Let’s take a closer look at this:

Nancy Grace-You know her, big blockhead cunt on what’s now the Casey Anthony Network… from the MOMENT Caylee Anthony was declared missing, she SOMEHOW KNOWS Casey (allegedly) did it and coins the nickname she will wear for the rest of her life-Tot Mom. From day one this goes national she is all over her, and for the past couple months has been the ringmaster of this circus… even now after being acquitted they’re still hammering Casey and are likely planning to never stop.

Jose Baez-A LPA for only three years takes on the Tot Mom’s case. Casey’s indigent, not a dime to her name, yet he assembles a full team to take on the case all the way to jury trial. Furthermore he was in the US Navy working at NATO headquarters with top secret clearance…

The Anthony Family-On the surface one of the more dysfunctional families I’ve heard of, but there are hints of far worse:

*George Anthony was a former police chief from Ohio… red flag right there. So, so he knows police procedure about evidence… has Casey’s death smelling car towed to his place, not to the police. Assaulted well wishers, protestors and wrecked a neighbor’s memorial to Caylee.

*Cindy Anthony ran the family, was a horribly violent bitch to Casey yet kept her trapped, did a horrible job of nurturing her.

*Lee Anthony molested Casey repeatedly, Mom would tell Casey that that’s why she’s a slut.

This “family” tried to milk this tragedy for their own benefit, tried to undermine Casey’s trial. Watching the trial footage, George looks guilty, Cindy looks guilty, Lee looks guilty… I mean, if the defense felt they could bring up Casey being molested…

Casey Anthony-reportedly a drugged out snotty bitch. Others stated she was nice. Everyone covering the case have gone full tilt painting Casey as a terrible mom but others stated she doted endlessly on Caylee. She had 300 or so photos of Caylee on her Myspace page before she or someone with access to her account deleted them right after Caylee disappeared.

She would change personalities, not remember what she was doing or what was told her. You could see that during the trial. Which would make the 31 days she was running wild since Caylee died and all her “imaginary” friends make sense.

Casey has mulitple personality disorder-created through trauma in children as the mind tries to shield itself from the pain, creating personas. Essentially there are more than a few Caseys inside Casey Anthony’s head… one of which might have had a role.

It also has been speculated that Casey and obviously Caylee are victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. That would explain Casey’s multiple personalities. There are a lot of satanists in the government and they use MPD slaves-look at Britney Spears for a classic example. Casey stated that she was moving Caylee out of the Anthony home precisely because Caylee was reporting being sick and sore, like she was when she was Caylee’s age. In her jailhouse letters she hints that she was remembering what George was doing to her.

Casey-the Casey(s) we’ve watched on TV-have presented themselves as the innocent person wrongly accused. That’s what those personas are. Baez more than once had to contend with Casey as she acted like a child, literally having to tell her to “stop acting like a 2 year old.” Today, to be sentenced, Casey had a different persona, described by accounts as an actress taking a bow-look at how she was dressed, with her hair flowing in a slimming sweater.

Caylee Anthony-was found under a tree in a manner Casey couldn’t have accomplished. She was brutally murdered, with a broken neck and head injuries. She had her mouth and nose duct taped with a heart sticker placed on it.

The state’s case was weak. They relied on circumstantial evidence and went for a death penalty. Baez’s strategy wasn’t to bring up the satanic ritual abuse-he’s probably a satanist himself along with Cheney Mason… nice name… it was to admit Casey lied. He tried to get Casey off on being insane but the state and Nancy Grace wanted a sacrifice to the justice system for Caylee’s death. A public death for a death done in secret, how Masonic. As it turned out Casey just didn’t testify.


This whole thing was a show from June 16, 2008 onward, prepared for 22 years. Why?

Look what’s happened over past months as the Casey Anthony trial was happening:

*Nuclear disasters in Japan, New Mexico, Nebraska.
*War with Libya.
*The European Union’s lazy welfare bum states threatening to crash the continent.
*God knows what Congress has been up to, likely some big moves.

The trial took 31 days. The verdict was reached in 10hrs, 40 minutes, 33 seconds. The trial occured 3 years to the day Caylee went missing.

Nancy Grace stated “The Devil is dancing tonight”.

Jose Baez in speculating on the cause mentioned RITUAL SACRIFICE… he’s a lawyer and an intelligence officer he doesn’t make such statements lightly. One wonders if he is Casey’s new handler if he’s really trying to help her or GOING ALONG WITH A SCRIPT.

As for Casey Anthony, one can’t help thinking about the above and wondering if there’s still that doting mom trapped in her mind screaming at what she was made to do…

She will be used as the poster child for judicial “reform” to get rid of juries, or sacrificed as a form of prison or street “justice”.

This entire affair has been used as a distraction, as a societal change agent getting people ready to surrender more rights, and to those who know more of what’s going on, as a slap to the face, a show trial showing the aboslute power of freemasonry and the satanists in government.

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