J. Croft

Where are they-hanging out with Waldo?  Where’s Greenpeace-why aren’t there protests in the streets against British Petroleum?  Why isn’t Barack Obama being burned in effigy for being such a step n’ fechit for the oil companies-and Goldman Sachs whose working every angle in the financial sector to rob your money and your homes(another discussion yes, but…).

If the Gulf Oil Spill had happened in G-Dubya Bush’s time Greenpeace and the other environmentalist groups would be going nonstop 24/7, impeachment hearings would be televised live for months-under Obama there’s nothing of the sort?  Where the fuck ARE they?  Does a black man in the White House give a pass to British Petroleum?  Yeah-the ones who own the rig that so catastrophically blew when they attempted that deep ocean drilling in a high pressure pocket of oil.

There’s 250,000 gallons(at least) of toxic crude oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.  A day.  The Gulf’s already been inflicted with the equivalent of THREE Exxon Valdez’s.  The Gulf’s fucked.  It’ll take decades to clean up the mess AS IT IS.

A hurricane will vaporize that sludge, carry it over the South, contaminating millions of acres of farmland, all the waterways.  There are toxic chemicals in crude oil that will mandate evacuating millions of people if a hurricane hits.  A cleanup of the South ALONE will take decades.

Even IF we luck out and no hurricane sweeps through the oil slick…now… that crap’s going to drift until it hits the Gulf Stream.  The oil will contaminate the East Coast coastline, destroy the fisheries-kill off the entire ecosystem.  Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the British Isles… but that won’t be the end.   This shit will ride the currents down and up the coasts of Africa, get into the Indian Ocean.  Yes the oil gushing from the Gulf will hit the Pacific Ocean, in a year or so.

It’s been a MONTH… and the more that oil’s allowed to pump out of that busted wellhead, the bigger the mess, the more sea life gets killed off; any honest cleanup effort started now will take the resources of the entire planet to forestall a total contamination of the oceans and take years to clean up the Gulf of Mexico…

So I ask, where the FUCK are the environmentalists?!

Where the fuck’s Greenpeace?  Why aren’t they mounting an all out assault on British Petroleum assets with the Rainbow Warrior?!  What, holding Bush’s balls to the fire is good for the leftist environmentalists but their god the oil corporation shoe shine boy Obama is off limits? 

For that matter, what the FUCK is the United States Government doing kow-towing to a FUCKING OIL COMPANY?!    Coast Guard personnel have on the side stated that the Gulf cleanup is “BP’s show”.   Isn’t the Coast Guard part of Homeland Security?   They can rape women at airports and treat us like shit but say “yas suh bossman” to the people who caused this?

Why do these motherfuckers get a pass on inspections but the EPA will drop the hammer on ordinary Americans for simply building a sand berm or because their back yard floods?

The Saudis had a similar incident happen recently-they used supertankers to clean up and recover that spill.  Why isn’t British Petroleum doing likewise? 

There are nontoxic dispersants that can break up the oil-why is BP being allowed to use the most toxic crap to break up the oil? 

I ask again: what’s so special about British Petroleum that they get a free pass on literally murdering the Earth’s oceans?  Is it because of their deep pockets-Queen Elizabeth the Second –that the old cunt’s allowed to starve billions of people?

You, reading this-you do know we’re in a worldwide famine, right?  Crop yields are not keeping up with an ever growing population.  Floods and drought, and corporate mismanagement and a conspiracy to monopolize American agriculture have endangered wheat production.  Small farmers and organic co-ops are treated to paramilitary SWAT raids of the kind immortalized on Youtube in Columbia Missouri… for swapping raw milk. 

If people cannot get food from the land, and the seas are murdered what then?  We starve.

This is an existential threat.

This is a problem for every nation, every government, every person.

One would hope the governments of Earth would step up and demand action by the United States Government…  now.  Unfortunately the “people” who really run the United States Government-who run Goldman Sachs and yes, British Petroleum-they have shown by their acts that they want something like this to happen.  Using depleted(of the isotope that causes nuclear detonations) uranium-which is still radioactive-which  when expended by the US military becomes microscopic radioactive particles that will mutate and kill living tissues forever.   They’ve used our military, our troops in two wars that have ground two nations for decades.  Both Iraq and Afghanistan since 1980 have been subjected to war by proxy, revolution, economic strangulation and since 9/11 by US military occupation. 

Ordinary Americans are ruled with an iron fist by this beast yet they defer to an oil company owned by the Queen of England about a extinction level event they’re responsible for.

Yet British Petroleum must be stopped from deliberately polluting the Earth any further.  

You can start: don’t buy fuel from any BP gas station, nor use any BP product.   A global boycott of British Petroleum for poisoning our world-spread the word.

Put pressure on your local, state(province) and national government to use any excuse to seize British Petroleum assets.  Remove from office any officials that won’t.   Eminent domain seems to work well enough on ordinary Americans why not a oil company responsible for the greatest manmade disaster in history.

BP officials must NOT get a moment’s respite.  Make each of them personally responsible.

BP shareholders must NOT get a moment’s respite.  They too must be held personally responsible.

The owner of British Petroleum, the Queen of England and the entire British Royal Family must NOT get another moment’s respite.  That inbred fucking cunt above all must be held personally responsible.

And ANY government official that helps BP, makes excuses-they too must NOT get another moment’s respite. 

People have to hit the streets and protest in front of BP offices, gas stations.  This is something the environmentalists know how to do… I mean, if that wouldn’t get in the way of them worshipping BP’s step n’ fetchit president. 

The governments of Earth must form a united front against the US Government, British Petroleum and the British Monarchy.  Yes the world’s financial systems are beholden to New York and London, and the US military’s the world’s most powerful.  But this isn’t stomping some hapless Third World hellhole into the mud, this is murdering the oceans.  If there isn’t food coming from the oceans people and nations will get food from… each other.  This will drive Earth into a all-consuming world war.

Maybe that’s the endgame.

The nations must enforce a global embargo of the responsible parties, seize their assets, drive them from their lands.  Furthermore, an effort must be mounted NOW to clean the rapidly growing oil slick. There are hundreds of ships idled from the global economic downturn that can be used in the effort, they’re parked off the coast of Indonesia; they could be fitted for oil recovery in Asian ports and arrive in the Atlantic at worst in two months.  

That oil leak is in international waters; can’t something be rigged to go in and do an honest job of siphoning off that oil leak instead of the cruel joke of what amounts to a soda straw?


  1. Infrogmation Says:

    Where are the envirornmentalists? Screaming murder at the top of their lungs. Doing volunteer work trying to save the lives and clean up oil covered birds and wildlife in Louisiana.

    REPLY: Yeah where’s the EFFECTIVE action? All I see is the government letting BP trash the ocean, letting them do their bad song and dance as they DELIBERATELY fumble attempt after lame attempt. Those enviromentalists need to get locals activated to protect their coasts themselves and not wait on the Army Corps of Engineers permission. This is Katrina all over again-when will we learn?

    Where is Greenpeace? Trudging through the oil slicked wetlands of taking hundreds of photos of the disaster and putting them on line, at personal risk to health and threats of arrest by BP goons.

    REPLY: Photos, yeah good. What Greenpeace needs to do is to target the corporate officers and major shareholders of BP and the govt. officials they bribed; let them have not a moment’s rest. This is a crime and the criminals need to be exposed.

    Why aren’t there protests in the streets against British Petroleum? Hunh? There ARE. From London to California, New Orleans to Chicago, Texas to Washington D.C.

    REPLY: Better get some better coverage on alternative media then…

    Why don’t you know about this? Why isn’t it in the news, on the television, in the newspapers? That one I don’t know.

    REPLY: The people perpetrating this crime on humanity own the government and British Petroleum as well as the major media.

  2. Striderus Says:

    oooppps somebodies caught with their hands in the cookie jar huh? WTF when the hell are Americans going to string these f’n traitors up at the G’Damn gallows ?

    I’m sending this far and wide….I knew there had to be more to this shit then was being said errr shown, now this makes sense as to BP making the workers sign papers….Damn good to see someone saying FU and videoing it and posting it anyways !

    Now it’s time to arrest and hang the f’n traitors in this damn gooberment.. and I don’t give a shit who it is that is guilty F’n hang their asses on the steps of congress !!! ASAP !


    Subject: Deep Water Horizon Moments after Explosion Live Footage
    Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 14:46:38 -0400

    Ever hear of “Project Blue Beam”? Here it is in action. Look above the fire on the oil rig and see the blue beams shooting into the fire……there are two of them. Then look below the oil rig on fire and see the two blue beams going to the bottom of the ocean. They will never cap this leak. These can be fired from a satellite….they were testing their equipment????

    Look like it was done by our government, another twin towers??

    Deep Water Horizon Moments after Explosion Live Footage

  3. Julie Simpson Says:

    You don’t know how many times I have asked this. It seems Society has started its abyss into the land of Bizarro World where nothing makes any more sense. I went on to see for volunteering to clean up and they don’t want anyone from a neighboring States just in State volunteers?

  4. Dave Says:

    This is a direct result of the enviromentalists and their lobbying efforts to force politications to force oil companies to have to drill far off shore, this is what happens when there is no prudent way to contain it. I hope the enviromentalists and the politicans who caved into the pressure are going to accept the blame for what has happened.

  5. Striderus Says:

    Julie S…..

    They don’t want outsiders to help because they’re hiring prisoners and get half of their checks back in to the sate coffers….it’s called KICKBACKS….or better yet SLAVES ! Yes’em massa….shake’ the bush boss…ummm the leaves are fall’n off massa….

    hmmm I wonder if the people down there like being SLAVE BITCHES AGAIN ???

    And what are the goobers and BP bitches doing….they’re sucking each other off….what do you expect from faggot satanist governments & corporate dildos ???

  6. Electronic Projects · Says:

    the oil spill in mexico really affected the eco system around that area, it would take years to clean those mess ‘

  7. Amp Accessories Says:

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