Nonviolent stratagems and tactics that work

J. Croft

Riots in the greater scheme are a half measure between protests and open warfare, and half measures seldom work. A riot without immediately progressing to fully armed struggle is a go signal to government thugs everywhere to conduct batting practice on your heads with their nightsticks, and a court’s wet dream as they work you through the legal system and bleed you of your money and time. And Freedom.


Some twit working for the beast commits one offense too many sends too many people at once over the edge and they start marching in the streets screaming and ready to do worse. Unfortunately the beast is also ready with thugs in riot gear getting hard at the prospect of hurting men, women and children. And if it’s a protest that’s peaceful they have undercover agents to pose as anarchists to false flag a incident so that protest can be declared a “riot” and the troops roll in and get some batting practice on your head. Or your loved one. Hell they even pepper spray infants.

Worse, the media is owned by the beast, is part of the beast. They will trash you to the TV zonked American public. You will be called thugs, kooks, terrorists. Your cause gets pummeled in the minds of Americans along with yourself. The tin badge gods get new stories of how they pepper sprayed your infant. The inbred psychopathic bluebloods get a laugh at the carnage they engineered and their agenda to do us all in advances. More people want to have guns but are ineffective because they won’t get trained and in shape. When martial law’s declared they are but sport for the tin badge gods.

No, riots don’t work. Ever. Avoid them.


Suppose you’re out and some twit working for the beast does something like shoot a 5 year old in the back. It’s happened. It will happen again as long as Americans won’t take responsibility and clean their government out of the scum that run it. Something happens and people see it and get agitated. The cops gathered get ordered back so there’s no authority figure to stifle peoples natural reaction to their latest atrocity.

Get the hell out of there-now!

Keeping away from the gathering cops, you see where the crowd’s gathering and you go anyplace else. Just leave. Leave-even if you have to abandon your car and march out on foot, it’s better than getting pummeled, tasered, fried by microwave cannon, pepper sprayed, shot, corraled into jail and into the beast legal system.

When a riot comes toward you get the hell out of there! In fact, leave town at any start of a riot. Secure your home otherwise and repel all boarders.

The best advice for avoiding a riot? Make better forms of protest known.


The thing the inbreeds, their pedophilic minions and their tin badge gods and shyster lawyers fear the most is NON-COMPLIANCE. Not individual but MASS NON-COMPLIANCE to their authority. This can take the form of bullets but that just allows the enemy to slaughter everyone, which is what they want in the first place. No, the way to go is to refuse to submit, and there are many forms of peaceful non-compliance that, even if 10% of the People take a certain form, with all the forms being taken can bring the beast to its knees.


You don’t fix their houses and cars. You don’t do their laundry, serve their food, take their phone calls. You don’t acknowledge their very existence in public. They are not there. They’re not even ghosts or have names.

Shunning works. The Amish practice it and in their tight knit communities it’s the Kiss of Death. A town out west gave the feds being pricks about their farms and businesses a taste of shunning and they stopped being pricks. So much. Shunning can be done by anyone; you encounter a tool of the beast about you don’t take their order, look at them. You utterly ignore them. Unless they’re a tin badge god and go to arrest you, what can they do? Feel damn uncomfortable that’s what. Make them reconsider their career path.


This is a big next step-but it’s just one step.

You submit to asking the state permission to drive, fish, boat, buy guns, practice your trade, fix your home, exercise your Constitutional Rights, travel, and a lot else. Worse, you submit to asking private corporations for permission! When you ask permission you give up Rights for privilege. So stop asking permission.

Stop renewing your drivers license. In fact have a mass protest where you burn your drivers license and plates in a huge bonfire. Same with your boating licenses.

Stop submitting to filing out ffl forms to buy guns.

Stop applying for licenses to be able to practice your trade.

Stop applying for permits. That’s for everything from peaceful protest to installing a patio. You’re Americans-act like it!
Certainly don’t ask a private corporation for permission for anything. Who the hell are they to tell you what to do?!


If you don’t ask for permits from the state and corporations because they’re evil the next logical step in freeing yourself is to stop paying taxes… which is going to be a lot tougher than simply not applying for permits and licenses. But it is possible.

Income taxes, social security(tax), etc. Work for cash/barter in the underground economy. Swap your registered domicile for a place that isn’t in your name. You keep your money, and you disappear from the beast’s control grid. If even 10% did this-what could they do?

Property taxes…. only two ways and one of them involves the militia in a armed confrontation. The other is to stage a emergency recall election for… anything. Clean out the scum running your town, clean out your town’s consolidated annual financial report of investments. No more property taxes.


I’m not talking about personal debts to the local Mom and Pop or your friends and loved ones. Debt repudiation is for the banks, the major corporations, and most of all the federal reserve system. Its all fraud, and contracts made under fraud are null and void. Besides you got everything better to do with all the money you ply on interest.


You could say the above steps are a form of permanent general strike against the system but for those who still live in homes they’re registered for, work jobs that withhold or otherwise pay taxes and their debts this is the most powerful nonviolent protest.

You don’t go to work. You hang out, have a party, play games, make love, fish, hunt, hit a Appleseed shoot and get some rifle training. You do this for weeks, months even.

…How do you support yourself?

Buy enough food for a few months. You should have a pantry anyway. Have enough cash for a few months living without a job. You should have savings anyway. Consider this a extended vacation but you live cheap. Just make certain the utilities stay on-and you should be investing in getting off the enemy’s grid in the first place.

You should be looking for the first excuse to stage a general strike; it’s a vacation with the purpose of shutting down the economy until demands are met. Taking the other steps outlined above are of course the ultimate expression of the general strike.

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  1. 4854derrida Says:


    I’ve recently uploaded two rare interviews with the Wobblie, anarchist, and activist Dorothy Day.

    Day had begun her service to the poor in New York City during the Depression with Peter Maurin, and it continued until her death in 1980. Their dedication to administering to the homeless, elderly, and disenfranchised continues in many parts of the world.

    Please post or announce the availability of these videos for those who may be interested in hearing this remarkable humanist.

    They may be located here:

    Thank you

    Dean Taylor

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