J. Croft

Paul’s going to need pressure to give support to local candidates.  He’s geared to a Presidential election, and to take funds, not build up coattails in the grassroots-which is what he needs to be effective.  Then again perhaps Paul shouldn’t be too effective.

It’s going to have to be up to you, the Ron Paul supporter, to make Ron Paul perform.   The main problem we had with the guy back in 08 was nobody held him to account for not challenging the rampant, in our face vote fraud.  Certainly not the Libertarians who kept throwing good money after a bad investment, and certainly not most of the Patriot community; and I was hesitant only because our enemies are united against us.  IF however, Ron Paul really is a ringer, then the enemy is in our camp-what then but to cast him out?  …Or try to warn folks and get them to at least make him perform-something I advocated and what got me banned from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet. 

Certainly though, his cred’s being built back up.  Ron Paul’s being stiff armed right now by the media.  There is a constant flow of candidates to divert voters from Ron Paul and they all have issues-not the least which is they’re the same old same old.  The danger is if, IF, Americans are desperate enough for change to elect him president, and Ron Paul turns out to be the proverbial Trojan horse, that ringer I warned about four years earlier?  Ron Paul’s a proponent of Austrian economics which involves a gold standard and austerity to pay down debt. 

Two questions:

1.)    Who holds the gold?  Most of the above ground gold and about all the mines are owned by the same banksters that have economically enslaved this planet.


2.)    Why pay the debt if it’s not only unpayable, but invalid to boot? 

How does that improve on any Communist aspirations of Obama and the Clintons?

Having and wielding local power would go a long way toward alleviating any potential double crossing, as well as help defend against a second Obama term of office, and it won’t be any kind of electric boogaloo either.    Holding local office in local government is not only a sure way of providing a legal shield for Patriot activities, but a change in policy can and would spearhead a revitalization, but everyone’s either focused on the cult of Paul or prepping for the next Armageddon.  Our downfall.

Get the Ron Paul campaign to support intelligently organized local campaigns.  Those that feature a full campaign ticket of candidates to do a proper job of sweeping the town clean of the scumbag lawyers who hire the scumbag bureaucrats and cops and push American Socialism.  Get enough locales swept clean the Second American Revolution can and will spread and be successful.  Under a legal aegis of Freedom we can have all the things Patriots from across the entire spectrum of the movement desire: common law courts, repatriation of CAFR funds, ripping up the legal codes, organic foods, legal shield against state and federal officials, and free exercise of our Rights to Free Speech and Bearing Arms.

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