J. Croft

Yes I’m talking to you.

If you spend most of your time regurgitating dead men’s philosophy you agree with but won’t take the actions to live up to those words because its enough just to look cool to your internet friends…

If you thrive off pointless internet flame wars with people who are on the same side as yours…

If you beat your chest, tell everyone you’d never give in to the beast but say “yas suh boss” when you’re hit on to pinch fellow Patriots, or even just obeying their ridiculous rules…

If you pledge to help out fellow Patriots, but when it comes down to it, when they’re in trouble you’re nowhere to be found…

…then you’re nothing but some lip service patriot who should never had bothered in the first place, have done nothing for the Cause.

It’s bad enough I get labeled a “tin foil hat wearing idiot” by those who refuse to awaken, I got to face indifference and yes, flak, from so-called “patriots” who can only be aroused to attack those actually trying to get something accomplished.

They’re jealous. You’re jealous because you have fantasies about yourself you’re too lazy, apathetic, frightened to make reality. In fact you’re so used to having your reality dictated by others that this act you put on-being patriots-isn’t really a threat to our enemy the state. Because those in power know that when your cards are called you fold. Every time.

What about me, you say?

Some trolls would say I’m a lip service patriot typing away at my blog, a keyboard commando, whatever. First on that, I’d like to see THEIR blogs. I’d like to see just exactly WHAT they have sacrificed in getting the education about our situation, honing their writing skills, to even begin to try to change some minds. Yes, long form essays aren’t for most people but I’ve Sacrificed a lucrative career, being plugged into the beast for sustenance to emancipate myself. To be Free. I’ve spent the past four years trying to wake people up, get them activated, point them in directions that will actually produce results.

This isn’t a game for me. I am probably one of the more outlandishly abrasive, bold writers on the net and even though I take precautions to be anonymous I cannot expect to remain untouched by the beast… beyond the personal sacrifices I’ve made. I’d like to go to bars every night, get blotted, hang with cool, pretty women. I’d like to have nice cars, go on road trips, have a business, ply that money into investments and filmmaking. I can’t do that and free myself from the beast’s control grid.

Way things are going… I wrote a essay titled “No apologies, no retreat, no quitting, no surrender” and I’ll keep swinging at the beast with my words as long as possible, given conditions. I give no guarantees I won’t go down in homelessness, or get found and silenced-which one of you lip service patriots will pick up the flag I bear when I’m felled?

Well, that’s me; there are others who’ve done far more:

David Icke(yes he’s British, so what-he’s more a Patriot than you Walter Mittys), he’s been writing, researching, investigating, speaking out about the beast since 1990 or so. Not even American and he’s done more for the Patriot Movement than all you lip service patriots put together, so can the cracks about reptilloids running the planet from the 5th dimension-he’s been right on nearly everything. What have you been right about?

I know a very brave couple. A.P. Magee and Stella. They’ve spent over a decade on a weekly radio show; “Domestic Decay”. is where you could find them and that’s how I found them, on the net. They’ve endured harassment, ridicule, ostracism. They’ve had city councilmen they criticized try and take their radio show away. They risk getting arrested when they tried to reach out to hostile, brainwashed, roided up tin badge gods with copies of “Vampire Killer 2000”.

You know what the worst they’ve had to endure? The indifference of many, if not most, of their listening audience, to their efforts. Lip service patriots abound when a call to do something about taking back the government from the beast’s control is made.

Rayelan Allen, publisher of Rumor Mill News endured years of hell being married to a CIA agent and all the games the government played with her. Afterward she started Rumor Mill to air the tidbits she and others get from that shadowy world. She gave up a lucrative career as a psychic and subsists on a pension and what donations she can scrap together. She’s not the only one scraping by at RMN either but that’s not the point; the point is they sacrifice, have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice. Something you’ve never done.

Charlie Puckett, the former commander of the Kentucky State Milita, he walked the walk. Formed a militia, got hundreds of people in the militia movement. Turned out it was a waste of time when the feds came gunning for him and all those lip service patriots threw him under the short bus they came in. The man served years in a federal penitentiary-who came to his defense? Who even kicked money for his shyster? Charlie Puckett was forgotten, left to rot in prison along with the militia he founded. After he got out, he disappeared: I don’t blame him either given how NOBODY helped him.

Any of the hundreds of lip service patriots even try to contact him, even to apologize for being the little bitches they are?

Jim Tucker has been investigating the Bilderburgers longer than I’ve been alive. Every time the inbreeds have a meeting he’s there and somehow manages to get the dirt on what they’re up to-and not get killed. I’d like to know where all the keyboard commandos and lip service patriots are… or maybe I don’t, I’d probably off myself in despair knowing just how lazy, apathetic “murikans” have degenerated.

Seriously, you lip service patriots are nothing more but uppity slaves. Serfs with guns and a lifestyle acquired through lifetime debt servitude. You dress and talk like you’re free but your slave conditioning is there and kicks into gear just as soon as any challenge by the beast threatens.

William Cooper walked the walk. This wasn’t just talk for him, this wasn’t a game. He was in the U.S. military, he was in the beast, found out just how wicked it was. And like another Patriot, Marine General Smedley Butler he rebelled, resisted the beast. He put out a book, “Behold a Pale Horse”, he had a radio show. He was martyred right after 9/11, to shut him up. And I regret not actively entering the Patriot Movement earlier, I’d like to have at least corresponded with the man. William Cooper was more a man than all you lip service patriots put together.

Certainly if you want to talk martyrs you cannot forget to mention the 93 men, women and children murdered at Waco by the federal government. You cannot forget how the beast swept the matter under the rug. What I can’t forget is how so many people professing to be “patriots” didn’t and wouldn’t hold those who ordered their murders accountable, nor those that pulled the strings and dodged any responsibility to account. Where were all those lip service patriots? Certainly some voted Republican(figure out they and the Democrats are one and the same at the national level?) Certainly most ran around the woods playing Rambo in the militias; until the Murrah Building black op by the government was blamed on those militias and, where did all those fine ‘murikans go?

The Weavers… who came to their aid when federal agents were trying to set Randy Weaver up-exploiting a poverty stricken backwoods man with controversial beliefs to gain a bust, murdering his wife, two of his children and a friend? Gerry Spence, a shyster lawyer, stepped up to the plate but where were all those lip service patriots beating their chests vowing to resist tyranny?

I’d bet Gordon Kahl is asking this from the grave. He had the balls to trade gunfire with the beast’s minions-more than could be said for those that professed to have had his back.

Now, Alex Jones…

Alex Jones gets a lot of flak: “Alex Jones is a egomaniacal wannabe celebrity. Alex Jones is out to make a buck. Alex Jones is an asshole. Alex Jones is a shill. Alex Jones is too quick on the draw, etc(I’ve said that myself). Alex Jones won’t attack the Jesuits, he is one, wife’s a Zionist, etc, he’s a huckster.”


Look, Alex Jones isn’t perfect, and he’s admitted he has his flaws but he IS on the radio six days a week, IS making movies that have done so much to awaken people. C’mon, admit it. Alex Jones is the biggest gun we got. Where’s your videos? Where’s your talk show? Where’s your audience? Where are you while he’s protesting, bullhorning the beast’s minions?

Alex Jones is running a BUSINESS. He’s in the Adult World and needs CASH FLOW to keep his radio show going, his filmmaking, his protests. How many lip service patriots are out building a voice, a following, spreading the truth-oh wait, they’re too busy bitching on their keyboards how big Alex Jones is. Alex Jones is a TEXAN-get over it, or get off your 300lb funky, diabetic asses and do better… or do anything in the first place!

So I say again to the lip service patriots-what have YOU done for the cause… ever?

Don’t you have ANY shame?

Don’t you feel ANY responsibility to go beyond regurgitating other dead people’s philosophy?

Don’t you feel ANY genuine motivation to move beyond putting on woodland camo, strut around with your tricked out M-4 clone at your meets, your hutarees-or whatever you call it when you get together-and yap your mouths spewing out the same platitudes you do on your keyboards and gossip? Not get any training in or recruiting?

Why don’t you see that there can be no enemies in the Patriot Movement? Yes the beast infiltrates organizations and tries to entrap good people and bust up opposition, but that doesn’t mean you need to help.

Why don’t you see that you need to travel outside your too-worn circles, reach out to others, be able to relate where they’re at, who they are?

Why don’t you see that getting things done requires ACTION? By YOU?

I’m someone who looks for solutions. They’re not that hard to figure out:

*Having rifles and being proficient in their use both for personal protection and as part of your Militia responsibility.

*Getting involved with local government-taking it back to build a political base to retaking the state and federal government.

*Becoming self sufficient by pursuing your talents, starting your own business, grow your own food.

*Cut yourselves off from the beast system, its debt slavery, taxes, obligations.

*Right wrongs committed in our name by our enemies in positions of power.

*Getting your mind, body and spirit in order to be able to do all the above, and more.

You turn back and fight the beast by taking ACTION. The beast is at war with us all, and adept at exploiting both our strengths and our weaknesses and turning them against us. This is the most critical time in our history-what we do, and don’t do every moment can determine whether we win or lose. From what I’ve studied, times like these are rare and if we miss our opportunity to end the cycle of manipulated growth and destruction of civilization we won’t have another shot at Freedom for a very long time. Hopefully this will put into perspective how you conduct yourself.

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  1. New Frontier Says:

    Well said!

    “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country.”

    — President John F. Kennedy

    Let’s stop paying lip service to patriots like JFK, RFK, MLK, and instead be willing to fight as they did, as good soldiers in the long twilight struggle, and be ready to courageously lay down our lives for freedom.

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