Up to recently I maintained  and  as mirrors of each other.

Well, due to recent events-like me quitting Rumor Mill News for it being run by spooks and con artists and Alex Jones banning me out of the blue… don’t know why but it certainly gives a LOT of credence to his critics… more than a few there…. so due to assholes running the “movement” into the dirt as their handlers direct them this is what I’m doing:

This blog,  is where I will put my original drafts and videos.

My Blogger site,  is where I will post news, worthy articles, e-mails worthy of being shared, dirt, etc. Future articles will have links to this blog, where they’re posted.

Be your own leader, use your organization, don’t let it use you and if they’re steering you into ineffectiveness or inactivity have no shame in coopting their image, personage, whatever and putting out more positive messages, doing what is effective.

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