For awhile now, several months, I’ve greatly reduced my participation as an Agent for Rumor Mill News.

An eclectic collection of news, I considered it a valuable place to find out news you’d never find out anyplace else. However one of the agents, Hobie, has abused his position to literally clog up the site with his 10-20 posts from his ‘sources’ daily saying oh the mythical ‘packets’ that would instantly restore America, the packets are here, there, held up, in the Pentagon, Chief Supreme Court justice John Roberts has them, blah, blah, blah. The sad internet drama has literally shat on RMN.

Below is the post where it was brought up:

Posted By: J
Date: Monday, 22-Mar-2010 17:27:35 Re: HEALTH CARE BILL-I HOPE IT PASSES!


Have been reading your posts off and on for years. Will miss them. Stay safe,
warm and dry. Have lost some of them over the years due to CPU crashes, etc.
Hope RMN will keep them archived.



I’m… just going to be done with Freedom Guide. I’ve written just about everything I could anyway its just that what I was hoping to do-not going to happen. Half from general apathy half from deep cover operatives sabotaging and leading everyone astray and otherwise make ineffective our movements. So…
This is from Larry… yes definetly read this one:


I’m with you J. I’m done with the we can change the political system from within

Certainly as a overall solution but using recall elections to secure bastions of Freedom is still tactically sound. Who knows maybe we can pull something off yet but people have got to take responsibility for themselves and each other and DO.

or there’s help on the way with packets bullshit and all the other nonsense
that’s on this site.

Yes, the whole packets drama is a bunch of bullcrap that sounds like a mind control experiment to see just how gullible people can be. If so it’s an amazing success.

To be fair RMN has on all the stuff other sites won’t touch. There’s a lot of truth and a lot of crap but that’s for you to decide. It’s when complaints are registered and they’re addressed in a negative fashion that it becomes a problem.

The beast is totaly run and controlled by Khazar Zionist
Bankers and their minions, that are going for the final assault. This last go
for broke assault will be using the full force of their media, financial,
political, and military whores. The American sheeple are just to dumbed down to
be an effective adversary to their goals.

Look at it this way: in all revolutions it is a minority of awakened, aware, self-leading, self-responsible Patriots that made and carried a struggle. Most people are better off joining via support and/or nonviolent noncompliance and NONVIOLENT NONCOMPLANCE is just how to defeat the beast.

Hell just look at all the retarded
postings up on RMN anymore. People like hobie and his bullshit diversionary crap
are as good as an example as there is as to why there’s not much reason for
thinking humans to come here much anymore. I used to think their might be hope
enlightening the readers with thought provoking “tell it like it is” posters
like yourself. Posters that used to be the norm at RMN. What a sad sea of
bullshit it has now become. Now I know we only have the use
of the 2nd amendment left to us and any fool too blind to see the reality of
it will get the fate they deserve. A fate reserved for those living in a fantasy
world.A fate reserved for those not willing to open there eye’s and mind to the

Hobie this wasn’t me who wrote that but you have to admit the whole packets drama-why?!! Why not just post a notice stating that you will only report on the packets again WHEN THEY’RE ACTUALLY DELIVERED AND DISTRIBUTING?

Any reasonable person could agree with that, right?

A fate you and I J will unfortunately probably share with them.

Speak for yourself I intend to win. And I will.
But I
like you will not die a slave to these communist subhuman piece’s of dog shit.
Viva the spirit of Patrick Henry.

Amen Brother! A couple three more below:



It’s going to pass tonight, so you will get your wish…

Get ready… It’s finally time… LOCK AND LOAD!!!
From James:


I agree. Lets see how many have the stomach.For anyone coming to the door to
enforce this new law, instant execution should be carried out. It is legal. It
is moral. It is mandated by US law.

Well Hobie replied and below is his message and my reply:

Below is a reproduction of a reply I sent to Hobie about mail call about this issue:

Hobie this wasn’t me who wrote that but you
: have to admit the whole packets drama-why?!! Why not just
: post a notice stating that you will only report on the

: Any reasonable person could agree with that, right?

: [quote]Well, coupla things about that: – Despite the
: “makes me see red” a few folks experience with
: those updates, I promise you there are other Readers who
: prefer that I post them. Which group of Readers shall we
: satisfy?[/quote]

I didn’t know this was a entertainment website;)

I thought this was news you wouldn’t get anyplace else. That’s why I joined-not to fill half the board with a lame version of Lucy yanking the football from Charlie Brown as he’s about to kick the field goal.

“The packets are here”

“the packets are with John Roberts-no, Obama-no, at the Pentagon”

I could, and MOST of our readership could understand, an occasional update. But you purposely fill up this message board with your shit-yes, shit.

You fill a news website with shit what happens? Viewership may drop, or it may be replaced with people with a taste for shit. Whether or not that happens what is guaranteed to happen is that OUR CREDIBILITY DROPS.

Now, I know RMN deals with issues nobody else will tackle. Morgellons. Hyperdimensional Physics and the enemy’s usage. The Factions. Forbidden history. Alternate health. Yes, TO A POINT the news on packets is valid; but you go way too far. Have been for months and so far you’ve had cover from the front office when someone rightly criticizes you.

We’re going into a deeper level of slavery in America with this Health Care nightmare… it’s a little hard to get that with this daily ridiculousness.

[quote]: – Posting Casper’s updates here allows folks a chance to say
: what they think about them, something they don’t really get
: at fourwinds. [/quote]

It clogs up the board! You don’t find me… when I was posting regularly until you bombed RMN with your packets crap… posting every single posting from everyone either still FOOLISHLY waiting on those deliveries or those laughing/disgusted at you bogarting RMN. Maybe Rayelan should rename it the Hobie show:)

[quote]: – Ceasing to post those until such time as deliveries occur
: actually makes no sense – as, _announcements_ are expected
: to follow deliveries, in which case the whole world is
: gonna know about it and we won’t need to post anything
: then. 🙂 [/quote]

Wow. That’s a magnificent example of pretzel logic.

It would make with the BS hobie’s sources put out-and he diligently pollutes RMN with-that he shut the hell up about the packets UNTIL they’re delivered and then make all the announcements he/they want.

Except that this is most likely some kind of spook op. And hobie is most likely a spook himself. Hell, Rayelan was married to one so she’s essentially a spook herself-setting the Factions aside for once.

[quote]: Likewise, Poof expects to “fall silent” and give
: himself a well-earned vacation at that point and will no
: longer be sending his newsletters for anyone to post.
: Casper’s update may also cease at that point. [/quote]

Can he shut the fuck up now? Maybe find a hobby or get a drug habit or something?

This is why I basically stopped posting at Rumor Mill News.

Who can take this website-given the content-take this website seriously with Casper and the other spook douchebags? I can’t. Rayelan Allen brings in readers with her podcasts, and then they get to read your shit. Shit.

RDS2301 made a comment about your shit and got ganged up on.

Striderus-where’s he?


I am or probably soon be ‘was’ about the last voice of reason on this board.

[quote]: And, it’s expected there will be at least a brief
: “non-disclosure” period for the recipients – in
: which case, we may not even know when deliveries do occur.
: 🙂 [/quote]


[quote]: Blessings.

: –hobie


P.S. I’m duplicating this on my websites

Whether or not Rumor Mill News retains me as an Agent is entirely up to them. As of now I find it hard to put any value to staying.

Anybody care to change my mind?

J. Croft


I’ve been “decommissioned”:

Hi, J —

No surprise, I’m sure, but we thought about it, and no, we don’t care to
change your mind. You’re decommissioned as an RMN Agent.

We’re a bit saddened by it — you did “yeoman service” at RMN for a long
time, and we appreciate that.

Your several posts over the past day or so, however, showed clearly that
you were on the way out the door, no matter what. You did several things
that you really knew better than to do. Pick any one of those you like
as “the reason why” you’ve been decommissioned.

We wish you well.

Well, I guess calling people out is a no-no. Oh well RMN built their ship let them sink with it.

Now a word from an ex-Agent…

Oh you know what happened to me……sigh…..LOL

Ahhhhh and some do keep me abreast of …..ummmm ….interesting things….hahaha

haha did ya thrash his ass ? hahaha

sure em glad I’m not the only one smelling shot….. haha I was thinking it must have been from my pic of a piece of shit with omamba’s face on it…. ROTFLMAO..

yeeaappp I was a think’n the same thing….but as a Counter-Intelli front
And a second:



Sorry J,

but hummer the ‘jew’ is a zionist pecker puffer living in beloit wisc…he’s
most likely one of the local drunks we cheeser’s have to deal with. I’m not
surprised to see he’s moved on to you …iMo he’s the disrupter to rmn from
jewland….”nazi” jewland.

It really interesting that the hobbit interject that the ghost clowns get to use
1st admendment protections but yet a few of us are NOT afforded the same….I
guess showing this half black POS-POTUS face on a turd is now anti-jew too.

Your alright J these people here USED everyone to make lots of money off the
begging cup. imo rmn is nothing but a counter-intelligence front. we’ll see over
time if thats true or not….but it HAS become a NNWO newage religious shit hole
rag mag crap site as charged by …another EX-agent Lonestar that was also given
the boot ….

I believe the complainer is Never Surrender ….because if you haven’t hread or
noticed ….there’s a EGO war going on at rmn for control…and guess who and
where has the most to gain since they’re sitting on a farm owned by rmn that was
“gifted” to raye in Ohio? …..hmmmmm

funny too is that hob and NS are the only two being paid at rmn….. the rest of
us are the chumps filling their pockets as my wife has for a few years been
squawking in my ears about posting there. she the one that pointed out to me
that they appear like an intell site….which is why I posted somethings the way
I did to test that theory…

their setting up patriots for the nazi-zionist jews…..imo

just let me know if you want my saved emails from my firing where the pricks can
NOT even keep their story straight about the reasons….sigh….hahaha

Sure gimme the e-mails. I fell into the fallacy we’re supposed to be united but you can’t unite with backstabbers and con artists.

If it’s alright I’m going to post this-I won’t use your name but I need the update from former RMN agents.

Oh, did you know Alex Jones banned me from his forum? It’s true! Out of the blue. Guess he just wants people to get his prisonplanet memberships and chip ins as well.

Fuck all the shysters! I’m calling them all out!
And another one…

Thank you for your email….

I read your post and totally agree.
Striderus is gone. I have the complete string of back and forth emails
that occured until his account was closed. (he saved every one of them.)
Heard TheMythSmith is gone, too.
If you need a connect to Striderus, I can plug you in.
Definitely some kind of chaos going on so it seems in the front office.
I’m just a mushroom growing in shit.
But, when I peek out of the cave, it’s abundantly clear, is it not!
A few good folks get on a roll and then the bullshit posts start to
appear… a song here a packet there…. here a pack, there a
pack,everywhere a pack, pack……….geez!
Looking forward to talking with you at your different addy!
Best wishes!

Subject: your posting – followup –

Thought your comments were right on.
And then ole hob posts another casper bullshit post. geez!
And to read his “helping you out the rmn door” comments at the end were what pretty well gave away the whole show.

Personally, I hope you stay on just to rub it in their faces.
There are a few of those who have been “fired” who email each other once in a while using non-rmn, private accounts.
You might want to start asking and collecting them while you still have access.

Once “fired” your entire account will go down including all active and archived articles and email.

Feel free to write to me at this email address if you have any questions, comments or how-dees!

Best wishes!

Already canned.

If you got e-mails of other shitcanned RMN Agents send em. We don’t need Rayelan and them other hustlers!


And a reader who USED to value RMN for it’s one time focus on pertinent information:


J, YOu points are most valid, I have sent similar emails to Hobie and of course
they are not posted in the reading room, Have also sent emails to Rayelan and
no reply there. Something in the past three years or so has caused a real
decline in the material posted. I have similar complaints about the mucsic that
Hobie posts, what does this have to do with rumor/news??? THe response is the
usual “many readers like the Casper, music poof and” other junk posts. This awas
a very good site until 0y or there abouts. There was recently( two or three
months) a”negative” post by another agent who ms. Raye then booted from the
site. I have watched many of the old info posters go by the wayside and we are
left with blather…maybe thats why they are constantly begging for money, oh
yeah I usually send an email when there are posts begging for money. I like to
let them know that I will not donate a cent until they get rid of the junk.
have a good one. joe

And another reader lamenting on the RMN hustle:



Seems you are the only sane and true Patriot on RMN along with the former
member, Striderus. Over the three years of my viewership I have seen the RMN
energy level wane, the truth soddened with crap and socialist agents and, if it
were even possible, Raylen becoming even flakier and more desperate for money.

How is it that I have two websites, with their own domains and unlimited
bandwidth for a combined total of under $300 per year? Who and the heck is
‘that’ ignorant to fall for the endless appeal for $3,000/Month?!! She may be
likable but there is NOTHING she does to deserve making a living off that lame
RMN Advertisement whore of a website. Sure glad I never contributed and I do
quickly exit any post begging for $$$.

Yes, I know I don’t have to visit, but I assure you that my visits are quite
infrequent. I am for Pure Play Truth. That means if you don’t place the blame
for the World’s problems squarely at the feet of the Zionists and Zionist Jews,
YOU are part of the problem (not YOU as in J). Only posters on RMN such as you
conduct themselves in Pure Play.

I am a kindred spirit, J, and I am certainly prepared and capable of practicing
what I preach.

Thanks for the kind words.

Well, I lay with mangy dogs, I get the fleas.

Beware the “leaders” of this “movement”…

And yet another Reader:


You and I agree on most things. I believe, unfortunately, that the repost of
that first e-mail reply to you is going to get you thrown off this site once
Hobie sees it. Maybe, I’ll see you somewhere else on the web.

Oh and this is Hobie’s sendoff to me…

Hi, J –

The hope of a different future being held out by Casper and by Poof is opposite to the future you personally believe is coming – thus, to you, their material is “shit” and the Readers who do want that material to be available “have a taste for shit”.

You’re alleging that this material somehow “made” you stop posting regularly here. What really happened is that you made a personal sovereign choice, based on your likes and dislikes, to “take your ball and go home”.

Time was, every day, you’d post a large stack of free-standing messages, turning the place momentarily into the “J show”. But now you object to my posting Reader e-mails, threaded together so that folks are free to step over the whole thing if they want to – and you see that as the “hobie show”.

Don’t you get it? You’re projecting and mirroring, picking on things “out here” when you need to be looking “in there”. The whole thing is “an inside job”.

You’re apparently intent on making changes in your living and want to try burning a few bridges to see if it’ll help. No one could stop you from doing that if it’s your choice to do it. But in the end, it won’t help – because it’s not about those bridges, it’s about you.

You’re well aware that you’re acting in a way contrary to terms you agreed to on becoming an Agent, by thrashing about here in the Reading Room in the particular way that you’ve done it. Then, you say, it’s up to RMN whether you continue posting here. That’s dishonest. You’re trying to “resign by getting yourself decommissioned”, which would give an appearance that someone besides yourself holds responsibility for your departure.

Grow the hell up. This is what “free speech” looks like. There will probably always be people saying things that you personally don’t care for or do not believe. Your effort to get rid of speech you don’t care for is inherently elitist – it’s the same spirit that gave rise to the concepts of “hate speech” and “political correctness”.

If you’re unable to see this and feel you can’t abide with it, the course of integrity would be to resign, honorably, and not to set up a pretense that anyone but you is responsible for you.


Yeah the nerve. That’s how they train spooks I suppose…

Basically I got hosed. Punk’d.

I should have connected the dots when I offered Rayelan Allen a cut off the pay of videos-no out of pocket expenses for her… which she DECLINED.

I should have definitely connected the dots when Rayelan referred me to one of her friends who wanted to publish my articles as a book-she tried to hustle me and give all the money to Rayelan.

I finally got it through my thick head with the constant appeals for cash like a televangelist. Offered suggestions and well… she still begged even though she’s got like a hundred ads on her site and the worst pop-ups.

For what? Fairy tales about packets and trivia. And baseless attacks on Alex Jones out of jealousy and not for good reason.

And when you use your 1st to call them on it, you get banned.

Judge everyone by their fruits…

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