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The enemy, unfortunately, is the United States Government, state and local governments, and the corporations that control the mass media and culture-that dictate the hive mind that America has been socially engineered into.  And a long time ago the controlling interests of the United States decided to gradually, progressively disarm the American People and make them dependent on the very forces out to subjugate and now destroy We the People.  You struggle to live in the results of the enemy’s social engineering. 

Defend yourself?  Punishable from the enemy operated public schools, arms are treated as things best left to agents of the government-soldiers and cops.  From that basic operating principle children are taught guns are to be feared, hunters, and any civilian owning and using a firearm is some kind of threat.  Enough people internalize that threat so that those who wake up or never take in this social programming band together and form survival groups or God forbid, a militia, they’re viewed as terrorists.  And treated as such.  Even now, 2012, with the police state the enemy has been carefully crafting for generations coming into full bloom, the mass mind being engineered into acceptance of the loss of freedom for a false promise of security, the term ‘militia’ strikes fear into those that don’t know any better…

…or those that have reason to fear us.

We the American People are Sovereign.  We are also all the militia, past time to accept our birthright forged by our ancestors fleeing tyranny from both Europe and the elites importing them as indentured servants and slaves, rifle and pistol in hand, and the will to be Free.  There are still a core group of Americans that hold to that, however they do, and as long as we are living, America-OUR America-lives.  Which is why the enemy’s marshalling their forces to take us out in a massive blow, scatter us if need be to minimize our effectiveness and cow those Americans who haven’t been mentally freed to accept the new American slavery.  Slaves they legalistically tricked us into but this will be the slavery of people who have had their arms ripped out of their hands.  That cannot happen; America, OUR America, is Mankind’s last hope of Freedom, the last chance to overthrow the evil that has raised and destroyed empires, murdered countless millions and deprived us all.  I mean, they hoard trillions in wealth, can buy and sell politicians like used household goods at a swap meet, can develop literally mad scientist technologies and could make our Earth a paradise and Man could achieve our destiny amongst the stars: instead they suck the last of our monies out of our pockets with inflation, taxes, market engineering; divide us by race and class and exploit tragedies like the Trayvon Martin shooting to stoke racial hatred and to challenge laws protecting self-defense; use illegal government agencies such as the ATF and FBI to steal guns from Americans on scurrilous, unconstitutional technicalities or outright buy them from gun stores to resell to drug cartels-who can already buy military grade armament-to bolster their argument for banning military pattern rifles…

…Do I need mention their political and economically engineered destruction of the American domestic economy-can you even find anything made in the USA?

Do I need mention the stolen presidencies of both George W. Bush or Barack Obama?  One guaranteed by nine old pedophiles of the Supreme Court, the other by media complicity in covering up of evidence pointing out both a foreign birth making him ineligible to be president and his lifetime Marxist background and conditioning?

Do I need mention their environmental destructiveness brought by their technologies designed to require a centralized-read easily controlled-apparatus to ensure their continued function?  Anybody remember the Arab oil embargo of 1973?  Surely you haven’t forgotten the ongoing Gulf Oil Volcano… spill?  I know you haven’t forgotten the ongoing meltdown and global radioactive contamination brought about by Fukushima?  Nuclear reactors on a fault line in the most geologically active nation on Earth-what genius thought that up?  Hundreds, thousands of inventions lie unused on the drawing board and patent offices because the owned government and corporations actively suppress

Certainly, I don’t need to mention the tyranny you live with on a day-to-day basis?  The cops that pull you over for cracked windshield or going a half mile per hour over the speed limit.  The unctuous city inspectors going about assessing fines on your property-oh wait, on your deed you’re listed as TENANT: you don’t own property you rent it too.  Another fraud, who’d a thought?  Then again the entire legal system imposed by a monopoly of lawyers called the British Accredited Registry is a massive bait and switch fraud. 

And, I need not mention the many-headed tyranny represented by the IRS, DEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, and at least dozens of other federal and state agencies… I mean, SWAT teams for organic co-ops and Amish raw milk sellers?  TSA perverts raping women and children in plain view?  Cameras everywhere-from traffic lights to cameras on the highways, to private security cameras feeding into a network of databases and computers running scans on everyone’s face.  Drones last seen in Iraq and Afghanistan piloted by 300lb(at least)diabetic nerds, joystick in one hand, Hot Pocket in the other who hasn’t seen his own dick without the assistance of a mirror since childhood buzzing above our heads now.

…There is one and only one defense against tyranny: armed men and women willing to fight to the death for what is theirs, and the best expression of that defense is you forming a militia.



Because having read all the above, you KNOW the last thing the enemy wants is to see Americans forming up units and training to… at the least… act in self-defense, mutual defense.  That’s why they’ve had Hollywood systematically treat the militias as the bad guys.  That’s why they blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoman City in 1995 and blamed the militias.  That’s why agents and their paid snitches have infiltrated most if not all publically known militia groups… oh, didn’t figure on that?  Well, anyone in the Patriot Movement-anyone honest-could attest to this.  Likely first hand.  Or the enemy has their agents form a militia group outright, a honey trap, to sucker in Patriots.  Next thing there will be a particularly bad night of railing against the enemy and one of the enemy agents will come up to you…

…he’ll mirror how pissed off you are…

…but he’ll have an answer.  Just require some high explosives, some machine guns, suppressors.  Next thing, you and your entire unit’s up in his trick bag just waiting on the agent/snitch to report to his superior and then you’ll have dozens of heavily armed and armored ‘tactical officers’, with air support and a couple armored vehicles.

The media will be out in force, of course.  All the major media, local media-all products of Marxist academia, all hating the very thought of Americans arising in common defiance of their tyranny.  All ready to crucify you to the American mass culture, the hive mind they play puppet master to.  They get your mug shot on the screen, show all your guns, use their trigger words-‘militia’, ‘arsenal’, ‘anti-government’-and all the tricks of thirty years of the development of neurolinguistic programming techniques and you will be the next cracka al-qaeda for the enemy’s herd of sheep to fear and hate.  Just another cautionary tale for those awake and they’ll further isolate themselves, insulate themselves from enemy penetration… wall themselves off into ineffectiveness, inert, all but useless to the needs of the Second American Revolution beyond some minute promise of a ‘force in being’. 

Just waiting for when the enemy decides to drop this ridiculous façade of ‘liberty’ and present Americans with the real deal, after they’ve dealt with your desperate band.  Maybe you’ll dodge the early morning raid meant to execute you in your sleep, or otherwise not be there if they decide to drop a bomb on your house and call it a natural gas explosion.  Maybe you might even link up with your desperate band of Patriots at a pre-designated spot.  …What allies do you have that aren’t halfway across the state?  What allies do you have that aren’t seeded with feds or fed snitches? 

What do you think some average American is going to do if they see you knock on their door, having isolated yourselves to protect yourselves you’ve given him or her no counterpoint to what the television and government say about you because we all know the TV never lies… well they do but doublethink takes care of that.

See, the problem is that the M-word is even more offensive to the American hive mind than the N-word, even the C-word.  Repeat a lie enough and it becomes truth and the bigger the lie the more believable it is.  Can’t recruit folks being straight militia without risking an agent or major disappointment-even factoring out the enemy threat of infiltration and subversion being in the militia is a COMMITMENT.  Americans have had dedication, honor, sacrifice and patriotism diluted or outright bred out of them by the enemy’s control of the school, culture and government.

And yet, America needs to militia up, more than ever-so how?

You don’t come head on.  Certainly not in enemy held territory.

Yes the title, again is “How to start a militia-and get away with it” and this is how.

First, what are the aspects of a militia, or for prepping or being a survivalist?


*Fieldcraft and woodsmanship


*Military Arts(I listed shooting separate for a reason)


*Hand to hand combat

*Gardening and agriculture

*Physical fitness

*Auto repair, machine shop skills, etc.

These are the obvious topics.  Shooting, physical fitness, communications, woodsmanship, and hand to hand combat obviously fit in with being a militia as does knowing and practicing the military arts.  There’s construction-building fortifications, barracks, bases; gardening and agriculture-fits the prepper model; auto repair and machine shop skills, well you have to keep your motor pool and your arms functioning.

Each of these basic skills sets can be handled by a front group; a front group with no obvious militia affiliation, no ties to anyone the enemy can label an ‘anti-government extremist’.  These front groups will attract three kinds of people; hobbyists, affiliates, and future members of your fighting group.

If you have a core group of like-minded people already, you’re already a militia.  Unfortunately with firearms purchases through a federally licensed gun dealer you’re also tagged as gun owners.  The serial number on your firearms links what kinds of DEADLY ASSAULT WEAPONS you own as well.  What you will have to do with your group then is the same thing as though you’re starting off by yourself… which after broaching the ideals in this article you just might wind up having to do anyways….

So, start with the topic of hand to hand combat; if you have skills as both a fighter and a instructor, open up a self-defense class.

The military arts?  You have paintball/airsoft, military re-enactors.  Both can teach the basic infantry unit tactic without having to do it under the flag of a militia and therefore targeting each and every member for special attention by the beast, even if they really are just paintball enthusiasts and Civil War re-enactors.  Your re-enactors could also be say, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam era and thus have justification to be armed with basic militia arms, which are military surplus rifles, trained in basic infantry squad tactics…

Physical fitness-weightlifting clubs, bicycle clubs, etc.  Promote within your other front groups and you’ll find out whose serious…

Communications is a huge topic.  There’s propaganda, news services, unit communications.  Ham and CB radio clubs, filmmaking clubs, microbroadcasting.  What is especially needed are our own commo, our own video productions, radio, and an internet apart and self sufficient as enemy operated communications can be cut off with a flick of a switch.

Fieldcraft… a hiking club would more than suffice, especially if you camp out for a few days.

Gardening and agriculture, form a organic food co-op.  Plant a garden-Mark Koernke gave the ideal of using 5 gallon buckets to form a mobile farm.  Seriously look into hydroponics and greenhouses as environmental pollution from industry and nuclear radiation progressively contaminates the air, soil and water.

Auto repair and machine shop… I’m going to now add any business besides a machine shop.  Here you put out feelers to form a business co-op; average folks looking for work and to invest in something local.  You come up with a winning plan, a winning owner, vote on them and invest.  Nothing the Jews and Koreans don’t do.  They build up and use their wealth to invest in the next business.  Your businesses trade amongst each other and who they know and you have a self-sustaining microeconomy. 

…Did I mention that each of your front organizations can make money?  So can joint efforts in scavenging and scrapping, flea market and swap meets, work crews-wherever there’s money to be made; money that can go into buying arms, ammunition and equipment for your militia.

Furthermore, each of your front orgs will act as a filter to your militia group and your agent or snitch will have to penetrate, hopefully, several of your groups to get at you.  It takes effort to penetrate a group where they’re looking at you; time and scrutiny are the penetration agent’s enemies and the more time, the more scrutiny you throw at your enemy, the more likely they risk being made.

Now you get your clubs, your co-ops going you’re going to find prospective militia members.  Maybe they’ll ask-and those I would investigate very, very closely if they out of the blue ask if you are or know any militia.  Anyone else likely won’t or will have the sense to observe the first rule of living under martial law-keep your mouth shut. 

So at your front orgs and only there you advertise for your private shooting range.  You will not be going through the NRA, DCM, Appleseed, or anything that’s public.  This is PRIVATE.   Invitation only.  Ask the guy or girl you scoped out if they’d like to go shooting.  Maybe they won’t and that’s fine they’re still an affiliate-and more on that later.

Your prospect comes to shoot-likely they will need instruction, so you will give it to them and make certain they can on their own hit a man sized target.  And have a good time doing it though hitting your target’s automatically fun with most people and they enthusiastically ask for more ammo.  Your rifle club will have a standard, basic arm which is also your militia’s basic arm as well.  The Mosin-Nagant currently fits the bill for a basic rifle arm: $100 buys you a full caliber arm capable of making hits out to 500 meters and penetrate vests. 

You train as a rifle team in combat conditions at all possible.  The ability to hit a man sized target and do so rapidly in a fire team is the essential qualification for acceptance into the militia.

They’ll shoot and by then IF YOU’VE DONE YOUR JOB SCREENING THEM you’ll hopefully won’t find any gov. connections they haven’t disclosed-which of course is an automatic red flag.  If need be, that group dies off from ‘lack of interest’ so that the larger organization is preserved but if they pass muster, you have to decide whether or not to broach the subject of joining your group.

Your front groups also function as your support groups if you haven’t clued in on that already; ready sources for recruits and material. 


Your front groups provide a full spectrum of specialists, though everyone should be cross training as lifelong training.  Everyone sharpens each other. 

Standardizing your arms and caliber makes logistics much easier.  Starting off, you should have a basic standard arm and a militia standard rifle.  For your basic standard, again the Mosin-Nagant is the obvious choice, cheap and powerful.  Your militia standard rifle needs to hold to the principles of rifle marksmanship in a modern guise-a 7.62 NATO chambered rifle feeding from a 20 round magazine is preferred, with a designated squad automatic rifleman armed with a assault type rifle with a 40 round plus magazine, either an AK or AR type. 

Your front groups cover most all of the training your militia unit needs though a secure training site should be procured to actually train as a unit instead of under pretext, though that greatly raises the risks of being discovered.



Run your groups democratically, all have a voice so get them informed so they don’t act out of ignorance. 

Your front groups positive recognition would be enhanced if you helped out desperate and homeless families and veterans, get them jobs on work crews, your business ventures, and so on. 

Some of your militia members… who aren’t known as militia-your entire fighting group should be invisible if you did your job right-some of them could be designated as the unit signators to FFL procured arms and ammunition.  Some of your members would be better assigned as being the signators to apartment leases and such to be used as safe houses.  Or their Patriot family members. 

Your militia members either need to be within a reasonable muster range-walk or drive within minutes-or your further away members form their own affiliated unit.  This is an extremely important point for basic defense.

Your area of operation should be practical in both covering resources and in having an area that can actually be defended, which is dependent on your numbers, terrain, total area, road networks, opposition.  You get a second unit going adjacent to yours within the same support network you can mutually support each other and expand your territory, resource and human pool to draw from. 

Now the time will come… sooner than anyone will like likely…  that the pretense we live in a relatively free society is going to be dropped and as stated we will be shown the real deal.  You will need your support network for everything to help you fight and defend them and your people will need you who are willing to fight and make our enemies die.  When the time comes make this plain.

The militia is the defense.  Taking back our nation is the counter-offensive we all need to be engaged in.  The best way to do this is to defend the people by cleaning out your local government via recall election-clean out the elected rats, the bureaucrats, the cops.  Your groups can be the catalyst for political action as people realize they aren’t free, can be free and can take concrete steps to be free.  This isn’t a hard thing to figure out but unfortunately most of the current voices in the Freedom Movement don’t talk about this, which is tragic and self-defeating.  Be your own leader.

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  1. sleepysalsa Says:

    I must say, this is one of the better articles I’ve ever read concerning the formation of militia units. What particularly intrigued me was the use of front organizations & businesses to serve as initial vetting filters so as to weed out the assorted “guess what I know” types, Kool-Aid drinkers, and garden variety useful idiots. By utilizing the onion layer structure, it is possible to organize security teams and other kinds of cells in such a way so as to effectively recruit assets while simultaneously blocking infiltrators.

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