J. Croft

Scum rises to the top. When you leave scum alone, it festers. It festers, stinks and eventually poisons everything in and around. That’s what has happened in America.

We the People of America… our parents, grandparents-or you perhaps-were sold a package of lies about the system of government and the general condition of the society that the enemy has crafted for us.

The enemy are scum of course. Career police officers longing to harass lowly civilians-or hurt them serve career bureaucrats who couldn’t hack it in the real world so they climb whatever government molehill is handy to lord it over lowly civilians. Career shyster lawyers fill the elected public offices to write their laws, administer their laws, and WHEN you find yourself facing the legal machine they’ve built they force you to hire some ringer shyster lawyer to offer a pretense of a defense. All to enslave you.

Atop all that scum are the banksters , major shareholders, and corporate chair room seat warmers who collectively pull the strings on both the government and corporate entities that comprise the United States. (1, 2)

Ah yes, the corporations. Given personhood by the “supreme court”(3). Driven the family farm and the mom and pop stores into quaint anachronism they’ve made us addicted to their goods and services, then dependent, and now we’re as enslaved to them for our very sustenance as we’re enslaved to the dictates and taxes of the various organs of the United States government.

I mean, let’s break it down: Say your productivity for one hour equals 20 dollars-doesn’t matter what you really make, just… go along with it…

So you have 20 dollars and you work for a wage. Doesn’t really matter what or where but out of that 20 bucks you’d best not do it with A 20 dollar bill because 19 of those 20 dollars of your productivity, the fruit of your labors are going to be pocketed by your boss before you’re even going to see it.

So you got one dollar for the 20 dollars of labor-oh wait, now the government’s going in and taking out in taxes before you even get that bill, damnit. Okay now you’re going to have to get change, and after all the withholding done on your paycheck before you even see it you got maybe 50 cents. Believe me the IRS will make damn certain you pay that 50 cents, bitch.

Forget the quarters. Everything in America that’s corporately provided is taxed at several levels. Gas, food, insurance, housing, smokes, what have you but by the time you get down to what you actually can carry around in your pocket… maybe 20 cents or so… well, maybe you can afford housing, maybe even a home. Renting no matter how you do it because on your deed for your home you’re listed as TENANT. Because if you don’t pay property tax the scum county sheriff will evict you from your home and the home you’ve dedicated a lifetime to servicing a mortgage to gets bought up by some scum local developer or ‘investor’ for pennies on the dollar. So either way, you rent.

Basically after you pay your rent, utilities(taxed), gas(hella taxed), food(taxed, probably making you diabetic), you JUST MIGHT have some pennies over.

Now get this: on that 19 dollars you’ll never, ever see, the corporation will likely pay maybe five dollars if it’s a smaller company. If it’s part of a larger corporate structure however the expenses and costs are dumped into one section so there’s no tax, and all of the physical possessions like land, building, equipment are leased from another subsidiary whose costs exceed profits somehow and there’s no tax-leaving the corporate entity that manages the whole hustle to rake in the money because it’s a multinational and manages through legal chicanery it probably lobbied… paid some congressmen off… through literally its own tax laws to not pay one red cent. It pockets that 18 or even 19 dollars of your productivity.

You think a multinational corporation just banks that 19 dollars of your productivity? No, they invest that in stocks we can’t get in on because we’re not “qualified investors”, real estate, and investment vehicles you and I will likely never have a chance to even know about.

Oh yeah, banks. They take everyone’s money to “safeguard”, offer you a few percentage points of interest-then take your money and use it as collateral to generate about a hundred times that in loans, take the income from those loans and invest… you heard of derivatives right? There’s about 1.6 quadrillion dollars worth of those investment vehicles-which are financial fictions based upon other financial fictions like loans, real estate, bonds, etc.

…And if you think that’s bad, just how much expense is involved with the private federal reserve system? Its biggest expense is running the printing presses and paper and ink for the small fraction of the currency it creates out of nowhere. Which the United States government BUYS from AT INTEREST to issue as currency-and yes, an ever-growing debt is generated from this arrangement, along with the classic overspending. Owed to the same private federal reserve system. All of which causes perpetual and ever growing inflation, which means that the purchasing power of the dollar over the past hundred years since the income tax (IRS) and federal reserve were instituted, that purchasing power has been cut 99 percent… like the 99 percent of the fruit of your labor, your productivity goes into someone else’s hands.

…Guess whose hands? Guess who are the major shareholders of those corporations, those banks, the PRIVATELY OWNED “federal reserve” that has been granted by Congress an unconstitutional license to print our money? No need to guess it’s the same pack of way too rich, mostly white, mostly old male scum that have been allowed to rise to the top and stay undisturbed for so long, the crust that’s formed could have a World Trade Center built on it-and have a false flag attack staged on it and explosively demolished to generate wars, terrify Americans into a police state, and kick billions in insurance claims to Larry Silverstein.
No wonder the People of America seek escape from their reality, but that leaves the scum at the top to continue poisoning and enslaving us. Don’t worry about the dissidents; they have plenty of tools in their toolbox to keep things going just as they are:

Television-the perfect mind control tool. The ownership of the media production pre-internet was concentrated in the hands of the very scum who sought to keep us ignorant and distracted. Whole generations could through tightly controlled news, tightly controlled entertainment programming be instilled with the same thought control and indoctrination. (4, 5, 6)

Professional sports-where Americans are supposed to expend their testosterone on. And their last penny. Cities both great and small can’t simply cut taxes to encourage entrepreneurialism by the average American but they can taxpayer subsidize mega-million dollar houses of worship, whose idols may perform as few as sixteen times a year, or as many as fifty. Meantime that’s more money in the form of taxes that’s stolen from us before we even see the paycheck.

Drugs-smuggled in by the US government in exchange for weapons. In the 80’s they were illegally made in Arkansas (thank the Bush/Clinton cartel) and today they’re simply stolen from American gun owners by the ATF for some lawyer-made legal pretext then “walked” across the border. Or to the street gangs the Bush/Clinton cartel favors. Meanwhile, Americans economically trapped in the cities when the scum in government and business sent their factories overseas turn to drugs for both escape and SOME kind of income… coupled with welfare policies destructive to families and well, just cruise through the nearest ghetto to see what you get.(7, 8)

“Education”-oh yeah, the scum take a LOT of money for the mandatory bussing, the NEA, the wasteful, ineffective drone factories they call public schools. Unfortunately, it’s not just that 12 years of regimented force-feeding of shit made up by scum is shoved down our throats, it’s the underlying agenda of every course, every class assignment, every problem. It’s also what’s NOT taught that casues even more damage; more and more Americans graduating from state schools cannot read or do basic arithmetic. Anyone who can’t stand the decade plus of monotony is now drugged with legal heroin, or legal cocaine-whatever’s appropriate. Yeah I’m talking about ritalin and prozak. The thugs are sent to their own ‘finishing school’ callied juvie where they’re shitcanned into a mold that spits out the criminal caste that the scum in power uses to terrify us into accepting the scum with guns terrorizing us. The smart people? They’re steered to college where neo-marxist scum can fry what’s left of their brains with political correctness and even more outrageous lies. Then by aptitude they become the next businessmen, the next bureaucrats, the next veteran-shooting oath traitor cops, the next GOD FORBID, the next shyster lawyers. (9)

Lawyers-Yeah, someone has to administer the slave system deceptively labeled the ‘land of the free’ and that species of scum are lawyers. The biggest single category of college graduates are… yes, lawyers. That’s about as good a ‘profession’ anyone whose family tree doesn’t go in a straight line can hope for. Lawyers run for public office because they have elected public office pretty much monopolized. Lawyers write the laws (that they’re told to), and make them into law. Those lawyer-made laws are administered over you, slave, by lawyers in public office. When their muscle (aka/cops) bring in a victim to go through THEIR system, it’s a lawyer in a black robe with a god complex they face, another lawyer off to the side trying to get them to plead so as to generate revenue and keep their prosecution rate abov e 99 percent. “Your” lawyer is an Officer of the Court-just like the cop that found a legal excuse to arrest you, that prosecutor in the bad suit and that black robe wearing faggot with the god complex-all scum. Don’t even try to bring up the Constitution, they’ve convinced themselves they’re not under it and neither are you.

Cops-man, where to begin?! You been paying ANY attention to the news for the past 20 years you know EXACTLY what’s wrong….

…You do know of course, that most all the above enforcers, the people running the corporations, banks, etc. are freemasons, right? America was founded as a great freemasonic experiment, and only once during the 1830’s came close to losing their hold on the country thanks to the Anti-Freemason Party. Masonic themes are in this country’s architecture from coast to coast-Washington, District of Columbia is a city-sized Masonic shrine. The very one dollar federal reserve note is a Masonic document. Oh, it’s not like Officer Barbrady handing out speeding tickets is on the same level as say, Ben Bernanke, as he’s in the bottom level blue lodge but even there it’s a mutual backscratching, good ol’ boy’s network of public officials and prominent local businessmen-all scum.

All in all, a slave state dressed in the trappings of ‘liberty’ ruled by scum. The United States is a fraud perpetrated upon America and the entire world.

The very origins of the United States in the political form it’s had since 1789 is a fraudulent form of republican government that on the surface divides the government into separate components that often act against each other. The election processes used guarantee that the incumbents can stay in power barring something catastrophic happening. The system of amending the 1787 US constitution is problematic; a massive campaign is required for even a single amendment. Either that or a constitutional convention has to be called for which throws out the entire faulty 1787 constitution and God Knows What will be the replacement. The very origins of the 1787 constitution are a gigantic fraud perpetrated by the scum ancestors of the very scum that rule us-we let rule us.

Oh, that’s a tale that needs to be told and retold…

See, before that fateful summer in Philadelphia in 1787, America was a Confederation of 13 sovereign nations under a central government just strong enough to run a postal service, a navy, and a Congress. The states made their own currency, raised their own militias, and generally had every other power a nation-state has. A war had just been fought-and won…

…Yeah the American Revolution? Started by rich and powerful scum on both sides of the Atlantic-about all of them freemasons who wanted a “New Atlantis” (10) to fulfill some Masonic dream. They needed people to populate the New World so they emptied England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany of the poor. Most Americans were indentured servants or the descendants of indentured servants-yes America was a slave state. Unfortunately for the inbred psychopathic blueblood scum America was a frontier they couldn’t possibly control back then, and, the slaves were armed. With rifles capable of killing scum out to 200 yards when their line infantry couldn’t engage past 50 yards. Worse, those Americans had been surviving Native Americans attempt at resisting encroachment and extermination and learned how to fight like they did. They knew the land, were self-sufficient, hardy, and most definitely could fight. They knew who their enemy was too, well, at least those in the puffed wigs sending redcoats their way.

What the scum back then did was to harness the rage of the common Colonial. Ramping up economic and political pressures on the 13 Colonies until a fight was inevitable, and the battle of Lexington and Concord kicked off the shooting phase of the American Revolution. Mind you, the average American Militiaman was fighting for Freedom; they would’ve liked to have had that freedom under the Union Jack but you know who ran England. So they fought for independence-not knowing the first thing about the freemasons that controlled both Congress, Parliament, and both the American and British armies.

Think about it; the British Empire was the superpower of that era. Nobody could really challenge it and everyone knew it. It was like if Alaska tried to break away from the United States today-the only way that would play out is if it were ALLOWED. The British had so many chances to break the American Army and let each of those opportunities just slip by. The Americans? The highly effective American frontiersmen using basic woodcraft, Indian fighting tactics and rifle marksmanship could’ve driven the massed line of battle dependent British Army to destruction in due course, but George Washington, high raking Freemason and single largest landowner in the New World, wanted to fight just like the British Army-who were experts at it. Basically, enough of the important figures in that conflict were freemasons that the war could be to a great degree orchestrated.

So, that’s how America won its revolution. Now to go into how Americans lost that revolution:

The bankster scum of that era orchestrated a depression that forced the wig wearing scum to get tough with debtors. Scum were also lining up to defraud the valiant veterans of that conflict of the very pay they earned risking all; Colonial Script promising full pay after the war was won were swindled from them for a pittance. Because there was a depression engineered by bankster scum and they needed to eat.

Farmers were foreclosed on for minor debts, sent to prison; for a people that fought off one tyrant that sparked many a revolt. Currency manipulation by the bankster scum among the 13 states further excascerbated the economic crisis, turning it into a political crisis that just about broke America apart.

Conveniently, they drove Congress to authorize a convention to fix the Articles of Confederation to allow SOMETHING to be done by them to stabilize the situation. The scum of course took full advantage of the situation they created in the first place to ram through that 1787 constitution and through fraud and in Rhode Island’s case embargo ramrod it into the becoming the “supreme law of the land”. (11)

The scum won their ‘new atlantis’.

And over the next two centuries the scum, and their descendants and the lower level scum that gravitated to power gingerly, carefully imposed their United States upon Our America. Going gingerly because Americans were still literate, self sufficient, hardy, armed and willing to fight.

So the enemy set out to tame that horse.

Public schools were instituted in the 19th century to instill group think and regimentation, which in the 20th progressively dumbed down each succeeding class.

Economic manipulation of commodity markets priced the family farmer out of business. That was coupled with initially attractive factory wages, which coupled with the innovations of the Industrial Revolution filled the cities and depopulated the countryside. Once in the cities, Americans became dependent on wages meted out by corporations-compensating for only a small fraction of the work they did-to maintain an urban lifestyle.

With urbanization came crime as a natural side effect of lots of poor being near wealth. Crime beget the police. Not having a frontier need for the rifle, and losing the memory of needing the rifle to repel scum with pretentions of superiority, urbanized Americans eventually acceded to gun control. Or because they were black and a defeated South needed to keep them in their place.

Urbanization, coupled with the advent of television and the Madison Avenue/Hollywood manufactured mass culture softened and unmanned Americans. The progressive conditioning of accepting public servants as being ‘authority’ led to dependency and eventually for many, acceptance of being disarmed and having faith in the very scum that enslaved them in the first place.
All these generations of dependent, obedient Americans were taught one cardinal rule above all: leave running the country to the “professionals”. Have faith in ‘their’ institutions and just live their lives. Don’t rock the boat and roil the waters, which lets the scum rise and fester and choke and poison us all. From your town hall and chamber of commerce to Wall Street to the White House there’s scum thick enough to build a house on.

Roil the waters.

Roil the waters; the scum are weak, they cannot stand the scrutiny, the action against them. They have no loyalty, no honor, no moral backbone; they rely on being left alone either through ignorance, distraction, or through the force they command.

Because they’ve been left alone by Americans long ago who should’ve known better but believed the lies put out about who runs this country. It’s their nature that they’re cowards, that rely on thugs and trickery to maintain power.

We give them their power by being obedient, dependent, weak, in fear. What you need to fear is what hellhole existence you leave to whatever children of yours manage to survive the scheduled destruction of Our America. Or more accurately, what’s left.

Your obedience is consent for the scum to keep dominating you. Your dependence is license for the scum to enslave you. Your weakness allows the scum to maintain the illusion of strength they love to maintain. Your fear is their psychic lifeblood and just encourages them to continue their crap.

Stop obeying the scum. Yes, obedience to scum presenting themselves as ‘authority’ is deeply embedded in your psyche so start where you can and build up your courage to break more of their bullshit rules.

Become self sufficient. Learn a skill. Get together with others to form a farm co-op and grow your own healthy food. Network with like-minded others and trade among yourselves. Find ways to generate your own electrical power and fuel your automobiles.
Remove yourself from the enemy’s beast system. Stop banking at their banks, stop posting your life on Twitter and Facebook, stop being truthful about where you live, what your ID is, your very name on any government or corporate form. Use forms of communication that can’t be tracked from you. Better yet give up your ID and encourage others to do likewise; your ID is your consent to being tracked and therefore enslaved.

You will have to become strong to protect what you have, because scum’s scum and will attempt to take what you got. It’s the history of our country. You will need to learn how to fight and shoot and not only are there still schools available to lowly civilians like you, but there are airsoft replicas of your weapons you can buy and practice on-stack your ammo. Learning how to fight individually you will need to learn how to fight as a group; team shooting, team tactics. Basically you’re going to become a militia.(12)

Your biggest obstacle is going to be the fear the scum, your enemy, has instilled in you your entire life. Hard thing to do and best taken in steps over time, but Our America has so little of that left I fear. You find your courage with God, our Father. No I don’t advocate any religion or denomination; I state you must forge your own relation with God, our Father. Jesus said that there are none good but the Father. Jesus also stated that we’re all Sons and Daughters of our Father, just like Him.
Find a quiet place. In your bed, your closet, your car-don’t matter. Empty your mind of yourself, the noise of your various thoughts. Empty your mind and feel your heart, your very spirit because there Our Father is there, wanting to talk to you, to love you.

Trust God. God gave us our Freedom as a gift and wants us to claim it in this world and the next. We are here in this time, in this place because it is vital for us to be here. To reclaim not only our own destiny but the destiny of America from the scum that have imposed the evil two-faced tyranny called the United States for the past two centuries.

Once you’ve reclaimed yourselves and joined with others of like mind, we all need to retake our country. Forget the national offices they’re a sideshow, a distraction, and as the United States government is currently configured, a complete waste of time… until the foundation of Revolution is laid. That will be at the local level because the way the United States government is currently configured most tyranny is administered at the local level. Most local elections have light voter turnouts-less than 10 percent of the voting population actually, which means much less than 10 percent of eligible adults. Hell, many scum candidates go UNCHALLENGED!

Follow the example of the GIs of Athens, Tennessee. In 1946 the scum that had settled into positions of power in that town had pushed returning World War Two Veterans too far-fining and jailing them at every opportunity as the scum had turned public service into a criminal racket. So they organized for the upcoming election a full ticket of candidates to do the job right and sweep THEIR local government clean of the scum.

Scum being scum, they stole the ballot boxes, assaulted a black GI and took two GI monitors as hostages, and holed up in the local jail. Being Americans, the GIs went to the local National Guard Armory, took rifles, ammunition and a machine gun and laid siege to that jail, and eventually laid dynamite on that bitch. Scum being scum, they lost their heart and surrendered. First time you’ve heard of this? No doubt it wasn’t by accident.(13, 14)

No reason you can’t do the same, whether you’re in the Patriot Movement or participating in Occupy Wall Street.
(Yes I know there are ideological purists in OWS, in the Tea Party Movement, the Patriot Movement who refuse to see the forest for the trees. Divide and conquer is a time honored strategy because it works.

Yeah I know this article’s quite long. OWS and the Tea Party Patriots-like cats and dogs right? Yet you look at what the grass roots of both movements oppose and it’s the same scum. Sure the Tea Party has been co-opted and OWS genesis was a false flag opposition by the scumbag toadie George Soros. Sure there are apparatchiks working both movements-I know, I’ve tried influencing both and have been blocked. That doesn’t mean the People in both movements cannot compare notes and get together. End of that.)

Yet, even so, how hard is it really to roil the waters? Even if you can’t find enough willing Americans to join with on such a campaign you can still clean up your area.

Keep an eye on your local scum. They step out of line, do something about it. Scum are cowards and a few well-made examples will cow the rest.

Scandal works. Especially now with the internet you can bypass the scum owned networks. Find out where the local scum go to get their little pricks shitty in some unfortunate little boys and well, run with it.

Know who your code enforcers are, what they look like, etc. In fact get to know the details of every last public servant. Know who they are, where they live, where they meet, etc.

Free your locale, you can spread the Second American Revolution to neighboring towns, then neighboring counties, then neighboring states-and THEN can you sweat about cleaning out the federal government; you will by then have the state and local political machinery to field national level candidates. You’ll have people in Congress and as the Second American Revolution spreads an unstoppable majority-likely a dozen or more parties acting against our common enemy-will allow a takeover of the Presidency and then we can deal with all the scum that have been allowed to thoroughly cake the executive branch of government.
I mean, the Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institute-all those think tanks, and all those petty career bureaucrats, thug agents, murderous “operators” and the rest of the SCUM need to be cleaned out…

…Unless the scum, the enemy, see this actually coming about and decide to stage some false flag to get those that haven’t awakened to the con to accept martial law “for your safety”…

Just shoot them… there have been Americans who’ve gone that route. Christopher Monfront killed four cops in Seattle for their atrocities-this after years spent trying to get justice for the victims of the scum Americans have been conditioned to obey and leave alone. Scum being scum, his efforts were systematically defeated. Systematically defeated to the point where Monfront used his FAL rifle to get justice. He now is slowly dying from his gunshot wounds incurred during his last stand and is using his trial as one last chance to witness against the corrupt United States government.

Carl Drega attempted to live a peaceable life in New England, but the local scum in public service harassed him for decades before a oath traitor state trooper attempted to ticket him for rust on his pickup truck. Drega shot and killed him, then attacked and killed a couple of scum posing as public servants and a newspaper editor.

Marvin Heemeyer was in the same situation as Drega; in Colorado he was pounced on by code enforcement officials while a neighboring plant wasn’t even bothered. Something to do with the size of the business, or knowing whoever in the local good ol’ boy’s club. So Heemeyer spent a month transforming his D9 bulldozer into a massive armored vehicle; steel plate with concrete sandwiched in between, firing ports for rifles including a .50 BMG, and cameras to offer a 360 degree view. Marvin Heemeyer spent his last day on Earth demolishing the city hall and businesses that benefited from being in the local good ol’ boys club. He killed himself when his killdozer got stuck… took the local scum 12 hours to break into that homemade tank.

Lessons learned:
1.) Last stands will leave you dead, or worse, dying in enemy custody.
2.) Have a place to go after the operation. Safe house, cave, whatever. Your living after your operation will have a much greater effect-remember Eric Rudolph and Ralph “Bucky” Phillips and the panic they caused among law enforcement, even when they struck only a couple times.
3.) Shoot to kill. If you have a pistol assume any armed opponent is wearing body armor, go for groin or head shots. A groin shot hits the pelvic bone, instantly immobilizing your opponent, you can then finish off with a head shot. A better option would be to use a rifle and at as long range as you can shoot and hit.
4.) Improvised armored vehicles could be an asset but could also invite an air strike. Plus, one on the scale of the killdozer took a month to construct. Better to go mobile, use hit and run tactics.
5.) Lone gunmen have a much lower chance of surviving the engagement than teams. One militia unit that will remain unnamed caught a federal raid and ambushed them, killing them dead. Of course I have no proof because a federal defeat would shatter forever the image of invincibility the scum have built about themselves.
6.) Surviving the engagement and advertising the results would conceivably shatter enemy morale and image. Surviving further engagements and recording the results would most certainly shatter the scum-both image and morale. After that though, one had better have a recruitment plan in operation because the kitchen sink will be thrown in your general direction.
7.) Be in good enough shape to win your engagement. Have enough in ready ammunition in magazines and carried in pouches or gear.
8.) Death is preferable to surrender, torture, incarceration for years before a show trial meant to glorify the scum you let capture you alive, and then being incarcerated and tortured to death.


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  1. John Bangerter Says:

    I need help in getting this true information out , I am for real , My sister was married to Randy Weavers’ nephew , john reynolds , my nephews great uncle is randy weaver , I hope that might be good enough for a clear check on me , I was framed in the Oklahoma city Bombing , when my fathers phone records were hacked , it was a simple mistake that was made , my father and i have the same name , the wrong John Bangerter was framed , it blew the entire case against all of us , ( true patriots in the real fight for our freedom ) it was I who drafted the letter with Bo Gritz, to get Randy to come off the hill , if he did not come down , we were in for it , I had all i needed , and was ready to give it every thing , the objective was to save their lives …;Period. It worked ,only in saving the remaining girls , Randy, and Kevin Harris , the Girls hugged me and cried 30 minutes after the surrender . I have posted a blog yesterday about the Newsweek story , it was a wash , the truth again being diverted , I am sickened to see it over and over , when I know much more of the truth than anything is being told …Please call me 435 256 5938 , John Bangerter

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