J. Croft

Recently it’s been reported that millions of government volunteers are going door to door asking questions, and logging down the GPS coordinates. It’s not just everyone, it’s targeted for certain people the government views as the enemy-namely political opponents. This is serious. If the government is logging down GPS coordinates of it’s declared enemies it makes no sense to be around when they decide to come knocking with a tactical team… or a tactical strike.

Who is the government’s enemy?

If you ever protested against government policy, you’re the enemy. Agents record faces and license plates and digital scans of your government issued identification match you up. You go on a watch list.

Protest the wide open borders for illegals? You’re the enemy; you want to preserve America. Your government wants to break down that nationalism, mix Mexico with the US and Canada, have a North American Union-and you dare say no.

Protest abortion? Enemy. Your government has deemed it necessary to cull your numbers and besides, certain elements of your public servants find your opposition to child murder infringes on their satanic religious beliefs.

If you voted for Sarah Palin(I know you voted McCain but really meant her), you’re the enemy. You want reform enough to vote for a “maverick”. Didn’t you get the hint when the entire media formed a execution squad, made her seem vapid, venal, ambitious and hick stupid?

If you voted for Ron Paul, you’re definitely the enemy as you voted for someone who actually wanted change and would have gone through with it. That goes for any third party candidate. You volunteer you’re just higher up on the list.

Oh and if you’re on the quote/unquote “left” and you don’t go along smoothly with what the government want, you’re the government’s declared enemy. Any kind of activist or organizer is a threat to the government’s need to have a monopoly on public opinion.

If you got the gall to run for public office to reform government, guess what, yes you’re the enemy. You threaten the livelihood of thieves, hustlers, poverty pimps, drug dealers, pedophiles and murderers.

If you spend time and try to warn your fellow Americans, shake them out of their government/corporate-induced apathy and ignorance, you’re the enemy. Enough people awaken and rise up, the government’s done for, so yes they’re going to literally bust down doors to shoot the messenger.

If you own a gun you’re the enemy as in the government’s viewpoint only its minions need be armed. If you bought a gun through a federally licensed dealer, signed a form 4473 then the government knows you have a gun.

If you applied for a concealed carry permit you’re the enemy in the government’s viewpoint as you actually dare to exercise your Right to Bear Arms-however imperfectly you do so by asking permission from people who view you as the enemy.

If you signed up for tactical training from a shooting academy-like Front Sight or Thunder Ranch-you’re definitely an enemy to the government as they have a perceived need to be the only ones who can competently use small unit tactics against their declared enemies…

…Like Patriotic Solders, Veterans and Police. You’re trained to use all kinds of dangerous weapons our federal government keeps from little people. Especially you Special Forces types-oh yes you are the government’s declared enemy.

…Not as much as declared militia members. Anyone who flies the Gadsen Flag, trains with their unit, has semiautomatic military pattern rifles, even if they’re lip service patriot posers, is number one on the government’s hit list. A lot of you may stupidly advertise yourselves as volunteers to local law enforcement but they’re indoctrinated to view you as the enemy as much as the state and federal turds.

I’m certain there’s more than one category of anti-government types I missed but don’t worry, you’re on the list. If you’re reading this and you’re stupid enough to do it from your own home, or otherwise from a computer that’s in your name or a computer you logged onto with your own ID then congratulations, the government just put you on it’s enemy list.

So, if you’re anyone mentioned above, then you’re going to have some government weenie in a dorky, flaming faggot blue shirt with a faggot man purse come by, ask you as many questions as they can get away with, look inside your private property and log your home onto a digital GPS database. This database will be used sooner or later to make it convenient for government jack booted thugs and tin badge gods to take you away, or out. So what to do?

Option one-move now to a new home while you can and do it under an assumed name. Don’t you dare use your government registered name and social slave number for anything. Have alternate, underground means of making your bills, keep those at a minimum. Look up “80/20 way” on the search engines; you can get 80 percent of what you need for 20 percent of the cost. Not everything falls in this category-firearms come to mind-but you must develop frugality. And a entrepenurial instinct. Have several means of making money, the little creeks will build up into enough for you to survive. Find out what people need and provide it better than the other guy.

Have to rent. Have to find a place that will accept cash. No apartment buildings or anyone going through some kind of service they will want a background check.

Housing swap-just swap homes with new Patriots who haven’t bought a gun yet, registered political opinions under their own name with anyone. Become a caretaker for someone else while that person caretakes your property. Whatever you do set it up NOW while you can!

Set it up now, and your candidate swapper should have NO political connections or registered with any organization objectionable to the government AND not have any firearms ownership records, the 4473 forms AND not look up any objectionable material or spout objectionable viewpoints on a computer registered in their name/address. This necessitates that house swappers or landlords be NEW converts to our cause and made to understand that their discretion in airing their beliefs is more valuable than marking themselves as just another target by their naïve exercise of their Freedom. That’s what it’s come to in America.

Option two is to have a bug out bag and a destination you can reasonably get to.

Bug out bag-lightweight carry rig having the bare basics for escape, evasion, and survival til’ you get to your destination, and you’d better have a destination. Food, water filter, canteen, knife, fire starting materials, a good compact survival book, your rifle, pistol and spare magazines and ammo. Practice carrying this load for long hikes with sprints for short distances. Practice getting in your gear as fast as you can. A camoflage poncho with a mylar space blanket layer underneath will help keep you hidden. Practice map reading and navigation.

Practice your bug out. Make it look like you’re just hiking or traveling, no need to alarm anyone who has declared you the enemy.

Have caches along your route-a spare rifle. Definitely spare food, ammo, magazines. It will likely get very rough going. Have more than one way to get there…

Your destination: needs to be a place you’re established at on a social level, either through trustworthy friends/family that live there or trustworthy fellow targets of government death squads. Have a backup destination or four, just in case. You just hit the woods, you’re going to be alone, you’re going to run out of fish and game and supplies real quick with all the other loners trying to hide in the woods. You’ll get found and being alone you’ll be done for then.

Oh, unless you relish chancing fighting your way through a entry team and through a perimeter of cops, soldiers and snipers with aerial recon/support you’d better have some kind of early warning system-a grapevine-or a conditional tripwire of some kind to get out of dodge before trouble comes knocking down your door.

Whatever option you take, the hardest part is to find people to partner up with.

Americans are bred to be unreliable, base, apathetic, selfish, agnostic, wantonly ignorant, slothful, patronizing, unthinking, unfeeling, obsessed with corporate issued baubles and trinkets and carefully groomed celebutards. They can have their nation economically strip mined, their government stolen from them by all sorts of criminals, wars against nations murdering millions of innocents done in their name-so long as they have their wage slave job, there’s a ball game on the TV and they can have their barbecues they’ll believe the hype they live in the “land of the free”. So yes, finding awake, aware, reliable Americans is going to be tough. Especially among gun owners, activists, and military and police who see the threat… and are in denial. Target detection is always the hardest task.

Next is the testing. I personally hate being tested but I recognize that it’s a necessity to establish trust. You do that with deeds-small deeds, you’re building a working relationship. You keep your word with action; unless there’s some legit something or other you say you’re going to do something or provide something your word is bond. And your partner’s word damn well better be as well or you get what’s yours off his worthless ass and find someone better. It’s better to have to be alone, even forever, than to have leeches, traitors and otherwise worthless types around. Family’s the worst to deal with…

Now, can all of you keep your mouths shut? Can you and yours keep your mouths shut-even with the feds in your face in their interrogation room for hours at a time, denied sleep, water, food, a trip to the bathroom, under threat of being tortured, raped… your loved ones under the same treatment, the same threat? That’s the level of dedication you will need to keep you and yours. And all of you have to be willing and able to help each other out when the government’s demented minions try to take you out. Be ready to cash in some silver and gold as needed for a legal defense fund…

Keep your mouths shut. Say nothing. You will exercise your Fifth Amendment Right against self-incrimination even at the threat of contempt of court. The legal system still needs you to confess and a confession can be ANY admission of ANY possible illegality. Don’t. Talk. Ever.

There’s nobody coming to save you but yourself, and the people you link up with to survive, persevere, and ultimately triumph. There’s victory in resistance itself but we can win this. We can win the Second American Revolution and the first priority is survival. Not being where you’re expected to be will put you well down that path.

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