You can keep up with the latest news on Sgt. Dyer/aka JULY4PATRIOT here:

2 Responses to “JULY4PATRIOT UPDATE”

  1. Carolyn Palit Says:

    I don’t think this guy with such high ethics and courage would be involved in incest. I have had friends who tried to do non-violent, good activism who were setup and went to jail just to SHUT THEM UP. It smells of repression of free speech.

    Our fight MUST be non-violent. Not to say there might not come a time when all must consider self-defense. There ARE weapons in space that can vaporize a person. Follow the non-violent path and build a non-violent movement. 40% of Americans do not have access to the net. You must go out and actually talk to them and show them the truth.

    Good brave American.

  2. MLorrey Says:

    This whole case is a typical frame job by the fascist party, aka the police chiefs association. They’ve done it to others, including other decorated veterans who challenged the police candidates in elections. It’s a bunch of crap, but typical. Google the Battle of Athens, Tennessee to see that police corruption and framing of veterans who seek better, constitutional, government is an old tradition among dirty cops and chiefs.

    I appreciate Dyer’s family’s wishes, but I guarantee everyone that he’s not going to get off on this. In these sort of cop frame jobs, the judges are part of the frame up.

    In my case, the cops in my state dug up a 1992 speeding ticket in another state they claimed had been defaulted on, when in fact it had been voided by that states court as facially void for constitutional reasons. As a result of this illegitimate prosecution, they suspended my drivers license for FOUR years, the longest anybody in my states been suspended who has not committed multiple DWIs or committed vehicular homicide. I’ve never even had a car accident or a DUI, I have a safe driving record, but they faked this up and the judge and my own attorney sold me down the river, all because of my political activism.

    Dyer is going to get the same screw job, I guarantee it.


    I put your comment up.

    All we can do is whatever we can do, I know I do but yes there seems to be a lot of interest in putting Sgt. Dyer down. Oath Keeper leadership threw him under the bus. Alex Jones has his forum crew delete any postings on him and incidentially banned me. Mike Vanderboegh won’t mention him nor the WRSA. Forget about Rumor Mill News I quit that ridiculous website.

    Still, we have to start supporting our POW Patriots.

    Perhaps a fundraiser would help?

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