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October 9, 2012
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How to Shoot a Rifle

Quick tract on how to shoot a rifle, laid out to be published as a credit card size tract you can print out and plant anywhere and everywhere.


Print onto two, tw… (More) Quick tract on how to shoot a rifle, laid out to be published as a credit card size tract you can print out and plant anywhere and everywhere.


Print onto two, two sided pages if you can’t have that option with your printer, you will have to feed and switch sides yourself. Cut horizontally along the dividing lines, top and bottom of the panels and along the outside edge. BE CERTAIN NOT TO LOSE TRACK OF YOUR SECTIONS OR HOW THEY’RE ORIENTED!!!!

You need to cut so that pages one and three are facing up.

When you have your horizontal sections-you should have eight-you then start stacking them, top section, first page over next section down first page, then those two sections placed over the third section down, then the three stacked sections over the bottom section, first page.

Then, your stacked sections go atop the top section, second page, then that stack goes over the next section down of the second page, then the stack goes over the third section down of the second page, and then finally the stack goes atop the bottom section, second page.


Staple together.

Pass them out everywhere, the enemy has spent generations vilifiying gun ownership and making rifle marksmanship about a lost art to the average American weaned on hip shooting Hollywood action stars as the actors depicting them cower in fear and so have this BS hapless victim mentality reinforced. Hapless victims are easier to shoot at and herd into camps than Americans who know how to shoot.

This is a beginner’s tract, but it has the basics. Pass these around and help save Our America.


April 27, 2009


J. Croft

People have been predicting doomsday since the beginning of time. Almost all have been kooks or hustlers of one sort or another. Some have a darker agenda. Some have only the best intention. Most are way off and forgotten, but it is those that prove accurate to at least some degree that are remembered.

Ancient seers like Merlin, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus have track records and a lot of their past(to us)predictions have come true. The Bible is chock full of predictions, and it could be argued that a lot of them have come true, giving credence to predictions for the future.

Webbots are a computer program that tracts word usage on the internet. From the words used they compile what could become predictions. Enough of them have come true that the program has to be treated with respect. Not saying that a lot of the predictions can’t or aren’t derailed or delayed or nullified by actions-surely the US government reads the web bots and most likely has a similar program they use. Not to mention how their current control of the mass media and the centrally controlled culture allow them to program just about whatever words and attitudes they desire. They have-most Americans are ignorant as hell, dependent, in debt and set for a fall.

You don’t have to. You can read these predictions, mull them, throw them out the metaphorical window-but I’d keep this around anyway in case enough of them come true to convince you. The following are from what the “time monks” dub their final ALTA report. I wrote a report on their 2009 predictions here:
I’ve roughly organized them to chronology and general subject-although everything is going to bleed into everything else if they’re right. I’ve also added my recommendations…. there’s no need to suffer anymore than we have.


Kiss the Internet good bye

By October the Web bot project will no longer be able to reliably do its job due to restrictions on the net plus problems with web servers and power cuts. I would err toward government attempts to shut down the internet because we who use it to communicate to each other and not just download free porn have caused too much damage to our enemies agenda. Start setting up alternate means of communicating-phone or e-mail trees, pamphlets, dead drops(a place in public but out of the way of foot or road traffic where you can place messages, you check up on them on a regular basis). More important is to start setting up our own internet. It would be wireless and the servers would be cheap to build, redundant and use off the shelf components.

Economic collapse

Government will try to keep economy going but will fail. Or at least make a show of it enough to lull people into being loyal to their executioners just a little longer. This will be MUCH worse that the Great Depression; seven million Americans died of starvation then and we had 90 percent of the American People in small towns and farms. This year we have less than 5% on the farm and they’re being shut down because of both catastrophic weather and the banks hoarding all our bailout money for them and not issuing loans for needed fertilizer and fuel. Additionally, new government regulations threaten to finish off what independent farmers there are while leaving corporate run agriculture to monopolize farming. So the first thing you need to do is learn how to grow your own food, but there are additional issues we are going to face so more specifics on what you need to do later…

Economic implosion will cause the nanny state to fail. Kiss your welfare and social security good bye. Benefits, GI program, pork barrel money-forget about it. In fact, even accounting for the never ever talked about Consolidated Annual Financial Reports( government will be desperate for funds. Which means they will enact every last scheme they can come up with to keep the cash coming in-that means more taxes, more fines, and much harsher enforcement of said taxes and fines.

It will not be enough. Hopefully because you will begin to start spending less, spend with people who don’t pay sales taxes-or any other kind of taxes. It is projected the collapse and the cash flow becomes so desperate, government workers start walking off jobs due to not being paid by late summer.

Dollar repudiation due to China using IMF to demand audit of US. When Ft. Knox is revealed to be empty of gold, or refusal of audit world will drop dollar as reserve currency. They will not want US military bases anymore either. US government will have problems getting troops, material home without hard currency and gold. BUY SILVER AND GOLD NOW!!!! AS YOU READ THIS HIT THE COIN SHIP OR PAWN SHOP AND BUY AS MANY ONE ONCE ROUNDS AND 90% SILVER PRE 65 US COINAGE!!! You can’t stop the economic collapse but you can protect yourself.

Project softer civil war by May-already several confrontations with police by people not willing to be subject to the tin badge gods and evermore greedy government apparatchiks for various reasons. Unemployed confronting their former owners, families being evicted and made homeless will also prompt confrontations with U.S. government as they desperately try to hold onto their homes they’ve worked their entire lives for or just looking for shelter and mutual protection in tent cities or in foreclosed homes. Currently there are whole neighborhoods abandoned. Riots will start in summer, continue through 2010.

As you read this look up the next Appleseed shoot; go to and if nothing else start downloading all you can about rifle shooting. Get an airsoft replica of your rifle or nearest equivbalent and practice! If you haven’t acquired a rifle and ammo don’t go to a dealer you’re federally registering you r guns when you file out that 4473 form. Sadly, gun shows are now dangerous places to get guns because they concentrate so many motivated Americans it’s a natural spot for government agents to record faces and license plates as they shop. So, set up a survival network and trade as needed. Scour the internet while you have it for guns. Use the firearms dealers for ammo, magazines, gear. Don’t forget web gear to hold your magazines. SHOOT your rifle and get to know it, and get spare parts now.

Web bots project Hyperinflation later this year. This is a no-brainer as all that federal reserve money they’ve doubled US government debt with has to kick in the economic consequences sometime. Silver and gold will be used for trade as it’s the only reliable money, so BUY SILVER AND GOLD! Food, heirloom seeds, fuel, tools, ammunition, spare guns will also be prime trade items as they are all survival goods. So will tobacco products, alcohol, and entertainment not involving electricity.

NASA and UFO’s

NASA is a heavily occult organization; according to Richard C. Hoagland at they launch only when the stars in the sky are in astrological alignment! Incredible, but true. Well a NASA whistleblower will reveal secrets. Will do it just a little late. But those secrets I suspect might have to do with either UFO’s or the real space program… you think B2 bombers and cantankerous 30 year old shuttles flown with computers NASA has to constantly scavange parts for is all we have? Where do you think those trillions of dollars of black budget funds went?

10,000 fold increase in UFO sightings. Massive sighting in S. America this fall. Undeniability of UFOs by March, 2010 in three month process. According to the web bots It’s a TPTB plan to control and keep us in their “flock”. Google “project blue beam”; their holographic technology and voice to skull technology, they can get you to believe Barney the Dinosaur is the returning messiah. IT’S NOT REAL!!! These will be times that test men’s souls and the best way to steady yourselves in this grand deception and treachery is a firm relationship with your Father in Heaven. Not just a saying or statement, Truth. He is the motivator behind me writing the approximately 70 essays at my blogs. If you’re a reader of my work you know that’s a lot of typing-I’ve given up a lot to be able to put them together and get them out. But, enough about me, it’s what you can do that will count. Find a quiet place to pray and empty your mind of thought, and focus on your heart-that’s where God is at. Listen and do. You won’t go wrong.

Loss of power

One of their 3 main control arms over us is lost this year. Could be related to revelations predicted by the web bots about the government predicted. Will probably be purged or shut down so get your alternate means of news and communications going; ham radio, micro am/fm, clandestine wi-fi internet, pamphlets. Learn how to operate a camera, video production. Each of us will have to become citizen journalists.

Web Bots “Summer of Hell” economic and weather related. Droughts, violent rainstorms, powerful winds. Wild temperature oscillations-90 to 30 in a few days. Unusual giant landslides, huge amounts of rain, rapid extremes of heat and cold. Winds, droughts and wildfires unprecedented in size, and severity.

This is a lot to cover. First off, have survival gear around you at all times. A backpack or duffel bag or even a fanny pack can carry the basics. Compact, storable food, water filter straw, knife, hatchet, multitool, a compact book of basic survival know how. Tarp for shelter, change of clothes, means to start a fire, soap, toothbrush, fishing hooks and filament. A cell phone for communicating. A reliable, cheap pistol with spare magazines and ammo. A single shot shotgun can shoot buckshot for close in and slugs accurate out to 75-100 yards, and can be broken down and reassembled in seconds. The NEF single shot can also be a rifle caliber and break down just as fast, and surprisingly fast to reload if you clutch spare rounds in your support hand. Cheap too.

Food: there are more reasons for doing the following than the above predictions of extreme weather changes but… you’re going to have to start growing your food indoors by window cills, in a greenhouse or hydroponic setup. This will shield your food from the worst of the projected winds and temperature swings. It will also shield your food from the increasing threat of ultraviolet radiation. Additional threats come from genetically altered terminator seeds that blow about and contaminate perfectly good food. Hydroponics allow altering the plant growth cycle to allow much more food production and with lights and reflective materials you can give them light 24 hours a day, grow year round.

Possible technological breakthrough in electrics through matter, it’s probably some “new” concept in power generation that “somehow” won’t be available to us for years-if ever. If you experiment and by some miracle have some form of new power system by all means share it with the rest of us so we can further free ourselves from the beast! Power generation not dependent on resources that need to be extracted and processed would be a great boon and needed for a better effort at resisting the beast.

Shortages due to economic collapse; America a 3rd world nation by summer, which is believable. We’re a 3rd world nation now with the powers that be, the illuminati, the “elites” having strip mined our nation of it’s economy since the 1950’s. It’s just that reality will catch up to the country as we’re transformed into a continental sized ghetto. No jobs, lots of crime and violence, no future… within the system. Recognize it is the “system” that has screwed us all. We must free ourselves of our presumed masters if we are to save ourselves.

Face masks will be common sight by summer due to pandemics. As I write this, some new bioengineered form of swine flu is making it’s debut in America and it’s spreading very rapidly. It is air transmittable. So yes, get face masks now while they’re cheap. Avoid crowds if possible. Learn how to brew your own colloidal silver-get two of your silver rounds and build your own colloidal silver generator. Colloidal silver will kill the swine flu virus and any other bioengineered nasty the beast tries to send our way to try and kill us off.

In August, MSM information comes out how they’re being controlled by elites and lie for them. Five individuals control the MSM will do whatever it takes to maintain control. They get angry as things begin happening and truths come out when their control loosens. I would suspect they will try to kill the internet by then so set up those alternate means of communication now.

Chemtrail truth comes out this summer, MSM to root for it, to stop the uv rays. Chemtrails stop anyway due to increasing volcanic activity, will block sun especially by 2010-11. Volcanic eruptions everywhere. New volcanos form. All due to squeezing of Earth by Galactic magnetic field. You will definitely need those hydroponic gardens by then.

Govts. also resort to death squads to stop leaders of opposition to their machinations and control. Have friends and safe houses, bug out bags with rifle, pistol and loaded mags ready to go at a instant’s notice. Have several ways to get to your hide outs. The best defense is to not live where you’re registered to the government at and vary your daily routine. Practice observing people, learn how stalkers work because death squads will stalk you. Double around every so often. Practice your snap shooting, instinctive shooting. Avoid if at all possible areas where you’re out in the clear with no bullet resistant cover.

Dollar loses reserve currency status late summer-early fall. Get gold and silver now, profit later. Deflation of most investments, real estate, debt repudiations leaves dollar used in USA but that deflation- will destroy value of remaining global paper debt trade markets. Don’t have debt! Sell your home if you owe on it. Sell your stocks now and get ammo and heirloom seed, and any prescriptions and medicines you need.

Food, medicine prices skyrocket nov/december become unavailable. This is when a global shutdown of trade happens due to the coming war. America will be embargoed and economic shutdown of domestic manufacture of pharmeceuticals will make a bad situation impossible. Disease and starvation will run rampant, and so will food riots and mobs of starving people looking for anything to eat. The most dangerous places will be the cities! By all means head for the country now, well always from major highways.

Gold and silver coins create gray market, govt. too busy with crisis to clamp down. Will cause liberation from paper as it’s discarded, discovered worthless, causes huge consequences for international markets. It will be the debt and credit paper/electronic economy we’ve known versus the underground gold/silver market. This will be the economic foundation of a Free America. Your trading for gold and silver, bullets, food, pledged services starves the beasts and builds Our America-the America the beast has hid behind and falsely represented itself as to it’s victims. It is our duty and responsibility to kill the beast every way we can and nonviolent economic resistance is part of the foundation as is learning how to handle a rifle and make hits out to at least 500 yards.

Sadly, most of the population will not be aware of enough to either catch the trends as they emerge nor to grasp the gravitas/magnitude of the problems emerging. TPTB and Minions-some will fail to grasp the obvious as well. This will exasperate the problems. We’ll have millions of unprepared, unethical countrymen looking for food and will do whatever and hurt whomever to get it. Millions will perish from diseases that if they just avoided the virus shots and used alternative treatments like colloidal silver could have saved themselves, just as starting that hydroponic garden would keep them fed and learning how to shoot a rifle enable them to resist the beast.

Hyperinflation in the fall, could be over relatively quick or prolonged, depending on how leaders tackle it. I would bet toward a prolonged period of trotting wheelbarrows to buy bread as the beast wants us dead.

China manipulating IMF to their own ends. They want to be the superpower, they feel an entitlement due to their long history and century long humiliation by people they consider inferior. They will want to economically eliminate America’s influence-it’s reserve currency and military. They will demand an audit of us. When there’s an audit of gold and refusal to audit or discovery there is no gold dollar is dropped as reserve currency. Again get gold and silver, buy what you need now while it’s available.

Severe economic problems projected until 2011. I would err toward a permanent fall and no recovery so stock up on basic how to books, 19th and 20th century know how so you can help in rebuilding our country.


Government death squads, already in effect, will greatly increase activities as summer of hell proceeds. Will do best to eliminate whistleblowers and troublemakers of all kinds. These death squads work directly with Vatican Jesuits and the Royals. Again, be observant, learn how to spot people tracking you; train to fight as a single person-deny them flanks; channel their attacks; use cover; outflank them; shoot farther, faster, and with more accuracy than your opponents; don’t be where they expect you to be. Don’t be alone! If you go on the offensive don’t try to dazzle them tactically they’re trained in most all those scenarios-just lure them into a place where you can blow them up, gas them or have you and your friends catch them in a cross fire with no cover.

It’s not possible to garrison the USA it’s too big, too many people. Fema camps, military martial law rumors are fear tactics. The beast is powerful and has a lot of resources but they are not invincible! The coming war with the rest of the world will cut them down to size but it will be up to us to finish them off. Their attempts to murder us off will harden those that won’t bow to them. We will need those underground tunnels to hide basic machine tools, foundry equipment. These tunnels must have some form of independent energy source and the most practical is a geothermal source with a water supply and a turbine. Unless that “free energy” actually happens but I wouldn’t bet on it….


Banks will shut down!!! Don’t keep your cash in them any longer-just long enough to get it out and survive on, hopefully get some precious metals, seed, ammunition.

Scarred woman, incarcerated, linked to Russia and Canada will be center of major unrest, incident, with NASA whistleblowers. She will be the harbinger of more revelations from shadow government. She is involved in secrets told by dying powerful man, reveals past secret society atrocities.

Information will be the breakthrough for most people to start accepting reality of their situation-what those they’re programmed to label tin foil hat wearers have been warning them about. Be ready to greatly speed up their learning curve because, we’ll all need to be on our toes with what the inbreeds got for us.

Summer of hell, but fall even worse, great die-off in winter… government bioterrorism, starvation and war. So get your food preps, partners and allies in order.


Triggered by economic collapse of American Empire, loss of dollar as reserve currency and its collapse and American troops and bases getting kicked out of host countries but great difficulties by US government to remove them and material.

Global coastal event and UV havoc on agriculture, economic pressures goad American People into first supporting war to October 26th, a shift point. Israel attacks Iran October 26th, nuclear weapons used. Radioactive fallout from attacks spread throughout Southeast Asia. Initial attack is a military success but magnitude of horror of the attack will sicken world. Israel will brag, boast, threaten world with more nuclear attacks. Yet the Zionists will sweat, as the counterattack doesn’t come right away.

After Israel’s October nuclear attack on Iran, American People react against supporting Israel as the pictures come in. First effects are large, chaotic protests that go nowhere. Zionists mount huge counterprotests to whip up support for Israel that work… for a day. Massive death tolls of US military personnel are found out, ending support. TPTB start war November 5th to slaughter mankind. US elites panic! Israeli attack on Iran stops world trade. Food, oil, supplies all running out! Elites attempt massive draft of men and women. Draft marks beginning of widespread rebellion which will coalesce into revolution by November and December. Deliberately overuse US military to destruction to accomplish this and prevent successful rebellion by US military. As coalition of nations, Pakistan and Iran attack Israel.
North Korea will take opportunity to attack South Korea. US military goes in overconfident, gets defeated very bloodily. Zionist war machine trapped and nearly destroyed in backlash attacks. Asymmetrical attacks will start, then greatly increase and situation will spin badly out of control. US military bases in Europe also attacked. Heavy casualties. US military will fight many hard battles but will be overwhelmed and lose.

China will defeat us. US military fails to stop China as it’s already overwhelmed with Israel, overextended and worn out from decades of elite abuse and deliberate decay. China will expand, taking Taiwan, Korea and Japan. US military defeat will be global.

Miles long trains of dead soldiers rattle throughout America. This will likely be because our opponents allow us to take our dead home to sink in the lesson that the American Empire is over.

Obama Administration and Illuminati pissed off at everyone in Nov/Dec due to everything coming out and not able to control as much as before, and the war. US elites retaliate with military attacks, biowarfare attacks on American People.

Army will support government steps to attack American People to suppress dissent. Only battle they can hope to win by then they’ll be so badly beaten, nearly destroyed.

Relatively good news: few nuclear weapons used, no invasion of America. 2-3 months, very dynamic and mostly conventional war. Israel burns.

…If you have family or friends in the service talk to them. Do your best to break through their conditioning. You can build a makeshift fallout shelter and survive for a month as the radioactive fallout wafts through the atmosphere. Go HERE:

After effects of war. Over half of Americans unemployed by first months of 2010. Starvation in all continents but especially in America and Western Europe dependent on now shut down economy.

Health care system collapses by end of this year. No more pharmeceutical manufacture. No more imports due to war, dollar repudiation.

5 wars by year end.

Revolutions in Mexico and South America.

…What can we do?

We can do our best to stop the soldiers, we can’t stop the geopolitical dominoes once America’s economic hegemony is officially viewed as gone, US is kicked out of their global bases and a power vacuum panics the Zionists into nuking Iran.

Or can we?

We need to call upon Israelis RIGHT NOW to hold a recall election and clean their government of the psychopaths.

We need to make it plain to our soldiers and those that serve as officers that they can be heroes if they won’t fight for zionists but they will be disowned if they fight for tyranny, and given no funeral when they die. Any traitors murdering Americans of course, are to be exterminated. Any successful preventing of a Third World war still leaves a very dangerous US military that could turn on us… something to ponder.

WE MUST take back our political system! We must build a opposition party worthy of the name and we must start with the local governments. Even if we don’t succeed in time to avert World War Three we can build a political base of resistance, just as the gray market is the economic base of resistance.

We have to try. God willing, we can succeed and through our will stop the inbred psychopathic bluebloods from trying to murder us!

The following web bot predicitons are more exotic-global ocean rise, exotic cosmic energies, the crossing of the galactic plane. Most of these megadisasters stagger the mind and I’m tempted to want to dismiss them, but the web bots have had too good a track record to ignore the warnings. Also, many other ancient and modern “seers” have seen events like this…

If the web bots are right about economic and political collapse then we would be stupid not to consider heeding other predictions and try our best to prepare to survive them.


Starts Mid-may.

Reports on Antarctica already shut down by government.

More groundings of vessels next temporal markers signaling beginning of coastal event.

Effects by mid-june. Ships washed in well ashore. Coasts evacuated causing multiple Katrina effect migrations of people inland. Massive evacuations put unbearable strains on inland cities, food supplies and worsening economics. By summer people will understand Earth changes. So be ready to bug out. Be ready for refugees if you’re within 300 miles of ocean. Prepare for ever more competition for no jobs, scarce food. Hungry, tired, displaced Americans rudely treated by law enforcement/military will riot, revolt when there’s no jobs, no relief. National effect of refugees-will be like a pressure cooker on a volatile stew of no livelihood, no freedom it will explode. Revolution is why bioweapons will be unleashed.

Displaced water from rising land, injections of Antarctic, Greenland ice(?) floods coasts at least to a depth of 20 ft. China will suffer devastating losses of arable, liveable land-at the very limit of habitability as far as their current infrastructure and technology go, will go to war.


Solar system wide disaster will engulf Earth.

Galactic magnetic pressure will increase on planets, sun, will compress them. Sun will “shut down”. Earth, squeezing will cause volcanos to erupt-possibly Yellowstone as well as we head for 2012. If volcanic activity increases get the hell away from any volcanos and get several states away from the Yellowstone caldera!

Earth’s magnetic field, already fading, will collapse. Dangerous UV and other radiations will scorch planet endangering life, ending open field agriculture. We will be forced to live underground anyway.

Sun will dim, and along with volcanic activity will cause ice age. Seas shrink back some(?) A good bet would be to exploit the increasing geothermal activity for power if the free energy doesn’t pan out.

Die offs of animals, humans due to magnetic compression effects of lost sleep, wild mood swings, accidents. People will start doing odd stuff from effects. Beware of crowds! They could go mad at once.

Illuminati testing on troops “Ormes” tuned to each soldier to stop radiation and magnetic problems. It is for them.

Peak in 2012. In 2013 the planets are progressively relieved of the galactic magnetic squeezing and the results will be extremely violent crustal shifts, earthquakes.

A second pole shift. Need to know the pivot points those would be the safest areas. Also caves and shelter underground in geologically stable areas that won’t get flooded by the ocean.

Magnetic field problems to last through 2020. Indoor agriculture will be needed at least til’ then.


Some governments will use this as means of controlling the population but they won’t be able to succeed. Other entities will make contact and affect the people.

Some of these entities will control, enslave at different levels but many extraordinary things might happen at new levels of consciousness.

Will have wild effects on Sun, planets. People will riot.


Sun will blow in 2013, scorching the northern hemisphere with CME. Illuminati securing polar, Australian and S. American caves, refuges in deep underground military bases. Hopefully their tombs. We need to plan our own shelters from CME.


Either due to Earth realigning or Nibiru the equatorial centered 13 mile bulge of water will stay there and wherever the planet spins will be deluged. Winds will be beyond hurricane force, strongest along lines of pole shift spin.

Nibiru real?

Where’s the tip points? The axis of the pole shifts? Again, those will be the safest surface areas.


Everyone will eventually experience this.

Linked to mysterious space entity.

Arise month after government whistleblowers. Will hit hard by fall 2009.

Sleep medications will not cure this, will in fact aggravate psychotic effects.

Symptons are stupor, causing accidents, psychosis, causing violence, and hypersexuality.

Accidents in all endeavors increase by 50%.

Some large scale disasters will result.

Notes: If you feel groggy or on edge for God’s sake take a break. Take a nap, or a walk. Get a treat. If you’re feeling the hypersexuality effects well, enjoy the sex with a consenting partner.


Up to 95% of people projected to die.

Illuminati using trillions stolen through their demolition of their global economy and America to buy hard assests for after time. They’ve been working on this plan for the last century, 99% of core requirements ready. Welcome die off to solidify control and consolidation after catastrophes.

Biblical “prophecies” engineered for now, relative for our time and purposes. Up to us to not allow it to happen.

By March 2012 we won’t care much about December 21, 2012.

The big problem is when the galactic magnetic pressure starts relieving the squeeze on the sun and planets after 2012.

Second continental pole shift. Violent outbursts of energy on all planets and sun.

HUMAN WILL CAN ALTER DESTINY! It is however currently under Illuminati control through culture, miseducation, drugs and toxins. Most humans don’t have spiritual discipline and vision to harness this power so it will still be in the hands of the beast in most critical times. This is why we were made so materialistic.

The key to the beast is to not feed it your fear, it nourishes it uses it to control you.

Enough of us that can make it through these times can defeat the TPTB in their bunkers-make them their tombs!

We are our only hope.

Coping mechanisms: meditations, pies and treats, naps, doing good, fighting the good fight.