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Do it now before you’re part of a herd.  Herds get herded-into FEMA camps.   Ask a survivor of Hurricane Katrina just how not an option a FEMA camp is.  Because when you’re forcibly evacuated at gunpoint by the US military to a FEMA facility you probably dismissed as the wild imaginings of someone wearing a tin foil hat you will be forcibly disarmed, forcibly separated from your family, and forcibly put to some kind of slave labor useful to your new masters.   It will be just like prison.  You will likely not get out.

The ever-worsening Gulf Oil Catastrophe won’t give you the option of staying either; already there are reports of oil rains, crop damage as far north as Memphis, respiratory ailments.  Even without a single hurricane strike(pray) the warm Gulf waters will transform the Corexit dispersant, crude oil, hydrogen sulfide and other horrific compounds spewing uncontrollably from the Gulf Oil Volcano into aerosols.  The aerosolized poisons will form into clouds and with clouds come rain, which will drop death wherever those clouds travel. 


Roughly, wherever moisture from the gulf travels, move out of that range.  Safer bets would be North of the Ohio River, into the Great Plains.  The important thing is to get out of the range of moisture and air currents from the Gulf.  In a sick twist of fate there’s plenty of room in those regions;  bank fraud has emptied the Midwest of family farms, and US government policy has emptied the Great Lakes of industries leaving half-empty towns.


You will need people you know to support each other.  Allowing yourselves to be thrown into a situation by yourself will only further endanger yourself and whoever you’re with.  That means your family doesn’t count, you need a real group; several full families would be a minimum.  You’re not just preserving you and yours, you are preserving the ties, culture of who you are and what you stand for.   Cultures the world over have employed this strategy since the beginning of recorded history; Jews, Somalis, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italians… they stuck together from the Old World to the New.  They grouped together in communities.  Those who had the best shot at a successful business were backed up by the entire community.  They in turn helped the next runner up when the investment funds became available from the first business; one good business spawns several more.

To protect their communities, immigrants did two things:

*Arm up as a group-call them gangs, but you can consider them militias or whatever good sounding term you want.

*Get involved in local government.  Not just to have a voice but to ensure that their community was protected from their enemies politically as much as possible.

So, form a group, select a town in the Midwest or Great Lakes and move there together.  Whatever you do stay unified as a group so that you are not as easily discriminated against, nor taken advantage of.

So, might as well take the opportunity to start taking the Nation back from those that have perpetrated this situation.  AS suggested,  coordinate with other groups of refugees and concentrate on one town.  Use the recall election process and sweep the local government clean then enact reforms.  I’ve written extensively about that here:









Survival is still going to be a priority as this ongoing catastrophe is going to make millions of acres of farmland poisoned.  Millions will be displaced, forced into the FEMA concentration camp network yes but millions will make it to wherever they wind up.  YOU will be smarter, and have a plan not only to leave before the Southern Diaspora but a plan where they will go and what they will do when they get there.

The number one priority is having potable water.  The upper Great Lakes region offers the best chance of security on that front for the most obvious reasons; the Ogalala Aquifier has been recklessly depleted over the past century and a massive influx of refugees from the Gulf and Atlantic coasts will likely finish that underground store… a great pity as all of Earth’s surface waters are fated to be contaminated. 

Yes, all of Earth’s waters WILL be contaminated from the aerosolized vapors from the Gulf.  Underground stores of water separated from the surface, or ice mined from the polar caps will be the only trustworthy sources not requiring distilling.  Distilling takes a lot of energy, a lot of time and the need for food production alone will swamp any such facility.

Number two, but not by much, is the need to produce food.  Unfortunately with the impending poisoning of Earth’s entire ecosystem open-air agriculture will become unfeasible as the pollution advances across the globe.  The Midwest will be the last region of Earth that will be contaminated but that is but a matter of time.  Maybe one more growing season will be possible so that must be taken advantage of to produce as much heirloom seed as possible.  Because indoor food production using hydroponics and an artificially induced decrease in the growing time with grow lamps and the use of dry ice will be desperately needed. 

Which leads to the third priority-without which the other two will be impossible… security.  Roving gangs will be an immediate threat but any town that can muster a company’s worth of riflemen, maybe make a few makeshift cannon, and some time honored defensive tactics can deal with most of those.  No, the real threat will be from the government.  Organic co-ops and Amish farmers trading raw milk are subjected to SWAT teams.  Agenda 21, the feel-good term for American Communism’s plan to steal Americans land for whatever kind of environmental excuse can be ginned up, is being enacted from coast to coast.  What we all will have to confront is the most powerful government on Earth-and this confrontation is compounded by two centuries of propaganda claiming we are free-when we really aren’t. 

That local political organization I advocated earlier can provide some shielding but against state or federal incursions into your community and your survival will require your community to stand united with other communities and groups. 

A single person is easily conquered, a single group is still no problem for the beast; every organization, every group is easily penetrated.  A town requires some exertion, but whole states in common cause of both Freedom and SURVIVAL will require a Civil War level effort… unfortunately the US government is prepared to go to that level.  Yet there is no alternative, because that is death.  One could argue going to the government for aid is the alternative but you think you’re a slave now?!  All slaves eventually want to be Free so why even go that way in the first place?  You’re AMERICANS-act the part!

One could have your group go separately, prepare the way but that may not be practical given the short time before even the sheer concentration of toxins literally aerosolize and just seep ashore.  Upon the declaration of martial law on the coast it most certainly won’t be practical.  You will need to convoy.


First, figure out where you’re going.

Second, figure out who all is going with you.

Then figure out what all you’re taking.

Figure out what vehicles you have-or can get.

Then figure out your routes.  That plural’s deliberate.

So where are you going?  As stated before, someplace in the upper Great Lakes would be optimal for both water resources and buy as much time as possible to still practice open air agriculture before the pollution from the Gulf of Mexico completely transits the Earth-the Midwest and Great Lakes region will be the last to be hit although there’s no guarantee, but it’s the best you can hope for.  Real Estate prices are currently depressed, but land with clean water will be valued more-much more later so get together and buy now. 

When you figure out where to go you get to sell your new home to your group.  If you haven’t made some kind of survival circle out of… whoever… do it now.  The more people you take with you, the better your chances of not only making it where you’re going but making it where you wind up at.  Extra hands also help with the moving.

Now to figure out what you’re taking.  As much as possible keep it practical:

*Tools, including machine tooling, ammunition reloading equipment, anything that can contribute to a basic productive business.

*Guns, and as much ammunition as you can bring with you.

*Food stores.

*Water purification equipment-this should be your number one investment.

*Family heirlooms and such.  Why?  It’s important to remember who you are, where you were; keep hope alive that you can return to your old homes one day.

*Extra gasoline or diesel fuel, spare tires, extra automotive spare parts.  Expect breakdowns.

Which leads to what vehicles you got or can get, and hopefully they’re vehicles you can easily find parts for.  Vehicles break down and they will certainly break down hauling you and yours and their valuables a thousand miles or more.  Have the most common/easily fixable vehicles you can, which means older pickup trucks and vans and you’re looking for reliability and cargo capacity.  Four wheel drive will be of great value.   The new airless tires, if you can get them for your vehicles will give you a great advantage over any inflatable tire.  Semi trucks can haul the most but are the hardest to maneuver and can’t exactly ford a small creek if needed. 

You will want for your convoy smaller more nimble vehicles for scouting and in case the convoy gets in trouble.  A motorcycle or two offer great scouting ability, and with a CB or radio can provide some eyes and ears.  An ultralight aircraft or gyrocopter is even better, offering aerial reconnaissance and light strafing capacity-store that in a moving van, ready to go at a moment’s notice.  A couple pickup trucks or vans full of willing shooters hanging back offers the convoy a cavalry team in case of trouble.  Half your firepower should be with them.

You will need a dedicated command car complete with full communications gear and detailed maps of all your possible routes.  Your convoy leader must be someone people respect, have a clear head in a crisis-which you’re in-and good negotiating skills.

Children should be in one van or bus.  Have lots of snacks, games, and a couple adults skilled at keeping restless and scared youth in better spirits.

All vehicles should have two drivers who can work in shifts for continuous travel.  In case of breakdowns or much worse there’s a spare pair of hands.

You don’t want to look like a caravan of post apocalyptic marauders; don’t have spikes or barbed wire adorning the vehicles, keep weapons out of sight.  In fact don’t travel too close; each vehicle should be just within eyesight of each other, interspersed irregularly.  Just look like a patch of traffic going through, and it would be a good idea to have some vehicles with different state license plates.  Only bunch up for protection if you are in a known danger zone.

Have a scout car or two well forward, about a half-hour’s travel ahead who can report on roadblocks, downed bridges, trouble as well as finding places to rest.  It will be of great help to have people en route you can stop, rest, take with you… get networking.

If convoys are being targeted don’t hesitate to break up the convoy, spread out and have meet spots for the various routes…

To figure out your routes, get detailed road maps because you will be doing about all your travel along side roads, at least until you reach bridges or ferries.  You will have the Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Red, Ohio, Illinois rivers plus dozens of smaller rivers, reservoirs-all of them will be choke points.  The danger in going later than about the first two weeks of July is that the government will probably concentrate resources on those choke points hoping to catch survivalists like yourself.  You could wait until there’s a uncontrollable panic out of the South but then the random danger will be much greater from competing bands and individuals.  Plus government forces will likely be much more trigger happy.  Then again you may have no choice but to start later but perhaps those manning the checkpoints or roadblocks may see the situation for what it is and let you through.  Or get paid to let you through. 

If things turn utterly chaotic, you must be ready at all times to both scavenge and fight.  When you park, assume a circular or square defensive formation-literally circle your wagons to provide a defensive circle.  Seek out places to rest that offer good fields of fire-no buildings, brush or obstacles nearby that offer enemy gunners cover from your defensive fire. 

Your best defense is to keep moving. 


Before you reach your new home sell yourself as an asset to the community, not an additional burden and you will integrate much easier.  Not easy, but being more than more mouths to feed will help you have much fewer enemies.  Have people already where you’re at and your job will go even smoother.

Be honorable.  Keep your word.  Don’t be assholes but don’t let people take advantage or push you and yours around.  Be respectful of how your new home is-until they harm you and yours.

Very likely, your new home’s Freemason run power elite will see you as a threat so one of your primary tasks will be to sweep them out of power.  It will help the Nation to get them out of office as expeditiously as possible.  If the Tea Party would help all the better but do NOT expect help from them.  Only sure way of going forward.

It will be too late for this year’s crop season so you’re preparing for next year’s harvest-which again, will be the last you will be able to conduct out in the open.  You may be forced to go hydroponic anyway due to GMO contamination from the giant corporate farms so start setting up your hydroponic farm as soon as you’re settled in. 

Remember to offer businesses the town will need, and you will have to have the resources to jump start an especially depressed economy. 


We can talk about mounting a real cleanup effort along the coast, and Kevin Costner’s centrifuges and using a nuclear device to make the fault line that well was drilled shift laterally cutting it off all day long but nothing… absolutely nothing can or will ever be accomplished until and only until those that perpetrated this environmental 9/11, this act of global genocide are brought down.  Brought down NOW.

Start the Second American Revolution in your locale.  Don’t rely on the Tea Party, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, or any other media figure or proverbial Man on Horseback.  You have to be the hero, be your own leader. 

The beast is vulnerable at the local level-too much to cover.  Start there, build a political machine from the grassroots and with the combination of rifle marksmanship, entrepenurialship, small scale agriculture we stand a chance of building something that can take the nation back.  Nothing else can be done until we start taking what’s ours back.   We don’t have much time.

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  1. Brian Says:

    This is the biggest load of garbage I’ve read on this to date. Yes I live in southeast LA on the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain. I have not seen the first indication of oil rains or crop failures in my garden. Nor am I going to relocate my family or be forcefully relocated from the area in which I grew up and make my living. The idea that the entire Gulf region is going to be abandoned like the Russian plains in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster is laughable at best. There is too much money tied up in manufacturing, petro-chemical industry, and transportation infrastructure to just tuck tail and abandon the area. Let’s face it, those of us who actually live in this region are not going to go quietly into the night and we have nothing in common with the New Orleans morons that the world witnessed during Katrina. If you took time to notice, the surrounding areas and the entire MS coastline was hit much harder and there was little to no chaos there.


    Glad to see us Patriots can stick together…

    Look: I would LOVE if this were some kind of over-the-top illusion, but with the increasing amount of reports on Gulf spawned acidic rains, oil pollution found as far afield as North Carolina and Ohio… I’d err on the side of caution. Being a curmundgeon will not shield you from the potentially lethal effects of breathing in aerosolized benzene, oil compounds, corexit 9500, etc.

    Could it be some long range plot to empty all that Gulf coast real estate? Could be.

    Could whatever they’re messing with get completely out of their control and threaten the entire planet? What they’ve got in the Gulf-seeping into the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf stream-already is threatening the oceans. Even what they’ve pumped into the oceans now plus overfishing is threatening to kill off ocean life, and cause a global famine. Imagine if that pile of garbage from this idiotic site turns out to not be the worst possible case?

    Hope you have the lungs to hold your breath…

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