J. Croft

Some random thoughts on our situation…

The Democrats are likely scripted to fail, allowing a second coming of the neoconservatives through a scripted savior-Sarah Palin and a co-opted Tea Party. It is imperative we expose the puppet strings so the rank and file Tea Bagger can see… maybe even get Palin to see the strings. Attack the neocons, attack Sarah’s adopted(programmed)neocon talking points by showing the blood and suffering her endorsement causes. She’s now a neocon babykilling cheerleader. Make neoconservatism unappealing to her by associating her personally with the worst aspects. And show the neocons and the Democrat Marxists are really one and the same.
Attack all the neocons-literally tar and feather them and boot them out of the Tea Party.

The enemy wants to control us through economics, through scarcity and a electronic control grid. So it is up to us to grow and be a part of the underground economy-the Free Economy. Encourage barter, use of alt. currencies, script, metals, commodities. Anything but the federal reserve notes.

The mainline, megachurches have a religious choke hold on millions of American professing to be Christians. Tell them to go along with the enslaving of their country with platitudes of prosperity and that they’ll be ‘raptured’. The likes of Joel Osteen, Franklin Graham and the inbred degenerates of the TBN lineup preach a false gospel. The key to combat this is a true spirituality, a true connection with God, Our Father. Those that know what I write of and can explain this to the American Churchgoer by all means get to work now! We deprive them of tithe givers we shut them down!

Conversely, promote genuine gatherings of those who know Our Father and work to oppose the beast.

This is America and an Gestapo/Stasi wannabe organization like Homeland Security must not be allowed another day without being challenged! Protest. Sue. Shun those that work for them. Lie to them about everything, become anonymous.

Make being honorable the way to be. Hold up those who are honorable-be honorable yourself no matter who you deal with and expect likewise! Too long the enemy has made being double dealing, lying, devious behavior the way to go with their programming.

Obama’s going to cut his own throat or some other appendage off on his own, let him be he’s been the greatest boon to our movement by moving way too far way too fast. USE the generated outrage, and let the golden goose of our Revolution lay more eggs of awakened aware Americans.

Something has to be done to get the Israeli on the street to stand up to their nazi-like zionist government. Sooner or later they are going to try to blow up the world and they simply must be stopped. Only the Israeli People can shut them down by refusing to be their Spartans.

Must instill into more Americans to distrust their trusty TV set-point out their lies already.

Make an issue of all the upcoming Hollywood war movies, ask pointed questions of what they’re trying to goad us into.

Attack every aspect of the enemy control grid-the banking, the mortgage fraud, the centralization of mass media and mass culture generators. Attack the police brutality, the government secrecy, the continued warfare against Iraqis and Afghans-haven’t we paid them back for 9/11… if it WAS them in the first place?

Promote Independent Patriot Media. Form collectives to generate funds to make and distribute movies, music and other content to not only entertain but inform. Use DIY production and distribution techniques to bypass the enemy media conglomerates. Promote honorable behavior, patriotism, initiative, cunning in the face of the enemy, examples of resistance, those who have resisted or suffered by the enemy. Use our media to remember the Patriots past-of the Revolutionary War, of the many unsung battles for maintaining freedom, the veterans of Athens, TN, the current members of the Freedom Movement. Most of all PROMOTE INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE-THIS MEANS YOU!!!

Attack every aspect of banks and banking. Attack their issuance of fiat money, attack the fraud of savings and checking accounts while they reap the real profits off using your money to invest for their profit.

Promote recall elections, candidates, volunteer time, money, resources. Most of the enemy’s control is at the local level so by taking over the smaller rural towns and expanding from there we can take the country back even during a shooting war as nonviolent resistance will still be the core of the effort.
Promote in the States with laws exercising the 10th Amendment to shield arms manufacture from federal control investment with those individuals and companies undertaking these vital efforts.

Buy a rifle and a can of ammo for a vet the enemy has concocted a legalistic disqualification. A Mosin-Nagant and a case of ammo should set you back only $300-at February 2010 prices. The Mosin’s accurate, powerful enough to take on body armored enemy forces.

Learn community organizing and use it to help the rising tide of homeless Americans. It’s not just for humanitarian reasons to spare them the beast’s enslavement but to grow our numbers. This can be as simple as offering a spare bedroom to a out-of-work and freshly homeless machinist(can make guns), engineer(make chemicals), IT tech(hack enemy computer systems),dispossessed farmer(show how to grow food), veteran(train others how to fight and shoot)… get the ideal? Take in a runaway or a throwaway child and you can raise them to be better Americans than we are.

Learn Alinsky’s tactics and hoist the enemy up their own petard.

Promote the development of alternate energy. If there’s some theory that sounds off the wall-build a test model of the proposed design and try it out.

Might find a substitute for gasoline like, say, in-engine conversion of water into burnable hydrogen and oxygen to combust and drive the engine. Perhaps a means to tap into the very energies of the universe might be found and we can truly liberate ourselves from the enemy’s lock on technology, forcing us to use the junk while they play with God Knows What.

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  1. australia Says:

    “The likes of Joel Osteen, Franklin Graham and the inbred degenerates of the TBN lineup preach a false gospel. The key to combat this is a true spirituality, a true connection with God, Our Father. Those that know what I write of and can explain this to the American Churchgoer… ”

    Huh? Who in the world would put Joel Osteen and Franklin Graham in the same box? You say “Those who know what I write of …” etc because even you don’t know what you write of.


    I was a fundamentalist for twenty years waiting for some rapture, putting my faith in what those teleclowns said. The only difference between the Couch clan and successors to the televangelist “throne” like Osteen and Graham is TACT. That’s it.

    I woke up when I actually started reading the bible on my own. And then started reading about the origins of the various books of that bible. Had an epiphany about the contradictions when… believe it or not God spoke to my heart and He said “I didn’t write that.” Things have looked up since and I’ve even made myself of use to the human race. How about you?

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