J. Croft

Being an Oath Keeper, I make a stand with other Patriotic Americans both in and out of service against all enemies foreign and domestic….

What if one is alone in their unit, their department the only one who actually paid attention when they recited the oath to protect and defend our nation from all enemies foreign and domestic?

One must not only reach teach and inspire, one must choose one’s battlefield more carefully. 

The first choice is whom of your fellow soldiers, officers you reach, teach and inspire.  Don’t  be naive; you as an Oath Keeper have enemies embedded in all the positions of power in our America.  They see Americans like us as a mortal threat to their tyranny, their crimes.  So, just as the French Resistance, the Dutch Resistance had to use covert means to grow their numbers, so must we when we’re in our units and departments and we are alone in honoring and upholding our Oaths.

Spread the message around.  Use pamphlets, stickers, brocures.  Use them carefully-cameras abound and a lot of East German Stasi wannabes will want to make you an example.  So know when you’re being watched and don’t get caught.  Can’t be much of an Oath Keeper if you’re kicked out of your unit, out of your department.

So, use your heads but spread the message wherever you can, as not only will your fellow  soldiers and officers know there’s an alternative to serving evil, the American People will know not everyone in service will go along with using LRAD weapons on children sitting on their own porches, or tasering or running them over with their cruiser.  Certainly not going along with that nightmare scenario-martial law.  Some are confused about that however… we already live under martial law when children are assaulted by oath takers-oath traitors-without consequence.

Since we as a people have allowed our police and military forces to be led by such oath traitors, the ranks filling with such filth we must be most careful whom we approach.  The wrong person we talk to about the Bill of Rights, about the brave stand our Ancestors made at Lexington Green or the Alamo, or in Athens Tennessee* could lead us to the wrong side of a internal affairs investigation or court martial.  Have to deal with lawyers-who all work together typically…

Know who you talk to before you talk to them.  Someone who doesn’t smirk, smile or shake with anticipation when they hear about new measures against the People, or who don’t get off committing atrocities against their fellow countrymen.  Best to just let the conversation roll naturally; when whom you’re talking with confide with you that they just aren’t with the steamroller of fascist… communist… tyranny-whatever you want to call the rising tide of anti-American Freedom hatred you tell them you’re doing something about it, by being an Oath Keeper.

And that you can do a hell of a lot more if they joined up as well.

Then you won’t be alone.  Then you will begin the hard process of cleaning out your department, your unit of oath traitors and not only be able to say no to an official annoucement of martial law but to be able to say no to all the “little” acts of the martial law we live under now-the ones that see the oath traitors cleared and innocent lives ruined.  Stand up for the American People and together we all can take our nation back.

*Battle of Athens, Tn-August 2nd 1946: GI’s returned from cleaning out the tyrannies of Japan and Nazi Germany to a local tyranny of a Dukes of Hazzard kind.  After repeated petitions to the Governor of Tennessee in vain the GI’s formed a party and full campaign ticket, and were widely supported.  The Cantrell political machine used voter intimidation and the local law enforcement to literally steal the ballots, took two of the GI election workers hostage, injured another GI(black as if that mattered)and holed up in the town jail threatening to shoot anyone who approached. 

The GI’s went to the National Guard Armory, requisitioned for themselves the few Garands, Enfields, .45 pistols and the lone .30 Browning and laid siege all night to that jail and the oath traitors holed up inside.  The affair ended with some scrounged dynamite that blew the porch out and the criminals who had stolen the good people of Athens government surrendered.  The Governor did nothing, fearing a backlash from everyone in eastern Tennessee and the GI candidates were sworn in.


  1. Jim Bridgens Says:

    Mr. Croft,

    A very valid message, sir. An interesting story of the battle of Athens; I’d never heard of that before.


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