J. Croft

We have problems in America Mr. Police Officer-a lot of them.

We have, obviously, problems with crackheads and meth addicts causing all kinds of havoc to anyone they come in contact with to get their next hit.

We have, obviously, problems with street dealers strutting around being problems to their neighborhoods-what with the fight over “markets” that ends with shootings, and all the crackheads they attract to make their pay.

We have, obviously, problems with these dudes being able to so readily get a kilo of cocaine to sell in their crack houses. Problem is, they get it so regularly despite a decades-long “war on drugs” that’s locked up a generation of inner city Americans.

There’s something way the hell wrong here!

We’ve had, for decades, huge problems with sealing up our nation’s frontiers-with the most powerful armed forces, including your police department, in human history. And the drugs keep flowing in like water going over the Niagera Falls.

How the hell does that happen?

How the hell do you penetrate the world’s best defended airspace and coastal waters in a private craft? Airplanes have transponders, and any deviation from flight course gets you a fighter escort with shoot to kill orders. The Coast Guard-now part of Homeland Security-guards all the ports and makes nuisances of themselves to every boater on the waters. The minimum wage perverts the TSA employs at the airports grope everyone, and the ones they get boners for twice. Or more. Our southern border is a virtual wall of… empty desert given a token patrol by the Border Patrol and… private citizens from the Minuteman Project… and there are gunmen with automatic weapons shooting at them… and the Bush Administration told the Border Patrol to “stand down” while the Minutemen were patrolling?

How the hell do the drugs NOT get in?

Why would our government in a time of a “war on terror” leave our southern border as wide open as a homeless crack whore’s legs when craving for rock? Why would the government allow drug smuggling like that when there are more people locked up for drugs than ever? Why would the government make our southern border a four lane highway for cocaine, illegals, and vengeance seeking terrorists?

Why is the government so intent on being part of the problem? Why-especially after incarcerating millions? Why after creating a police state after 9/11 that’s turning the Constitution and Bill of Rights-the greatest achievement in government in human history-into a quaint museum piece to be eventually forgotten?

Or is it the government-or elements high up yet hidden-that IS the problem?

Is it a bloated, out of control government so greedy for power that it’s willing to tolerate the addiction of millions to hard drugs and the criminal empires such trade produces so as to gain power by a fear-struck America? With a “war on drugs?” If there’s a war, how come each of our inner cities can practically build a snow castle out of cocaine?

Is it a bloated, out of control government so greedy for power, it punishes generations of people for succumbing to illegal narcotics, and yet practically imports the shit at the same time? Because I cannot figure how else we can have so much drugs AND drug enforcement simultaniously.

So the government, or elements implicit thereof, are part of the problem. And yet you as a sworn Officer, do you at least think through their logic before you accept their marching orders? With such criminals? When they spend more time trying to regulate to death average Americans with a nazi-ass “Real ID”, than staunch the high tide of drugs, illegals, and probably suitcase nuke-bearing terrorists?

What’s going on? What’s the agenda?

The agenda can only be to profit off America’s fall as a necessary byproduct of world domination. Before you think I’m smoking crack myself think about this:

Where have our manufacturing gone-the good paying blue collar jobs that used to employ the simple folks that would otherwise try and deal drugs to get by. Or not and smoke their problems away.

Where have our high technology jobs gone, that used to make America the cutting edge of innovation? That used to give millions of innovators a outlet and reward for their ingenuity.

Anywhere but here. And yet, that siren call of the “American Dream” calls for us on the TV. Calls us to buy that bigger house, no matter our income prospects, buy that stupid ass SUV, buy that newer TV that’ll be obsolete or unrepairable in a few years-all borrowed at interest.

Rambling all over the place? No-it’s a jigsaw puzzle, bigger than what we’re conditioned to usually look at. Because that’s what scale the scum that smuggle the drugs operate at. Same scum that write the drug laws you enforce on the crackheads and street dealers they create when they can’t get jobs-because they’re now in Mexico or China. Same scum that control public opinion via their idol, the television. Same scum that offer those sorry, broke bastards an “opportunity” to borrow at interest to get that made in Taiwan junk. Same scum that attack our Freedoms and won’t stop with their bullshit “patriot” acts until they can make America into some kind of flag waving dictatorship and use the Constitution and Declaration of Independence for kindling. Or a ass wipe.

And these scum are the ones behind YOUR ORDERS, YOUR TRAINING, YOUR CONDITIONING!!!

They make you Mr. Police Officer-as hardcore patriotic American as anyone, into part of the problem. How? Your orders, your training, your conditioning. You’re ordered on a daily basis to harrass otherwise average, patriotic, law-abiding Americans by enforcing “laws” and “regulations” crafted by scumbag lawyers in our city halls and legislatures, and judged over by the same class of parasites in court. Traffic ordinances designed for revenue generation, rules governing everything from the color of your house to whether you can have the privilege to have a yard sale, gun control that leaves those citizens naked before the crackheads, robbers, and murderers. And the state.

Your training: after years of observing police behavior I’ve come to the conclusion that your paramilitary training is geared as much to perform as your superiors want as it is to narrow your mental horizons to think the way you’re told to. There’s something way off with some of your training-like how you’re mentally corralled into making officer-citizen contacts into making any kind of ticket or arrest, even for something so picayune as rust spots on cars and some other bureaucrat made rule. Break the arm of a crippled or elderly person when they reflexively reach out to you for support. Pass the buck on situations you’re repeatedly called out for because it’s not “departmental policy”.

Taser small children. Cuff them. Arrest them and expose them to the patently brutal and corrupt “justice” system. All this as part of your conditioning-the sum of your orders, your training, the cop “culture” of beating your chests and throwing your weight around because you’re superior in modern America to the average citizen. Your peers who accept how they’re being turned into federalized agents of destruction of our nation and our Freedoms. They are the problems.

As to you Mr. Police Officer, are you willing to be part of the solution? Some nice sounding noise out of your mouth about loving ‘Murica is not pushing back the homegrown police state your scumbag bosses are making, rather than enforce our laws and national boundaries. Time is not a commodity we have much left of. Neither can we afford to let our nation’s problems be someone else’s to fix. Each of us much pull together, across whatever social divides there are if we are to stand a chance of reclaiming America. That’s not going to happen if you keep blindly enforcing the ‘laws’ the lawyers make. It serves those in power for you to harass, fine, imprison, inflict pain and commit murder. Think I’m talking about you doing that shit to robbers and rapists and serial killers and all those other no account motherfuckers who need to be permanently removed from society-no!

When I talk about those in power who direct you to harass, fine imprison, inflict pain and commit murder, I talk about the poor and the homeless your “brother cops” direct their sadism towards. I talk about people who’ve worked all their lives to get that coastal property, and then have their government put a few marijuana plants so they can sieze it. And execute the owner when their “public servants” enter on a bogus no knock warrant.

I talk of the man in Vermont who’s had various lowlife bureaucrats harass him and inflicted great distress towards over their petty rules; the man a couple of your “brother officers” pull over and harass for a couple of rust holes in his truck!

I talk of people rushing to the hospital with their loved ones, and instead of getting an ambulance or at least a police escort, your “brother officers” force them to wait while they ticket them… or worse, assault them when those victims rightly decide their loved ones’ lives are more important than your “brother officers” power tripping.

I talk about 13 year old children getting arrested for trying to help save a handicapped woman condemned to starvation by a scumbag judge. I talk of children younger than that getting tasered. I talk of accident victims having state troopers gloating over them, looking up in their lawyer-made rule book what offence they can slap on them regardless of fault. I talk of protesters exercising their Constitutional Rights to freedom of speech, association, and protest getting assaulted and arrested en masse for opposing treaties drafted by traitors that rob America of it’s future.

I talk of average “productive citizens” who fear the crime and carry protection in spite of anti-Constitutional, lawyer-made rules illegally prohibiting such bearing of arms and how your “brother officers” bust them like they were crack dealing gangbangers. I talk of unwanted advances made on attractive women, and being coerced into granting sexual favors in exchange for your “brother officers” not throwing the state on them… or worse-there have been rapes committed.

Didn’t you sign on to stop such crimes? Or did you sign on to be able to commit those crimes and more under color of law?

I will tell you this: all those homeless, all those property owners robbed by the state, all those motorists endangered by sadist cops, all those protestors wrongly beaten and jailed, all those sent to prison for assuming the Constitution meant what it said, all the women raped by your “brother officers”-each offense you and your fellow police officers commit helps fuel a righteous anger. An anger that if you don’t start policing yourselves and get serious about shaping your departments up, start resisting this lawyer-made creeping tyranny of legalism will spark a Second American Revolution. And you will be among the first targets of their wrath, by guilt of association.

I don’t want that to happen to you. I LOVE a righteous Street Cop who looks out for me. Such a man or woman I’d gladly help out in their time of need. Well, we Americans need you!

We need you to start yelling at these foolish spineless sheep that try to pass themselves off as Americans these days. Do your traffic stops or questions on the street: make it real plain that the laws lawyers make you enforce wouldn’t be enforced if they would do their duty.

Make it real plain that there’s much worse coming their way-for you to enforce and they to obey. Make it real plain that the time’s going to come when the velvet glove’s going to come off the steel fist of state power, and that the only people left on the force will be those that will gleefully wield that steel fist and smash their heads in. Make it real plain that it’s already happening. Make it plain that the time to keep themselves narcotized with the TV set to alleive the stresses of the day are over.

Then you can tell them what the hell they can do about it:

Telling them it’s time to get their own houses in order. Get out of debt, store spare food and fuel, get a rifle.

Get organized, with selection of candidates and a campaign, to take over city, township and county governments and liberating them of the bureaucratic fat that’s accumulated because we’ve all been lax in policing our public servants. This is all of our civic duties.

Organizing self-defense courses done in private with everything from hand to hand to non-lethal weapons to pistols to rifles. From defending against individual attack by a criminal, to defending the community against threats to life and freedom. This is the essence of the Militia: not a pathetic pack of beer guzzling loudmouths who can barely handle their guns safely, but every able bodied Citizen ready with rifle to defend what’s theirs.

So, you’re asking how do you do all this in a few minutes or seconds, with cameras monitoring your conduct, and the certain wrath of your corrupt ‘leaders’? Make pamphlets up, and include a address and time for a private meeting later. Preferably as a group-that’ll impress them of the seriousness of our situation. That and the fact that it’s you, as a police officer-acting as a patriot. A modern day Paul Revere warning the People of danger. You’ll actually be heroes!

Make connections with any groups wanting Freedom back, wanting something of that America we all grew up in. Only without the scum in three piece suits that import drugs and terror and trade our jobs for it. There are many different groups in America-we have to realize we are all in this together and the only ones who are going to get our Freedom back is us!

Beats spending your life just collecting fines for the state from irate motorists and guarding the donut table, doesn’t it.

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