J. Croft

The title says it all. Jesus needs you to fight back. Never mind what your favorite televangelist says he’s some kind of fallen liar to begin with. I mean look at a megachurch: a huge, gaudy edifice to sanctimony, where people go get a false salve of religion as the pastor uses neurolinguistic programming on them to 1.)finance his megachurch and his lifestyle of hookers and blow, and 2.)follow IRS and government mandates to not go into politics, and certainly not tell the truth. The US government being the enemy of all mankind as there are two Americas; Our America that we and our ancestors believe in, and died to protect and grow, and the US-that beast that is the product of illuminists, freemasons, and banksters and that has taken Our America and prostituted it to use as this country’s happy face.
Evil flourishes and grows because those that presume themselves ‘good’ don’t oppose, either enough or at all. You know this in your heart because that’s from God, and this has always been true.

America-yes you have to acknowledge the truth it was founded as an freemasonic grand project for a ‘new atlantis’; read Francis Bacon’s book on that name, it’s a blueprint not a vision. A blueprint that’s been carried out as well as freemason Albert Pike’s ‘three world wars’ prophecy/blueprint:

1st world war was to bring down the monarchies-Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany lost those as well as introduce communism and shatter a European Golden Age. Unfortunately those people had a fanciful attachment to the romance of war and an entire generation of men was murdered in the trenches, on attacks usually coinciding with occult numerology.

2nd world war was to pit fascism against democracy. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were built up by wall street banksters and gave a good run at world conquest. Things looked scary as the Nazis pulled far ahead in military technology but Adolf Hitler was in charge so every strategic blunder was made. Roosevelt, having introduced socialism to America as a response to the banksters pulling the rug out from under the planet through depression, forced Japan to attack us through embargo-Japan has few natural resources. He had the Pacific Fleet park it’s battleships at Pearl in neat rows to be torpedoed… a set up. The United Nations, nuclear warfare, and the ascendancy of the USA and the Soviet Union resulted. Don’t worry the banksters were still in control, they always are.

3rd world war is to pit Islam vs Christian/Zionism and suck in every nation on Earth until nearly everyone was killed, everything destroyed. Then those that enacted Pike’s blueprint would arise from their bunkers and compounds and take over. Yeah, this war’s happening now.

…Speaking of blueprints have you not been paying attention to even the mainstream media of late? It’s like the illuminati are arranging all their pieces to stage an enactment of Ezekiel; Gog and Magog and the Kings of the South invade Israel, while Mesach and Tubal don’t respond. Most people who study biblical prophecy translate that as Russia invades Israel along with the Moslem World while the West doesn’t respond. And that Iran would be turned into a wasteland never to be inhabited again. China and India-Kings of the East-jump in as well; Ezekiel and Albert Pike are in accord.

The question that begs is, why?!

Why follow through on biblical prophecy? If that book states in the end the devil goes down in defeat, why do everything possible to follow those words to the letter if it results in their defeat?
…Well, that question depends on whether ‘they’ or their ancestors didn’t at least have a hand in writing those prophecies-that they use as their blueprint for action. Craziest thing you’ve ever read from me-no.

Who wrote the Bible?

Well, a more correct question would be: who wrote what parts of the Bible? You have to look at the origins of each component.

The Pentatuch, the first five books of Moses, the Torah, were written at once. Genesis is a highly edited and compressed version of the Sumerian creation accounts. Sumer itself considering itself having gotten their civilization from ‘gods’. Abraham himself was a Sumerian so the Hebrews were an offshoot of Sumer. Those Hebrews settled in Egypt and prospered as a minority, so that particular god decided to make conditions bad enough there so that they were driven out. That same god fanaticized the Hebrews by a 40 year forced march through the desert until they were ready to invade and conquer Canaan-committing genocide and utter destruction in order to ethnically cleanse the land. A very strict code of laws forced onto them to further culturally insulate them from outside influences.

Is any of that what Jesus would do? I mean, the Hebrews took slaves, ripped people off, waged genocidal wars-if that Hebrew god was Our Father, where was Jesus? Why wait until after Rome had taken over Judea? Why not THEN?

Jesus saw the Disciples on their knees and giving thanks in prayer and the question is asked “who are you praying to?” What you’re praying to is the devil, a liar, and a murderer from the beginning-and if you read the OT/Torah you’d know that to be truth. Jesus did NOT consider the OT god His Father or anyone elses.

The devil never rests and after Jesus was murdered Saul of Tarsus took Jesus’ message and twisted it-and being a Pharisee Paul was an expert at it; the surviving Disciples repeatedly warned about Paul but whose writings dominate the New Testament?

Who physically put the Bible together? A Roman Emperor who wanted a new unifying religion to reunify the Roman Empire, and by then Christianity had devolved back into an authoritarian religion like any other. We all know how debauched the Romans are but you may not know that the modern day elites can trace their genaeologies back to the elites of Rome and Sumer.

Basically it’s the same clans of inbred psychopathic bluebloods that rule now that have ruled since the dawn of recorded history. If they had a hand in shaping and breaking whole nations, shaping religion and inserting their plans as ‘prophecy’ wouldn’t be impossible. Not for that far thinking bunch.

So, how is biblical prophecy being used today? For people calling themselves Christian it’s an excuse to just sit back, live their lives and let evil run its course-which fulfills their ‘prophecy’.
We need to turn away from our apathy, our defeat, it’s what the devil wants. We need to face what we’ve allowed to fester and destroy Our America. We need to take ACTION and do it now, because the United States of America is like a stack of Jenga blocks with but a few of them at the bottom-and they’re being yanked out as you read this. For us.

For them, they’ve been digging out bunkers and stocking them for a generation now. FEMA is set to become the emergency government once this grand charade known as Modern America falls, and for us it will be genocide through starvation, disease, race and civil war. At the cusp of 2012, they’re looking to building a unassailable technological advantage. Plus they got us all targeted, but there are things you can do:

Remove yourself from the enemy. They use every lever of power unfortunately: food, fuel, culture, religion, economy, government, health.

Grow your own food, under a greenhouse to shield it from GMO and radiation contamination. Use organic seed, look up aquaculture, hydroponics. It’s all too easy to cut off the flow of fuel and food-which would empty your supermarket in days.

Wean yourself from using centrally controlled energy sources. This will require a substantial investment and a significant sacrifice. Look up alternative energy and free energy. Learn to tinker, use tools.

Unplug the cable and dish. Look for alternative media. Mainstream media sucks anyway. They’ll be shutting down the internet soon so you’re going to have to make your own and copy others. Think for yourselves!

Any 501(c)3 religious institution is co-opted. They promote pacifism, escapism, and a false gospel. Worse under Homeland Security they’re to lull you into disarming and guide you into the camps. Besides, all they do with your tithes is finance their mansions and drug/sex habits. You’re better off finding Our Father on your own-which is what organized religion was created to prevent in the first place while presenting a placebo of religion.

The economy’s been destroyed. What’s out there? One minimum wage job per 100 applicants? The problem’s twofold-no jobs so there’s no money being injected into the economy at our level, and since nobody has spare money, what you can sell is going to be limited to items in high demand in a depression setting. Worse, federal reserve notes are being quantitative eased into toilet paper, and precious metals are being forced down in price to the point where they’ll be abandoned as an investment. At the top the enemy is smart, even if their underlings are the definition of dumb so you will have to provide goods and services people NEED.

Removing yourself from the beast that is the United States Government is going to be far trickier. All levels of US government are actively involved with our suppression and ultimate destruction so this is a multi-level task.

Find a place to live that isn’t in your name. The enemy relies on reliable records to be able to come down and steal from you, and one day murder you. Find a place-do a house swap, find an apartment, dig a underground house in a south facing hill. However you do it, do it now.

Militia up. Form fighting groups of rifle teams. Learn to shoot, fight, and sustain you and your group as a fighting force. Buy guns, ammo, spare parts, cammo, gear, communications. Lone wolves will not make it in the long run regrettably as that’s the only reliable way to avoid the militia honey traps of set up orgs and snitches. Find people who have enough sense to never sign up to a public militia group-your shooting buds who are as aware as you? Guess what, you’re a militia-get it? Jesus commanded to sell everything else if you have to in order to have arms.

Reassert control over YOUR government. The leviathan we face? They’re our PUBLIC SERVANTS. Remind them we are the master, We the People are Sovereign. Be sensible and start local-start a recall election drive, field a full ticket of candidates and sweep YOUR government clean of the scum politicians and the scum bureaucrats and oath traitors.

Band together, network, make alliances, talk to people not like you and find common ground-and go from there.
Beyond that you build strength, oppose evil whenever and wherever you find it.

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