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It was written recently by a Three Percenter that Christianity is dying because nobody is willing to kill for it.  That Islam is rapidly expanding in large part because enough of its adherents are willing to kill for it.


That is the biggest reason why the U.S. Government has been so successful in expanding their role and reach in Our America,


That is the biggest reason why the Freedom Movement, the Patriot Movement has largely failed, too few of us have been willing to kill on principle.  Oh we’ve had those willing, such as Gordon Kahl who stood toe to toe against federal agents in a shootout wanting to murder him and his son for speaking out against the fraud the U.S. perpetrates against the American People.  Christopher Monfront, who took on the crooked cops of Seattle who beat up girls in jail cells and murder people left and right on the street; bombed and shot them in classic rifle ambushes.  …Where was the support?


Where was those that ought to have spoken up and said “these Americans had the right idea”, where were those who saw in their own areas oath traitors pummeling teenage girls in jail cells, trumping charges to gain a bust? 


Ain’t those calling themselves “patriots” in front of a keyboard doing the shooting, its common convicted criminals and neer-do-wells willing to pick up the AK and shoot it out.  Certain parts of major urban areas the cops will not go in without major backup.  Why?  Because they know if they start up with their petty police state bullshit they’re going to get shot at-not too accurately but they got the will to kill. 


Our enemy employs a lot of lazy, shiftless cowards to whom a honest day’s work is like crosses and sunlight;  but they have at the ready an army of killers-mind you a lot of them want the easy kill but there’s a core group that manically train to be able to kill anyone they’re ordered to at any time.


Not the pretend-a-patriots.


No-a real Patriot grabs his rifle to blast those oath traitors in response to their crimes against the American People and they’re on their own; the rest of the herd of pretend-a-patriots suddenly remember they still sheep and go “baaah!”  And We the People keep losing ground.


No doubt the enemy has been able to operate behind the scenes controlling the media, the schools, the major generators of American mass culture, the levers of political power, banking, industry-all of whom had it as their common interest to disarm and tame the American People.  Americans: who braved slavery both black and white and struggled to be free and settle a hostile continent with little more than the clothes on their backs, rifle in hand; who rose to defend the plot of land they worked so hard to clear in order to grow the crops that will sustain them in the winter from thieves whether they be common criminals or criminals in the employ of the government; who arose to claim their Freedom for their own reasons during the American Revolution, who outshot and outfought the greatest military power on Earth; who were self-sufficient, learned in the law, and distrusted the banks and government.


…It took a long time to gain the trust of such a wary, dangerous people.  Took a coup d’etat in 1789 in Philadelphia to exploit a generated economic and political crisis to write and pass the Constitution-even then they had to add the Bill of Rights to sell this to enough Americans, yet they still had to embargo Rhode Island to get this passed.  They’ve had setbacks such as Andrew Jackson not renewing the Bank of the United States, the Anti-Freemason Party.  Certainly, attempting to control the vast body of self-sufficient, educated, armed Americans had to be done very gradually, very carefully. 


It was eventually, done.  Public schools were first spread via the Townships, then those schools were uniformly structured along the Prussian model, designed to produce drones.  Gradualism was coupled with major shocks to move their social engineering of the wild, dangerous American People via economic disruptions of the money supply and markets and of course the Civil War that while freeing the slaves from the plantations made everyone a slave to the government de jure through the 14th Amendment.  The black slaves were disarmed in the South but also the slaves who weren’t aware they were chattel in the cities were disarmed as a response to ‘crime’.  Industrialization brought the beginning of the end of the self-sufficient American as the wages were set to encourage the farmer and family businessman to abandon their business-where they get the full benefit of their labor-for more cash but they get a tiny sliver of the benefit the factory’s owner gets.


With the advent of the radio and motion pictures it became possible to unify American culturally-both mediums were controlled by the enemy from the beginning.  The World Wars further regimented the American psyche by unifying the People with their enemy the Masonic U.S. government against enemies they raised up in the first place.  Television, with Americans watching it almost their entire free time from school and the wage slave jobs created the American hive mind.  A hive mind programmed by our enemy to mentally disarm and tame the American People, in a coordinated effort with the public schools and the lawyers to make us weak, dependent, unthinking, and most importantly not willing to kill for what’s ours.  To make us sheep, but I baaah to no one. 


So that’s the psychological gulf you need to cross if you want to defend yours, to take what’s been stolen from you back-your nation, your heritage as a Free People:


*You need to free yourself from the fraud that is the U.S., recognize that Masonic entity hijacked Our America 200 years ago, has been using the American People as the fig leaf covering their ugliness.  The rest of the world has attributed us with their deeds.


*You need to recognize that truth and stop obeying the enemy’s laws, listening to the enemy’s propaganda, free yourselves from the mores and values they like to instill into us-such as the learned helplessness preventing you from going out and killing every traitor in sight.


*You need to make yourself ready, mentally and physically, to take on our enemy.


Now, you are a single person.  The enemy likes to run in packs.  Now a single oath traitor harassing some sheep in their Suburban to extort some traffic fines, they know that sheep wouldn’t fight back to save their own lives.  Anyone who might put up even a fistfight, and they call in a dozen of their fellow donut munchers to thug up on them, taze them, beat them half to death and yell at them to STOP RESISTING!


You need your own people to back you up.  Back in the day they were called the Militia. 


Your militia, you will train as a fire team using rifle marksmanship and basic combat drills to hit your enemy out to at least 500 meters with full power rifle cartridges.  You will have your militia where you can keep track of each other as needed on a moment-by-moment basis.   You will be constantly looking for potential recruits to expand your unit’s numbers and to form neighboring units to provide mutual assistance.  I go into this in a recent article “How To Start A Militia-And Get Away With It.”  I also cover much more the training your militia will need in the “Second American Revolution Victory Guide 2.0”.


The thing you will have to work on most to overcome is the mental block keeping you from killing your enemy.  It’s there, and you have to psychologically scrape away the lifetime of programming the enemy’s institutions have instilled into you to be able to stop their enforcers and agents from taking what little we have left.

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