July4Patriot Bogus Arrest Update…


Originally posted by J. Croft:
I posted this as an update and at the end left this comment. Please pass this along:

To the person who gave the flare launcher/airsoft toy/whatever to Sgt. Dyer…

look I know you acted out of fear. Very understandable given the beast we live under so you sought to get rid of something not necessarily bad but could easily be presented to a uneducated and unsophisticated public as evil. God knows that between the batfaggots going after men whose AR-15’s double on them and airsoft sellers there’s plenty of fear being pumped out.

The greater evil is letting a innocent man get ground up by the beast because you couldn’t have simply taken a torch to your little project.

You believe in God right? Then know this: if you don’t stand up and help July4Patriot out of this jam-that you helped create-then you may get yourself out of the clutches of the ATF but you WILL wind up facing Almighty God Himself when you die… explain to HIM why you let one of your own take the rap.

I will also tell you this: help July4Patriot out and we’ll do what we can for you just as we are trying to do for him.

Your choice. Please make the right one.

J. Croft

We may be able to prove what needs to be proven without the guy needing to come forward.

I really think this can and should be done with the BATF walking away empty handed. I think enough can be proven of J4Ps innocence without the guy personally “taking any rap” if he can come up with picture or a video showing how the airsoft M203 gets modified to run 37mm. If he is in California, then it would help to hop over the Arizona border to show it since the 37mm launchers are illegal in California. There should be no good reason to simply volunteer to go to jail as a replacement for Dyer in this case.

I am sure there are plenty here willing to anonymously filter the info and post it somewhere.

The other thing is we can get serial numbers from Airsoft replica M203s that are out in circulation right now, and compare them to the serial numbers of the stolen units, IF we can find out what the numbers were on the stolen units. Someone somewhere needs to leak those serial numbers to the public domain so that we may do the comparison. In fact, I think that can be done without anyone going to jail as Dyer’s “stand” in, and Dyer could be quickly released once that gets cleared up.

Youtube video on Sgt. Dyer’s flare/airsoft launcher:

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posted 03-16-2010 09:32 AM
here’s the jist of it……..July4Patriot fell victim to a fed scam run by Jim Stachowiach(or whatever his name is) and his partner Travis(A.K.A.iLLchemist,resistancemod)They are responsible for the arrest,detainment and disappearance of several patriots.If the launch tube was taken from an armory in California it was done so to generate charges against July4Patriot.


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Texas Resistance
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posted 03-16-2010 10:13 AM
I hear from anothr person who met him recently that Jim Stachowiach in Georgia with ARM was a informant rat snitch.

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posted 03-16-2010 12:37 PM
Breacher, i spoke to Ft Irwin PMO, and they were less than helpful. On the other hand, I was able to to find the affidavit by the ATF agent, and the serial number on the launcher taken from Dyer’s residence is 49553.

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