There’s certain people in the alternative media who lay the blame of the world’s ills on the Illuminati-dependent on what they think that is.

Some think they’re old European and Asian aristocracy, and there is a startling amount of direct blood relations of nearly all American Presidents, for example.  That this is the same clan that has branches extending back to Rome, Persia, China, and that this clan has been ruling and running the planet since the days of Sumer.

Some say they’re the Bildeburgers-the term given to a cabal of leading politicians, bankers and industrialists who meet every so often under the heaviest security possible.  Jim Tucker has spent his career, his life, covering their meetings and their leaked agendas have a tendency to become front page news, history.

Some say part of the Illuminati is the Roman Catholic Church itself-two thousand year old institution whose stored riches could literally end poverty, who keep a lot of history hidden behind the walls of Vatican City, whose Jesuit Order is rumored to have engaged in social engineering in America since the time of the Revolution.  Greg Syzmanski of has contended they are the true power.

Some say it’s the Jews.  Aside from die-hard nazis there are people who assert that there is a Jewish Cabal that has maneuvered the nations of the world to the point where as asserted in the Protocols of Zion they will induce the gentiles to destroy themselves so they can present themselves as the saviors from the apocalypse they created.

There certainly is a Jewish Cabal that controls Hollywood.  Ask Rick Sanchez about speaking about that truth; it’s an acknowledged fact by Hollywood itself but if you’re not Chosen then you’re a racist for pointing out the obvious.

The Neoconservatives worship at the altar of Zionism.  Israel certainly has been lavished with American money and American weaponry.  When Palestinians are used for target practice the media bends into a bowtie to find an excuse for Israel.

Why am I writing this?

I posted an article from J. Bruce Campbell, “Defense Against Jewish Aggression”. Why?  Because as much as we need to watch out for rogue federal law enforcement agents, infiltrators into the movement and economic sabotage, we need to stand against anyone… anyone… who seeks to destroy us and our Freedom.  Since there’s this cloak of silence about the Jewish ELITE component of the problem… note the emphasis… due to the Holocaust this acts as the perfect shield for the Zionists, the Neoconservatives and anyone looking for the world to blow up so they can get raptured.

Just looking at 9/11 alone there were:

Mossad agents posing as arabs cheering as the World Trade Center was explosively demolished in a brutally clever false flag exercise to get the US military into Afghanistan and Iraq.  Iran’s next.

Larry Silverstein, who ordered World Trade Center 7 “pulled”-demolished-mere hours after the staged attack… when it takes WEEKS to prep a building of even that size for a demolition job that turns a multi-billion dollar skyscraper into a pile of rubble in it’s own “footprint”-without much spillage or toppling over into other buildings… which would’ve been the LOGICAL choice of a terrorist.

Jews working at the WTC were alerted to not go into work that morning….

Look, I can agree we need to defend against aggression, but there’s a difference between holding those responsible, and scapegoating an entire people-and by that I will refer to where I got the article from: John Kaminski’s website,

John was a popular writer over at who wasn’t afraid to delve into the Jewish components.  However for the past few years Mr. Kaminski has gone too far.  How far?  He’s postulated that the Jews, the Ashkenazi Jews from the Caucasus are-get this-descended from the last remnants of the Neanderthals.  Literally a subspecies.  That all Jews need to be rounded up and isolated in their own little country.

Jumping the shark doesn’t begin to describe the ridiculousness of that… Herr Strumbanfuhrer Kaminski has led himself into the logical fallacy that because certain connected, corrupt, evil members of a group do a deed that makes everyone else of that group responsible.

Now, do the Jewish People tend to stick firmly together?  Oh yes, there’s a lesson to be learned.  Just as there’s lessons to be learned from Jews about not blindly following leaders… literally into the gas chambers(yes I believe the Holocaust was real, just that there’s been regrettably inflated claims as to the numbers killed.)

Do Jews tend to be bigoted?  Who isn’t.

Is it from some supposed Neanderthal blood in their veins?  Maybe we should find a more plausible reason.

I would say its their traditions and religion.

The Jews and Judaism offer a model on how to maintain one’s culture and nationality in the face of overwhelming odds and dispersal.  The Jewish People’s downfall is that they were cued, trained to accomplish this in a selfish manner.  If you belong to a culture and religion that emphasizes self serving survival above everything else you will view everyone not of your people as a threat… or a target.

Read the Talmud.(1)  I have been on and off.  It’s a very very thick book and I’m quite certain I will never ever finish it-but I get the gist.  You have a teaching and then several more explanations and arguments about that teaching and then several more footnotes about exceptions and whatnot, so it’s very confusing, very legalistic.  Some of those teachings are troubling…. so are some Christian and Moslem teachings for that matter.  It’s just a bunch of sick old men who think if they back each others writings enough and pass it all down that that will give the whole mess authority.  And if you’re in a tight knit culture that’s survived millenia well, you get those Orthodox Jews who kill Rachael Corrie with a D9 Bulldozer, bomb a hapless, defenseless Gaza into starvation and ruin for shooting a few defiant model rockets blindly.  You also get a elitist clique willing to murder millions of their own people in cooperation with their enemy so as to bring about their own state.(2)

Look: just because it’s a tradition doesn’t make it right.  In fact if a teaching is wrong, don’t follow it.  If someone’s pushing that misguided or even wrong teaching, don’t listen to them.  Just because someone in a priest’s robes or behind a podium advocates slavery, or colonialism, or suicide bombing of civilians, or treating everyone outside your race as subhuman “goy”, “mud people”, or as targets for genocide doesn’t make that right.  In fact a minimum of objectivity would reveal that to be so patently wrong it’s ridiculous-but we’ve all been manipulated by the religions and beliefs passed down. It’s how I got out of my parent’s fundamentalist, end time rapture wishing at the expense of the human race-I actually read the Bible, and made my own decisions on what I hold true.

Ignore that and you’ll find yourselves shooting dirty, starving children in the head for sport…





























…Or being led into a mass grave yourself…. because I just can’t see the difference when the enemy’s goal is to exterminate us all before we wake up.  What better way than with racism-including Jewish racism.

Let’s keep the blame where it belongs:


Bildeburgers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, etc.




Hollywood executives


…And any government and corporate stooge who just follows their orders.  Basically anyone who thinks the answer to the worlds problems is to keep waging war against us all.

1. Good luck-there’s more than one version…. and yes those excerpts on it being kosher to rape children is in there:

2.Yes, Zionists DID cooperate with the Nazis… some nasty realpolitik to get the State of Israel going.  Any wonder they’re blasting children in ruins?

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