First, I’m not buying health care. I’m out of the system anyway but even supposing I were-I wouldn’t. They’re pulling the same crap they did with auto insurance back in the 90’s and I’m not having that either. I will not be coerced into jack, even if they got guns on me.

Which leads to my Second-I’ll use my 2nd. I’ve been using my 1st for the last 5 years but that doesn’t seem to work too well with folks. Now I’ll have a lot of busybody bureaucrats and their tin badge god Oath Traitors try to convince me otherwise-OPSEC.

Third, I’m actually glad this bill is going to pass. This is the government’s naked power grab we’ve been waiting for the past… however long you reckon it. Now it’s put up or shut the fuck up time for everyone. All the bullies in government, all the uberpatriot chest beaters, all the braggarts everywhere now let’s see who is going to do what.

Political struggle doesn’t work-because of a lot of reasons, too many of them on us. Let the bullets fly.

I’ll probably have a couple more posts and then I think I’ll be done with Freedom Guide. I’ll make them memorable.

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