.


State law enforcement have more stringent training, indoctrination, and have proven to be more willing to enforce the legal codes.  They have also been willing to call upon local units and let them be used as sandbags with heartbeats for their targets.  Being a state law enforcement agency, they have access to a somewhat higher standard of resources and training for their dedicated tactical units, and their coverage is statewide; a rapid LE reaction force to any problem that is beyond a local department’s ability to engage.  They also pilot all the news helicopters and they’re universally equipped to be reconnaissance platforms with FLIR and optical sights.


The various federal civilian law enforcement and regulatory agencies are as well or even better armed than their state and local counterparts.  They also have access to fully armed military fighting vehicles such as the M2 Bradley AFV with its 25mm autocannon and TOW missiles, and ready access to national reconnaissance assets such as satellites and armed drones such as the Predator.  Their tactical teams are a notch higher in training and indoctrination over state and local equivalents and they too act as a rapid reaction force to augment local authorities.  All will have varying degrees of competency, dedication, and training that range from openly dissenting to quietly dissenting, to those simply wanting the power inherent in the job, to those that have staked their lives and fortunes to the enemy.


* The U.S. Military has in recent years established NORTHCOM which has command over the entire North American continent.  National Guard forces can be counted among their number and they field the full range of ground and air assets outside of strategic forces.  Along with at least ten Army Brigade Combat Teams equipped with armor and artillery, there are the entire range of military assets based in America, and in spite of being engaged in Afghanistan, Iraq still, and over 700 bases globally, can likely field over a hundred thousand heavily armed troops for any action in America.  Furthermore, the full range of naval and air forces are available on tap as needed; everything from drones, to fighter bombers to B1, B2, and B52 bombers.  Their loyalty to the U.S. Government is an issue the enemy is constantly analyzing and dealing with, as there’s still a hard corps of Patriots among their ranks, and although they’ve transferred as many of them to foreign theaters as possible there is the worry (for them) about dissenters being motivated enough to mutiny and take themselves and their weapons over to any Patriot fighting groups.  Also, there is a continuous and nearly universal attack on veterans, an effort to find legal or medical reasons to disarm or commit them to mental institutions.  These systematic attacks however, don’t apply to those veterans entering law enforcement to give them a growing cadre of combat veterans.  Overall, the U.S. Government has done their utmost to ensure that all their forces that will be engaging Patriots are on their side though they cannot be certain of their performance.  Neither can we until open hostilities break out.


*Being a member of NATO, the United States can as needed call upon the forces of Canada and Western Europe to augment any U.S. Government forces as needed.  Recent sightings of Mexican, Chinese and Russian military forces in joint exercises with NATO indicates that foreign military forces outside of formal alliances will be used, perhaps under a United Nations mandate.  The rest of NATO’s non-nuclear/strategic military is about equal overall to America’s in numbers and mostly, training.  Mexico has a sizeable ground force military as much equipped with American arms as they are with Chinese, and China fields the largest army on Earth, with access to enough oceangoing merchant vessels to be able to project that power globally, as well as a greatly underestimated strategic capability-a recent study estimated China has over 3,000 nuclear weapons, making them a superpower rival on paper to the U.S. though they will very likely go along with any request for forces for the American theater. 


Contrasting that to any American insurgency, and calculating strength and capability is not nearly as clear.  There are hundreds of millions of guns, uncountable billions of rounds, which although new production and supply is being cut off, the proverbial barn door’s been long open.  There is a roughly estimated one hundred million American gun owners, millions of former serving veterans, millions of active hunters, and perhaps a few million who are III Percent, or are actually in militias-arguably the majority of whom the enemy can only suspect of being among their ranks.  Armament will range from military surplus bolt action and semi-automatic rifles rebuilt from surplus automatic weapons or new production copies that are only semi-auto.  There is also a surprisingly large number of vintage former military armored vehicles, and an uncountable number of automatic and heavy weaponry that were never registered with the government under the 1968 Gun Control Act, or simply taken back from the battlefields of World War Two, Korea, Vietnam.  Mexico is also a potential source of military grade small arms bought by the drug cartels or stolen from the Mexican military though establishing relationships and trade will likely be problematic until battlefield victories can be translated into held territory and acquiring the means to trade, but perhaps when that happens Americans can produce their own weapons.  


Air defense assets are nil however and acquiring and developing anti-air weaponry and combat aircraft will have to be a priority that will be largely contingent on acquiring production capacity and being able to hold the territory wherever it’s built.  Anything beyond the radio controlled toy drones being deployed for infantry units will require a substantial investment in developing or acquiring new weapons.  Surface to air and air to air missiles require a guidance system, warhead and rocket motor, and eventually some form of high performance aircraft will have to be acquired or built.


The biggest x factor will be just how much of the military and law enforcement forces of the U.S. will openly join the Second American Revolution, and just how motivated any foreign forces will be; Russian military forces have reportedly taken a sober view about fighting in America, though nothing can be counted on.  All that being said, unless the enemy fields nuclear weapons, the biggest assets American Patriots will have are time and the skills and inventiveness of the people who worked for what was the greatest industrial and technological power on Earth.   However, Americans greatest fault is that they are by and large among the most heavily conditioned and brainwashed people on Earth, and Patriots are largely ostracized.


 2. Insurgencies are fractious.


Any American insurgency will be composed of thousands of small groups, millions of individuals who will have widely varying goals, and even more widely varying ideals on how to achieve said goals.  Many of which will be at cross purposes, but infighting will likely be simply over a lack of resources or simply because the U.S. Government has invested in penetrating and subverting both the Militia and Patriot Movements: to sow division as well as finding out who’s who and where they live so they can neatly be taken out by a ‘natural gas explosion’ caused by a 500lb bomb dropped from a drone piloted by some 400lb nerd in the Nevada Desert or Virginia who hasn’t seen his toes since childhood and a bath for about that long.  This author’s experiences in the Patriot Movement have confirmed that penetration and subversion to prevent effective peaceful solutions has been the enemy’s strategic goal and they have been widely successful in diverting Americans efforts towards lame Presidential candidates, money bombs for media facilities that go largely underutilized, or wild, unsupported speculations.  Most of the personalities in the Movement are there to make a profit and to ensure you’re kept in paralyzing fear or in a false hope that someone else will solve the problem, either case, it has effectively neutralized politically, the Patriot Movement.  The economic and cultural dissolution and destruction of our nation have attacked greatly Americans ability to be able to participate in the Patriot effort.  The enemy’s ownership of major media and control over the internet and most all forms of electronic communication ensure that the truth doesn’t get out; so much so that all they have to do is fling a mass culture programmed slur such as “tin foil hat” or “conspiracy theorist” and the vast majority of Americans will automatically tune out any truth that they hear unless they’ve had something catastrophic happen, such as the loss of their job, home, or some of the state’s bureaucrats and law enforcement minions have decided to target them.  Which has happened to millions of people as the enemy’s zeal to destroy Our America has produced the very army that will crush them very soon. 


In a war for America, it will be all but impossible to predict just how the fractiousness of American Patriots will be, save that there will certainly be internal conflicts.


3. Insurgencies are leader dependent (sometimes).


America is run by the cult of personality; we are conditioned to worship those lauded in the media, whether they be politicians or celebrities.  A close cousin to this is the deference to anyone in authority-again something media instilled and not part of the historical American experience.  The Patriot Movement is no different and except for a few obvious and obnoxious exceptions who can be figured to be deep cover operatives, the ingrained reflex of Americans to follow a charismatic leader is automatically followed. 


Wars produce leaders-those who clearly see problems and try to solve them with varying degrees of success but in spite of the above, America’s fractiousness, yet universally held righteous anger towards the U.S. Government will mean there may be dozens of leaders that arise.  Or it may be one man or woman who takes action, has a clear vision and a practical course of action to achieve victory.  Leaders can lead, or they die and become martyrs, inspiring more people to take up the actions they initiated.  Or, taking out said leadership would send the thousands of small groups, millions of active American insurgents into a death spiral of infighting… but likely not given the size of the enemy and just how monstrously they’ve acted against us.  Open warfare begins in America and enemy initiatives to decapitate any insurgency might backfire.


4. The tactics insurgents use alienate the very people they are trying to win over.


Americans are still in the mainstream a highly moral people, greatly hesitant to resort to violence which is the biggest reason there hasn’t been a much needed Second American Revolution.  It is a trait the enemy has exploited and is counting on until they figure it’s too late.  On the other hand, Americans during war are the most fearsome fighters on Earth.  Vicious, unmerciful, and technologically and tactically proficient, the American fighting man was responsible for winning against the technologically superior German Wehrmacht and fanatical Japanese during World War Two, held the line against both millions of Chinese troops and a traitorous U.S. Government during Korea, and devastated Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, killing millions. 


Americans have a deep, festering reservoir of rage against the same U.S. Government as they’ve been at war against the American People for generations.  Any faction of Americans who remain loyal to said government volunteer to put on themselves their wrath.  Said factions of urban liberals and welfare enslaved in general don’t have a grasp of American history to appreciate what horrors await them.  Unfortunately, a lot of people still trying to live their lives, to stay on the fence, who might’ve been shown the futility of trying to remain peaceable, moral in a time where it’s needed for them to participate in purging this nation will also be targeted with the same ferociousness and rage: a lot of people that could’ve been won over, won’t.  This will also further compress anyone in solidly U.S. Government controlled areas to further embrace their enslavers in order to save themselves from the horror.  American Patriots however, can win over a lot of those who’ve never been properly and fairly exposed to Patriot ideals simply by retaining that moral high ground, to not take from anyone but ask, to respect them and their property.  A simple matter of respect will go a very long way towards winning hearts and minds as the enemy couldn’t give a damn about respect-and goes all out to seeing just how less respectful they can be.  They’re very good at that.


5. The ideas and/or the rule of the insurgents are simply disliked.


This is where the enemy has most widely succeeded.  Through generations of state run schools, domination of the media and through that American mass culture, the ideals of the Patriot Movement, militias, self-sufficiency, and self-defense have been made to be blasphemous to the American People-and no that’s not too strong a word.  The scientifically perfected conditioning through entertainment and implanted cultural memes has produced in Americans minds a hatred and fear of Freedom; they’d rather be comfortable in the enemy’s faux gold paint gilded cage; safe in the mental matrix.  It’s only when they’re torn from this matrix by job loss, assault, or incarceration that they can even begin to see the truth of their situation-and yet their conditioning and indoctrination continue to sabotage their efforts to sort things out for themselves, and a hesitancy to openly join the Patriot Movement lest they receive the same ostracizing they heaped on them themselves by their own conditioning and indoctrination. 


Patriot ideals are imaginary notions, untested theory to most Americans who have never known what Freedom is but are told they are ‘free’.  That is why this author has been active in the Patriot Movement since 2005 in advocating giving Americans a working real-life model of what being Free actually is like: by organizing a recall election, with a full slate of candidates to take over a town.  Make said town a showcase of Freedom, and use it as a springboard for peaceably arranging the same in neighboring towns, counties, and eventually states.  Such a plan is why this author has been systematically stiff armed from the controlled, gatekeeper-ran Patriot Movement by the government COINTEL plants who will report all day on government atrocities, promote all manner of New Age nonsense, promote uselessly symbolic gestures, sell you t-shirts and memberships all day long, but suppress any practical peaceable solutions while they might’ve worked.  Such a strategy if it could have been implemented could’ve produced a much better strategic situation for the Patriot Movement.  This ignorance of what living truly Free is like will be the biggest reason why a Second American Revolution is going to be mightily opposed by a great horde of Americans who would otherwise greatly benefit from being freed of their enemy, the U.S. Government.  This will not be geographically uniform; major urban areas will likely be hostile territory, while the countryside where some measure of Freedom still exists will likely be fertile ground for liberation.  Likely… again the aforementioned factors will work both for and against Patriots in ways that can and will be hard to foresee. 


6. Insurgents sometimes pursue bad strategy.


Which is seen all the time in the Freedom Movement and the militias, and tragically it isn’t always sabotage by counter-intelligence operatives and shysters.  Americans have been engineered to be a trusting and naïve people.  They trust their celebrities and authorities and this trust extends to anyone in a leadership capacity.  Not all Patriot leaders are Pied Pipers but many operate off of faulty viewpoints and knowledge that generate faulty strategy.  Doubling down on Ron Paul in 2012 when he proved four years earlier he wouldn’t challenge vote fraud, wouldn’t promote local initiatives yet kept the tens of millions of dollars spontaneously contributed by his rabidly loyal followers is one glaring example that has crippled the Patriot Movement.    


The movement’s lack of political, social, and economic initiative prevents growth of numbers and potential alliances with outcast groups as well as millions of formerly mainstream Americans who have had their lives and livelihood brutally taken from them by the enemy.  Better they are misled, to wait for the collapse and let it happen as they’re told it will take the government with them, but they have engineered this collapse and have spent trillions preparing for it, and our reaction when they strip the last of the gilding from our collective cage.  Millions of Americans have already had it happen on an individual level but most are so socially atomized it isn’t noticed. 


Libertarians are all about symbolic stands that might produce some media and acclaim among themselves but are too insular, too close-minded, too arrogant to see they’re utterly ineffective politically or socially, delusions about Ron Paul set aside.  They lack a real life model showcasing how their ideals would work in the real world and by their activity across the nation and in New Hampshire and Wyoming in particular show no indication they’re willing to implement one. 


The Prepper Movement will likely attempt to cocoon themselves from their expected form of utter collapse and count on repelling the starving hordes, but it will be by the muzzles of government guns that will spell their doom.  Perhaps the recent false flag school shooting at Sandy Hook will change enough minds to help increase the ranks of Patriots, or perhaps they’ll strike some deals that will prove to be in vain-although even a farmer can feed a fighting group.


Fans of Alex Jones will wage their “infowar” and continue to finance his mansion, secret bunker, that ever-expanding studio he hardly uses, and his Dodge Challenger… right up to when the last of them gets thrown on a bus to a camp or dug pit.


The III Percent Movement, defecting police and military, veterans and Militias will be the fighting foundation of the Second American Revolution-they are the only potentially effective solution left.  However, they are mostly conservative, seeking to only defend, or simply find a reason not to act.


All the above will likely be the root of some very bad strategic goals and policies by themselves, conflicting goals will easily lead to various fighting groups being cut off and wiped out with other groups nearby who won’t due to some disagreement, or worse, they fight each other.  Given the utter penetration of the Patriot Movement and militias by the enemy, any American insurgency runs the grave risk of sabotage and being led into lethal traps on the battlefield.




1.)We need numbers, in order to take territory, in order to acquire food, resources, production capacity in order to build the weapons we can’t take from the battlefield or get in trade in order to eventually negate the enemy’s advantages in heavy weaponry and technology.  We also need to gain as much territory as possible in order to isolate all the enemy strongholds.  A map of the United States:


Alaska and Hawaii’s fate will depend on whether the contiguous U.S.A. can be won. 


New England and the Eastern Seaboard will be solidly government territory, with a few isolated pockets of resistance that will quickly be crushed.  Once the Appalachian Mountains are hit however, the situation is reversed; Patriot fighting groups will likely arise from upper New York State through Pennsylvania, Southeastern Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi.    All of these states will need to be taken over and held fast.  Ohio will be particularly strategic as it’s a crossroads state, with Cincinnatti, Columbus, and Cleveland-Akron-Youngstown that will have to be taken over.  Michigan past Detroit and the greater Chicago metropolitan area is solidly Patriot, but the Mississippi and Ohio River Valley will be held hard.  Minneapolis-St. Paul, St. Louis, Cincinnatti, Pittsburgh, Memphis, and New Orleans will be strongholds that need to fall in order to gain control of the rivers.  West of the Mississippi, the enemy don’t hold states so much as strongpoints until California is reached; Denver, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, and the military bases are going to be strongpoints that need to be isolated.  Once Nevada’s reached, that’s going to be controlled from Southern California which will link up with the Seattle area down the Pacific Coast.  A lot of territory but few people and few roads.


The Key to a Patriot Victory on the strategic level is if the Mississippi River Valley and its tributaries can be won and held, and Ohio in order to connect solidly with Appalachia and hopefully be able to help rural New England as they will be in a bad strategic vise between the Eastern Seaboard and Canada.  Michigan must hold as well so that Canada is held back and Chicago can be besieged.  If Chicago can be neutralized or taken through a prolonged siege, the great heartland of America can be taken, and it will be a matter of taking on the East and West Coasts.  Texas must be held as well in order to block Mexico.


2.)To gain those numbers the American insurgency must, must embrace anyone willing to be Free.  Class, cultural and racial differences must be set aside in order to purge our land of the enemy. 


3.)To attract new people, the Freedom Movement must become much more willing to help Americans outside of their circles… or even willing to help those they count within their circles.  I will cite one glaring example where that failed: Charles Dyer.  He was a Marine who spoke out during the Bush years, got in trouble for it, and went to trial three times over a bogus airsoft copy of a grenade launcher, and totally made up child molestation charges, the last they won by making him flee for his life when his home and all his exculpatory evidence was burned in an act of arson-and the judge only gave him a week delay as his trial was going to start the next Monday from the incident.  He fled, was sold out by his contacts, was caught shirtless in Texas trying to get a drink at a restaurant.  Dyer’s final trial was basically one day mostly held in the judge’s chambers and he was sent to prison for 30 years.  This author attempted repeatedly to rally support for Dyer but was stymied at every turn by COINTEL operators like “mamaliberty” and probably worse, endemic indifference. 


Common gangbangers can count on support for their trial and in prison.  When they get out, they are not on their ass.  That the Patriot Movement could learn from street thugs is by itself testament enough to how ineffective the ‘movement’ has been led to be.  It’s a testament to how the ‘movement’ has been left in the hands of celebrity gatekeepers who effectively neutralize it for the enemy.


The solution is simply this: we all must be leaders.  We must retain our righteousness while unleashing our righteous wrath upon the enemy.  We must be as willing to lead as to follow.  Most importantly, we must ruthlessly pursue strategies and policies that will bring victory, and weed out the traitors among us.


Americans will never know what Freedom is until we actively pursue it for ourselves.  This runs the gamut from not paying taxes, working the underground economy, not applying for licenses, to making showcase communities such as the experiment in Idaho by some III’ers but taking over a small town and making it a showcase would much more rapidly make our point.  Events and traitors in our midst dissembling our efforts however have made those options increasingly non-viable, we will have to win our Freedom by force of arms.




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December 28, 2012
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December 11, 2012

Sharpshooter Drone


December 1, 2012


J. Croft

Cast off your chains and reclaim your lives, your freedom and your culture.  It is the only way to save it.

As I write this revolution is sweeping throughout the Moslem world like Europe in 1848; people are rising up to overthrow dictators who have been in power for decades-having aims to set up dynasties with their sons.  Now, whether the sparks of these revolts are genuinely from the people having nothing to lose or instigated by more typical intelligence apparatchiks is irrelevant(1).  What IS relevant is what you do.  Because the enemy has a game plan and that plan involves your deaths.  These revolutions are real, you and your people have been systematically oppressed by puppet strongmen, but as Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated “…nothing in politics happens by accident.”

I mean, is Mubarak in exile or is he hiding out in Sharm Al Sharik, near the Israeli border and well removed from anyone who would string him from a lamppost?   Is the Egyptian military threatening strikers and any further protests?  Is Mubarak even out of power, or is he still running things behind the scenes-staging a coup to defuse your righteous anger?  And does it matter when the Egyptian military directly runs the country?  Runs the country and prohibits protests against it for the same things that caused the riots and revolution in the first place?

Face it, the Egyptian Revolution got subverted.  Happens all the time.  To be honest, Illuminati puppets like Mubarak are not your biggest problem.  Nor are your military juntas and their monopoly on lethal weaponry leaving the citizenry helpless against them when they take the gloves off and massacre whole cities for protesting against them.

Your biggest problems are generated by your mullahs.  They have been for centuries.

Think about it: centuries ago, the Moslem world was, overall, at the forefront of culture and the sciences.  While Europe wallowed in medieval darkness, your civilization invented algebra, preserved the texts of Rome and Greece, were making steady scientific advances.  Baghdad was Earth’s brightest light of civilization while Rome’s citizens ripped apart the Forum for building materials.  Europe was a pathetic backwater while the Moslem world was on a par with China.  A thousand years later, and who landed men on the Moon?  Which civilization developed industrialization, telecommunications, making the scientific advances?

A thousand years ago, the Caliphate was in a position to lead Earth into the future.  Situated between the West and China, in a prime position to interact with both India and Africa the Moslem world could have acted as the central cog of a global economic bloc; the Silk Road was yours, as were all the sea routes to China.  Even after the Mongol conquests the Islamic world was far ahead of the West, yet after Constantinople fell the Moslem world was being outflanked and outfought by the still backwards monarchies of Europe.  With the Renaissance, with Age of Discovery, the conquest of the Americas, Africa, India, the Moslem world was outflanked and eventually economically, technologically, and militarily overpowered.  By no more than a hundred years ago the Moslem world was divided among the European states that were formerly a smelly, pathetic backwater.  The only reason the Middle East isn’t the pathetic backwater still like Africa is, is because it’s easier to extract oil in your lands than anywhere else.  Currently.   (I imagine after Big Oil gets done getting you blown up you’ll go back to being a pathetic backwater…)

What happened?  Your “holy men” hobbled your ancestors into slavery.

Your “holy men” decided they could rule through having a monopoly on understanding and interpreting the Koran, and since in Islam there is no separation between church and state their edicts are enforced.  Your “holy men” decided to plunge your civilization into its own dark age… I mean, what factories, weapons and technology your countries have are from the West, the Russians and the Chinese.  If you don’t have Big Oil Illuminati puppet strongmen you have direct rule by those mullahs who enslave you women reading this-encasing you in burqas, denying you even basic human rights, executing you in public by stoning for begging in the street.

(I know this is coming from an American of all people!  Yes a lot of my countrymen seem to love the thought of making you widows and orphans, if not outright targeting you.  I’ve been trying though-go to the link to my website I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to get through to these tools since 2005.  In that respect I face the same obstacles many of you will, so try to read on and learn from my experience.)

The Taliban and the Saudi Kingdom they hold everyone behind.  Bigots like them are the reason the Moslem World stagnated and fell behind the West.  Worse, they are the pawns of the self-styled elites who have ruled in the West, and designed America to be the muscle for their illuminati empire.  If military strongmen and dynastic politicians can be Rothschild puppets why not… “holy” men?

Let’s take a brief look at their rule:

Islam currently being practiced in backwaters like Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan are the reason they’re backwaters to begin with-as well as much of the rest of the Moslem world.  You women, created in the image of God, the mothers, the sisters, the beloved-you are prohibited from any say in your existence, you are forced to wear a stifling robe that can literally be hazardous, you cannot appear in public without a male kin for escort… even if you’re begging for food you’re subject to being stoned.

Love?  Read this:

Your holy men have twisted holy writ into a weapon against yourselves!  Women are treated as less than dogs, only tolerated because they can’t screw sheep to produce children.  Your mullahs, your imans, they’ve twisted Islam into such a weapon against you, your men commit bestiality and pederasty because they’ve been twisted into thinking you’re ‘unclean’.  And this is but one aspect of a whole mindset that has buried you and your civilization.  Radically luddite, backward Islamic fundamentalism condemns the Moslem world to continued backwardness, oppression, enslavement.  It is a tool, a fulcrum used by the illuminati power elite and their Al Qaeda puppets to

There will be many a cleric, many a purported devotee of Islam whose blood will burn upon these words.  Bring on the fatwa.

I say bring on their fatwas, their bullets and bombs, their hatred.  Because they’re small minded control freaks, losers really-they cannot and will not improve Islamic Civilization so they take out their impotency on you.  Fight back.

Fight back in the home.  Refuse to be their wife, daughter, mother if they treat you as the enemy.

Be united.  Your enemy certainly is in oppressing you.  Come to the aid of each other in all matters.  If someone is out on the street, even a stranger, offer them food and shelter so they don’t have to beg and risk being stoned or shot for adultery because there’s no male relative to chaperone them.  Avenge their murders.  It isn’t hard; learn how to accurately shoot a rifle out to at least 500 meters.  Select a older Mauser, Mosin-Nagant or Enfield as they’re common, powerful and accurate.  And little used by your oppressors much as they’re in love with making a lot of useless noise spraying into the air with the AK-47.  There is an older western movie called “Judge Roy Bean”; an albino cowboy was making a lot of noise in Judge Roy Bean’s town(like your oppressors), wanting him to engage in a straight up gunfight.  The Judge waited in ambush, and when the albino came into view shot him from behind.  That’s how it’s done and that’s better than they actually deserve but you have your civilization to save so time is of the essence.  Even slitting their throat while they sleep is good.

Y’know, crushing castor beans and drying them to make ricin works.  So do auto accidents-if you cannot get behind the wheel then slash their brake line or stick a vial of wetted iodine tri-choride in the gas tank.

Challenge their rule over you in any and every way you can.  From the mosque to the council, from political office to the battlefield-yes I say it; from the battlefield.  Because these monsters that have hijacked your civilization have run it into the ground by holding you back and progress in general.  I mean, a thousand years ago Baghdad was at the forefront of scientific and cultural study.  Who else but scared, small-minded haters could turn the entire Caliphate into other powers colonies?

(1)Yeah, Libya:  there certainly was a LOT of intrigue with that uprising.  Al Qaeda typical foreign intelligence types help reignite tribal beefs against Qadaffi, get the good press in the Western corporate media and NATO gets involved.  It was supposed to be a longer war but then the matter of 144 tons of gold got involved and NATO bombed the way for untrained Libyans shooting in the air wasting their ammo to roll into Tripoli and proceed to mop up loyalist forces.  Oh and NATO made certain the country’s an economic basket case by wrecking most infrastructure and industry-save for what services getting the oil out of the country.  I never thought much of Qadaffi but if NATO’s being used to depose him then something’s up.  Something’s always up when some dictator’s made into a poster child and his country’s sitting atop something of use to the Western power structure.  Just have to say they’re raping babies or beheading Americans and a war’s a lock.


November 30, 2012

Smoothbore Recoilless Cannon Concept


November 26, 2012




J. Croft


Patriot Unity.  Nice slogan but it’s a cruel joke.


The Movement has been stopped, repeatedly, almost all efforts to counter the risen tide of tyranny laughably pushed aside… aside from the growing number of awake, aware Americans who are armed but going into December 2012 the arms and ammunition supply’s being cut as you read this.  The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is being enacted.  A revamped 1994 gun control bill will be made permanent as well as be strengthened to ban any weapon the Attorney General Eric Holder wants.  Same oath traitor who was operational head of Fast and Furious-the arming of primarily the Sinaloa Cartel of weapons either obviously straw purchased in gun shops or straight delivered from ATF evidence rooms, from American gun owners who were almost universally set up, or arrested on the flimsiest banana republic pretexts.  I mean claiming a defective semi-automatic rifle was a actual operational machine gun instead, and getting a jury of apparent retards to convict David Olofson on their bullshit.


Or pressuring a backwoods recluse for years until he sawed the barrels of a pair of single-shot shotguns a half inch below the 18 inch legal limit as defined in the 1934 National Firearms Act… an act anyone who can operate a hacksaw and a rat tail file could do themselves but instead he gets besieged by Feds after they frag one of their own with a classic shot in the back and murder his son and wife and infant daughter.  You might have heard of him, his name’s Randy Weaver.


Tyranny isn’t coming, it’s been here!  Since Obama was ‘re-selected’:


This screen snapshot was taken mere WEEKS before the election, it appeared briefly and a Patriot recorded it… yeah Obama won, we know that but they showed this-Presidents are selected.


This selected President has the resources of the greatest police state ever constructed, its purpose is to crush, subjugate and destroy you.  New York, Katrina, 9/11, Oklahoma City, the War on Drugs, it’s been building since JFK was assassinated.  It’s been building since FDR stole the gold, declared bankruptcy and instituted national gun control and made the bankster created depression worse.  It’s been building since the income tax and the federal reserve act were passed by three pedophile senators on Christmas Eve in 1912.  It’s been building since… since the Civil War… since 1789.


The obvious enemy has been advancing steadily, surely, and certainly not stopped.  Slowed-thanks to Patriots in the many movements that have forestalled our utter defeat however the Patriot Movement has regrettably been foreseen as a response and if you can see a threat you can stop it, you can divert it, you can sabotage it.  Certainly, if you vilify and ridicule patriotism to the point of parody, frugality to the point of poverty, being a small businessman to the point of being the same as tax dodging rich, self-sufficiency to the point of ridicule, God to the point of hatred, self-defense to the point of committing murder, and the unorganized Militia to the point of being seen as domestic terrorists; turn the average, state schooled, 8 hours of TV watching, unhealthy, job or welfare dependant, willfully ignorant by cultural instillation U.S. Citizen will of course NOT LISTEN TO YOU.


Certainly not listen to the likes of myself and hopefully yourself so long as that particular member of your target audience has their cash flow, roof over their head, TV, music, internet, games, car, drug of choice and can bullshit themselves into thinking ‘it doesn’t matter to them’.  Such is the extant and power of the enemy’s long term war against us.  Silent weapons for quiet wars, and the best enemy is the enemy that doesn’t even know they’re being warred against.


I could go back in time ten, fifteen, twenty years ago-the same forces would be at work undermining the Movement from without; the same social and cultural rot within each and every one of us having been brought up in the modern United States would undermine our hearts and decision making.


The key is to recognize the Truth-we have been utterly and completely subverted and sabotaged on a scale and depth unparalleled in recorded history.  It’s something nearly impossible to even imagine, conceive of, even after eight long years of personally trying to get the Patriot Movement to actually MOVE.   Move and actually be effective.


We have been made weak.


We have been made cowardly.


We have been made ignorant.


We have been made slothful.


We have been made dependent.


We have been made naïve.


We have been made superficial, silly.


We have been made disloyal.


We have been made selfish.


All that we have been made into was but a prerequisite necessary for the systematic deconstruction of America: the conditioning of Americans to come to the cities via economic destruction of small town farms and businesses to gain work in factories; the urbanization of Americans which went hand in hand with making them dependent on others for services and as gun control became more accepted, disarmed and unskilled in their use; the corporate owned industry exported, the corresponding living wage jobs vanished; the corresponding decay and decline of our country’s basic infrastructure; the destruction of the blacks in the inner cities turned ghettos; the de facto policy of luring in the Mexican underclass by the tens of millions, and the creation between them and urban blacks of a barbaric gang culture; that gang culture spawning tremendous amounts of criminal activity to drive unarmed Americans to call for help from the government; the government increasing the size and scope of the police state.


Which is where we’re at; impoverished, ignorant, dependent, unpatriotic, cowardly.  All that remains is one more good, well calculated shock to induce those who have guns but obey the enemy’s laws to turn them in.  Maybe they’ll actually come up with an excuse that they’ll buy, or maybe they’ll just have an DHS provided armored vehicle rumbling outside their door, a belt fed machine gun aimed menacingly at their front door, some obnoxiously officious bureaucrats flanked by a SWAT team with automatic weapons demanding so and so firearm you were foolish enough to sign a 4473 form to ask their permission to have.


You ask permission and by tacit agreement said permission can be withdrawn.  Something most people reading these words are going to learn a very hard lesson about.  Americans have been asking permission to be free for too long, it’s the very heart of the deception that the enemy perpetrates.


Americans are the most bullshitted people on Earth.


Patriots are the most bullshitted of Americans.


Not that Middle Class Americans who consciously avoid as much truth as possible don’t bullshit themselves that everything… no, everything that relates to themselves are alright because they still have a job.  Not that urban and rural poor of all colors don’t bullshit themselves by being willfully ignorant.  Not that the real middle class didn’t bullshit themselves by going along with the Republican party line in vain hopes of keeping their businesses, or that the true Left didn’t bullshit themselves by aligning and riding the coattails of the disciples of Saul Alinsky that have brought us all the depradations of the Clinton and Obama administrations.  Not that those who serve the beast don’t bullshit themselves into thinking THEY won’t be on the chopping block sooner or later…


It’s that…


It’s that people who call themselves Patriot, they still operate under at least one level of the enemy’s bullshit.  And the deceptions are more precisely aimed.


I’ll break it down:


Your average American, of whatever social, racial, or tribal sub-group, operates under the world model instilled by government, media, their religion.   This world view is interpreted through both their own personal experience and personality, and the world view of the sub-group(s) they belong to.  In plainer language, it’s how they and their parents, friends and neighbors were individually and collectively brought up.


A family is a natural, biological collective.


A neighborhood is a collective of people.  Different neighborhoods will have differing impacts on someone’s upbringing and viewpoints; a neighborhood housing workers for a factory will be industrious and mostly virtuous, a good place to have the family nest.  Now the factory owner, under regulatory and taxation pressures engineered by minions of the Council on Foreign Relations in both the legislative and executive branches of the United States Government, and at the same time having inducements dangled in his face by yet more CFR minions in a quasi-governmental agency such as the Export/Import Bank will naturally seek to keep what’s his as much as his workers and managerial staff would… so he moves HIS factory to where he can maintain, or increase his profit margins, and at the same time exploit the more generous tax benefits deliberately engineered to grease the wheels for him to ship that factory to China.


When Mr. Factory Owner ships that factory to China to exploit literally slave labor, Buy American be damned, what happens to that neighborhood?  It becomes poorer.  The resources that were available when those Americans working at those high factory wages are no longer there; they’re on unemployment, until that runs out.  They’re on food stamps.  They wind up on welfare.  They’ll try to find work but that factory was the economic nexus of that whole town, and certainly of the community; those now unemployed factory workers will NOT be eating out, buying a new car, get their homes repaired, take vacations, pursue their hobbies, go take college courses, start their own businesses.  Because they no longer have that income-hell they’re lucky if they can afford their mortgage payments.  The businesses that did service the neighborhood, the community, they suffer the general decrease in economic input from all the freshly unemployed, they scale back, shut down, or they sell a lot more liquor and lotto tickets.


Those that can find new work, string something together or move, will do so.  Everyone else will be trapped in that community’s depressed economy as surely as if there were physical prison walls surrounding the town.  Those Americans will become bitter, and many of them will become increasingly desperate.


So, they’ve had the first level of bullshit forcibly ripped away-that this is the land of milk and honey and everything’s alright.  Things are most decidedly NOT alright when the pink slip is given and you still have a mortgage, a car note, little Suzie’s college fund to finance, your hunting trips, your nights out with the wife.  Cuts have to be made, painful cuts but you won’t be able to make even those cuts once the unemployment runs out.  What then?  No more nights out, Suzie’s just going to have to manage, the car’s repossessed, and you’re about to get a foreclosure notice.


Some people turn to alcohol.  Drugs.  Some form of escape and mind addling substances plus anger and desperation will lead one to wind up committing some infraction or actually commit a crime.  When they’re caught they become the property of the legal system-the court and their officials, the prison-industrial complex to work as slave labor in whatever jobs are retained in America by the enemy.  Many will wind up moving back in with Mom and Dad because they have a home still, but a whole lot of them wind up homeless.  And become targets of armed court officials (known colloquially as cops).


At least some who commit crimes will be smart and skilled enough to continue.  Lacking any further awareness of what happened to them and why they strike out like common predators at whatever targets of opportunity present themselves-you likely.  Now, a lot of their victims will have fully internalized and integrated the American Mass Media Culture, which is the hapless shade of their Left and hope 911 will work for them, or the legalistic shade of their Right and ask the very enemy that has been perpetrating all the ills against them for permission to buy and carry a common pistol for their God Given Right to Self-Defense.


Declining economy, drugs, crime, police state; most people, having been successfully indoctrinated by state run schools will not do the math and figure out something is wrong, and they try to win at a game they never will.  A lot of people will go for themselves and either in our out of government service feed the enemy created and nurtured pathologies.


Many people however, see bullshit for what it is.  Never a majority, they bust right through the first layer of deception, and become some manner of activist, usually attracted from the social and political background they came from.  Disgruntled ex-factory workers are likely to join some Democratic organization-run by Alinsky leftists.  Disgruntled, failing business proprietors will solidly be in the Republican organizations-subverted by upper level Republican types who in reality have as little in common with a small business owner as a Alinsky pattern community organizer.  They of course would ironically have a lot in common with each other; power hungry, devious, traitorous, and cowardly.


(Oh, Saul Alinsky: ruthless Communist who penned ‘Rules for Radicals’ which dispensed utterly with any pretense of Leftist ideological purity and preached pure power politics and manipulation of the ignorant masses as needed to gain the means to institute their own brand of tyranny.


Conversely, the Taxed Enough Already Party was started by Patriots but was infiltrated and subverted by the Republican Party and is now synonymous with their big business blind flag waving fascism.)


…A percentage however sees the puppet strings on the strategically placed insiders, the agenda twisting, and catch that level of enemy bullshit.  They will go WTF in their heads until they come upon answers that compute with their world-view and backgrounds: who they were up to this moment of clarity.


So now the enemy has a honest dissident to have to handle.  Now the enemy has to become much more shrewd with their bullshit because one honest dissident, operating from who they are, will seek others of like-mind… I mean you don’t see a liberal Seattle pot head beaten half to death by the hippie and nigger stomping Seattle cops seek out and join a Militia who’s had its working class conservative members be entrapped by the gun cops of the BATFaggots for the wrong part on their imported AK type rifle.  About as likely as those Militia going in full battle gear and being the security shield of an Occupy protest.


(Oh yeah, TJ Ready and his fighting group did just that in Phoenix.  Actually kept succeeded in keeping the peace, no incidents of police brutality happened while his group was there protecting the Occupy protesters.  He was assassinated months later, by a third party for stopping up their drug trade.  That is if you don’t believe the enemy media bullshit he flipped and shot his own family and then himself a few times.)


No, the enemy has made, or infiltrated and subverted many if not all of the dissident organizations: ACLU, SPLC, Heritage Foundation, John Birch Society, which after the dissident leaves dissatisfied leads those that still strive for Truth and maybe actual answers to the Patriot Movement.


I have a lot of firsthand experience with the Patriot Movement…


They have been all show and about no result other than to discourage others by induced failure and impotence and that has been by design.  Of that there is no doubt:


There’s no doubt after, personally, eight years of online activism where there hasn’t been a forum I’ve participated and shared where there wasn’t a enemy deep cover operative… or not so deep cover TOOL to deflect, bury, or ridicule any talk of actual political, cultural, and social activity.  Activity, not endless keyboard bitching that leads to nothing getting done; that’s the enemy’s purpose for your internet activism, not organizing say, local campaigns along the lines of the GI’s of Athens Tennessee in 1946.


(Look up The Battle of Athens, Tennessee)


There’s no doubt after attempts to gain support for the support of the Patriot Charles Dyer/aka July4Patriot, who suffered three separate prosecutions to end his rousing Patriot, which wound up being ignored by Alex Jones or attacked by COINTEL operatives who on the face of it ought to know better like Mamaliberty over at Claire Wolfe’s The Mental Militia forums, the proverbial denying three times before sunrise Stewart Rhodes’ 501(c)3 registered oathkeepers organization done.


Oh, yes, no doubt: Oath Keepers was quickly brought to bridle by ratstewie, a onetime apparatchik of Ron Paul’s who quickly brought in covert operatives and quickly stifled any militia or activist talk-‘reach, teach, and inspire’… to enemy personnel comfortable in their U.S. issued putrid bullshit-so long as they have power over those they consider inferior to themselves?  Take away their power for some concept as Freedom?  How does THAT ever work?


No doubt after trying to reach the ever-more open-minded New Age types that look to restricted forums like Rumor Mill News, who buried practical steps I advocate in favor of utterly fanciful bullshit like the ‘packets’… get this… all the money they stole from us?  We could get them back if ‘they’ delivered these packets and this BS monger nicknamed Hobie would say oh, the Queen has it or the Pentagon but then he claims they were destroyed but, hey, they’ll print new ones.  Or Rayelan… who tried to actually hustle me over my blog-tried to get me to plug into the very system I divorced myself from by going into a business where her partner Valentina Parker would publish Freedom Guide… wasn’t falling for it when the nasty particulars came out.  At any rate, anything I published?  Buried by their editor Patriotlad.


There’s no doubt after Ron Paul takes 30 million dollars from earnest Patriotic Americans each Presidential campaign ‘run’ and doesn’t challenge the obvious vote fraud.  Or Alex Jones deflects any criticism or truth about Ron Paul and the true state of the Patriot Movement, keeps begging for moneybombs to build more studio space-as pathetic as the guy who buys books and thinks that just because they’re on the shelf, unread, that he’s knowledgeable.


Speaking of Alex Jones, he’s a profiteering fearmonger who has been maneuvered into becoming the Patriot Movement’s primary muscle-and therefore gatekeeper.  I should know, I was banned four times from his site.  The first time was when I found and posted this photograph:




…The moderator, named ‘Sane’ (ha) bans me because he alleged it was fake.


I would be banned a couple more times-the last time would be in early 2010 after Alex Jones staged a COINTELPRO assault on a Austin Gun Show Rally and derailed at the last minute the campaign of Deborah Medina for Texas Governor; Ron Paul was being talked up for his 2012 run for President and I wrote that Ron Paul should not only account for the 30 million in prior campaign dollars, he should actively and aggressively get his followers… his devoted followers, to start local campaigns using a full ticket of candidates-the Athens 1946 solution.


Alex’s response upon reading my words?  “If this guys’ going to cause trouble, ban him.”


So a couple years later he started his Planet Infowars social media site.  I posted Second American Revolution Victory Guide and Freedom Guide Omnibus, and some fresh articles such as How To Start A Militia-And Get Away With It.  Got banned.  Alex Jones does not want solutions, he wants fresh crises so he and his guests like Steve Quayle can wail on the air “IT’S TOO LATE!!!”  “YOU CAN’T RESIST!!!”  They will wail that when someone presents honest solutions with the requirement that their audience do more than listen and take concrete, positive steps that work.  Their job as COINTELPRO is to not let THAT message get out, at any price-but buy his movies, t-shirts, and subscribe to and keep in that Infowar.


He’s not the only turd in the Patriot punch bowl; posted my first… I suppose you could call it a hit, “Message To The Police Officer” but tacked on a editorial by a cop-worshipper that ad hominim’d me, then posted a copy of “Martial Law Survival Guide” that couldn’t be bothered to put my name for author nor link to my blog, Freedom Guide.  It’s all I ever ask.


Free State Project?  One post of the earlier version of “Second American Revolution Victory Guide” and I get called racist and banned.  Because I endlessly advocate taking local, concrete steps with others in regaining Freedom, regaining Our America.  Effective counsel cannot be tolerated, not when there’s useless, polarizing protests to be made, and videos to purchase….


All these ‘alternative’ news sites are like this; print the bad news you won’t ever see on the obviously enemy owned and operated networks but these are fronts as well to bullshit the discerning; the proof is always the lack of concrete solutions and the call to take personal responsibility and do things that will be effective.


The Militia Movement… had contact with a number of enemy operatives in those ranks.  Oh yes; most of them are admitted freemasons who will deflect and discourage and dissemble.  One fetid turd however took matters a step further; he went by the handle Azuurlin over at AWRM.ORG but his name’s Joshua Clough.  He is of the Hutaree.  One day Google threatened to shut down my gmail account if I didn’t answer questions so I brazenly called them on it on my blog and perhaps a few other places… Azuurlin led about 12-15 others on a personal attack on my own blog.  I later called him a fed snitch out of the blue, but in response and he was unrepentant, I mean, to attack someone who’s supposed to be a fellow Patriot for ripping on Google?  With a bunch of other no-lifers?  I didn’t get an attack like that again until I reproduced under Fair Use a basic article by some lawyer about shutting the hell up in front of the cops-even though I gave address and attribution… Anyway, later on Clough would get popped with the rest of the Hutaree Militia and being human, and that being Azuurlin’s group I took a swipe at them.  A pretty mean one.



A pretty mean, undeserving to that group one for the actions of one rat.  Josh Clough confirmed that when later he offered to turn rat on the rest of Hutaree to avoid decades in the joint… supposedly on the behalf of his parents and lawyer but if he had the lack of character to attack a fellow Patriot for standing up to Google you think he’d have the character to stay steadfast by his fellow Hutaree?  He’d be free and clear right now but instead he confirmed he’s either a fed snitch or had more than enough of the aforementioned enemy bullshit lack of knowledge, character and connection to God to do the right thing.  He was dissembling and dividing-and I proved I was all too human and as fallible as anyone else by associating that rat with the rest of his group.  Whom I’m happy to report beat the odds and the enemy’s plans and showed them in court to be utterly bankrupt.


More seriously, the Militias have been infiltrated, or founded as honey traps.  The reasons are to gather names, divert and dissemble, and to get people busted by obvious conspiracy.  B.A. Brooks the founder of A.R.M. e-mailed me and told me to reproduce his warning about public Militias:


By: B.A. Brooks
When I first got active in the patriot movement, one of my goals was to unite all militia units within The United States under some kind of allegiance with a main purpose of communication and unity. What I learned was that most militias operating in America are using the patriot movement to further their own personal agendas which range from many extreme and radical theologies. Some are pure racists while others are religious radicals, and then you have the radical religious racists. There are only a handful of actual militias operating today and I have found the rest to be just a bunch of guys with guns who wear camo. I would also be inclined to say that 99% of American militias have been infiltrated by FBI agents and or informants, if not actually being started and run by the FBI.

I have also learned that many individuals within the patriot movement are really informants/narcs and this is why I have now isolated myself from most people and organizations. It is not that hard to point out these individuals if you just sit back and watch what people are doing. Who is always starting trouble within the movement? Who is always pointing fingers and blame at others within the movement when in reality they should be focusing on the true political problems we are all facing? Who is always trying to create infighting within the movement? Who among you is trying to insight violence? When you start looking and listening, you will see clearly who these people are. I have found out in life that the person that is constantly telling you they are your best friend and will always have your back, is the first person to put a knife in your back. I do not talk about others in the movement but will tell you that a few of these individuals are highly revered by many and when they are exposed, most will be totally caught off guard and shocked. Many of you reading this article right now have unknowingly befriended FBI/CIA/ATF Agents, undercover law enforcement, informants and narcs. This is the main reason why I have disassociated my self with The American Resistance Movement, while also isolating myself from most others within the so called patriot or truth movements.

Many of these people are the real deal

but with that said, most have been seriously infiltrated or are actual federal agents. Learning the truth about all of these things has been very hard for me to accept because I have been such a huge supporter of A.R.M. and other organizations over the past several years that I must now walk away from. It was a good idea but it is over now and I urge you all to move in new directions. You can only really trust yourself, close friends and family in these Orwellian times.
I have always said that knowledge is power and that you should share your power. What do you think I meant when I said this? I meant to learn about the truth and share what you learn. Not to share your personal information with others which they can use against you in the future. When it comes to your past and personal background, it is always best to keep these things private, especially if you have had any kind of felony arrest in your past. When you share knowledge about your personal background, you are giving away your power and making yourself vulnerable and a possible target of law enforcement. Keep your private information private. Never reveal too much about yourself or your family and friends. Loose lips sink ships! Remember that you never really know who you are talking to on the internet. Even if you have progressed into phone conversations and even meet-ups, you still never know what is motivating another. Some informants do it for the added excitement that it gives to their lives, while others do it because they have been caught up in a felony arrest and have chosen to turn in others in order to save their own skin.

I have removed the forums and chat rooms from within my website because I will not stand by while some people with a low mentality end up representing everyone. Some call these people shills or trolls, and all you have to do is read the comments at most patriot sites to get a good idea of this mean, childish and hateful speech. Myself, Alex Jones and a few others within the movement have been the focus of much talk over the past several months on message boards and comment forums, in an effort to discredit our work. Mostly verbal attacks using fabricated lies and cointelpro tactics in a clear attempt to confuse issues and destroy reputations. My own mission is the same as it always has been, and that is to expose the truth within a world of lies. To stop the new world order and their agendas dead in their tracks and I will continue to report what I find, continue to write articles while working on my newest full length movie. I have added a few links under this article that will demonstrate a little of what I speak of today. Watch your backs people!

Americans are being set up

Attorney: FBI Trained NJ Blogger To Incite Others

Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI

Turning the US army against Americans

Pentagon Caught Subverting Protest Group

EXCLUSIVE: Defense analyst in spy case was FBI double agent


The III’er movement, very much a dissident offshoot of the Oath keeper Movement as much as it’s a new generation of Militia, as much as it’s arming a new generation of Americans is also mutating, as much to disillusionment with Our America as enemy COINTEL operatives and way too many of them are advocating merely retreating to whatever redoubt or community of their own and like the Militia Movement avoid any kind of even non-violent counter-offensive.  Many are more aligned with the relabeled survivalist wave calling themselves Preppers who have been demonized as wackos and con artists and are being for now quietly mopped up like they’ve been attempting with the Militias.  They just want to have their cabins in the woods or enclaves and let all the trouble go unopposed until they can re-emerge.  Which removes a whole lot of guns on our side from the equation the enemy comes up with for their OPFOR, which is all of us, and will simply make rounding up and disarming uppity gun owners all the easier-or drop a bomb from a drone on their home’s GPS coordinates and pawn the attack off as a ‘natural gas explosion’ which after Indianapolis and Maryland is becoming the in vogue enemy method of removing opponents.     Infighting… yes there’s a lot of flak between Mike Vanderboegh and a blogger named Kerodin and all anyone can do about that is learn from Mr. Vanderboegh as he has decades of experience in the Patriot Movement and to hope for the very best from Kerodin as he’s spearheading an arms factory and III community in rural Idaho.  For the most part however they operate under varying levels of awareness, beset by various levels of enemy cultural, social, and political bullshit that obscures just what’s needed.


Get a clue already after fifteen pages-they’re at war with us.  They always have been but their primary strategy in putting off any day of reckoning with largest body of privately armed people on the planet has been deception.


I’ve spent the past 10 hours on this monograph, but in truth it’s been fermenting in my heart for years; God called on me to put heartfelt conviction and experience to word.  We who are Americans, who know there are Two Americas and love Freedom, Truth, Justice, Love-we know we have the final battle against the beast that is the United States Government it’s minions from the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations, the York and Scot Rite Freemasons, and it’s masters in the elite families of Europe, the banks, the British Crown.  All have been waging a multi-generational war against the American People and all of the races of Man on Earth.


We the Americans of the Patriot Movement must unify in purpose, in common cause which is the last stand, the final war of America, the Second American Revolution that must and shall cleanse our land of anyone and everyone who has a hand in dividing and conquering and dominating and destroying us.  All of us.


The Black Flag is the answer, the only answer now as they’ve successfully diverted and derailed us too successfully for a purely peaceable solution.  Certainly for no shyster’s ‘infowar’.  War without limit, without mercy, without end until the enemy is rooted out of Our America and utterly destroyed.


Once we purge our land of the enemy, we can rebuild and without the enemy parasites at every turn taking all but a single percentage of the fruits of our labor at every turn we could build a new American Civilization within a generation.  Then, with Americans from literally every nation on Earth they and their families and friends in their old homelands as agents the American Revolution can be exported to all nations, to all peoples and the entire Earth can be freed of tyranny.


With the burden of war removed, Man can finally assume our species destiny among the stars.


All that starts with you, now.  Your immediate priorities are stocking up on food, weapons, ammunition, tools, power sources, knowledge both in book and computer file.  Make alliances with like-minded… those who recognize the need for Patriot Unity and action, make those alliances and train in secret-follow the principles outlined in “How To Start A Militia-And Get Away With It.”


Talk to other people-you see someone at Wal-Mart checking out an M-4 type carbine… they’re selling them again there as the enemy wants everyone to wipe each other out in both race war and a struggle for food and resources when they shut down the economy… ask them “who you think you’re going to need that against?”


They say they’re stocking up just in case tell them a gun alone isn’t the whole answer but to have skills, food, training, and most importantly, allies and community.


They act any more ignorant than that ask them why you think after Wal-Mart wet their pants and stopped selling guns they now sell ‘assault rifles’ when the economy’s obviously collapsing.  Ask them that, then steer the conversation to where you can get them on the right path.  The one we took.


You have a computer make up CDs and pass them around, the things are only a few cents per.  Gather Truth and knowhow and a address to a dead drop and put them everywhere.


You need dead drops they’re going to be your base form of communication.  Find a place like… like use YOUR imagination to find a place that won’t be disturbed, to plant messages and whatnot.  Treat each new contact as a cut out, build from there, be careful-be damn careful.


No more using the cell phone it’s an enemy tracking/listening device; they can shut off service and still use it against you.


If you use any kind of electromagnetic communication use code and be extremely judicious where and how you use it, like, away from where you actually live.


And you need a place to live that’s not registered in your ID with the enemy.


Airsoft.  Learn and teach others how to shoot and fight with airsoft replicas.


Getting back to arms, the assault rifle calibers are drying up-Obama’s jerking the ammo importers around so either no more (relatively) cheap ammo or no more ammo in .223, 7.62×39.  .308 surplus is GONE(but the enemy has plenty in machine gun belts).


There’s still 7.62x54R, so you can stock up on Mosin-Nagant rifles as the 91/30s are still at 100 bucks each… for now.  Stock up on as much ammunition as you can for these rifles though.


If you can, have a 30.06.  It’s powerful, accurate, long range and will be about the last ammunition to dry up.  Millions of rifles are chambered in this venerable and easy to get caliber.


For pistol, stick to 9mm, .40, 45ACP.  Revolvers are 38/357.  Any other caliber and unless you can reload for it they will run dry.


22 isn’t just for a rifle or a quieted pistol, its good money even now.


Learn to reload your empty cases.  Learn to make copper jacketed bullets in lead… steel.  Smokeless powder is basically processed nitrated cotton and your primer had its start in the early 1800s.  Brass you’ll need to learn how to build a multi stage press to stamp new cartridge cases but you can use steel or aluminum as well as brass.  He who can produce ammunition will be rich.


He who can grow good, healthy food could be rich but they will have to defend it against the enemy.  Which will require community, which will require the Militia.  Which is you and me.


Unless the fellow Patriot really isn’t a Patriot, squash it.


Alternate electronic communications-radio and internet… our own internet: join the effort or start your own and hopefully network up and DO NOT INTEGRATE PATRIOT COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE ENEMY’S EVER.


Be ready to bug out in a minute, have at least five friends within travel distance you can count your life on.  Have room for any of them if they need likewise help.


Learn.  Something new, every day.  Learn how to build, grow, repair, fight, and learn how to teach.


The time comes we will need to act with aggression and speed.  The enemy expects to be able to lob a JDAM onto a GPS coordinate that’s your home, or rumble through your community in armored vehicles with machine guns going door to door to steal your food and arms.  That will be the time to hunt down the drone dorks, and shove their toys up their ass.  A good resource for ideals is The Intelligence Report on Liberty Tree Radio; Google it while the net’s up and go into their archives.  Start downloading their episodes.


Other great online resources are:


Sipsey Street Irregulars, a blog by Mike Vanderboegh; his Praxis posts are as good info as any you’ll find.


The Lizard Farmer has great tactical suggestions as does Mosby.  You can also find great information from Arctic Patriot as well.  Also, Resistor in the Rockies and Western Rifle Shooters Association are good blogs to go through and data mine.


One treasure trove you have to dive into is though you will have to register to access their forums.


You can find a lot of books to download from on,,, or Google.  Also, the torrent file sharing site The Pirate Bay.


DO NOT DO YOUR PATRIOT COMPUTING FROM YOUR HOME COMPUTER OR A COMPUTER THAT YOU SIGNED A WARRANTY FOR OR PAID USING A CHECK OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD!!!!   You use someone else’s computer such as a public library’s that you don’t have to use your ID for.  Or you take a sterile-not in your name-computer and you wi-fi surf wherever you can get a good connection without logging in  using a traceable ID.  If you use a computer for downloading and uploading use a separate computer for Patriot activity, such as making articles, music and movies or compiling CDs to pass out.  Wear gloves at all times when handling the discs or the paper sleeves.  Teach people how to survive, communicate, fight, win-that’s an Infowar!


J. Croft


October 9, 2012
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How to Shoot a Rifle

Quick tract on how to shoot a rifle, laid out to be published as a credit card size tract you can print out and plant anywhere and everywhere.


Print onto two, tw… (More) Quick tract on how to shoot a rifle, laid out to be published as a credit card size tract you can print out and plant anywhere and everywhere.


Print onto two, two sided pages if you can’t have that option with your printer, you will have to feed and switch sides yourself. Cut horizontally along the dividing lines, top and bottom of the panels and along the outside edge. BE CERTAIN NOT TO LOSE TRACK OF YOUR SECTIONS OR HOW THEY’RE ORIENTED!!!!

You need to cut so that pages one and three are facing up.

When you have your horizontal sections-you should have eight-you then start stacking them, top section, first page over next section down first page, then those two sections placed over the third section down, then the three stacked sections over the bottom section, first page.

Then, your stacked sections go atop the top section, second page, then that stack goes over the next section down of the second page, then the stack goes over the third section down of the second page, and then finally the stack goes atop the bottom section, second page.


Staple together.

Pass them out everywhere, the enemy has spent generations vilifiying gun ownership and making rifle marksmanship about a lost art to the average American weaned on hip shooting Hollywood action stars as the actors depicting them cower in fear and so have this BS hapless victim mentality reinforced. Hapless victims are easier to shoot at and herd into camps than Americans who know how to shoot.

This is a beginner’s tract, but it has the basics. Pass these around and help save Our America.


October 5, 2012



It’s always been the only answer-to everything



J. Croft


It’s October, 2012.  The Nation, the World-and likely you-is in a tailspin.


You can name an issue, a topic and likely there are problems intractable to solution within whatever social and political framework you (or someone else) applies.


Economics: you still have a job? 


Yeah, that job where if you took say, 20 dollars as a unit of the fruits of your labor, 19 of them stay with your employer.  And that last dollar?  Most of it gets pocketed by the government at various stages of taxation-from withholding to sales taxes, gasoline taxes, double tax… overtax… and the spare change you’re left with has to cover ever-increasing rent, food and gas prices.  Oh wait you own a home?  No you don’t-look on your Title it will read TENANT.  Thought it was yours after a lifetime of mortgage payments… miss a property tax and the OWNER will kick you to the curb.


Yeah.  That job… Plan on losing it no matter who wins the election.  Obama will add you to the welfare rolls while punishing companies like Gibson Guitar for manufacturing using exotic woods in America-but will let them off the hook if they relocate overseas where those same exotic woods are “kosher”.  Likewise if you had a Chrysler dealership, Obama put you out of business right after he was elected… sure you remember that.  There are hundreds, thousands of former American companies, millions of out-of-work Americans that know all about that.  Maybe you’ve seen them in the unemployment lines or tent cities…


If Romney gets in?  Who has Swiss bank accounts?  Who has been one of the biggest economic strip miners who shovels jobs and industry overseas?  Then again so does Obama-and every other criminal in and out of government “service”, otherwise we’d still have jobs… you’d have a job.  Right? 


Third party?  Where?  Who?  What organization do they have?  Who that the enemy will allow on?  And would they put up a genuine effort or would they just pocket people’s precious funds to get their bucktooth tool of a son into Congress?  Or simply run to make some lame statement…


You don’t even have to fall victim to Presidential whim, you can run afoul of your local power cliques-you know, the ones that like to meet in lodges, wear aprons with esoteric symbols and make their deals.  You can kowtow, make your bribe or they work together both within and without to drive you out of business or push you over the edge like they did Marvin Heemeyer… remember the Killdozer?  A uparmored D-9 tractor that he used to wreck that Masonic dominated town and only was stopped when he stopped himself regrettably by suicide. 


Same could be said of Carl Drega, who ran afoul of pretty much the same clique in New England, the last straw being when state troopers pulled him over for “rust”-so Drega blasted them, a newspaper editor who opposed him, and he was stopped as well.  That would be a political example but all the problems we face tend to bleed together with common causes…


One guy suicide himself in front of one town’s city hall by immolation-for taxes.  He burned himself alive.


Charles Dyer, otherwise known as July4Patriot, one of the greatest spokesmen of the real Patriot Movement got hooked by a vindictive ex-wife a corrupt Podunk Oklahoma town and the FBI.  It took three jury trials but bogus child molestation charges and his shyster court officer lawyer sold him out and he got convicted.  He’s serving 30 years but believe it was for his peaceable Patriot activism.


You want to raise some money, start a business-like get a hot dog cart?  You can jump through all the hoops they make you jump yet one busybody can come out and shut you down.  Literally waddle out of city hall, walk across the street and order some kid trying to raise money to help his family to shut down or set up in a spot where he’d get robbed.


Sell informally, say at a flea market?  Maybe the cops will roll through and harass you, make sure you pay your taxes or something.  Sell guns privately, maybe the feds will come through and rob you, take you to jail.  More likely there’s always at least one rat snitch waddling about looking for the next victim to get in trouble with the beast cuz they get a cut or they’re competition.  Buy some Chinese knockoffs, perhaps you can sell for awhile-then you get busted.  Maybe they’ll fine you-as a payoff then you can    sell again for a few more months.


Say you want to sell organically grown food-the enemy… what else are they by their actions… the enemy goes in and raids, guns drawn on co-op farmers.  Private get togethers where chefs cook privately grown food get raided and the food is bleached and buried.  The Amish and Mennonite farmers have been hit hard and often about simply sharing their produce.


Cops… new breed of criminal court officers have entered duty fresh from the Middle East or retard camp and they think nothing of tazering you if you’re already cuffed and compliant.  Certainly think nothing of beating your ass while you’re on the pavement or even picking you up and SLAMMING you down full force.  Baby on board?  Not his problem and the department will give the motherfuckers a paid vacation because that’s the kind of low-end-of-the-bell-curve thug they prefer hiring. 


Those same cops are increasingly coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with months, years of urban small arms combat experience in urban settings.  They’re likely issued some form of M4 carbine and in NYC stopped a gunman going after his gay lover by gunning down nine other bystanders in one of the world’s most crowded places.  Same department that shoves plungers up dudes asses and expends 41 rounds on some immigrant holding out a wallet from ten feet away. 


The cops are considered by the lawyers to be officers of the court whose testimony has greater weight than yours.  They can lie and destroy evidence at whim.  They are well-versed in all manner of psychological ploys designed to get you trick bagged into some legal infraction so that their bosses the lawyers can rake in your time, your money, your property. 


Lawyers write the laws.  Lawyers administer the laws.  Lawyers monopolize their courts.  “Your” hired or appointed lawyer is an officer of the court-on the same team, an enemy in your camp.  Lawyers have used precedence-the rulings of other lawyers in black robes-as equivalent of law and when they’re not using penis pumps or masturbating behind those raised benches they’re ruling that the Constitution has no precedence in your case.  They take long forgotten by the general public rulings, laws, declarations, proclamations, whims of judicial fantasy and build both written and case law atop that to snare the unfortunate, unknowing people.


Oh, no need to wonder about being court; everything you see on TV is the opposite inside a real courtroom.  You’re not incest/ritual abuse victim/punching bag/tot mom Casey Anthony who inexplicably draws a entire law firm in her defense that blows through iffy, circumstantial evidence presented by another lawyer hoping to use the case to catapult him into higher public office.  No you’re tricked into confession or incriminating evidence is planted or forced to plead out by the court officer designated as your defense attorney.


The deception goes all the way to the root of U.S. law.  Written by lawyers.  The Bankruptcy of 1933 made U.S. Citizens enemies that can be gone after by the World War One era Trading With The Enemy Act. 


No law made before 1938 can be used in a court, that’s the Erie v. Tomkins ruling.  They’re all admiralty law and are administering the declared bankruptcy of the United States.  A bankruptcy engineered by Wall Street bankers… who incidentally also bankrolled the Soviets and the Nazis.


Reconstruction Act of 1871 reconvened a Congress thrown back together under duress from the Civil War, which the South walked out of the United States in order to settle pro or con the issue of slavery on their own… which morally sabotaged their otherwise correct views on the issue of State Rights.  Of course, most people back then saw the descendants of Africans brought here by force by Muslim slavers and Yankee mercantilists as a lesser species, like the Native Americans.  Never honored a single treaty with them by the way, which is par for their course.


Martial law was declared during the Civil War-general order 100-and was never rescinded.


The War of 1812-the Second War of Independence-saw the destruction of most copies of laws by invading British and among the casualties was an ORIGINAL 13th Amendment that outlawed titles of nobility and holders thereof from attaining public office.  A lawyer is considered an esquire, which is a title of nobility.  Otherwise we’d have no lawyers managing the bankster’s tyranny.


Then again, if you look at the 1787 Constitution that too was imposed by both force and fraud-force by an embargo of Rhode Island in 1791 as a last resort to get the people there to sign, and fraud by the conspirators who were agents of the same bankers that caused the newborn United States of America so much economic trouble that the Articles of Confederation had to be amended-a coup d’etat was performed instead and the original body of the 1787 Constitution was cleverly designed to give the appearance of representative government yet provided the foundation, the framework for those that attained public office to keep public office.  For those that wrote that constitution, they managed to lock themselves into power and would gradually expand their power-by greater leaps when possible.


The keys to winning that coup were to do things on the sly, either backroom deals or distraction and to put the American People to sleep.  Gradually gaining control, with uniform public schools the key toward being able to coordinate the eventual dumbing down and mass conditioning to regimentation that would be in full effect in the 20th century.  Dumb people down and reduce their resources and options and even so far as their ability to think through chemical poisoning of the food, water, air.  Think not?  Try discussing this article with any random person on the street… yeah good luck with THAT. 


Then again you may get lucky…


Want to go even deeper?  Look at the 1783 Treaty of Paris where Benjamin Franklin and John Jay negotiated with their British counterpart… try to bear through the endless run-on paragraph and read the terms: purportedly a now foreign head of state gets compensation for his ancestors investments.  The United States is GRANTED allowances and ‘rights’.  If America had truly won the American Revolution, wouldn’t there have been NO concessions to the English king?  A king whose blood relations extend deep into the past of hundreds, thousands of years of monarchs and elite families of Rome, Egypt, Sumer and extending through most of the Presidents of the United States. 


Deep enough.


You cannot solve your own problems of not enough money by getting a job-you’ll lose it or it won’t pay enough to begin with.  Plus, over 95 percent of the benefits of your labor go to your employer.  The government steals most of the remaining 5 percent leaving you with maybe 1 percent of the productivity you generate to:


Pay rent or mortgage-wait that’s rent.


Car note


Car insurance-lobbyists for the insurance industry pushed that through in the 90s making a racket for them and another reason for the enemy to steal your car and further enslave you with the fraud of the drivers license.


Food-likely poisoned but with the dollar ever-depreciating your precious few dollars buy less and less.


Now, you could go to some alleged institute of higher learning.  Spend a mortgage worth of money to get a piece of parchment proclaiming you eligible to work in certain fields.  Maybe you can get a job if you’re a lawyer or dental assistant but something actually productive like science or engineering?  Forget it, they got a long line of visa holders from India and China ahead of you.  Americans are always shoved to the last in line.


You cannot solve your problems by selling stuff people don’t have the money to buy or if you do manage to find a niche, there’s some government robber come to jack you if they’re knockoffs from Vietnam.  Maybe they’ll just send a few thugs to collect sales taxes.  Even if you don’t factor in the enemy looking to stifle your efforts, most folks don’t have much money to begin with-remember what I stated about how little real money people get for their wage labor?


Try investing?  Yah, good luck!  Anything that can be used as an investment vehicle such as real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities-all tightly controlled and rigged by the same shysters that hold the puppet strings to the government.  You typically won’t hear about that hot stock tip until the money’s already made and you’re taken for a fall.  Real estate was a huge hustle a decade ago: “it’ll never go down” was the cry as anyone who could sign a mortgage note did just that, and those notes split and commoditized into investment vehicles on their own.  Same with commodities-a man named Ted Warren in his book “How To Make The Stock Market Make Money For You” detailed the basics of the hustle, it’s just now with millisecond trading it’s only those that can afford to do that kind of trading that make money.


Precious metals are their own form of hustle.  Those aware of the fraud spelled out above put their money into silver and gold, maybe platinum and copper but you get everyone from clad pieces of tin to overpriced collector’s pieces to China selling gold bars hollowed out to accept tungsten.  Plus there’s a whole racket in the survivalist/patriot movement to sell silver and gold based on fear and the hope that those two commodities will break free of the bankster manipulation and assume their true value or greater but that won’t happen while the banksters still control that market with their market mechanisms.


So, things are about done for, so you prepare for a collapse but, unfortunately, you cannot solve your personal survival situation by prepping-because some rat looking for some government cheese will rat you out for owning guns or stocking up or being one of those moolisha whackjobs like the TV told them you are.  Or you made your purchases with a check or credit card, signed a warranty, bought through the mail or signed a 4477 firearm registration for that will lead government robbers to jack you very hard when they get around to you.  And they will. 


Why do you think the enemy during the 2010 census GPS locked every house, shack, shithouse, cave in America?  Why do you think ten Army Brigade Combat Teams, complete with artillery and armor support are stationed in-country?  Why are armored fighting vehicles becoming a regular sight… why have armored fighting vehicles already been acquired by about every jumped up Podunk SWAT team?  Why have 30,000 armed drones been designated for the USA?  Why has every surveillance camera in America been networked, why is every online keystroke you make, every phone call made recorded, why your biometrics are all tied into a computerized tracking system? 


…So you can’t hide and wait for the beast to collapse on its own.


You’re hopefully pissed off by now and want to get proactive about stopping the planned destruction of America, but you cannot solve the problems politically.  The national and state held offices are locked in by the enemy and anyone hoping to go in and do a Mr. Smith going to Washington will either be driven out or wind up selling out in despair as he doesn’t want to be charging at windmills all by himself.  Of course, one could take the Patriot angle and make a long career out of making pretty postures… pretty, useless, postures while stacking up pork for his district.  Make a couple quixotic runs for the Presidency-who are selected by the Electoral College to being with when it isn’t the Supreme Court deciding the matter… oh and you have to be kin to the same pack of inbred psychopathic bluebloods that have run this planet for millennia.  You heard of the hackable Diebold machines?  You can hack one yourself for 26 bucks so there’s no hope of becoming President-but there’s money in making the run and milking millions of starry-eyed supporters to pad your bank account and get your bucktooth backstabbing son into Congress. 


Yeah, federal office is out.  Locally, there are openings but persuading reform-minded people to unite in common cause and efforts runs into the brick wall of the patriot movement gatekeepers who are all in employ of the enemy as deep cover operatives-oh didn’t I tell you the movement’s co-opted?  Has been for many years; Bill Cooper is murdered and framed, Fritz Springmeier and Mark Koernke are framed and locked up for years, but Alex Jones can wriggle his way into becoming the movement’s gatekeeper.


Alex Jones is most certainly COINTEL, you can tell by his antics:


*Disrupt callers making points critical of himself and his guests with his SCREAMING


*Disrupt the Austin Gun Show Rally with an already present and organized protest by marching through with no regard for the organizers, making an ass out of the whole event.


*Backstab Deborah Medina when she wouldn’t kowtow and give him the face time he thought he deserved.


*Shut down any criticism of Ron Paul.


(I personally have encountered repeated instances of censorship from him and his organization-for presenting solutions.  One time I was listening to him on the air talking about Ron Paul making a bid in 2012 (this was right after both the gun show rally and Medina debacles) and I wrote on his forum what Ron Paul needed to do:  get some state and local candidacies going and build up a constituency nationwide, a political machine.  Alex Jones’ response: “if this guy’s going to cause trouble, ban him.”  And I promptly was.  Last time I was on his Planet Infowars social networking site and had the “Second American Revolution Victory Guide 2.0” book, and my article “How to start a militia-and get away with it”.  Banned.)


No, Alex Jones is about you kicking him money for his drives to build his studio, buy his swag and dvds.


And Steve Quayle can put up every crackpot warning there’s going to be martial law in the next week or they’re going into Iran or some giants are going to run roughshod over the countryside.  Every time he’s on it’s like the title sequence to Thundarr the Barbarian’s about to start.  No joke.  He’s a fearmonger and when teamed up with Alex Jones… I was posting on his forum practical solutions; Alex asked Steve about it and he screams “THERE’S NO TIME!!!!!!!!!”


Yeah, no time but to buy some gold off him or something about giants….


In fact, much of the Patriot “movement” is about three things:


1.)Hustling money off you.

2.)Spin you about in fear, offering little to no practical solutions.

3.)Luring you into some kind of trick bag where the beast can rob or murder you.


Most of the people that have flocked to the movement genuinely want to get things done.  Unfortunately, hustlers, COINTELPRO, and fragile souls with huge egos-did I mention the infighting?!  Don’t see our enemies publically go at each other but it takes nothing to start feuds and make lifelong enemies because say, Mike Vanderboegh warned the III’ers about congregating into Patcoms where they can be ID’d committing acts of Patriotism by the enemy but he got shat on because once upon a time in his youth he was a communist.  …Real easy for the deep cover operatives to do as people are torque, tired, and frustrated as too many of the “leaders” hustle them for money, get them whipped up in rage and fear while offering no real solutions, or luring them into getting arrested or shot.


Only revolution can solve our problems.


Only taking action-the sweeping away of everything corrupt, the beast that has used Our America as the fig leaf covering its ugly intents and actions-can solve our political, social, economic and environmental problems.  That requires more than throwing good money after bad candidates running symbolic protest campaigns.


Only taking on those in power and throwing them out of OUR offices of public service will stop the police brutality, the tyranny of the lawyers and bankers, the economic imperialism of a globalized U.S. government.


Only the Second American Revolution can save America, and only an America in Patriot hands can halt the destruction of Man by the inbred psychopathic bluebloods that have so adroitly pitted us against each other for so long.


Time to embrace becoming that moolisha whackjob caricaiture… time to get arms and become proficient in them, and find others like-minded who will stand with you, and know other groups like yours so that you can grow your own food, practice your own crafts and services, trade in your own way with your own monetary devices or barter, have your own culture, raise your kids yourself.  Standing on your own, isolated, just makes you a target.  You and yours need to become as deadly and coordinated as possible, become as frightening to the enemy as possible-if you decide to let them find out yet.  Stacking and caching arms, ammo, learning how to fight as coordinated fire teams enveloping and ambushing SWAT teams is the enemy’s worst nightmare.  God needs you to make their nightmares their manifest destiny.


The Revolution has to start with you. 


Within you.


How’s your relations with God?  You pray? 


Find a quiet place, make your prayer.  Tune out absolutely everything.  Close your eyes.  “Look” to your heart and there you will find Our Father.


Listen.  Just listen.


Prayer, tuning into Our Father is something you do every day, something that if you do diligently you’ll get better at knowing Our Father.


Purify yourself.  Eat locally produced food, drink spring water.  Or filter yours from rainwater to avoid any further fluoridation-which dulls and poisons you.


Get in fighting shape.  Be able to sprint, get up and down repeatedly in full fighting load and march all day if need be.  Train with weighted backpacks and walking stick.


Find basic trades you can learn and be good at.  Be someone of many talents you and yours will need to be as Our America will need to be rebuilt in every way-fortunately we have the greatest pool of talent on Earth so as long as we don’t wait 20 more years until Revolution… and we can’t wait… then we have a chance to rebuild.


Explore generating your own electricity.  Alternatives are around and most types are suppressed.  Wind and solar are the obvious choices.  If you’re by a good supply of running or falling water you got hydroelectric.  Biomass can be turned into diesel.  Ideally, if one of those magnetic motors can be made to work generating electricity that would be ideal.


Learn how to use the rifle.  Learn to use your rifle out at least 500 meters.  More if you can.  Learn to use your rifle with others in your group and to coordinate; basically you’re making shooting lanes and catching the enemy in long range ambushes.  Have extra ammunition, magazines and the web gear to carry your combat load and practice getting it on, practice wearing it, getting into shooting positions, fighting.  Buy everything with cash and privately.


Learn how to network outside the internet-that’s all monitored and if you don’t have a unpapered laptop computer bought off Craigslist or at a flea market, or a place you can go and log on for free and without registration, find those places.  Establish non-electronic communications with other like-minded individuals and groups.  Dead drops are easy to establish and are untraceable.  Set up safe houses or places to shelter.  Figure out how fast you could muster for each other’s defense. 


Figure out a place to take over… no, that’s not right-to start taking back.  A town with a obnoxiously corrupt government.  Read what the GIs of Athens Tennessee did in 1946 and do exactly that.  If you can get over Patriot inertia and get one town, make it a model of how Our America functions in the real world instead of attempting to capture dulled imaginations with libertarian fantasizing, we could have free zones where we can grow food, build arms and munitions and generally grow the Second American Revolution.  Finally.


Because these criminals in public service will not stop until they’re stopped and a recall election may not happen in time for you.  Meanwhile they’re arresting people for growing food, or protesting being pulled over for talking on a cell phone and then slammed to the pavement twice.  For bearing arms lawfully, exercising their 1st Amendment Rights, or maybe just being out at 3AM.  They need immediate reaction to stop them from harming anyone else.  Stopping them by any means necessary is the only way to stop them.  Best to go after their responding “brother cops”, catch them alone before they can muster in strength and overwhelm you.  Keep them off balance.  Their immediate superiors feeling secure in city hall and the lodge are the next targets and if possible you need to go after them immediately.  Speed, shock, and quick accurate aim can accomplish a lot to people accustomed to feeling secure in lording it over We the People.


The enemy is going to see a instance like this and will shit themselves.  Maybe declare martial law but definitely send state and federal reinforcements to maintain ‘law n’ order’.  Have a place to go, an identity already established in a place not under your slave name-y’know the one on your permits and mortgages and such.  Act cool, look and be like the crowd about you and prepare for your next action.  Be sure to take video so you can not only learn from mistakes but have propaganda to spark more action.