J. Croft

Every time you tell the truth about yourself-where you live, shop, your opinions, hobbies, whatever-every time you tell anyone else the truth about yourself you surrender your privacy.  You give a potential enemy knowledge about you, you give them leverage.

You wouldn’t tell your worst personal enemy where you live…


…your opinion-well, of them as long as they didn’t have a means of retaliation… or a means of retaliation they wouldn’t use without a very good reason as the consequences would be severe…


…but you tell your worst enemies these things and much more every day.

Who are they you ask?  Isn’t it obvious?

Well, for those this isn’t obvious to it’s those who own your life:

The banks and major corporations you take out loans for all the things we’ve been literally programmed to crave.  The latest electronic toys, the latest fashions, a remodeled kitchen.  Worse, we need to borrow just to keep a roof over our heads and transportation.  That too has been socially engineered:

A dollar transformed from being backed by gold and silver and holding its value to a debt note backed only by illusion debased by over 99% since the federal reserve banking cartel was illegally set up in 1913.

The decimation of small town and farm life by the industrial revolution-banker’s money backing major corporations that centralized mass production, innovation, into the major cities.  Manipulation of the commodity markets, forever squeezing mom and pop stores and family farms force Americans to flood the cities… sacrificing their independence and self sufficiency for the Madison Avenue invention called the “American Dream”.

The quiet, inexorably rising tide of government bureaucracy, laws, rules, regulations-and the government police forces required to enforce all those edicts, taxes-remind the people who owns them.

Bankers.  Major corporations. Government.  They are your worst enemies.

And what do you do?  You take out loans because the major corporation(or subsidiary)you work for just doesn’t pay you enough-because the bankers keep printing more dollars debasing the currency and therefore driving prices up.  Because the government goes in and takes at least a quarter of your paycheck before you even see it. 

Seeking a salve, you go out and use the 30 percent APR(if not more, or otherwise locked) credit card to go on a shopping spree, hoping that being able to buy some made in China crap will make you feel better.  I suppose it does but you’re just making that debt chain of slavery that much more secure.

Oh, let’s not forget next April when you put off doing income taxes!  Enforced by a unconstitutional IRS that is above the law and uses terrorist tactics and a self-written code that enables them to get you no matter what. 

God forbid you’re actually awake and start protesting this… then you’re labeled some kind of insurrectionist (according to their files).  Then you’re monitored and once you’re put on that list there’s no getting off it.   

Oh, and if you buy a gun through a federally licensed gun dealer (govt. snitch, agent compiling lists of gun owners) you and your weapon are registered with the government through the 4473 form and the NICS instant background check.  Had to add that but back to regaining your privacy…

First off, embrace lying.  Lying protects.  Lying is fun.  Lying will lead the bad guys down the wrong path, keeping you safe(r). 

So, lie about where you live-really, you need to move to a place where your name is on nothing-not the title, not the rental contract(nothing on paper if possible-lie otherwise-cash paid promptly on the due date is enough), certainly not any of the utilities.  Don’t tell relations not living with you, friends-certainly not work.  And most certainly not your creditors or any government agent or bureaucrat.  Route your mail through a P.O. Box using your old address to register.  Do. Not. Update.  Especially not anything the government demands.  Practice an air of barely functional incompetence…

Don’t have a connected landline phone, use a pre-paid phone.  Never talk about revolution, bombs, guns, Alex Jones or anything else even remotely controversial on them either.  Have more than one pre-paid phone, omit all correct personal data, and segregate your usage-one for personal affairs, one for work, one for your business, one for your survival group in case of emergency… you need a survival group-people you can go to and likewise whom you help in time of need.  Speak in a pre-arranged code, phrases or substitute words for describing sensitive matters and such.  Better still, have a meeting place and a dead drop; some place you can drop off notes and whatnot that you can access without being seen and not be suspicious.

Internet: when you move you will also stop accessing from your new home.  Wi-fi and public access computers where you don’t have to register, and you will NOT log in and access personal information and then a patriot website right afterward.  You will have separate sessions-sessions to read e-mails, accounts and such, and sessions to do more politically sensitive things like reading this.  Do it from separate computers.  Your wi-fi connection… have absolutely no identifiers on your portable device.  That means you buy it second, third hand(better)off a private seller.  Do not put your name or any other truthful information that could POSSIBLY be used to link you to your online words and actions. 

Which leads to Keeping Your Mouth Shut.  Embrace silence on personal matters when you don’t have to give an answer.  Nobody need know where you live.  Otherwise every other measure you take will be wasting your time.  Don’t even let it on that you’re taking measures to regain your privacy, or the next person who finds out will be some kind of government bureaucrat or agent…

Once you’ve secured the home front, everything else will fall into place. 

Your automobile is already registered listing your old address… don’t update that information.  Have no bumper stickers, keep the interior pristine with not so much as a candy wrapper or gas store receipt.  Have a locked container secured to the car for your valuables and personal information-and your gun in case you’re pulled over.  Manufactured traffic offenses are big government business. …What would be better would be if you could ditch the car-live in an area you can walk to everything.  Then you wouldn’t need a driver’s license in the first place-and states are requiring additional proof of residence, such as utility bills to weed out privacy seekers still wanting to drive.  So you’d best find a place you can live without a car or band with other privacy seeking Americans, take over a small town and rewrite the rules… which would be a nice step for the movement.  The GI’s of Athens, Tennessee showed us the way back in 1946. 

Stop using credit cards.  Their horrific interest rates aren’t the only reason to quit them, they record every last item you buy with them.  Including all your gun purchases… you should only be using cash or barter for those. 

Quit the banks.  They record everything you do with them, dick you over on their terms, take your money and make all the investing you could be doing yourself.  Just quit them.  Keep your savings in gold, silver, valuables.  Take responsibility for your own finances.  STOP TAKING OUT LOANS!!!  And stop accepting checks.  Both you and the sender are on bank records-which makes them government records.  Oh, and since the banks have no idea where you live-repudiate your bank debt.  They’re at war with you, so strike back and starve them of their cash flow.

Work for cash.  Be the best employee you can.  Live cheap and stack your cash and you will soon be able to save enough to start your own for-cash small business.  Live well under your means.  Learn and live the 80/20 rule: you can get 80% results with 20% expense.  Shop flea markets, swap meets, Craigslist.  Yes advice on regaining your privacy blends into other areas, but that’s a good thing.  Plus it helps build the underground economy; the truly free economy-our America.
This is only a starting glance at regaining your privacy, an introduction.  You got just two choices: have your Freedom or have the few comforts those that have enslaved us lend you.  The longer you remain in their slave system the tighter the control they will have over you and your loved ones.  I’d act about now to regain your Freedom.


I’ve recommended his books in the past.  They’re good.  This one is no different and if what I write won’t convince you you’ve been sold slavery as security then maybe this book will.

<a href=””></a>


A classic.  No it doesn’t cover some of the more pressing technological threats given its vintage BUT, it does lay the groundwork in other areas to retake your privacy-which is your freedom.


<a href=””></a>

2 Responses to “REGAINING PRIVACY”

  1. Observer Says:

    But Our Lord told us through Moses: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”


    It is forbidden for us to lie.


    Embracing the Lie to escape the tyrants here will only chain us to the Prince of Tyrants, the Devil, after we die.


    Escaping one prison only to throw ourselves into an eternal prison after death.



    We can and will fight the New World Order in many ways. But not lying isn’t one of them. The end (regaining privacy) justifies the means (lying on purpose).

    Thank you for your time.

  2. computer guide Says:

    computer guide…

    […]REGAINING PRIVACY « Freedom Guide[…]…

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