An open letter to Congress, and their puppetmasters

J. Croft


740 billion dollars.

That’s what those crooks in Washington want to pay their employers on Wall Street; 740 billion dollars to cover all the bad bets, the scams perpetrated on the American People. I suppose it’s natural to take a dumbed down, masterfully conditioned to slit their own throat kind of people as modern Americans and fleece them for every last cent-which is what you’ve done.

Meanwhile, Americans of at least even worth in everything but multi-billion dollar portfolios are having their businesses foreclosed on, their homes foreclosed on, their cars repo’d, their lines of credit shut down, their bank accounts seized. You crooks skate off with all the world’s wealth while we sleep in cars and under bridges waiting for the 1st Brigade Combat Team to clear us out? The biggest banks and the fraudulent federal reserve and the federal government can save their own asses, but we have to be finished off?

Hell no!

Why should you pin striped motherfuckers get a bailout of all that bad paper when you’re going to make us fulfill Thomas Jefferson’s prediction about you child raping greedy bastards dispossessing us in our own land. We’ll hang you from the lampposts after we’ve worked you to death as prison labor rebuilding all the cities you’ve starved of investment-BY HAND. Ever use those soft, pink hands for anything beyond feeling up your dad’s inbred ass? I bet not.

I can be… practical. I can see the wisdom in sparing my country, my world anymore grief than you’ve already inflicted on it consolidating your ill gotten power. So get your depraved little minds off how sexy your kids are and pay attention to my proposal:

1.)You want to bail yourself out? You bail the American People out with that same sweet deal you’re cutting for yourselves-except we require payment in Constitutionally correct silver and gold specie… yes, real money not that toilet paper you can print up all you want with that federal reserve bank you own. Which brings me to-

2.)Federal reserve system’s got to go. Abolish it, restore a legal gold and silver backed dollar and never ever even try to set up another central bank on American soil. Ever. We are NOT going to tolerate inflation and usury eating our substance again.

3.)I would say repeal the 16th amendment but you know and I know that it wasn’t really passed, but it’s treated as Constitutional law. The income tax is history as well as the IRS and anyone working for them will be subject to review by Grand Jury for purposes of indictment and prosecution for violations of civil and Constitutional Rights.

3a.)For that matter, ALL government officials will be subject to Grand Jury investigation. ATF(especially them)FBI, CIA, NSA, DSA, EPA, Homeland Security and all other existing agencies will be subject.

4.)The US government has millions of acres, trillions of dollars of hard assets from surplus items to housing to God knows what. There are Americans driving around in rust buckets, homeless, had everything they had stolen by their public servants-what have you. Give it back to the People as well, letting them pick what they want.

5.)An apology to the Native Americans for stealing their lands, injecting poisons labeled vaccines and then we’ll have to figure out where to go from there.

6.)Opening of all books of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and giving all investments and assets back to the American People-anything not covered by public assets.

7.)Full disclosure of all black projects, technological developments and machines developed in secret and making them freely available to the American People.

8.)Employment of the US military to fix all the enviromental and social destruction you’ve caused.

9.)Full disclosure and prosecution under Grand Jury of all participants in vote fraud.

10.)Full disclosure and prosecution under Grand Jury of all participants in government shielded drug and gun running.

11.)Immediate repeal of all gun control laws, rules, regulations nationwide. Immediate release of all persons incarcerated under gun control laws.

12.)Immediate and unconditional provision of aid for those suffering under your staged economic collapse, abolishment of the export/import bank, all “free trade” agreements, and compensation to all American companies and workers for rigging economic and political conditions to cause them the loss of their livelihoods in the first place.

13.)Crash program to rehabilitate the generations of Americans that were subjected to mind conditioning and denial of a proper education through government schools, the abolishment of the Department of Education and the immediate disbanding of the NEA.

14.)Immediate vote and ratification of the following Constitutional Amendments:

*Abolishment of the interstate commerce clause.

*Abolishment of eminent domain.

*Aligning all Congressional elections so they all occur in the same election year.

*Reduce the size of the Supreme Court to seven and 4 year term limits.

*Strengthening the 2nd Amendment with the following: “The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed, nor regulated, nor shall training necessary for the maintenance of the Unorganized Militia shall be infringed, nor the knowledge, nor any future developments in arms be denied. No government official can claim sovereign immunity when violating said rights nor shall persons defending themselves from said violators of their rights be prosecuted.”

15.)Review and repeal of all laws that violate the Bill of Rights.

16.)Prosecution for war crimes of all guilty parties.

17.)Disbanding of Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, a permanent ban on all think tanks in government service.

18.)Immediate end to attacks on the free internet.

19.)Divestment of media conglomerates of all communications assets.

These points are a good start and more than easily within your power to implement given you own and/or control of the vast majority of assets on Earth. Just do it: give up your mad dreams, your lusts to crush us, fulfill the points and go back to your mansions and retreats and we’ll let you screw your family members into inbred imbecility.

It’s that or you will lose the hardest way.

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