J. Croft

I’m up late-because I drank from an unwashed cup that festered so I get to reap the reward.  I’m up and after listening to Alex Jones late night this man from Perilous Times was on.  Apparently he does bible lessons but he was on a tear!  He tore today’s so called ‘christian’ preachers that preach prosperity and partake prostitutes-and isn’t a woman who… has sex… for position and goods a prostitute?  I mean, Jesus talked to and drank with prostitutes sure, but those were street walkers who make no pretense or put on airs of holiness… like the holy roller johns they service.  A girl’s got to do what a girl’s go to do?  Hell no!  These are the type of fake preachers that embrace IRS 501(c)3 status so they can ‘legally’ pocket all the tithes to finance their million dollar plywood mansions and trips to Vegas.

So this guy’s hammering the ‘christian’ churches-and the megachurches need a good hammering-and stating most correct that these base leaders , these preachers and pastors and bishops and reverends-all not at all what Jesus intended.  Gather in small groups, heal the sick, feed the poor, cast out demons, free the imprisoned, and if there’s a problem have elders about to consult.  But noooo!  Those fake xtians are led by fakes who have nothing in common with the Jesus they purport to follow.

You sluts of the cloth you lust after other women, images of other women who wouldn’t give you the time of day, instead of the woman who loves you.  Ladies, likewise; you turn love into a commodity, which cheapens the one you love into the one you can… have sex with.  For a lot of you even that doesn’t stop you as you look to trade up or cheat.  Even looking at porn-unless your loved one’s with you that too is cheating.  If there’s anyone you should be directing your lust at-try your loved one, you’ll love each other more. 

Maybe you should pick the one you love better, except everyone’s been warped by the enemy’s culture and propaganda into vain, vapid, stupid creatures of lust who have had everything, their heritage fought and died for by the soldiers of the American Revolution-stolen.  Stolen and enslaved to the very people who took over America after the Revolution… but you can watch your porn and the Saturday ball game-and American Idol!

You xtians are supposed to be the salt of the earth, who help keep community and country righteous-but since you yourselves are not righteous neither is America.  We’ve lost the country; we gave it up for the enemy’s employment, the enemy’s baubles, the enemy’s entertainments which actually stupefy and spoil the minds needed to build the country up for the next generation.  A generation who if you haven’t outright murdered in the womb murdered their futures… thanks. 

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