A “Christian Militia” group called the Hutaree was raided this weekend. Go HERE for updates:;f=26;t=000139;p=1

First, it was a good thing they surrendered without a fight but then again judging by a certain member called Azuurlin… who flamed me out of the blue for attacking Google-weren’t we supposed to be on the same side? Judging by how they operate, how other militia groups shunned them I’m not surprised they folded.

It’s good they folded because if those loudmouths had let but one round fly the feds in their hundreds of agents with armor and air backup would have shot them into bloody mush. Not swiss cheese, mush. We’d be in a real shooting civil war… over a pack of loudmouth racists.

Second, you can’t prepare enough for a war, but militias are especially unprepared.

No manufacturing capacity

No economic or political support

Shunned by most Americans.

It would be for the most part a fabulous hunt for the feds. Those that realize that waging war involves more than having a website with pictures of yourselves in cammies hip shooting your AK’s for the camera would do wise to rectify those deficits.

Learn how to make ammunition. Guns? There will be plenty of guns your ammo supplies are critical and where are they at?

Worse, where do you get food? A place to sleep? Medical assistance? Recruits? Intel?

Since you have a finite amount of ammunition, no local support, how do you go about to rectify that deficit with the people in your area?

Are you involved in the community-preferably through a front organization?

Do you help people in their everyday existence? Do you take in orphans and foreclosed families? Do you keep a eye out for local law enforcement and warn where the speed traps are, the checkpoints etc.?

Do you pool resources together to generate underground economic activity; enough to attract more people in and help starve the beast of their slaves labor?

Do you organize recall elections for local corrupt politicians in smaller communities? Not just to get rid of the trash but to build that political and economic base-and by extension the base of popular support all guerilla movements need?

All of this I’ve written about these past five years. Go through my blog…

Marching about playing Rambo on the weekends has never cut it. Make a difference while you can our survival depends on it.

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