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Where’s God?

Why does God allow bad people, bad things to happen?

Why if God supposedly loves us, there are natural disasters, disease, theft, fraud, murder?

Why does God allow all sorts of evil people to run amok in this world?  Why does
God allow wars, famines, genocide?

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

Yeah, I’ve asked those questions myself, often after something bad happened to me; getting fired, betrayal, health problems, the furnace breaking down, or the car you car share with, missing the bus by just that much.  In the rain.

Getting your heart broken is the worst of course.  You can bounce back from a broken arm or leg, find another way to make a living(more or less), but having someone you invested a lot of time and feeling and sacrifice-having them take all that love and wiping their ass with it?  

Yeah, I’ve screamed at God a few times myself wondering just what kind of madman was ruling over the Universe, whether the very concepts of Love, Justice, Freedom weren’t some kind of practical joke.  Whether or not God and the devil weren’t two sides of the same coin, or was this all just some kind of humongous, sick game. 

If God is truly good, why doesn’t He do something?

Well, he does.  He does through us.

God granted us Free Will.  God, being consistent, grants us Free Will but we have to at the same time accept the consequences.  You want Free Will?  You have to accept that for everyone else, and the interactions of all those choices.

The enemy knows this, of course.  Why else are you encouraged to pray to God to intervene, to rely on who are really your enemies to help you?  Why else are there megachurches to siphon off what little cash your corporate and government massas allow you to have-and I most certainly include the biggest megachurch of all, the immensely wealthy Roman Catholic Church.  Nothing at all what Jesus intended: we were to meet in small groups, not have a hierarchy that brainwashed and robbed us, and most importantly we acted on the world. 

Get this through your thick skulls and addled brains-you are God’s hands, you are the ones that have to intervene. When you feel in your heart a push to do something, and that source of that feeling is of absolute love, that’s God.  Why else did Jesus come here except to get you to do what’s right.  What’s needed:

You see someone stranded on the side of the road-help.  Have a spare gas can, jack, air compressor, flat fixing equipment, antifreeze, blankets, food, water, etc.

You see someone being assaulted, jump in.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a little old lady or a small child, or some other obvious victim.  Sometimes if it’s someone like a child molester or some dirty oath traitor-jump in and help stomp them.

In fact if your town’s swamped with crooks in public service-and I guarantee your town is-begin a emergency recall election campaign with a full campaign ticket.

Have a tool, lend it out.

Have advice, give it.

Learn how to shoot, and fight at all ranges.  And train others.

Love everyone… until they give you cause to hate them.

Measure everything by the Jesus in the four gospels.   Most importantly the rest of the Bible-you might come to some interesting conclusions if you have the guts to do so.

Oppose evil.  Someone has to.  I mean, all the good people encouraged to mind their own business has only encouraged the enemy to become bolder and bolder.

Find and crack open an old history book.  Learn a different perspective, make comparisons, think about who wrote it and why.

Shop local.  In fact buy from locals, use services from people doing things on the side-build the free economy.

Don’t gossip maliciously.  Now if someone’s doing dirt then you warn others.

Learn a basic trade.  Go into business for yourself-in the underground economy.

Do what you love to do.  And do it for others and God.

Do not deny your loved ones your attention.

Take a walk where there’s nature, a park or something like that.  See God’s creation in its natural form.

Distribute literature and DVDs that awoke you.

Judge people by their actions; not by their words, and certainly not your wishful thinking of them.

Buy a gun from a private person-and get magazines and ammo.

Improve something about yourself.  Don’t worry there’s plenty of room for that.

Break a law.  It was weaponized by the enemy against us a long time ago and you need to learn defiance so start small and build up.

Buy some heirloom seeds.

Try a new hobby.

Pray every day to Our Father.  In a private place, where there’s quiet and you can tune everything else out-especially your own thoughts.  Jesus directed us to pray to Our Father, and  only God. 

Give secretly.  Take no credit for charity.

Go someplace you haven’t gone before. 

Start a conversation with a total stranger.

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  1. Gazette Screamy Says:

    nice post. thanks………

    No, thank YOU for the props!

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