J. Croft

Time is short. Agendas pushed by evil men are rapidly coming to fruition; each advance cuts shorter the time you have left to hang back and let others fight the problem. The economy implodes, martial law is being implemented more and more blatantly, the nations are maneuvered into war, new diseases are unleashed, the enviroment collapses under the poisons generated by century-old polluting technology. The luxury of you pawning off your Responsibility to fight evil however you can has long passed but we are in critical times.

Ask yourself this: what excuse will you try to tell God when you die and you just minded your own business? Just going about your personal business as our nation-having been undermined in every possible way for the past century-collapses from economic starvation, imperial overreach, and moral decomposition is not going to win you any points in Heaven. Far from it. If you’re one of those waiting for some televangelist-promised Rapture ask yourself, and be honest; you think God wants you to wait for a free ride to eternal life as millions starve, millions are murdered, and the whole sorry Human Race suffers under a multi-generational tyranny… and you do nothing but wait for some promised escape?

And don’t be in denial! Those that have set America up for the hardest fall in history are showing their faces now: stealing trillions of your tax dollars; putting the finishing touches on the most brutal, powerful police state in history. The rot in America is on the surface, and no amount of mortician’s wax and makeup can cover it up. Your loved ones, neighbors… or you… have been squeezed by a dollar that buys less than less, taxes on every act and every thing. Our grandparents were lured from the small townfarms, self-owned businesses and self-sufficiency to the cities. Became dependent on corporations for wage jobs that seemed to deliver more money than working a farm or small town general store but that was nothing more than luring them into the bridle of wage slavery. Like a horse; you bait it with their favorite treat and once you got the harness on your theirs. That slavery was bred into your parents, and then into us… but as stated the economic rug was pulled out from under us.

What we do matters. Because the fate of the Earth and the Human Race is precariously balanced upon what you do. What we do. Americans demonstrated this recently on 9/12: two million of us marched on OUR CAPITOL to make it plain to the beast we’ve finally drawn a line in the sand. No amount of lying corporate spin could hide the magnitude of the event, and what a powerful meeting of minds and will it was. Could not have happened soon enough, but we have to work with what we got. Are.

Yet, that “tea party” was but a demonstration; nearly 1 out of 100 Americans holding signs, shouting, listening to speakers does not by itself translate into meaningful social and political change. Demonstrations by themselves are not ACTION. ACTION is what is needed-ACTION that produces REAL LIFE RESULTS and not just some vague feeling of hope and well being as you trundle back to the couch, potato.

What can you do?

You can start with yourself. Have to anyway, you’ve been programmed by the beast to be lazy, apathetic and that programming is deep.

You need get in shape, cleanse your body of processed foods by eating organic, exercise, and develop a relationship with Our Father. Note I didn’t say develop a regular tithing schedule with your favorite televangelist. Ouly Our Father is in our hearts. Jesus instructed us to pray to Him in a quiet, isolated place, and to simply still the mind and will ourselves to listen to God. He will speak, and you really need to listen; not nearly enough people do, which looking on the surface of that statement doesn’t make sense as God’s omnipotent and good. Then of course, you remember how the culture, media, education and religion are in the hands of those that have compelled me to speak out against them and its no wonder people don’t know this.

Get your house in order: get out of debt, eliminate as best possible your dependence on the enemy; get out of debt, stop indulging in their addictions and I’m not just talking about drugs but their television, their music, their gambling and spurilous entertainments. Grow your own food, get a group of like-minded individuals together and prepare together.

Begin to make yourself as anonymous as you can. Move if you can to a place-it could be a rental you don’t register or you can swap houses with someone like minded, which would actually work better with families. Don’t update your information with anyone-not the government, not corporations, not even your bank. Use a rental box to receive mail, have all correspondence routed through that so that when you move to your anon home you can keep appearances up. You don’t have to make a display of resistance; living anonymously and quietly free is the best revenge against the beast.

Someday-can’t say when-that will not be enough. Get a rifle while you can, a military pattern semi-automatic, with spare magazines, ammunition, spare parts, and gear to hold the spare mags and ammo on you. Get a airsoft replica of your rifle and going to Appleseedinfo.org learn the basics of making the shot, carefully analyzing and correcting for errors made. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can expand your training to tactics; get in a good shooting school-be warned that once you do register with a class the government will also know you’re taking this kind of training. Perhaps one in your group can “take one for the team” and register, then train the rest of your group. You will NOT survive being alone. Nobody does.

Yes, your group can do more than get together and survive. Once you’ve helped yourself(how can you help others if you need help-that’s an old saw for a reason)you can get involved with helping take this planet back from those bent on destroying it. Where to begin…

You can spread the truth: alternative news sites on the internet. Perhaps you can brainstorm, compare how you woke up and use that to adjust what you put out to get more people woke up.

Get together hundreds of like-minded individuals and pick a small town. Put up a full slate of candidates and find a reason to call for a recall election. This is a subject that deserves its own essay, so I wrote two of them.

It’s Time
Recall Election: Obstacles to Overcome
It would be prudent if you got support, so do a test run of the takeover by taking over the small town church. You join, make a majority, and when the pastor and/or board step out of line find an excuse to fire them.

While the internet’s still up go to these sites:



RumorMill News


The Appleseed Project

A Well Regulated Militia


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