J. Croft

Whose that? 

The commonly accepted definition of the term is someone in opposition to you, essentially.  How they choose to oppose you is irrelevant to defining who is an enemy, it’s the spirit they operate in that is vital to understand.

How do you determine an enemy?  By their words and actions, and their track record with others-Jesus advised “know them by their fruits”.

So who is your enemy?

First it would be a good ideal to state who isn’t the enemy; they’re not based on race as all people are dominated by the enemy.  Likewise, hating on people because they have just a little more money is also wrong-it’s those that have all the money that are the problem.  There are good and bad people who profess all manner of religious beliefs but religion is a weapon of fear, hate, and ignorance that has been wielded against us since the Sumerian kings stated it was their gods desire.  Sexual preferences among consenting adults-doesn’t matter unless they’re rapists or pedophiles or some other class of freak.

So, again, who really is the enemy?

You determine who the enemy is based on their actions, their track record of course.

Starting at the top, literally, any inbred psychopathic blueblood claiming a so-called right to rule over you and me just because their kin fucking clan has managed to keep it in the family for at least a thousand years.  Truthfully, a lot longer; the Bush crime family can trace their ancestry through Britain and further-back to the Piso family of the Roman Empire.  Yes they had their turns ruling.  Nearly all US Presidents are of that same clan-Bush is related to Gore who is related to Gerald Ford, who is related to Roosevelt, who is related to Grover Cleveland, who is related to George Washington, and vice versa.  This incestuous genetic and power relationship extends across the planet, and back to the beginning of recorded history.  This clan, the kings of old, served the gods directly and so were their high priests, because they are related by blood to the gods.  Make of that what you will but it explains a lot of their arrogance and contempt for us.1

Speaking of that footnote the secret societies such as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones etc. are power cults drowning in occult practices to awe their membership, who basically want all want the inside track to power; this runs the gamut from the local good ol’ boys who run the county to major cities where if you’re not Brotherhood you’re not going to run your business for long, to those seeking political office.  About all US Presidents were Freemasons, the exception being JFK for being a Catholic.  NASA is a Freemasonic cult who launch their space missions under certain star arrangements and dates-go to and find out just how ridiculous it gets.

Oh, and those way too rich inbreeds are also our bankers.

The international bankers have taken over the government function of issuing money and corrupted the concept-turning it into their cash flow by selling our own money to us at a profit.  Worse, they took that money and reinvested it countless times in countless ways.  Basically, they own the planet because they own the printing press.

They also own pretty much all the governments, corporations, foundations, think tanks.  All the politicians and corporate officers for that matter-and through them control the vast armies of bureaucrats, corporate workers, and cops.  Is everyone in on it?   You have to for sanity’s sake answer yes because it only takes a few 1000 dollar suited tools to run an organization, and everyone is cued to do whatever a person in a 1000 dollar suit tells them to do.  Especially in the armed forces and law enforcement, if you’re not at least questioning the orders given to you, you’re the enemy because you’re not performing your true role-protecting the people from all enemies foreign and domestic.

And we have an absolutely unbelievable array of domestic enemies.  Oh God how we’ve been lulled into dropping the ball!  Thanks to a century of social engineering, television programming, state schools and sports, we typically have no interest in who are our public servants-then we’re outraged when an oath traitor issues a bogus traffic ticket, or arrests us for defending ourselves.  The lawyers run the courts-judge, prosecution and defense-so you can forget a fair trial even with a jury-12 modern ‘murikans just as oblivious to their civic duties as you were before you got popped. 

The lawyers-they’re the banksters hands, and overthrew America in 1787 with the Constitution and its then covert design to gradually expand the government and lull a then literate, armed and very wary American People until they could slip the chains back on.  You definetly feel those chains as you submit to drivers licenses, marriage licenses, business licenses, auto insurance, fishing licenses, and all manner of busybody permits-and if you don’t pay their enforcers will drag you into their courts.

You did know that they operate under an undisclosed, hidden legal system didn’t you?  One not based on the Bill of Rights-it is based on the contract and if you agree to US Citizenship you are then in their eyes in contract with them.  Oh, and to them, nondisclosure of this unknowing signing away of your Rights isn’t fraud.  Beyond insidious, this legal code encompasses everything from traffic tickets to murder one.  And if you presume you have a right to defend you and yours they’ll always come after you.  Because you have temerity enough to actually resist one of the legions of underclass criminals the enemy spawns through their social engineered inequalities and racism-which means you will at some point defy them.  Can’t have that.

You sign any kind of agreement they will own you for however extent the contract is.  You let the fuckers issue a birth certificate for your kid, they legally own them.  For life.  You sign anything, anything whether it’s a traffic ticket or plea agreement it’s a contract.  You identify yourself in court, you are under contract.  That insidious.

Oh, and while they will come down on you hard if you engage in a organic food co-op or homeschool, or exercise any Right without their permit, they will cycle through all manner of criminals and repeat shit-stupid drunk drivers back onto the street.  Because they use them to keep you in fear, and so dependent on the same massas who create the problem.

Where do these traitors come from?  Universities. 

The Marxists and other radicals took over the faculty positions to inflate naïve egos and fill them full of pretentions of being ‘elites’.  Given a better grade of education than they got in grade school, these largely ignorant know-it-alls presume the bullshit in their brains means they have license to rule over you.  They become the bureaucrats, the corporate officers.  Those that go on to law school get their pliable brains twisted about even more and either enter the legal scam of the courts or become politicians and truly decide your life, and death.

Politicians of course belong to the Freemason power cult.  The ‘cream’ of the crop rises of course to state and federal government.  The enemy talent scouts the ‘best’ and once joining the Council on Foreign Relations are tasked to help finish us off, based on party affiliation and background.  Certainly there are ground floor elements-the enemy is configured as a pyramid-but those who attain any kind of national office or political stardom find out real quick who really runs things.

Never mind the foreign enemies the inbred psychopathic blueblood elites have built up: Nazi Germany, the USSR, China.  Wall Street financed all these threats.  And the enemy’s front men head their governments.  Not all the leadership but all the leadership does know who run things Oh, if you have Al Qaeda on the tip of your lips, they’re run by the CIA at the top; their number two man had lunch at the Pentagon six months after 9/11.  9/11 was perhaps their greatest crime yet as it set the stage for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the war on us through this preplanned cataclysm. 

JB Campbell stated things perfectly clear in his essay “Responsibility”:

We are ruled by parasites. We are ruled by people who not only don’t work but expect us to work for them. This is totally irresponsible on our part. And we have been carefully trained to be irresponsible because responsibility is the key to power. We can gain total power over our lives but not without accepting full responsibility for everything.

The first step in defeating our enemy is to admit somewhere, somehow, some way we’re responsible for the enemy being as powerful as they are-either through inaction or blind support of the enemy and their control mechanisms.  If you knowingly serve the beast, yeah you really have a lot to atone for. 

Once you assume responsibility however you can begin to fight back.  I’ve written a lot on how to do that over the years; just peruse my articles at and articles of others who see things clearly at to find out how.  Because we can if we can just get some real unity going and ignore/weed out all the operatives and scam artists that divert and sabotage us. 

  1. The late Zecharia Sitchen did a lot of exploration of the god myths in his Earth Chronicles series, as well as William Bramley in his work, The Gods of Eden.  Jim Marrs reiterates these two authors in his book Rule By Secrecy.

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