Television: the electronic narcotic.

J. Croft

60 Cycles a second. That is what American television sets scan the images that entrance you and that rate was scientifically researched to induce a trance-like state in your mind. Hypnotism: and the more you watch television the easier it is to get entranced, start flipping channels, watching any inconsequential shit on and the next thing you know two, three, four hours have passed. Time you will never get back. Time you lost forever that you could’ve spent learning a trade for that additional income stream you know you need now or some quality time with your kids/parents/spouse.

Bad enough you say? Wait I’ve just started.

Why do you think they call television shows programming? There are messages both overt and covert that you receive once you’ve entered into your zombie television viewing mode to instill what those that control the media want you to believe, act, react to. Flip any channel on and the viewpoints are the same no matter if the mouthpiece or actor is playing ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’.

First example being ‘conspiracy theorists’; those who try to expose the many frauds promoted as ‘realtity’. The media seeks out the crazy cat piss smelling idiots who wait for the mothership and associate them with what should be described as truthseekers. Someone tries to expose the truth about Kennedy-gets called a kook and has the so-called Mythbusters dorks rig an obviously biased test where even the sniper doing the shooting criticizes the test. Someone brings up Gulf War Syndrome, they’re stonewalled and ignored. God help you if you expose 9/11 for the government black op it is, you’ll get called a terrorist.

There exists in American mass media a general liberal streak a couple miles wide. You know by heart the er, values the major media promotes:

*Major, liberal dominated urban areas are bastions of civilization in spite of all the crime.

*’Flyover country’ is full of mutant gun-crazed racist hicks.

*Cops are (mostly) benevolent, and whatever they do is ‘necessary’ for ‘society'(whatever those in power deem).

*Single mothers, divorced couples, adulterers are morally superior to stuffy married people-besides they have more fun.

*Guns are only for cops and soldiers and maybe the anti-hero private detective so long as all the permits are in order. Anyone and everyone else can’t handle guns and will blow their own heads off.

*If someone suffers and/or dies because of a policy promoted by the media they’re a worthy sacrifice-it’s the principle that counts!

*Self-sufficient independent thinkers are stupid, uncool, tin foil hat wearers waiting for the apocalypse with beans, bibles and bullets. There are people in the phone book that handle emergencies and stuff.

*Education is best left to the state schools. Home schoolers are crazy conspiracy buffs.

*There is no conspiracy of course. What’s presented on the news and TV shows is the way things are.

*Anything a talking head on TV says is true.

*There are conservatives on TV-on Fox News. Go tune them in you troglodyte… not that they don’t get their own brand of spin to keep the left-right paradigm going.

I could go on for an entire book with the examples.

Terrible? Yes it is. Unfortunately it gets much, much worse.

Subliminals are words or images presented in a very brief period of time-well under a second-and camoflaged within the image or integrated in it so that it isn’t obvious something’s flashing… but something IS. This is a powerful technique because the subliminal registers with the subconscious mind. Since the subconscious is 90 percent of the human mind… useful to those that control us but there are more advanced techniques. Subliminals are also inserted in the audio, and there are a variety of means of masking them from conscious detection yet be able to reach the subconscious.

Neurolinguistic Programming-What?!

NLP is a largely hidden, patented, and highly guarded science that exploits the human subconscious to deliver messages, instill conditioning, forge attitudes. Since Television is such a widespread, addictive means of delivering messages, instill conditioning, forge attitudes it is used very heavily. Incidentally neurolinguistic programming is also used by mainstream churches, the military, corporations-it’s a topic unto itself. The foundation of NLP is dual meaning: apparently saying one thing but delivering through verbal and visual cues a hidden message. Could be a left-hand gesture that clicks something in the subconscious, or the way your voice sounds or how fast or slow you speak. It’s a evil science, and unfortunately for this article I’m just beginning to grasp just how pervasive and powerful this is!

So, isn’t all this illegal?

I wish! Actually the government has been a tacit partner with the major media conglomerates in perfecting this insidious technology. Your television you depend on for your entertainment, for a persepctive on the world is the main tool to enslaving you. This enslavement’s unnoticed because the conditioning, the messages are delivered in pieces, repeatedly, and your own mind does the assembling. Every American’s mind does the assembling of the pieces into the group-think that dominates.

And who determines what goes into the American group-mind? Major media corporations, left-liberal gatekeepers, neo-marxist college professors, and a lot of government bureaucrats and shadow operatives. All the traitorous scum that have reduced us to slaves-with lavish homes provided at interest. The trappings of the American Dream can and are being taken away and not even the beast’s electronic narcotic will be able to mask the hard slap of reality when the true state of our servitude is revealed.

What do we do?

What do we do depends on what you do-stop watching television. Yes it’s effectively a drug, and like all drugs it lies to you as it steals your time and energy. But if you can cut the TV out you’d have the willpower to get in shape. With the additional time and much greater energy, after cleansing your body going on a organic diet, along with execise your mind will work better. You’ll want to know more of how deep a hole we’re all in and what you and your talent set can do to help out.

What WE can do depends on how many WE there are.




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