J. Croft

Hell approaches. The forces of evil surge toward a final confrontation with good-with those that will not bow before tyranny, will not compromise, or pass the responsibility of doing what must be done to someone else. Anyone else.

No! Not us the Remnant-of men and women, young and old who would rather face certain death than go quietly into the night the beast, the “new world order” that is really the power elite that has held it’s malignant grip over Man since before recorded history.

We see the reality of our situation. That the beast has had control over what we pledge allegiance to, who we pray to, what we believe in, what we’re taught is right or wrong. We see beyond the convenient labels the beast’s society stamps on us, past the conformity or the instinctive rebelling. Past the styles and the slang, the cultures and nationalities. See that we have a common enemy as old as the civilization we live in.

In fact it is the totality of civilization that we are at war against! Yes, war-because civilization has been at war against Man! Civilization invented slavery in all it’s forms; whether through conquest by armies or conquest by manipulating people into debt, or conquest by laws made by lawyers, judged and tried by lawyers.

Throughout recorded history, brave people have awoken to their true state, and have grappled with civilization, with the beast. Many fled and opted for the primitive existence of their distant ancestors just wanting to be left alone. Many others tried in various ways to resist; personally by challenging norms set by an elite to oppress Man’s spirit and intellect, or striking out directly against one’s oppressors with whatever means they could get.

Most failed, not comprehending the true extant of what they struggle against. A few got enough of a view that they attempted to wage war against the beast-of those brave attempts only a few succeeded! If you’re reading this in the United States of America you’re living in the dying shell of the one that succeeded the most-yet even America has been bridled by the beast since it’s birth!

Civilization, the “elite”, the beast, has for millenia done its utmost to keep a check on the underlying human need to be Free. Freedom is the natural state of Man, in communion with God and Creation. Freedom is as the seed that gets blown around the solid, unyielding concrete of the beast’s false civilization. It is false I say, because it is largely a creation designed to separate Man from his natural state-in communion with God and Creation in a state of Freedom.

Concrete is unyielding. It eventually cracks, forms a weakness and that weakness is where the seed of Freedom finds a place to begin to grow, sink roots and develop. The beast can and has yanked Freedom from the people, poured a fresh patch of tyranny where there were cracks, vulnerabilities. Unfortunately for the beast more cracks always develop in its cruel joke of a civilization precisely because it is unyielding, selfish, cruel, domineering, avaricious, murderous. And there are always more seeds of Freedom to exploit the beast’s cracks, it’s vulnerabilities.

Sometimes, the beast gets careless, takes risks for some imagined benefit. Risks, like the founding of America. Yes it’s true-one of the beast’s servants Sir Francis Bacon wrote of the beast’s plans for America in his book “The New Atlantis”-a plan for a nation to fulfill the beast’s dream of a united world empire under it’s never-ending rule.

See, the beast’s civilization is global, but not united, not all encompassing. Large swaths of concrete have cracks, some sections are still gravel bedding, some are rubble. No, there’s virtually no unpaved areas left on Earth now, the managed development of technology has seen to that. The beast desired a tool, a force that could wage war upon the entire Earth, to subjugate it under a single all-powerful rule that could ruin even the mightiest of nations.

That according to Sir Francis Bacon was to be the beast’s American destiny.

Certainly, he wasn’t the only upper class English twit to spout such abomination. Upon surrendering the battlefield at Yorktown, General Cornwallis made the “prediction” that the British Empire would through trickery eventually reclaim the United States and through it rule the world. Cornwallis was a high level freemason-as was George Washington, Alexander Hamilton the banker’s tool, and Benjamin Franklin whose New York residence was recently discovered to have the remains of human ritual sacrifices performed in the basement.

Freemasons have had a central hand in the planning and development of the United States. Beyond their temples in literally every town and city-aligned with each other and most major buildings and monuments in occultic arrangements-they have had a nearly unbroken rule over this nation’s governments. Nearly every President was a 33rd degree freemason-and of royal lineage that can be traced back to Britain… back to the Romans who fled to Britain when that empire collapsed… Back to Egypt when in the time of Jesus Rome abandoned its Republic roots and became just another empire… Back all the way to the beginnings of this current civilizaton when kings began rule over all.

This “royalty” that has had its lackeys boots on Man’s necks all throughout history, they have struggled to forge a one world empire that would never be overthrown, would never decay, where their rule would be eternally secure. They needed a nation that could grow, that could sweep all before it until its frontiers were secure. Then and only then would it begin to be used as the weapon by which the greatest empires of Earth would fall one by one, until the day came that it too would be expended and cast aside as all other of the beast’s empires have been. (Understanding of course that with the destruction of the nations the peoples of those nations would be crushed as well.)

So, being to the tool to unite the planet in perpetual slavery was the beast’s grand design for America.

The beast’s “grand experiment in Freedom”-the beast needed to motivate people to cross the Atlantic to brave invading other peoples lands, so a “measure” was allowed…

…And I tell you that THAT decision shall be the beast’s ultimate downfall!

There are Two Americas-the beast’s lawless, imperialistic, murderous United States and Our America. You and I know what THAT America is! Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, the Great Melting Pot of all of the Nations of Man, where one is guaranteed Life and Freedom and the pursuit of one’s happiness. Our America; that stays out of other nations affairs, stays as a Nation out of entangling alliances, where all of Man seek to learn how to be Free, and perhaps they or their children or their children’s children would go back to their homelands to plant the seeds of Freedom there as well!

That is what was told to us once upon a time, while such concepts were still acceptable for the beast to teach us-if only to keep up asleep, unaware of what America’s destiny was to be. The beast seeks to use the United States as it’s weapon to finish crushing the Nations in a final apocalyptic war, the game plan written down as “prophecy” millenium ago. Yes, it can only be true that “prophecy” is but the beast making its game plan known-knowing that thanks to conditioning that we would take it as predictions of the future from God and therefore unalterable. Did I not state before that Man’s civilization is the invention of the beast that would murder nearly all of us?

The struggle between Free Men and the beast is never ending, and advances and retreats, new frontiers and the advancement of technology have made the war a fluid one. An Endgame is upon us however, as the beast harnesses it’s technology to forge a military machine almost unstoppable, a electronic control grid unescapable, a civilization so all-encompassing in it’s tyranny, one could be born, used, abused, die and never know one to be a slave. Such a cruel fate is one suffered by most Americans-immersed in a vapid, stifling culture, poisoned by pills, food, air and water, psychologically neutured by state schools that teach obedience and apathy, exploited for not even one-twentieth of the benefit they exert. When premature aging or cancer or a bullet or bomb turns them from a “productive member of society” into a liability all the promises the beast lays on them for their loyalty are revealed to be the cruelest of lies.

It’s the beast’s endgame, and this is for control of the destiny of the entire planet. The problem posed by people who would be truly Free is to be solved by enslavement or death. There is no middle ground with the beast, no negotiating, and no escape from our Destiny.

Our Destiny, you ask? Our Destiny is nothing less than the utter destruction of the beast, the “new world order” the rule of those that consider themselves “royal”, “elite”. Their resources are practically limitless, but their numbers are few and their soldiers and bureaucrats and lawyers are fallible. They can be beaten! They HAVE been beaten!

We’re going to win.

So, Christian: that person who believes as you do, as I do about the beast-his interpretation of Satanism as being self-empowerment is but a trivial matter, as all religions have the taint of the beast. Just as that other Christian belonging to another denomination has as much lock on the Truth as you do-none.

Republican: that person, who wants honest, accountable elections, that they’re a lifetime Democrat is meaningless, since both parties are at the top the same; they just used hot button social issues to distract and divide the People as they worked their manifold treason on us all.

White Man: the next person of color you meet just might be a fellow Freedom Fighter as you are, so do your best not to fall back on your conditioning about gangstas, the “designated urban boogeymen”. Blacks, Mexicans, Natives-the same goes toward you as we are all enslaved by the beast and until it’s slave civilization can be overthrown, crushed and a new one started we’re all in this together. We’re in it together anyway, so bury that racial crap before it finishes you off.

To those who conform, wear suits and ties, have respectable jobs: that hippie or bum rebelling against economic and cultural slavery is actually ahead of you in freeing themselves from the beast. Jesus stated that it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to make it to heaven, so consider if your labor might be better put in your own business that helps the Cause, or at least stop serving the corporate arm of the beast.

Those who are enviromentalists: know that not being understood, not have others relate to you, to offend rather than to gain an audience, to make a spectacle in a pale imitation of 60’s activism hasn’t work, isn’t working. Isn’t going to work. Also, you’re way too naïve of those on the “left” and too many of them are playing for the other team-not the “right” but those that would enslave us all.

See, the Remnant is anyone and everyone who stands against tyranny. Many swing at what they think is the enemy but don’t see the true threat-like Designated Urban Boogeymen… otherwise known as Crips, Bloods, Folk, Latin Kings. Know your enemy isn’t your neighbors, or any random person you can prey on. It’s the bankers who loot the world because they can. It’s the lawyers who work for them, make the laws, judge you by the laws they write and make them impossible to prosecute or defend oneself save for another lawyer. It’s the bureaucrats who enforce the millions of laws the lawyers love to hand down and make us obey, and all the soldiers and cops who don’t know any better, who don’t care except that it’s they who wield the nightsticks, pepper spray, tazers and guns.

Anyone else I can’t think of as I’m writing this? Well, I’m talking to you too; what will you have? Because I’ll tell you, your lifestyle’s going bye bye as the beast takes your livelihood, calls your loans, freezes your lines of credit, comes with collections agents and cops to seize all you got and turn you out of the home you worked your entire life for. So while you have some money, what will you do? Continue to salve your pain and fear with prescription meds, beers, shopping sprees? Or will you take the starting steps to survive:

1.)Get some guns: a .308 or .223 semi-automatic military pattern rifle, ten magazines, gear to hold the magazines in and a thousand rounds. A reliable semi-automatic pistol in at least 9mm, with spare mags and 500 rounds. A .22 rifle and four bricks of ammo. Get all of these at gun shows-look for people walking the aisles because you can pay with cash… go ahead and burn out a credit card withdrawing cash you ain’t gonna be able to pay it back anyway. You shouldn’t anyway-get back at the banks for fucking you and your life. Oh while you’re at the show, pick up a airsoft gun that’s like the rifle you’re getting and use it for target practice and familiarzation. Go to and learn the basics of rifle marksmanship.

2.)Get in shape already! Eat organic, drink spring water, go for daily walks, lift weights. You’re going to need to be in shape for what’s coming. Get a good mountain bike-look in auctions and the classifieds for a cheap one some other spoiled yuppie got bored with.

3.)Link up with a militia group. Go to and learn everything else about being a Free Man. Militia is for everyone; the one time head of the Ohio Unorganized Militia, J.J. Johnson’s a black man.

4.)Get a place in the country if you can-either buy it or rent it or get with some relatives or friends. The cities are going to become prisons, after all the riots and mass starvation.

5.)BUY FOOD RIGHT NOW! Canned goods are good, non-hybrid heirloom seeds are better along with a grain mill. has about all the survival info you need RIGHT NOW!

6.)If you have extra cash, buy some extra rifles and ammunition to equip those that wake up a little late to fulfill the above five steps. Get some Mosin-Nagants because they’re stone reliable and as I write this, there’s ammo at the gun shows.

7.)Get right with God. Find a quiet place without any distractions. Quiet yourself, your mind and LISTEN… Father will speak with you, it’s just a matter of tuning in. God will guide you to what you ‘ll need to do and what to stop doing.

8.)Everything’s collapsing, but that don’t mean we don’t try to push back the tide of tyranny. Time to seize back your local government. Go google “Hope Steffey” and watch the video of those cops about raping her, and their Sheriff covering for them! Go look: and realize that EVERY community is like that! Organize and take back your town’s government from the lawyers, the bureaucrats, the thug traitor scumbag cops. Put some Patriots in and gut the laws out! Be a example of Freedom to others so they will be inspired to do likewise in their towns… and support Ron Paul and call for election reform-get rid of black box vote fraud!

Yes the time has come for the Gathering, of all those that would be Free.

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