J. Croft

Sacrifice. The ugliest word in today’s ‘murika’-because it means giving up something, to the point where it’s presently painful. A lot of times not even for your own benefit. Which is understandable given how we’re literally programmed by mass marketed consumer culture that we deserve everything we want now-after we’re told what we’re supposed to want.

Funny thing though, whatever choices you make, you’re already making sacrifices. You choose to stop reading this uncomfortable article, you’re sacrificing the opportunity to learn how much you’ve been enslaved. Yes, this is a calculated gambit to spur you to read on; because the fantasy land known as modern America is being foreclosed and being shipped overseas by those that have engineered our nation’s destruction. Worse, that destruction, can be faulted not just at the feet of the banksters-those inbred blueblooded psychopaths that run the world in secret-not just at their puppet corporations, their puppet presidents, congressmen, nor just all the millions of wannabe elite millionaire dickholes who sign on to get a piece of that putrid pie or the millions of bureaucrats, rat fuck lawyers and tin badge buttholes…

Our destruction can also be laid at your feet-for the decisions you’ve made, the sacrifices you make.

You’ve already sacrificed watching over your local government-the primary vehicle of the beast’s tyranny against us all as most politics is local. What did you sacrifice control over the enemy’s weak point for?(1) Probably watching ball games, dancing with the has-been stars, or an evening logging on to porn or whatever gets you off. Now you can sacrifice your Rights as irksome bureaucrats and tin badge gods put you in what they regard as your place… paying excessive taxes, fines, having your Rights taken away as they just wait for you to make an objection so they can really make your life hell. Which is their entertainment.

You’ve sacrificed your financial independence for that bigger McMansion-which is either being foreclosed on or already foreclosed on because you opted to work for a corporation that shipped your job overseas than learn to be an entrepenuer. You can kiss that SUV goodbye as it’s repossessed too-so now you can only take what you can stuff in a bag so you can also kiss your debt financed possessions goodbye as well.(2)

And what have you sacrificed for being “politically correct”? Let’s go through a brief list:

*Sacrificed Free Speech for being overly sensitive to minorities acceptable to elitists. Meanwhile, poor whites get hit with the minstrel-like white trash redneck image all the time. Now we got more latent racism than any time in a hundred years, the tinder for a engineered race war… thank the social engineers for deliberately doing this.

*Sacrificed your Right to Bear Arms in defense of self, family, neighborhood and nation for… I can’t think of what you got for giving that up-your enemies just took that away from you! Blame TV for being made in freedom-hating Chicago, LA and New York City, blame your teachers and the lawyer class you let rule over you-being educated by freedom hating marxist professors. Hope you like genocide because after the Marines go door to door to take the guns they’ll be marching you off to make soap and lampshades out of you.(3)

*Sacrificed our heritage of Freedom, and striving for a more perfect form of Freedom in the face of age old prejudices and avarice of those who would continue the sins of their ancestors. Throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, the p.c. taliban dump on America’s legacy of Freedom along with this nation’s many sins. I would refer them to my essay “The Two Americas” at but common sense and the knowledge of right and wrong left them a long time ago.

You sacrifice something. There’s no avoiding choice. There is also no avoiding that current conditions can change-and they are changing very rapidly as I write this in December, 2008. In case you haven’t been keeping score:

1. We’ve been through a collapse of the stock market brought about by debt leveraged to levels beyond insanity that have proven to be no good…. because the same financial system that created derivatives like Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia have rigged their global economy to ship all the jobs out. No jobs=no money for shopping sprees, no servicing all that debt they’ve checkmated Americans into taking on.

2. The federal reserve, in an attempt to stabilize things and head off further collapse… or more like stage one more ripoff are lining up trillions of dollars-half this nation’s GDP-to bail out the banks. …Or more like pay for all the bad investments they foisted on Americans and get them off scot free. Whose supposed to pay? Us. So taxes are going to go up, but that isn’t the worst of it; the specter of hyperinflation in a collapsing economy will overwhelm us early next year.

3. Already, the above is having an impact on the Christmas shopping season, the time of year retailers and the real estate owners the retailers lease from. When the full magnitude of the economic collapse, the job losses, the hiked credit card interest rates hits home a lot of retailers are going to close. When that happens kiss commercial real estate goodbye.

4. The collapse of credit is going to have yet another after effect-farmers can’t get the fuel and fertilizer to plant next year’s crops. This year’s disastrous weather has also endangered both food and seed crops. Worse, the government is proactively using onerous regulations and SWAT teams to enforce those regulations, and they’ve already ruined many farms and private co-ops. This is leading to the collapse of the independent farmer. Without independent sources of food the beast will have a monopoly on food supply, and with ever increasing socialist control of the economy and transport can shut off supply of food at will.
So many more points I could make, but do you get the gist?


You do not have much time to get your head straight and act to save yourself-before conditions deteriorate to the point you won’t be able to. I’ve been writing at my blog Freedom Guide that things are coming to a head, well we’re at the head now. Now you’re at the crossroads. Now is the time to decide whether to disregard this essay or start acting to save yourself… hopefully your family, and maybe even a few trustworthy people.

You can wring what credit and/or cash you got left and get some food stores, seeds, privately purchased semiautomatic military pattern rifle w/ magazines and web gear, learn to shoot( place in the country well away from the cities with fresh water. If you can’t do it yourself, get together with those who are awake like you are. At least get the rifle and ammo and as much food as you can. Things like food, get a co-op going. A place in the country to bug out can be done jointly, although just moving out and being of use locally is a MUCH BETTER option.

Oh, while we still have something of a free internet, download as much survival how to and basic 19th and 20th century how to knowledge as you can. Get some portable hard drive or USB thumb drives and hit the torrents, , and google search terms. I’m not just talking about guns and explosives and how to kill a man with your bare hands; I’m talking how to build a machine shop from scrap(hint), how to grow food organically in your back yard and in a green house, how to build a underground home, manufacturing the chemicals and components for ammunition. If you have the brains I’d download Tesla and Free Energy, see if you can do us all a huge favor and make it work practically-although you should first get cracking on our own wireless internet nodes the beast can’t interfere with.

Sacrifices, you willing to sacrifice your free time and playing Santa Klaus for the Truth and a shot at surviving?

In fact, surviving on your own is not an option, what’s coming in 2009 is going to swamp even the most prepared-you survivalists who stock up for yourselves and ignore your unprepared, desperate neighbors will join them in misery as their children starve to death and they act in desperation. And if they don’t take you out, the government will-take your guns, take your food stores, take you to that FEMA camp. Someone’s going to snitch to get some kind of benefit from the beast-rat on you and what you got.

See, a lot of people have sacrificed their integrity for a few scraps at their master’s table. Americans in general have been bred to put comfort and perceived safety above being self-sufficient… the basis to being Free. That’s why we’ve been made so decadent. And that decadence is a weapon against you. Make you ignorant in the first place of watching out for others-because you would want to be watched out for as well.

You go for the debt, the comfort, the easy way out, “go along to get along”-you’ve made sacrifices.

Past time to Sacrifice willingly what keeps you from doing what we all must to free ourselves. And I’m not talking about personal preparations, although that is vital because self-sufficiency is the bedrock of Freedom. It’s past time you took Responsibility-sacrifice’s better cousin-Responsibility and start cleaning up government so you don’t have to risk a heart attack running your fat flabby ass from FEMA. The beast has the national offices pretty much locked up, and the state governments are also no-go’s.

To get the state government, the federal government under control requires a fully functional national party on the scale of the democrat/republican party.(4) This requires building from the grass roots up-from your town’s government. Yes, your local government-if you live in a major city then it’s your precinct-but your mission is the same: organize and win a local election.

Yes, this will require a lot of Sacrifice on your part, but what’s at stake is whether or not we could possibly have peaceful change.

First be honest. If you have dirt, any dirt on you, get someone else to run for office. Have a entire slate for public office because you want to sweep ALL the crooks out.

Have TWO campaign offices; your real operational center you WILL KEEP SECRET and the “official” office that will be surveilled and probably raided under some bullshit pretext by the cops.

Know your town. Literally map out, street, house, the population-demographics, voting record, income, crime. You give the enemy any competition you can bet they’ll pull out all the stops to win people over.

The local media will of course be in the hip pocket of the establishment’s man so you’re going to have to be your own media. Internet, pamphlets, door-to-door pressing flesh with a lot of strangers who are unaware they’ve sacrificed their Freedom and Country by their instilled lifestyle. Remember how hard a time you had waking up and go with what they can comprehend.

Your platform will be both a return to Constitutional Republic and flexible in delivery. You preach Freedom; smaller government, taxes eliminated, incentives and support for local businessmen, police reform, respect for rights. You alter the approach from person to person.

Encourage friends and friends of friends to vote. You want help? Offer them help. A job or gig, a place to sleep, get some groceries, hold a shooting match or otherwise offer basic marksmanship training, patronize local business. People will back you if they see you are tangibly helping them out with their problems.

Watch out for the opposition; they’ll use every dirty trick imaginable, from planted drugs, to slander, to harassment, to sabotage. These “people” aren’t like you and I-they’ve been eating a lifetime diet of bullshit that because they got a college degree they’re superior to us and therefore have license to rule us. They’ll do whatever it takes to hold on to that power.

Most of all watch out for vote fraud! Electronic ballot machines are perfectly hackable, and even paper ballots can be tampered with. Google “Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946”.

You’re asking your prospective voters to Sacrifice their time and leisure to vote for you-give them good reasons.

You win, carry out your promises to the best of your ability. Grow the Second American Revolution by city, county and state. (5) Be the Real Life Example we need to illustrate how enslaved we are-and how Free we could be again.

Or sacrifice your Freedom now and especially later-for what, some kind of comfortable existence?!

A existence that is going to end in 2009.

When you lose your job.

When you run out of food, and your kids are screaming at you for food.

When your utilities are shut off.

When your home is foreclosed on and you’re homeless.

When you’re on the street and CPS(6) take your kids.

When you’re fighting with more and more people for less and less garbage to pick through because the restaurants and grocery stores are closing for lack of business and less people have food, and you’re starving… you know what it’s like? Never ending pain as your body consumes itself to keep brain function going; even so you can’t really think of anything beyond eating so you start eating tree bark, leaves, bugs, worms, rotting flesh… maybe even a dead body.

That’s what you will Sacrifice changing the direction our nation’s going on for your own personal comfort, your own delusions given to you by the enemy that wants you dead.

(1) If you’re motivated, and still on the internet look up the voting records for your town and county elections and cross reference them with the latest population figures… you’ll find a shockingly small percentage of people bother to make their voices and votes felt. Vote fraud aside a reasonably popular person could get all his friends and all their friends to write him or her in the ballot at the next election.

(2) If I were homeless, I’d squat in a foreclosed home in a neighborhood that had a number of foreclosures. Learn how to lockpick-download the instructions while you’re on the internet, get or make the tools and practice on your own doors. Tom Brown wrote a book on city and suburban survival which is a good primer on surviving without income or regular shelter. Also google “surviving homelessness” there’s a blog written by a man who was homeless by choice… try keeping your car, or trade for a vehicle that’s paid for.

(3) The FEMA camps are real; the Bush Administration’s pet megacorporation, Halliburton(Cheney owns stock and was a CEO)was contracted to build and upgrade hundreds of “detention facilities”. The camps have been reliably documented, they’ve been documented by Patriots since the 1980’s. Mena cocaine kingpin Oliver North was questioned in Congressional hearing about the Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot, and the camps by a Congressman and he claimed “national security” as to why he wouldn’t give a straight answer. Hurricane Katrina survivors-after being cut off by FEMA from state, local and private aid for five days were herded at gunpoint by both military forces and police, had their arms stolen from them and were detained in toxic FEMA trailer parks under guard. Whole families were broken up.

(4) The Democrat and Republican parties are at the top a single party with a shared agenda of consuming and obliterating Our America. Doesn’t matter which party rules, increased government, increased imperialism both domestically and overseas and our never-ending diminishment are the shared policies enacted with utter reliability. What you see on the fiction on TV called the “news” is but a political version of a pro wrestling script.

(5) The Free State Project and Free State Wyoming are the models I’m basing my plan on but the aformentioned campaigns are trying to do too much-a state-with too few people. It will never happen unless prospective voters can point out a town where people are Free.

(6) CPS-Child Protection Services-is a pack of pedophile predators operating under color of law. They look for excuses to take kids from families. Many reports of sex slavery, brutality, and rape can be attributed to these… people. If targeted your best bet would be to hide your children with a trusted relative or friend until the situation can be resolved

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