J. Croft

A question-you believe the US government actually whacked Osama Bin Ladin… in a Islamabad compound… after being reported dead repeatedly, on kidney dialysis-all 6ft 5inches of his lanky Saudi ass?

Do you believe the government’s account… well, whichever one they’re pushing as the ‘narrative’(what a choice word that is!)? 

Well, millions of Americans do apparantly.  Apparantly.

Another question:  do you still remember 9/11? 

September 11, 2001?

I do. 

I remember waking up unusually early.   Turning on the TV and seeing one of those iconic World Trade Center towers burning, the tape looping repeatedly of an airliner crashing into it-it reminded me of the story I read of a B-25 bomber smacking the Empire State Building during World War Two. 

I chalked it up as a movie…

…wait, its like, 9 in the morning…


So I watch.  I hear my father yell I’d better get downstairs, but we never got along so I watched on my set the news coverage-then the second plane hits!

Obviously this is an attack.

Also obvious-there was no Air Force in the air.  What the hell was up with that?  I remember a Lear jet full of golfers had lost cabin pressure at 30,000ft and two F-16’s shadowed that plane filled with dead Americans until it lost fuel and plowed into a wheat field.

Yet there were TWO passenger jumbo jets that had been allowed to fly over American airspace-obviously unchallenged-and then smashed themselves into the very symbol of New York.  Something wasn’t adding up.

Then there were reports of two more jetliners, hijacked and being flown toward Cleveland and Washington.  Heard a blurb about the Cleveland-bound plane landing at Hopkins International Airport and the passengers disembarked under heavy FBI guard… then nothing.  Next thing a report of that plane “crashing” into the ground in Pennsylvania.

The last plane?  Hits the Pentagon(allegedly)in the very section being renovated… in the very section that had evidence of nearly 3 trillion dollars in defense spending MISSING.   Yes I remember that blurb the night before, hearing panicked reports of a major scandal brewing, of a far greater stock market crash in the works. 

We get four airliners hijacked without challenge from the United States Air Force-air defenses two whole generations of Americans were taxed to fund and maintain… all for Dick Cheney to order to stand down-oh, IT JUST SO HAPPENED that day they were running the largest number of simulated hijacking attacks ever staged… right when four airliners were hijacked.

I didn’t knew that last paragraph at the time.  My dad, dickhole he was making me miss out most of my childhood learning to be a survivalist and apart from society, called it: this was staged. 

And as I listened to the live broadcast about firefighters finding bombs in the WTC I knew right then this was another Oklahoma City, writ much larger.  We watched as one tower, then the other, were demolitioned perfectly into their own footprint instead of being toppled into Lower Manhatten as a real life attacker would’ve done.  Watched as a great detonation of ash, steel and rubble blew outward from the base of the WTC.  With way too much energy to have been caused by some alleged weakness induced by jet fuel that had burnt out and couldn’t have even weakened the cage structure of the WTC. 

I wandered about in a daze that day-everybody was.  I went to my favorite bar… had some bar food and a few brews to wash it all down… not the dread I was feeling, no that would stay.  I sat next to a stout, blonde happy wolverine of a soldier… and dude was laughing and grinning about all this!

“We’re going to war” he said.  We’ll be in the Middle East and when “we” were done nobody would mess with us again, but it will mean we’ll have less freedom and we’ll even have to lose the Constitution.

No way.  No way I told him, as emphatically as I ever told anyone anything in my life.

“Of course we will” he said.

“Hell, we’re worse than the Germans!”

That oath traitor has turned out to be most horrifyingly correct.

I sat there, rewinding things, trying to put this together:  I remember the reports, the blurbs on the air of FBI agents warning an attack was going to occur.  I remember on the net someone in Canadian custody warning about an attack.

I remember about that time going to New York City with some friends; crusing around the sorry excuse for a beltway, with all the chuckholes, hair pin turns, everyone driving like they just robbed a bank.  I remember looking at the World Trade Center, that white elephant that was largely empty until just a few months before its destruction, and the voice of God whispering in my soul that in  a few months those towers would be gone and with them the America I knew.

God of course was right.

But what the hell could I do?

What the hell can I do-what I wondered about for the next few years or so.  Yet at that same bar I by God’s providence encountered another of the enemy-one of those that gave that psychotically happy oath traitor their orders.

His last name was Foley-a political family from the beginnings of this country.  He was Postie from Happy Days if he were a redhead, and he was working his charm on a old bar hag-she was having more fun than she’d had in decades.

He calls me over, I approach and over in a booth a huge Mr Clean dude rises ready to tear my head off, but a gesture from ginger Potsie and he stands down. 

We talked… or more like he bragged and I listened.  Bragged about how they were going into Iraq-this was late 2002-because Saddam Hussein was switching to the Euro for payment for Iraqi oil.  He bragged about how the election process was so sewn up, a Ross Perot could run against him for a congressional seat and he’d still win-he’d outspend him.  Douchebag even bragged about his credit card; in a few years this would be the only way to buy anything.

He told me to buy defense stocks.

(I had the urge to take my pistol to that bar but God told me not to that night… He also urged me to go in the first place.)

I spent the next few years after that just living my life, trying to figure out what the hell I could do.  Watched in impotent silence as tyranny openly descended upon my beloved America, the land of the free… something most people calling themselves “americans” have forgot. 

I wondered what to do; at the time I was playing around with fiction writing and such… and late in 2004 I started writing my articles.  Freedom Guide was born.

Now, I had been a sympathizer to the Patriot Movement.  I was angered to the point of violence about the military assault on Mt. Carmel in Waco.  I cheered as the militias arose in great numbers right afterward, the assault weapons ban further fueling the greatest arming of Americans up to that point.  I read Soldier of Fortune articles about Delta Force live fire exercises in American cities in the middle of the night, the neverending abuses of the BATF, the militarization of America’s CIVILIAN police forces, the largely unopposed (and guided) rises of Osama Bin Ladin and Communist China. 

But I never joined the militia.  I knew that if a unit wasn’t a patriot honeytrap run by the feds it was penetrated through and through by snitches and ringers.  Yeah I bought my guns but they were more like toys to me; in the back of my mind I suspected that somehow Revolution wasn’t going to come this decade.  So I traded them for other guns-it was a hobby.  Sometimes I actually shot them.  Basically I treated the threat as real, but far away.  If it came down to it, so be it, but it was the 90’s, a Gilded Age.  Looking back from May, 2011 they were Golden Years-the 80’s were a dream time… with the cloud of nuclear annihilation yeah but still.

But 2005?  Over two decades of the Bush/Clinton syndicate running Our America into the ground?  Naw, it was time to do something.

I didn’t shoot that Foley fuck, but I could type well enough and so I started flinging my articles onto the net.  And I was content to a point.  I knew I had to build a body of work, market said work, be memorable.  I would do that by being truthful and holding nothing back.

When I put my first Message to the Police Officer out, it hit the net like wildfire! published it… and added a rebuttal from a tin badge god oath traitor.  Still, the message got out and anyone with more than one functioning brain cell could see the punk for a douchebag by his words.

Martial Law Survival Guide would far eclipse that.  And be my most widespread work.  See, I hit a zeitgeist with the Guide thanks to the inbred psychopathic bluebloods. via SIA would plagiarize my work-not give attribution to me-but the message got out.  I wrote some more.  I got a little following.  I felt I was accomplishing something, and I was. 

Then, I started joining…

Joined Alex Jones’ Prison Planet Forum, hoping to turn news gatherers and forum users into more active Patriots-got banned over a picture of a SWAT oath traitor standing guard over a scared to death little boy using the toilet.  The moderator ‘sane’ called it a fake or something.  Whatever.

Joined a much smaller group called Rumor Mill News and for a few years plugged away with articles.  One of Rayelan Allen’s cronies, Valentina Parker offered to publish Freedom Guide as a series of books-but when the matter of money came up she became dodgy.  For that matter Rayelan did to when I offered to share profits from paying video websites like in exchange for cash payment.  Soon after that you figure out that the monthly begging well, that’s to just get money wrapped up in a perpetually manufactured crisis.  No better than Oral Roberts for the meditating with crystals crowd.  I made my exit as obnoxiously as I could after having enough of this fiction called the packets which allegedly contain trillions of dollars for the American People…. a fable perpetrated as a cruel joke.  Like Ben Fulford’s 100,000 ninja who were supposed to have eliminated the illuminati if they did one more thing wrong.  And I’m still waiting.  No more getting the message out there.

Went back to Prison Planet and Alex Jones himself would copy off me:  “tin badge gods”, “first and the second”, “inbred psychopathic bluebloods”-all mine.  Hell I heard the man ask me over the radio to call in… and perhaps in hindsight I should’ve at least contacted him, but I have an aversion to publicity-I only intro’d myself to a few people in the movement.  Truthfully, neither my nerves nor my voice were up to it at the time.  Ask me as I am now back then and my caution would probably have been overridden, but God told me that let those in the spotlight take the heat as well, you keep hidden and lob your videos and essays every so often.  Let the enemy wonder who the hell you were.

So that’s what I did. 

I promoted Appleseed-the shooting movement that is bringing back rifle marksmanship to Americans-except that ‘fred’ likes to call people Nazis for no reason.  He also likes to turn his back on those holding Appleseed shoots when the feds move to stop them by attempting to steal their land.  No thanks to ‘fred’. 

Ron Paul… man I was excited!  I was hoping this guy would be the breach of Freedom onto national politics.  I was so wrong.  I pushed for him to promote state and local candidates so he could have coat tails-grassroots support-to build upon victory or even a good run… which didn’t happen. 

Then I watched as the libertarian man on a white horse refuse to challenge the New Hampshire vote fraud.  Or any other rigged primary vote during 2008.  And keep sucking off his suckers-er, supporters –for cash.  30 million dollars.

His campaign manager Stewart Rhodes would later ride the rising tide of military, police and veterans spurred on by the videos made by Charles Dyer to form his Oath Keepers organization (501c3).  He proved both himself and Ron Paul to be con artists by denying July4patriot 3 times before dawn, and ever since… those 10 guiding principles of his organization are a blueprint for doing nothing.  “Reach teach and inspire” please!  A recipe for inaction and disillusionment.

So who else can piss me off-oh yes, Alex Jones.  He raids and disrupts a Austin gun show rally and you really need to check out his antics they’re on YouTube.  Days later, he attacks Texas candidate Deborah Medina days before the election… for denying 9/11; it’s okay for Ron Paul to deny but not her.  Or is it because she wouldn’t give Alex the time of day?  The issue of Ron Paul’s son Rand running for a congressional seat came up and I once again suggested he needed to fund local campaigns.  Alex Jones sees my comments, bans me on the air: “If this guy’s going to cause trouble, ban him”-that’s his code name for me “guy”.  Go figure.

So that’s about it.  2010 and I’m back at my blog. 

My lesson?  I can’t be the solution unless others agree that they too must be the solution.

All my writings were about one thing: activation.  Activating you the reader into effective answer, which leads to the reason I’ve been systematically suppressed and ignored by the leaders of the Patriot Movement.  They don’t want you to be effective, they want you to follow them, give them cash and be afraid.  Fear is the mind killer.  If people are too afraid of a mythical 2012 Nibiru pole shift expanding earth megadisaster to shape up their local government-guess what the enemy wins because that’s where they are advancing the most.  Have always made most of their advances.  If people are waiting for the rapture or the ascension of the light beings and refuse to organize recall elections so their locales aren’t run by criminals robbing and defrauding them and siccing tin badge gods-guess what the enemy wins and makes a profit off bibles and crystals.

We rely on these characters for leadership but they’re either crazy or COINTELPRO or lost their way and become fat and greedy.  We as a movement are news junkies, like Fritz Springmeier called it, who like every other American follow their conditioning and pass the buck for saving ourselves to the next person.  Writing on forums, buying swag, dropping cash into infobombs or the cat food coffer isn’t going to stop the enemy from tazering grannies and little children, stealing homes, manufacturing arrests and excuses to murder you.  Certainly not going to stop the farms from being stolen, corporate jobs sent overseas, the infrastructure from crumbling right in front of us, or the wars to end.

No, the only way all the evil in America, and all the evil perpetrated in the name of Our America by the beast that is the United States is when we as a movement grow up, and figure out on a individual level how we can do more than surf the net and call it job done.

We shall be judged one way or another.

Get in shape.  Just do SOMETHING every day to exercise, eat right, take in vitamins.

Grow your own food.  You can grow food in pails, pallets, used tires.  Use a greenhouse as the radiation from Fuck-us-shima is going to turn our children into misshapen mutants.

Join the free economy, the underground economy.  Buy as low as you can, sell as high as you can.  Figure out your markets.

Learn a basic trade, better several.  Learn to be versatile and flexible.  Be an asset to your customers and be honest.

Learn how to shoot.  Teach others how.  Get airsoft copies of your weapons and practice daily.  Get your weapons zeroed.

Get right with God.  Seek a quiet place where you can be alone, let your heart speak to you, silence your mind.  Our Father’s always been talking to us, it’s past time to listen.

Make connections with like-minded doers.  Teamwork beats trying to get by on your own.

Be an asset, not a leech.  Even if it’s manual labor an extra pair of hands beats nothing any day.

Keep your word.  Truth and Honor are rare commodities in today’s ‘murika-you will be valued.  Punish those who try to hustle you.

Stop obeying the laws of the enemy.  In fact go break a law now.  The enemy writes the laws which you’re conditioned by decades of TV viewing to obey.  TJ Hooker isn’t the one enforcing them, it’s scumbags who gun down Marine veterans in their homes and rape women in jail.

Give in secret, ask nothing in return.  Doing is reward enough.

Make media from our perspective.  Make music, movies, shows, from our perspective-take their tool and hoist them up on their own petard-hound the enemy relentlessly.  Cross-link with other Patriot producers and form networks to distribute our content.

Figure out a town to stage an Athens, TN 1946 recall election campaign with a full slate of candidates.  Repatriate the CAFR funds back to the people, make the place the springboard of the Second American Revolution.  Be presentable to the average American, be respectable, pound the pavement and tell folks why you’re running.

Eliminate all traitors from town hall to the White House to Manhatten.  Only  then can we resurrect the Republic-Our America.

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