J. Croft


Freedom is fire.


Fire needs oxygen, fuel, room to expand.


Fire needs constant input of all three of these or it will die out.  Contain a fire and its supply of fuel will be spent.  Cut off from fresh oxygen and the flame is snuffed out.


Freedom is fire: fire that needs constant exercise, constant defense, and that there are no boundaries, no borders to contain that fire!  It’s a fire that requires all of us to keep that flame stoked and protected from the very forces that presume dominance over us because they are in positions of power and have forgotten that power also comes with responsibility-forget that and your public servants become your public masters.


The genius of the founding lawyers was to harness the fire of freedom, not extinguish it, to encase the flame in a document that while giving the image of promoting freedom instead promoted the federal government that would eventually contain that flame, and gradually choke it off.(1)


Oh, there’s still enough flame so that those who literally don’t know any better don’t suspect even as they have their livelihood choked off from all directions, locked in a losing battle against inflation, taxes, and the economic dismantling of their own nation. 


The 1787 constitution was designed to produce the very results we’re living through.  However, Americans have been progressively dumbed down by progressives that have running the NEA. (2) Television and the cartelization of mass media have produced in the mainstream American a hive-mind, everyone thinking alike as their very world view is shaped by… the very enemy that has been out to harness them as they’ve harnessed freedom and turned America into a sick parody.


Modern Americans have become as domesticated as the breeds of pigs they’re being ordered to shoot because some oath traitors throw their weight around.  Because those Americans dare to grow their own food-just like the organic farmers and yes, some hapless housewife growing some vegetables over a scar left by a pipeline dug by her public servants.


450,000,000 rounds of .40 hollow point ammunition purchased by the Department of Homeland Security.


Drones rapidly being integrated into law enforcement-really the domestic paramilitary forces.


TSA pedophiles expanding operations from the airports to bus stations, highways, groping-no, raping- children, cripples and the elderly as millions cross our borders effectively unimpeded.


Is there a need to reiterate the multifaceted tyranny of the enemy, the United States Government?  The millions of pages of law that all of us have unwittingly broken at one time or another, just waiting for a oath traitor to call us on like so many lawyer crafted landmines?   The millions of criminals wielding badges and guns-raw power-to impose someone else’s tyranny, for someone else’s profit just so as long as they can do the wielding. 


Americans… we were brought up with a false paradigm of how our own country operated-the two Americas.  We were lied to, that the America in our hearts, that we were brought up to believe in was the United States, the incorporation formed to administer a secret bankruptcy-some legal technicality to declare us slaves and steal what we work our entire lives for. 


That we don’t start wars when the US government wields power for itself and corporations in wars great and small all over the planet.  Even honest threats to America, like the USSR, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan-all were financed and armed by Wall Street and the City of London banksters.  (3)


Freedom is the fire that has been harnessed and now only illuminates a caricature projected onto our plasma screens for those not willing to see the truth of the way things are.


…Of course, we in the Freedom Movement have pissed on the embers of what freedom is left in America.


As a movement we leave the heavy work to a few, a terrible American trait that has been exploited by profiteers, charlatans and enemy COINTEL agents.  We struggle against a centralized, controlled fraud and put the burden of regaining our Freedom to a few central players who are at best flawed, not up to the task of being the proverbial man on a white horse. 


At best, Ron Paul does not have a pair of blue tights and a cape, he could no more nod his head and blink and grant our Freedom back than he could stop his bobble head from shaking or attracting the kind of dirtbags who actively suppress genuine efforts to campaign for him.  Or get around to proclaiming himself the victim of vote fraud after two presidential campaigns when it’s in all our faces and he’s raked in millions for his own campaign fund.


Freedom requires all of us to wield that flame, as our ancestors did once they broke away from the merchants and freemasonic lords who imported them under indentured servitude-took a rifle and a few tools and their iron wills and headed westward beyond their control, and founded America.  Our America. 


They led themselves, policed themselves, educated themselves.  They didn’t put up with TSA pedophile rapists all over their loved ones or anyone else’s loved ones.  They would’ve made a bunch of DNS jackals literally disappear.  IRS “agents” would’ve been staked out in Indian Country.  Even the busybodies of local government would’ve been ran out literally on the nearest rail and told not to come back.  As late as 1946 that true American spirit came forth in a small town in Tennessee called Athens; veterans fresh from fighting tyranny in Germany and Japan face it down from the same kind of local turds that take power when the People forget that Freedom is to be forever guarded.


Did they whine to Alex Jones, prayed to Ron Paul for deliverance?  No they DID something: they organized a election campaign, had a full campaign ticket of candidates to do the job proper and sweep THEIR public offices clean of the traitors and criminals.  Yes the enemy committed fraud and took the ballot boxes at gunpoint: our heroes grabbed rifles and ammo from a National Guard armory and handled it.(4)


They handled their business.  We have to handle regaining our Freedom, to reignite that flame and torch this fraud called the United States, burn this motherfucker to the ground.


Our induced apathy has caused billions of people around the world to suffer under tyranny.  We as wielders of the fire of Freedom have an obligation to give that flame to people so they too can burn the tyranny out of their countries.  Only then can we as Man as a race can live in peace-peace through absolute and uncompromising Freedom tempered by a love for our fellow men strong enough to never again tolerate any infringement upon that Freedom.


We have to start somewhere though; start with yourself.  Stop obeying.  Get in shape, purify your body, your mind.  Develop a personal relationship with God Our Father and stop relying on preachers and televangelists or some author.  Knowing God is the beginning of wisdom.


Get armed and proficient in the use of your arms.  Get a rifle, ammunition, magazines, web gear and an airsoft replica.  Dry fire and practice loading and reloading your rifle, shoot your airsoft replica daily and run a few hundred rounds through your weapon so you know it functions and how it hits.  Join up with like-minded people and train as a unit.  Don’t go public.


Help out others.  Don’t retreat into the bunker or bug out bag mentality, build community; a community of Americans alight with the fire of Freedom.  Defend the innocent, build a cash underground economy and go to substitute currencies and barter to free yourselves of a ever-debasing dollar.


What you do publically is start a recall election campaign with a full slate of candidates.  With control of your local governmental apparatus you can repatriate the CAFR funds your tax funds were used to multiply YOUR public offices coffers and eliminate taxes.  Eliminate your laws while you’re at it.  Start the Second American Revolution.  Ignite the fire of Freedom where you’re at. (5)


Start some fires.  The flames will merge into an inferno when people see there’s answers.  The fire will spread coast to coast and when we’ve taken OUR AMERICA back we can and will export the American Revolution to the entire planet: seven billion human beings alight with the fire of Freedom, an inferno that will burn all works of evil clean off our planet.  Then, we can finally assume our rightful destiny amongst the stars.


Start some fires.


(1)HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY by Boston T. Party, available at  Also, look up NO TREASON by Lysander Spooner.






(4)Battle of Athens, Tennessee also known as the Battle of McMinn County; August 2, 1946.


(5)I have written a complete and practical plan for retaking our nation and reigniting the fire of Freedom and spreading it across this planet so we all can live in peace.  Go to the links at the beginning of this article, look for FREEDOM GUIDE OMNIBUS and SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION VICTORY GUIDE 2.0.

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