J. Croft

If there’s anything I want you to take from my essays, it’s to be your own leader.

That isn’t however how Americans… or what passes for Americans… are. We as a society are conditioned from birth to defer all thinking, all the important decisions to “experts”. Doctors, CEO’s, talk show pundits, cops, bureaucrats, actors, shyster ass lawyers who have a lock on what is supposed to be our government. They make the decisions we’re forced to live with.

Doctors poison us with their drugs and we go back to them to take more prescriptions for more poison to alleviate what their first dosage of death did to us. Doctors long ago surrendered to the insurance racket known as HMO’s which have about destroyed what little benefit America’s hospitals had.

CEOs export the American economy, stick us with more taxes and we have to work two, three jobs and still make less than when we had the factories. CEOs lobby the shysters to favor them in the laws, kill our Main Streets in favor of their megacorporate superstores and we have to buy with what little money we have left over after being taxed to death crap made in China.

Talk show pundits who all but monopolize the key decision making positions bind us to international treaties that steal our Rights, our land, our wealth and we have to accept that even if we do keep our jobs, our houses can be stolen by eminent domain or to protect some mythical ‘wetland’, we have carbon taxes shoved down our throats… when we exhale carbon… that plants use like we use oxygen. You can thank those walking fossils for engineering America’s rise as a world-straddling empire and all the blood shed in our name. You can thank those council on foreign relation member TRAITORS for our continuing decline into a third world hellhole coming apart at our racial seams. Meanwhile most ‘murikans pick their noses in incomprehension thanks to the deliberate dumbing down we as a nation have been subjected to for the past century.

Cops are bullshitted into thinking all the injustices we as Americans are subjected to is the norm and we’re subjected to many of them scratching the ‘expert’ inflicted wounds, making the racial and social divides worse. Cops drink the kool aid that they’re ‘exceptional’, that they’re the only ones to exercise the 2nd Amendment, that they’re ‘a breed apart’, ‘the thin blue line’; we get to experience their overbearing arrogance-at best. Cops are encouraged to set up innocent people, manufacture busts from traffic tickets to planting drugs and rusty .25 pistols to justify murder, use their arrest victims to sell drugs or go to prison; meanwhile we’re conditioned by the twenty Law n’ Order shows that the cops are dicks but they’re dicks to protect us.

Bureaucrats steal our money in enforcement of their petty rules and we let them. Bureaucrats attack our Freedoms and we allow them to live. Bureaucrats sic agents and cops to enforce their bullshit rules on those Americans still willing to make a stand against their tyranny, and we leave them twisting in the wind-cheer for our oppressors in fact.

Actors… this true for a lot of them… shoot their ignorant mouths off about issues they don’t understand, and because we’re so dumbed down we get confused the distinction between TV characters and those that play them; treat them as experts. Actors spit out their politically correct Freedom thievery, property thievery, lies and because they’re on the TV we treat every verbal fart of theirs as pronouncements from God. Because the TV set is our fucking god.

Lawyers… I could write a whole article-wait I did write a article about these shysters: Kill All Lawyers. Google that. Suffice it to say, we let these motherfuckers write the laws we meekly obey, even unto the poor house, the jail house, the morgue. We let them administer their laws which they enforce with armies of cops, agents, bureaucrats and we block that out as we cling desperately to the TV god we buy at 28%APR. We let them bring us to trial in their fraudulent courts, submit to their kangaroo trials, where judge, prosecutor and ‘your’ defense attorney work as a tag team to fuck you.

I can’t believe I almost forgot this, given the recent headlines… the bankers. They’re the worst fucking ‘experts’ of all; experts at hustling our money from us, multiplying that many fold. Meanwhile they make us use their fraudulent federal reserve notes as they decrease the value of them by forever inflating them, so saving what you can is a exercise in futility, you need a second job, you need to take on debt to finance what your parents and grandparents could buy out of pocket. Next thing you know you lose your job because those bankster fucks crash the economy, you lose your job and you lose all the money you poured into your debts as your house, car and all your goods are repo’d.

Do you get it?

You rely on ‘experts’ to run your life you get screwed. You have been getting screwed. And you’ve been trained to like it. By ‘experts’.

Our ancestors, who fought and beat the British Empire certainly didn’t rely on so-called ‘experts’. They didn’t rely on cops to bear arms for them, media to form their very thoughts, bureaucrats to give them permission to fight, actors to emulate and worship, and certainly not lawyers to interpret law and figure out it was bad. The farmers, workers, merchants and frontiersmen practiced law themselves, didn’t need to worship anyone but God, didn’t need cops to defend them. They did need to defend themselves from those parasitic elements and so do we-more than ever.

Our ancestors, simple everyday folks not so different from a lot of us, drove back the greatest army on Earth at Lexington and Concord. …Picture 90’s militiamen standing up to the 100 machine gun equipped ATF army that besieged the peaceable Americans at Mt. Carmel… Waco to most folks… and driving those back shooting cowards back to town and laying siege to that town to drive them from there! That is what those Americans accomplished on April 19, 1775. They formed the backbone of resistance whether it be valiantly formed into ranks going toe to toe against the redcoats, or much more intelligently using their rifles and shooting their leaders.

…Okay, there’s one huge difference between those Americans, and today’s 300lb sacks of diabetic fat-those Americans were willing to FIGHT AND DIE FOR THEIR FREEDOM. They were so willing to fight and die for Freedom, many of the Hessian mercenaries imported by the British like Blackwater in Iraq, defected and joined our side. Freedom is that powerful a concept-which is why it had to be made forgotten to Americans. That took the lawyers and their bankster masters who took over America with the 1787 Constitution two centuries to lay the foundation of tyranny in the very structure of the document; slowly grow their power through obscure clauses and emergencies real and manufactured; lull Americans to sleep generation by generation through slowly evolving public education that dumbed them down; evolve and transform the economy into a industrial plutocracy that favored the money men and crushed everyone else; introduce gun control to disarm blacks and police to give the appearance of protecting the people; introduction and expansion of a fraudulent monetary system designed to systematically impoverish the American People.

The heart of this multi-generation conspiracy? That the government will lead you. The government will take care of you-just obey and don’t make waves. That’s why you’ve been dumbed down, lulled into complacency, apathy, distraction, dependency, disarmed-all the components of slavery. That’s why all the ‘experts’ in your town government, state government, media, academia, corporations, financial institutions, federal agencies feel they have license to rule over you. They do.

Again, you are the government’s slaves.

So stop letting others lead you.

Lead yourself. Start making up your own mind about things, and not what others peer pressure you into, because they’re in lock-step with the mainstream group mind; all the millions of TV watching ‘murikans who emulate the culture and social ideals presented by the TV set… Programmed by the very enemies I’ve been warning you about; they have been slowly disarming you mind, making you apathetic and dependent, in body by encouraging bad health and pacifism, and spiritually with Santa Claus Christianity. The world is 180 degrees opposite what the TV depicts which is why your naïve ass is going to get killed if you don’t wake up.

Lead yourself. Find your own way to God-stop relying on money grubbing blasphemous televangelists to dictate God to you through that Santa Claus Christianity. They want you to subsist on a false sense of piety, being apathetic, letting others lead, do the duty toward your fellow man YOU need to be doing, giving your money and time to some huge, honking, gaudy megachurch. Ever ask how many homeless families could have been GIVEN homes with the money and materials WASTED on those blasphemous temples of vanity? Their so-called prosperity gospel is but a guide for you to be as wasteful, selfish and gluttonous as any other ‘murikan-only you ask God to bless you for it!

Lead yourself. Find organic foods that are delicious. Grow your own organic food, liberate your body from corporate gene altered, chemically poisoned garbage. Stop drinking tap water or any beverage made from tap water-it has chlorine, bacteria, flouride… flouride is the other reason why so many Americans are so apathetic and dulled. It’s a poison. Processed foods are poisonous, filled with high frutcose corn syrup, MSG, other toxins designed to attack your health. Then you get to spend your life’s savings… or otherwise hock the rest of your life in debt slavery… trying in vain to stop the cancers, the diabetes ravaging every other adult American with more poisonous drugs. The same people that sell you your poisoned food, sell you your poisoned pharmeceuticals.

Lead yourself. Get a military pattern semiautomatic rifle, magazines, web gear, essential spare parts and as much ammo as you can lay your hands on. Get rifle training from and go to to round out your training as a member of the Unorganized Militia of EVERY ADULT AMERICAN.(Oh no there’s that word-‘militia! Pack of racist redneck commandos stroking their guns in the back woods! Why, I saw on TV how those evil militiamen took over a hospital, and held that red headed little boy from The Sixth Sense hostage, but Chuck Norris came and saved the day!) Yeah right. Get over your programmed response to YOU taking up arms, learning their use and defending yourselves-because Blackwater sure as hell won’t! If you need further convincing, read these:


Lead yourself. Wean yourself from the beast’s economy; barter, stop consuming crap you won’t use twice, discover your true skills and find ways to make a living in the free, underground economy. Because you’ve been herded by the sabotaged school system and the sabotaged economy that all but bar entrepenurialship and invention into working for some corporation-right off the bat you take home but a small fraction of what you would if you were self employed. Then, the government wades in, takes from a quarter to half of that five percent(maybe) of the results of your labor the corporation might leave you. Which if it were a dollar is about two cents; and guess what? One cent goes to all kinds of sales and property taxes, any fines the courts can nick out of you, fees for every last little thing. That last cent goes to the basics; clothing, feeding yourself, shelter-and if you have any left over and you don’t have kids, you can drink or get a buzz and try to forget for a few hours just what kind of wage slave you are. You can be your own boss and keep all your money when you join the free, underground economy AND starve the beast.

Lead yourself. Network with other like-minded Free Americans, scout out a small, corrupt town ripe for takeover by Patriots. Stage a Recall Election NOW, don’t wait for the next election cycle there’s no time. Make that town a example of Free America and grow the Revolution. Because if you’ve read this far you’ve had it with this fraud of a country as much as I, so start changing your government. It IS your government, and the reason those in public service don’t act like it’s YOUR government is because YOU won’t get rid of those crooks. So, be smart, pick that scandal ridden town where the government officials waddle about like they’re untouchable, start a recall petition drive for all of them. Get a slate of candidates people can relate to and rely on to clean things up. Be smart, take precautions against dirty tricks like losing the petitions, snitches planting drugs in your campaign office so the SWAT team can raid you, vote fraud, etc. When you take over, liquidate all the investments you’ll find in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and invest in your town; eliminate taxes, drive out the thug police, give loans to local start up businesses and build a Main Street economy.

Lead yourself. Support those in the state legislatures that are asserting their sovereignty, restoring Freedom at the state level. This is a movement that surprised me, but I am pleased that as of this writing 29 states have binding resolutions upholding their 10th Amendment rights against the federal government. The beast moved too far and now there’s a reaction. That is why they’re building an army to handle the Patriots, with the Army combat brigades fresh from slaughtering Iraqi civilians, why they’re employing mercenaries, why they’ve spent decades conditioning cops, keeping them psychologically apart in their own subculture; to treat us as the enemy. Because Free people leading themselves are the enemy of any tyrannical regime.

Lead yourself. Spread the message of Freedom. Burn DVD copies of Loose Change, From Freedom to Fascism, Alex Jones’ films. Hand print copies of whatever essays inspired you. Or make your own if you have the voice to do so, because the more voices there are to awaken and prepare the American people, the more of this country we can save and salvage. Perhaps you can come up with the words, the images that will be the spark that awakens all the millions of walking, spending, eating comatose slaves of the beast.

I’ve been writing essays on the internet for the past four years. I’d like to thank those who have encouraged me, your words mean more to me than anything. I’d like to thank those who take time to read what I’ve written to audiences, I’m honored that my words have inspired. God willing, I’ll be writing but for a new medium-video. I intend to take the thoughts I have, put them in a form that a lot more people will take in than 5,000 word essays. If you’re interested in helping, whether by setting up a Nevada incorporation, banking account, contributing to a money bomb, have a camera, or other forms of assistance by all means contact me at .

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