If you believe in his innocence, and want to help, send a donation for his legal defense.
Charles A. Dyer
P.O. Box 47
Marlow, OK 73055

Charles Dyer Affidavit

The defense has a tough game ahead and getting the evidence tossed is going to be more difficult because the affidavit implies the deputies just happened to encounter the M203 and a bunch of guns when searching for other evidence. Sort of reminds me of a case in Southern Oregon where they had a warrant to pick up some records from an FFL holder and basically tossed his house, but claimed it was not a true “search” because they were not forcing anything that was locked once they entered.

The most consistent defense available right now if the evidence allowed is for us to work on the outside for a jury nullification situation. The government has obviously been influencing the potential jury pool and we should too.

We have another citizen vs government case going on here in the Portland area where police wrongfully killed a guy and the police union got the federal courts to agree that the city cannot get a fair trial in the state, so they want a change of venue. Thing is, I am 90% certain they have to keep it in the 9th district, so doom on them for beating some poor sap to death because he was about to pee on a tree in a city park.

I think it would be easy for the feds to shift Dyer’s case to Texas, but I am not sure where else. Oklahoma city is kind of fed central for that area and probably where the feds would want to try the case anyway.

Everything seems relatively quiet here. So I guess the bulk of what has been happening was in J4Ps AO.

So part of what is being said is that he will be transferred to the Stephens County Jail. Looks like he his making a speedy trial demand, and if jail really sucks it might be a smart play.

If anyone is “playing” right now, it sounds like the lawyers who took a lot of money and seem to have not really accomplished much. Maybe there were some other charges the lawyers got suppressed, but another big part of these “battles” is to suck up financial resources from someone.

This is the address of the jail he might be getting moved to, but apparently everyone wants mail to get filtered through Dyer’s parents. I guess mail gets forwarded to him.

Stephens county jail
101 South 11th Street, Duncan, OK‎ – (580) 255-0651 Avoid having direct contact with the jail, but if there is going to be a trial, this will be the place to keep an eye on. These will also be the people most responsible for his safety. If he shows up to court obviously drugged and or beaten, well what happens after that happens…

The ongoing semi-permanent address is:

Charles A. Dyer P.O. Box 47 Marlow, OK 73055


  1. Laura Says:

    Hard road ahead.My prayers are with him.

  2. Has Charles Dyer been targeted? « Are you targeted? Says:

    […] 2/12: Check out and other articles on that site. Also check out A Well Regulated Militia’s Patriot Defense […]

  3. Jeremy Says:


    “A jury in a federal courtroom Tuesday returned after several hours with a not guilty verdict for Charles Alan Dyer, who was charged in January with a federal complaint of possession of a grenade launcher. “

  4. Deborah Jackson Says:

    Love and prayers for you Charles A Dyer and for your family
    May the Good Lord watch over you and your family
    The Good Lord will Judge all those who do this to you and your family
    Love and prayers
    A Canadian Friend DJ
    Deborah Jackson

    Go to for the latest updates.

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