J. Croft


Back in the days of open slavery in America(before the Civil War for those who got their education only from public schools), the Americans in bondage, the Blacks, would divide themselves into two classes:

Field Slaves-only did the minimum possible work, rebelled when they could, and ran away if they had the heart. Knew enough about Freedom to know that they sure as hell weren’t, and always kept in mind that they were enslaved. And were treated like walking, talking shit by their blue blooded “massahs”. Denied the right to live their lives as they wished, made utterly dependent on the white trash that worked them all their lives without hope of reprieve or even just compensation. Birthed, lived-in a limited way-worked and died for another’s profit and pleasure.

House Slaves-did whatever they could to get with “massah” so they could get a few extra scraps of the luxury those Southern wannabe aristocratic types deigned to toss them. Luxury gotten at the sweat, blood, tears of the “property” that KNEW they weren’t free. House Slaves were likewise enslaved-a slave’s a slave-but these fools somehow managed to forget about Freedom, forgot how their chains chafed them to their very souls. I don’t know if they actually loved being enslaved, but they were as hostages suffering from Stockholm Syndrome are today; supporting their captors and their demonic motivations.

Slavery eventually split the nation between the States who considered resolving the social disease inherited from the British on their own, and the Federal Government under Abraham Lincoln who wanted it resolved nationally in a Civil War. The slaves were freed over the bodies of a half million Americans and the permanent crippling of the South and Constitutionally limited government in general. Modern day America was given birth with the Civil War.

And with it a new, unspoken, far more insidious slavery that’s bound all of us in chains stronger than steel.

“What?!” You’re spazing, “I’m no slave-I’m a ‘Murikan, living free in the freest country on Earth. The hell you talking bout I’m some slave?!” You think you’re free? You REALLY think you’re free? Well, let’s go over the facts of living in modern day ‘Murika: Can you, for example, just hop into your car and drive anywhere? “Yeah” you say-WRONG!

You can’t just “hop in”; you first must have a driver’s LICENSE. The definition of license is basically having standing permission to do or have something until revoked by the power you submit to for that license. You’re buying the American government’s permission to drive on Public Roads, submitting to the ruse that driving on Public Roads you pay out your ass in taxes for is a “privilege” that can be revoked. You have-had-a right to use Public Roads unfettered until you bought into getting permission. Or rather, your Grandparents did and screwed us for being weak minded, and otherwise asleep at the wheel. The price of Freedom’s eternal vigilance…

They weren’t; so, the government, exploiting it’s carefully crafted image to the average well-indoctrinated ‘Muriken, couched the driver’s license to your Grandparents under the guise of “public safety”. This issue of “public safety” would be exploited by those weak of character enough to be power hungry, and eventually that license card became a de facto ID. That, coupled with your social security account number that the state requires for identification(FDR said it was only to be used for your retirement account)has lowered America to the level of any other nation. You, me-toadying up to the license bureau and begging PERMISSION to be able to use a motor vehicle-OUR PROPERTY-to travel on public roads we’re supposed to have a RIGHT to use. Yet you don’t need a license to operate a bicycle on the same roads-yet.

Oh, about your SSN? Another identifier that was once long ago promised by the state to just be a “account number”. Since then your parents caved in and obeyed their state “massahs” when they required the social security number to be used as identification-even though federal law prohibits such abuse.

Section 7 of Public Law 93-579(Privacy Act of 1974): (G)(1):

“It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State, or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his social security account number.”

Unlawful-yet required by the state anyway. Today we’re even threatened with arrest by massah government’s agents if we lawfully refuse disclosing our government retirement account number as a identifier. And private corporations? They have even less right to demand our SSN but have gone along with their fellow “massahs” in “public service” to demand it from us like we were living in Nazi Germany-“your papers please”. Your “papers” serve to identify you and hound you with every step you take, every purchase you make-you can and are tracked and monitored in everything you do. How free do you feel thinking about that?

“But, we got our license, we can drive.” Yes. You got “massah state’s permission” to use OUR public roads with the state’s nazi-ass identity cards. NOW you say we can “hop” in and drive-whoa there, Gilligan; you now need license plates.

License plates have their origin fighting government-generated crime during prohibition-when alcohol was banned and millions of tax dollars and thousands of Americans lives were wasted enforcing it. Police and Revenue Agents had to have a way of tracking and identifying their fellow countrymen partaking in activities as old as man, as were otherwise legal and innocent a mere decade before and that included their automobiles. Because of laws passed by intolerant fools, their treason sowed more excuses for social controls by the power freaks of that era as criminal activity turned violent. This violence made it mandatory that all cars be licensed and identifiable by a visible serial number. So now, not only can you be tracked, your vehicle can as well. Does it stop thieves? No! Does it act as yet another control mechanism like your driver’s license and SSN, more chains? You try driving down our public roads without license plates-see how far you get before you get pulled over by a “house slave” in government service who’s bought massah’s line even more than you.

So: you got your driver’s license and your plates-now you can drive-whoa there again, little buddy! Now you need insurance from a private corporation as “proof of financial responsibility” by massah. See, the private sector wannabe massahs they thought that it’d be a sweet income enhancement if they could make having auto insurance legally mandatory for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on public roads. So, being rich these corporate whores lobbied the whores who occupy our state legislatures and now you have to have permission from a private party… to use your private property… on public roads you’re supposed to have a right to.

So yeah, you can drive your car-after you beg massah state and his overseers for permission. Not that you even properly own your own car, having fallen for those chains of slavery known as debt! I’ll get to that shortly, but the point is we need PERMISSION from the state to enjoy what should be our RIGHT! We mind conditioned ‘Murikans need permission from massah for just about everything!

Want to operate a business? Get massah bureaucrat’s licenses or get shut down. Probably get shut down anyway if one of massah’s agents decides they take a personal disliking to you or even just had a bad day.

Gotta have massah’s license to teach-not that it’s any guarantee you’ll get a quality education-in fact, somehow state(NEA)standards seem to have made a nation of dumbasses too ignorant of their rights and heritage to know they’ve been robbed, too dumbed down by their own schools to care. The teachers: conditioned by the very colleges they went to earn the privilege to teach, are even more socialistic.

Gotta have massah state’s license to practice medicine, or manufacture drugs-even though doctors and hospital stays account for the biggest number of fatalities in Modern America. A system of medicine that can treat traumatic injury very well, but is at the same time the greatest long term threat to your health with the poisons they tout as ‘medicine’.

Gotta have massah state’s and it’s overseer the BAR’s license to practice law-and monopolize judicial appointments, and use that piece of parchment to cause awe in a dumbed down Modern America, so those rat bastards can rob us of our money and freedom in our courts, our legislatures, and in our executive offices. Any wonder a single copy of the United States Code-just the Federal law-takes up YARDS of bookshelf space? Many yards more of bookshelving are groaning under the various state and local ordinances, AND the regulations of the 36(so far)federal agencies. Interpreting and enforcing all those rules of course is up to the various overseers and flunkies who are otherwise unable to make their own way in life, but dependant on massah state as cover to steal from YOU!

Gotta have massah state’s permission slip to build or fix up your own home-otherwise one of massah’s bureaucratic overseers come over, see you acting uppity and sic massah state’s finest to enforce their edicts with guns and fines and possible jail time. Don’t want to get homosexually gangraped by literally hardened convicts do you? Better obey massah! And it just got better-your house can be taken away if massah state decides someone else can generate more tax revenue. That’s what you get for not earning enough-coolie.

Gotta have massah state’s permission slip to use your Constitutionally guaranteed Right to Free Assembly. Otherwise a whole bunch of massah state’s finest will dress up like wannabe Darth Vaders and use your body for batting practice with their aluminum batons. Even with massah state’s permission to use your First Amendment “right” the overseers might have a undercover operative to stage some scripted violence-a excuse to beat, tear gas, arrest en masse or even murder your little public get-together.

Gotta have massah state’s permission to use your Constitutionally guaranteed Right to Bear Arms for personal protection(if you’re lucky enough to be in a locale that actually allows such a thing!) Most of the time you won’t have it anyway so if’in you’re uppity enough to consider packing that heat to save yourselves from common criminals, massah state’s unknowing dupes in the great crime of robbing your Freedom, massah’s overseers in blue will spaz and probably kill you for such impudence! Besides, criminality is encouraged in the land of the laws because the increasing likelihood of being randomly victimized makes you forget how your ‘massah’ is victimizing all of us… because of your apathy and inaction against tyranny!

We’re free?!

We’re in chains, folks; chains far more pervasive, interlocking, and far stronger than steel. They’re chains of indoctrination, of conditioning, of years of public school and television that teach a warped view of Modern America that serves to preserve the status quo. That being you bearing your chains of slavery without complaint as you get massah’s permission to drive, massah’s government retirement account number to be used as a identifier. And as you drive to and from that job(you might not have in six months if that traitorous private firm you slave for decides to export it to China), you might decide to think about whether giving half the labors your given from your corporate massah to your state massah is worth it.

We’re slaves-to the state. The state being the federal government, the state government, the county and city governments. The state is also surprisingly the corporations; whenever the stock market plunges, the government goes in and buys up stock of major corporations to keep the market up-to keep you SLAVES giving money to that fraud. Lotto for the middle class-and in return the government can more firmly stamp our wrists and legs with their irons, economically.

Economic slavery-as in that McMansion that’s a financial ball and chain around your neck, and that auto loan on that ridiculous land yacht that binds a leg, that boat you take out maybe a dozen times a year on the other leg, those credit cards that shackle your hands. If you don’t own it free and clear YOU DON’T OWN IT. They’re chains of debt slavery with gold paint and some glued on rhinestones that their manufacture culture’s conditioned you to “need”!

Don’t have a McMansion, a SUV, a boat? All the better to massah state-you’re enslaved by the poverty that’s been racheted higher and higher since the 1960’s. You’re too busy trying to make ends meet, so you have almost nothing left except to watch… Paris Hilton on at least two goddamned “reality” shows. No matter where you are on the income scale, that income’s taxed upwards of half of yours by massah state. Same massah who can outright buy billions of shares of corporate stock when folks sell out of those fraudulent insturments. A fraud-that robs you, keeps you indentured on massah’s economic plantation.

So you see, you are a slave. So what kind of slave are you gonna be?

Are you going to remain a house slave-a state slave-who serves massah state by blindly obeying all laws, rules and regulations? Are you going to be a good overseer or trustee and make sure none of the field slaves get any notions that they’re more than servants or catch any kind of uppity attitude?

Or are you going to rediscover your humanity, rediscover God who is that soft voice in your heart-not the confusion you and your slave programming make in your head.

Get back with God in your heart-don’t rely on the bible or the koran or some whackjob money pump disguised as a cult by a hack sci-fi author, or any other document touted by Man as the “word of God”. There you will find our Father the Creator, who Loves you enough to endow you with a soul and Free Will. This is prima facie evidence that God Almighty desires you to be Free, so long as you respect others Freedom. Evidence God Almighty didn’t go through all the effort to have you here, in this country, at this pivotal time in history to be someone’s property-whether you know it or not!

So exercise that Freedom. Free yourself from listening to those state slaves, those house slaves on the TV-that electronic narcotic. Explore the Internet while it stands free. Learn about Freedom. There are dozens of those on what you’ve been programmed by massah’s culture to think as the “fringe”. Fringe is exactly where they should be-fringe of Freedom.

Do you know what the most striking thing about a slave is? That in spite of the privations, hardships, abuse, and even physical threat to their very lives they lack the means and the will to defend themselves.
So learn how to protect your Freedom-and the most imperative is for you, personally, to learn how to use a weapon. A gun. The most powerful, most effective type of gun you can learn how to use is the rifle. And the most effective type of rifle for a liberated Daughter or Son of God is the semiautomatic military rifle in 7.62mm NATO caliber. The rifles, and ammo and spare mags will set you back about $2,000. Enough to buy that plasma screen instead; but can that TV be used to defend you and yours?

Get a airgun first though, learn the fundamentals at http://www.rwva.org on making the rifle shot and practice in your hallway with a box filled with newspaper. Take index cards and make 1/6 inch targets and practice the fundamentals of the shot:

Shoulder the rifle, put the butt in the meat of your shoulder, death grip with your right hand-BUT YOUR TRIGGER FINGER! YOUR TRIGGER FINGER IS INDEPENDENT, LIGHT AND CARESSING.

Place your front sight post on your target, center hold but a 6 o’clock hold(on the bottom)is acceptable.

Align the rear sight with your front sight, still on target.

Breath in, then half out and HOLD, keep those sights on target…

While keeping front sight on target focus on your front sight…

With a caress your trigger finger feels through the trigger… keep those sights on target and then let the shot be a surprise-and keep your eyes open and on target as the shot goes off, it’s called follow through.

If your sights are sighted in and adjusted for range you’ll be in the black.
The rifle you can currently find at gun shows. The marksmanship training to use your rifle properly will be harder to come by. Perhaps you’ll find someone at the gun show to train you but just in case you can’t, here’s a training aid-get a bb gun. You’ll learn all the fundamentals of making a accurate shot by using a 30 buck air rifle. Body positions, sight alignment, target tracking, breath control, trigger squeeze. Use the internet to find tutorials on rifle marksmanship-I suggest going to RWVA.ORG for much more detailed direction.

When you get your rifle and your skill squared away,(and your life for that matter GET OUT OF DEBT AND NEEDING JUNK LIKE A CONSUMERIST JUNKIE) and become a student of the Freedom our Father in Heaven gave us as a gift as important as our Life, you’ll HOPEFULLY be motivated to awakening others. Start with small groups and keep them small and separate. Your group will be your survival net-each supporting everyone else. Together, as your numbers multiply you’ll begin to expand your power and reach, even start taking over local governments. As your power snowballs you’ll start taking over state governments, and eventually sieze back the federal government. I GREATLY expand on this in my essay “Message to Mr. and Mrs. America” at freedomguide.blogspot.com

It’s possible, even destined, if you’ll have faith that you are meant to be more than someone’s slave. You may think after reading this essay that you are small-you are not! Not by a long shot. Any Man or Woman who loves God and Freedom and their Fellow Man is worth more than a hundred of massah state’s overseers and flunkies.

That can be you if you’ll allow yourself to think of yourself as more than a slave-field, house, state or otherwise.

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