Your God-given Right to Weapons-and how pacifism is not only cowardly in the face of evil, but ungodly as well.

J. Croft

In the Garden of Gethsemenie, Jesus Christ was in torment, praying to the Father in desperation. See, Jesus had gone against every corrupt power in Judea, and knew that a betrayal and a gruesome end were coming. Nobody wants to go out having their closest friend betray them(Judas), and systematically tortured to death.

That however was what was going to happen, and having to go through with it was a terrible burden, even for Jesus.

So Jesus finished prayer to God and summoned two Apostles, and gave the last words of advice. In paraphrase: get a sword, even if you have to sell anything and everything else to get one.

A sword. In the time of the Roman Empire, before, and until the invention of the handheld firearm a sword was the most lethal personal weapon up to long range. Not getting into quibbling about the bow, a sword was a weapon of the military specifically designed for killing other men.

Killing other men? Wait, didn’t Jesus say something about turning the other cheek?

Yes, but; why did Jesus say have military armament for self-protection? It makes no sense unless you actually start discerning what the Bible says from one verse to another and who said it.

The Bible has been in Human hands for millennia; more than enough time for mistakes, manipulations, and outright lies to be inserted. Indeed, knowing this one would be half tempted to call such a manuscript “Satan’s Big Book of Lies”. Except, why were these works manipulated in the first place if the basis for having their true meaning twisted wasn’t to cover up something from God? To turn freedom into slavery, knowledge into ignorance, love into hate. You have to have faith that God is about freedom and knowledge and love-these concepts spring from our very hearts, where God resides and has a embassy of the spirit.

That is the litmus test by which you and I can discern with wisdom the Bible.

So at it’s very essence, the message of Jesus Christ is Human Liberation and Redemption in Love by our common Father. This liberation unfortunately also requires physical self-protection against those fools who hate such things.

And there are plenty of those types. In the criminal underclasses, the bureaucracy, the military, and the rich. All such social classes incubate envy, greed, jealousy, wrath and other base evils.

Good news: unlike modern “liberals” and a lot of government types, Jesus would NOT have us walk through this planet of the shadow of death without protection.

God the Father extends His protection spiritually to those who fight for His fellow Children. He also provides in this “physical” plain by the inventions of Man.

Such inventions inexorably progress, even with the satanic retarding of Human Progress. Swords become more efficient in design and construction, as does the bow(Jesus used the sword as it was a much cooler visual).

Human technology progresses to the firearm, and arms of increasing effectiveness are built. Pistols for close in and concealed carry. Shotguns for devastating close in counterattack in your home. Rifles, for when you expect to fight, as the rifle is the premier hand held weapon. As the sword was in Jesus’ time.

So if Jesus was walking the Earth today preaching, He would instead of getting a sword no matter what, would get a gun. A rifle preferrably. A pistol when you can’t get to a rifle, but a rifle’s the priority here.

What kind of rifle? The kind used by the military. The evil black assault rifle that get the calls to be stolen from YOUR hands every time a lone nut loses his ritalin prescription, somehow.

These rifles come in two basic varieties; main battle rifles and intermediate range “assault rifles”

Main battle rifles fire a powerful .30 caliber cartridge of some kind and are designed for aimed, precise fire out to a minimum of 500 yards. A minimum, because marksmanship standards have deteriorated to the point where it’s forgotten except for gun enthusiasts that 19th century marksmanship standards called for engaging man sized targets out to a thousand yards. These are heavy weapons, firing heavy, hard hitting rounds and the typical military weapon will be a proven winner.

Assault rifles fire either a shortened .30 caliber or nowadays a high powered .22 caliber round-not usually over 300 yards as the cartridge fired isn’t as powerful as a main battle rifle round. The payoff being many more rounds in the weapon and carried. The weapons are lighter, usually have full automatic or burst capability. They’re designed and built around modern marksmanship standards-that is, a retarding of the marksmanship standards that demanded precise fire out of conscripts fresh out of the city and farm out to 1000 yards.

In fact, guns and their effective usage have been demonized and filtered out of the manufactured mass culture for two generations now. Guns are seen as evil, and their effective use-marksmanship-is now a subject only practiced by the remnant gun culture and government soldiers. What is depicted on TV is NOT how you use a gun, that is “programming” to make you miss.

Jesus wants you to hit, and He wants you to have the most effective arm, and that means having a main battle rifle. They’re longer ranged and will penetrate tree trunks, auto body steel, concrete, light brush, and body armor. Something that can’t be said for any assault rifle cartridge, which is what most government soldiers and most civilians use.

America may struggle with a false form of freedom, but there is still a good selection of military small arms with which one can observe Jesus’ final commandment with. What would Jesus pack?

There are in bolt action, which are for those that are poor:

.303 Lee Enfield-10 shot detaching mag British rifle. Quickest bolt action, it’s weaknesses are it’s ammo; sometimes difficult to find, and it’s rimmed cartridge invites feed problems. You’ll spend at a flea market or gun show about 1-150 for the rifle and if you have any sense get a case of 800 rounds for another 100 as the .303’s availability is spotty.

8mm, 30-06, and .308 Mauser-5 shot rifles made in the millions and in hundreds of variants. Most desirable and harder to find are Mausers in .308 and 30-06, however 8mm is currently(2005)very cheap and there are millions of Mausers from Turkey and Germany-via Russia. Slow, but dependable. Currently, 8mm Mauser is available by the case at gun shows at 7.62x39mm prices. A bargain. A .308 however will allow you to keep shooting with military ball ammo. The rifles will run from about 60 bucks each from Turkey(buy several along with a case of 800 rounds per rifle) to about 200 for a .308.

7.62x54R Moisin-Nagant-5 shot rifles flooding America, it’s cartridge is unique, but plentiful currently at gun shows for cheap prices, as well as the rifles. Accurate, powerful. You can arm several people for the price of one modern combat rifle. And the design can withstand the worst climate and abuse on Earth. The cheapest of the bolt actions the carbines and full length models run from 50-100 bucks a rifle. Ammo is abundant at the gun shows currently. As with the Turkish Mauser buy a case per rifle.

For those who can afford it, more modern, semiautomatic rifles provide a great leap forward in shots on tap, plus they can be reloaded faster.

In .223 are the following: AR-15, Mini-14, AR-180, Robinson M-96, and Romanian AK-47. These are all carbines-300 yards maximum but you have 30 round mags and drums up to 100 rounds. The .223 will NOT penetrate much cover but the right bullet will cause tremendous shock.

AR-15’s are the civilian version of the M-16, and there are many manufacturers offering a practically infinite amount of options. Accurate, and a joy to use, it’s weakness is it’s fragile semiautomatic action that blows propellant gasses directly into a number of finely engineered, low tolerance parts. Hold out for the now brand new short piston conversion that eliminates this stupid lapse of design judgement and finally makes the AR-15 a viable carbine. They start at about 600 dollars. The rifle’s designer, Eugene Stoner, even thought it was which was why he designed the…

AR-180-The M-16’s nearly forgotten replacement, it features a more conventional gas piston system and the new production Armalite versions feature some AR-15 mag and part interchangability with a more rugged design. Not so many gizmos for this carbine. About the same price as a starter AR.

Robinson M-96 is a redesign of the Stoner 63 for U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam. This is a well engineered rifle that is too expensive to be practical. Uses M-16 magazines.

Romanian AK-47. Comes in three calibers-7.62×39, .5x45x39, and .223. The .223 is the one you want, and it uses it’s own magazine but they are currently cheap at gun shows. Known as the SAR-3, it and about 20 magazines will run you about 4-500 dollars. The AK’s controls are not user friendly, it’s sights are communist basic, but THIS AK is accurate and the Kalashnikov design will still be running when the last AR breaks down.

Mini-14. DON’T GET! No! Mini-14’s are fragile, inaccurate, and unreliable.

Main Battle Rifles

Get these proven winners as they deliver full powered rifle ballistics in a modern semiautomatic package. All are in 7.62 NATO and use 20 round magazines and heavy, but you can do everything with these cartridge wise as a older bolt action, plus give out up to 4x the lead.

M-14, is a American design descended from the Garand Rifle that the Johnson Administration replaced with the M-16 as part of the Vietnam War. It was a mistake as the M-14 is reliable and accurate. It handles well and boasts the best iron sights. It’s gas system is self regulating as John Garand was a genius. It is the lightest and has the fewest number of parts of any semi automatic rifle. They will start at 700 dollars for chinese copies and about a grand for American made civilian copies. The primo National Match guns go from 1500 bucks up. Since you’re spending the big bucks, shell out about 500 dollars more for a good quality rifle scope and mount with bullet drop and rangefinding capability. Get a synthetic stock for a no warp bed for the action. Magazines are the most expensive at about 30 bucks each.

FN-FAL is a Belgian design that was used by over 90 countries before .223 was standardized. It has a pistol grip, fully adjustable gas system and sometimes a bipod, but it’s sights are a lot more basic than the M-14’s so a good rifle scope is mandatory. A very reliable arm. Several makes and price schedules. A Century Arms import will run from 500 to 700, a DS Arms FAL will go from1000 dollars up, and a original FAL will be over 2000 dollars. Magazines however run about 5 bucks each.

HK-91 is a German design that was also popular. This rifle has a delayed blowback system that is the most reliable of any semiautomatic weapon, and will function no matter what. What sucks about it is it’s afterthought placed controls and crude sights. It recoils horribly unless you get a CETME spanish copy, which then you’ll have to contend with sometimes crude remanufacture. Get a good scope for it. Mags are even cheaper than FAL mags though.

Okay you got a rifle-can you use it? If you know marksmanship you can.


The key to unlocking any gun’s potential this is imperative in a rifle meant to strike killing blows out to 500 yards. There are many guides but here’s a basic rundown.

Positions, in order of stability:

Laying on the ground(prone)-the ideal as this offers the most stability and lowers your body to the ground making you a more difficult target yourself. Use whenever possible.

Sitting/Kneeling When Prone isn’t practical due to water, deep mud, obstacles, or because of circumstance.

Standing-least stable, your rifle’s unsupported, but you can MOVE to a position where the more desirable positions can be used. You’ll be in this position when you let yourself get surprised.

Rifle Handling:

Your buttstock is FIRMLY TUCKED in the meaty pocket of your shoulder.

Your left arm grips the forestock, preferably with a sling wrapped around it for stability. The ideal is a Military Sling; this is a complicated design with two hooks and a lot of holes. But it’s use is simplicity itself; there’s a loop midpoint just forward of the rear half, and you twist your sling a half turn clockwise and tuck your arm in. Wrap the sling counterclockwise around your left arm and your muzzle’s a lot more stable-which will help you hit.

Otherwise you can just wrap your arm counterclockwise around the sling but this “hasty sling” makes the gun shoot left.

Your right hand has a death grip around the stock/grip EXCEPT FOR YOUR TRIGGER FINGER!!!!

Your trigger finger quickly, but lovingly caresses the trigger; it FEELS the trigger parts slide, resist, let go according to their mechanical design to send your rifle’s firing pin on the round you’ve aimed at down range. ONLY IT MOVES.

Next, sight picture-align the top of your front post with your target, judge and adjust your range with the rear sight, align the rear sight with the front-unless you’re using a rifle scope then you just align the crosshairs.

Breath in a full breath,

let out half,

focus your eye first on target then front sight,

squ-eeeze-and let the gun surprise you when it fires. Anticipating the recoil will make you miss. That’s why gentle recoiling guns are easier to shoot.

Then you do it all over again for the next shot. With competence comes speed from repetition; just trying to be fast will cause you to miss. You want to hit.

It’s a discipline, and it requires instruction and regular practice, and a place to shoot with a dirt backstop for the high powered rifle rounds, but fortunately the basics can be handled with by air guns and dry fire practice.

Airguns are fun, they allow shooting practice in the privacy of your own backyard or hallway. Get a basic bb gun and do each shot by the shooting methodology.

Dry fire practice is using your own rifle UNLOADED. No ammo around or you’ll get careless and put a round through the drywall(I know).

So, where do I find these fine items?

You can find them at gun shows, flea markets, yard sales, or a gun shop.

At gun shows, there are dealers and private collectors. Dealers make you go through a government background check and fill out a yellow registration form which informs the federal government you have a firearm. You don’t want that so look around for a private collector. You can tell someone’s a private collector if he or she doesn’t have a sign saying such by the following:

Guns; they will have funky, older models along with more desirable arms.

Prices: will be rounded off to the nearest ten or five.

No pad of yellow forms or a phone visible either on the table or somewhere underneath.

It is best to wait for the gun show to get your guns, and they’re advertised in the newspaper. If however you don’t have a gun show nearby check out flea markets or yard sales. This is pot luck; bolt action rifles are not common and modern semiautomatic rifles are rarely encountered. BUT, at least one flea market or one yard sale will have at least one viable defensive arm for sale.

What if you can’t find a gun show, and you can’t find a halfway decent arm for sale? Then you have to hold your nose and hit a gun store, fill out the yellow form and go through the background check. The government will have you and your gun on record… and there will come a day when the Government Agents are unleashed to come for your guns.

Get a gun NOW!

In His final instruction, Jesus communicated how much of a priority it was to be armed-to sell one’s cloak if one had to. A cloak kept a person warm in those distant times, so personal protection is to be ranked above keeping warm… above keeping well fed… having that new car, that new plasma screen TV, that mall shopping spree.

Get it now; gun confiscation is coming to America and when most of the American People have surrendered that last vestige of their Freedom, then all hell shall descend upon this country. Don’t look for the “rapture” to give you a easy out-nearly nobody on this planet even knows what Jesus really taught and meant, or lived as He did. You’re here for the duration, and your inaction has helped make this planet a hellhole. Thanks.

So get that rifle. Get your sword while they are plentiful and available and not a hassle or dangerous to acquire. Do it, or else be utterly without defense against the evil one’s minions.


  1. Bill Clemens Says:

    Dear Sir:
    Thank you for what you shared! Having been a military warrior, as well as continuing this calling until I return to the dust is something that, I believe, our Father calls us to do. Not everyone, obviously, but those called from the Spirit of the Most High God. Blessings to you as you and your staff bring this message home. Our Messiah was and is the Prince of Peace, but we need a reminder every now and again that His Peace will come only after His wrath.

  2. Miles Says:


    […]THE LAST COMMANDMENT OF JESUS « Freedom Guide[…]…

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