Why you must learn to do things for yourself.

J. Croft

You’re trained, in a twisted sense, to be helpless. To be dependent on “experts” for everything from fixing your refrigerators and cars to governing you and what’s supposed to be your country, to what passes for educating you. A People cannot remain Free if they become dependent on others to function, freedom and dependency cannot coexist without one concept taking over! Either being a dependent encourages, tempts those you’re dependent on to fully enslave you, or you’ve had enough of their scam, their theft of your Freedom to throw off their chains.

So throw off your chains, you only have your current provided comfort to lose. Losing your comfortable laziness… yes dependency is a result of encouraged laziness… is the price you must pay to be self sufficient, to be Free.

Now, that’s not to say you can be 100 percent self-sufficient. Unless you need practically nothing or are rich enough to create a happy bubble of resources and means you WILL need help. In that case, consider self-sufficiency to be you, your family, neighbors, your town, county-all working together to be Free from dependency from outsiders. That’s not so bad as not only you get the same effect, you and yours are supporting each other, banding together. Something that needs to happen as standing alone, you’ll get crushed. Seemingly a paradox, yes, but it’s true. However one must be selective as to who they choose to become mutually self-sufficient with-unless they’re rich enough… but even then one person… you still need others for markets, help around the estate, retreat or whatever. You get the point by now.

So, how to be self-sufficient?

Start doing for yourself.

Your stereo’s speakers go out, don’t call a technician whose gonna laugh at you for calling them to plug your jacks back in. Get the owner’s manual out, see how it’s supposed to be plugged in.

Your refrigerator conks out, get a home repair manual-hit a used book store and pick one of the Reader’s Digest home improvement and repair books for like, five bucks. Or hit to download a PDF. Get the Owner’s Manual out, look up the troubleshooting guide get the proper tools, get the part from a appliance repair shop and replace the part.

A part on your car, say your light or your brakes go out, or you got to patch up a rust spot before some tin badge god gives you a ticket, you get a how to repair your car book from the used book store or a PDF. Get your car manual-you can copy from free manuals at your local library-and follow the steps. You can change your oil(oil pan, replacement filter, five quarts of motor oil, correct grade), check your transmision fluid. Hell, I helped tear apart and rebuild a friend’s automatic transmission to replace two backing plates that gave way-have the parts, the knowhow, and follow the steps.

Follow the steps. Have the manuals, the tools, the will to do what it takes to take each single step at a time. Look at the engine.

Look at the schematic.

Look at the manual and the how-to book. Unscrew your engine’s oil plug AFTER you put your drain pan in place. Unscrew the old oil filter. Put a little of the replacement oil in your new oil filter, screw that in. When the old oil stops flowing replace your oil plug, securing it tight. Crack open your new quarts of oil, pour them in. Pour your old oil into your now empty quart bottles.

See? You break your job down to individual steps. You do each step YOURSELF-and hopefully you actually did it right. You don’t call a repair man, you don’t take it to the shop. You do each step, making certain to check and recheck the instructions if this is your first time(and, every time) until you’re done.

That’s self-sufficiency. That’s being Free; and if you can change your car’s oil you can grow your own food. Know what will grow where you’re at, how much soil you got, the type. Buy your heirloom seeds, your organic gardening books, the recommended tools. You prepare the soil or the containers you’ll grow your seeds in, plant them, water the soil and provided you put the grow box by a window with direct sunlight your plants will start growing. Follow the instructions, put the plants in your field…

Follow the steps. Know what you’re doing; make certain you know what you’re doing before you start and have the parts and tools, and time to finish. Finish and do it right. Especially around the more important matters of constructing shelter and shooting guns… know the steps.

Know and follow the steps you got to and you can do anything. Anything. Build a house, build up a home machine shop(Dave Gingery has a series of books on how to literally build one up from scrap. Incredible knowledge.) And with your field of organic food, your machine shop, you can achieve a measure of self-sufficiency, of Freedom undreamed of. Nobody’s going to hold your hand on this, it’s something you must do yourself.

Just like it’s up to YOU get yourself into shape. Get up, do your exercises; lift weights, jump rope, your conditioning exercises, walk, bike ride. Eat right-buy organic. Look for USDA certified organic food, or better yet grow your own organic food. Stop going out so much. You change your body chemistry, wean out all the toxic garbage they put in the food, purify yourself, and you’ll get toned as you should be.

It’s up to YOU to raise your kids. Teach them what you’ve learned, what mistakes you made, what to look out for, who to look out for… more important than ever. It’s up to you to take care of your family, to watch over your wife, your grandparents, your husband, your kids, your neighbors. Yes, looking out for your neightborhood is an extension of looking out for your family, and from there your community-but that’s for a little later…

You can hit a lot better with a rifle. Follow the steps, you first find your target as target detection is the most difficult task. Targets can closely match the background, they run and hide, they can be camoflaged or behind obstacles. That takes practice-so practice your search pattern which is to treat your enviroment to a pie slice search pattern. Searching from nearby to as far as you can see. When you find your target, you figure out with a rangefinder, your rifle scope, or your front sight width versus target size to know how many yards it is and adjust your sights. Dope your wind; how strong it’s blowing, and at what ranges-knowing how fast your bullet’s going to travel and at what range, the direction so you can know what value you can give the wind.

Then, with target in your sights you make the shot, whether off a bipod or some other rest or with a proper shooting sling like the m-1907 military sling wrapped around your bicep holding the front of your rifle tight to reduce waver… You’re in your position properly, supporting your rifle on your bone structure and not your muscles. Place your front sight or recticle… take a breath, exhale and hold: keep your sight on the target, allowing for lateral movement and range you squeeze your trigger… squeeze, squeeze-BAM! Keep squeezing through let the report and recoil of your rifle surprise you. Recover, check your target and if it’s still up and about aim and do the steps again.

See, you can shoot a rifle and if you can shoot a rifle you are no longer a slave, you no longer are at the mercy so to speak of our oppressors. You’re a Rifleman, a Citizen of the American Republic; Our America. As a Citizen it is your Responsibility to maintain Our Republic in as much a first hand manner as you and your talents, resources and time permit.

That means you keep the reins tight on your public servants; it’s because we and our parents and grandparents haven’t that they’ve turned into the rapacious power-crazed beasts that steal people’s homes for $200 in unpaid taxes, assault women, children, the elderly for the barest of slights to their fragile egos when they’re questioned as to why tickets for 5 mph over or a seat belt are issued to us by the dozens while 911 calls are unanswered. Yeah. And a lot worse-like Kathryn Johnson murdered by Atlanta Vice Squad over a bogus tip by a career snitch/drug dealer and drugs planted in a lame attempt to justify their home invasion. Carl Drega, Marvin Heemeyer-persecuted by the local power structure of businessmen, councilmen, mayors, police until they snapped and went out in a final flash of defiant violence.

Such episodes are used by the beast to justify more surveillance, more gun control, more cops with worse attitudes backed up with military hardware. Yes we can regain control of the government, it’s just like any other task; break it down to the steps and do them.

To regain control of the federal government requires a full-fledged political machine, on the scale of the Democrat and Republican party. As recent history testifies, Third Party efforts haven’t been enough because there’s no grassroots machine in the states and counties and towns. That means winning and holding offices in the states and counties and towns.

Most people are… were like you-hapless, helpless and not even interested in changing. That’s because they haven’t been shown a better way. That’s what you and your fellow countrymen are going to do. Pick out a small town that has a flaming corrupt government and move there to be eligible to vote. Run candidates for all the offices. GET THE VOTE OUT-and you do that by agitating resistance against each and every abuse of power you can document. Get the vote out even if you have to double the town’s population to do it. Have your campaign office in a secret place and a duplicate public office that holds nothing useful in case the police are used to raid. Watch like a hawk for any election day fraud.

Take over a town, and dismantle the local ordinances. Slash taxes. Eliminate property taxes and guarantee Allodial titles to the People’s homes. Provide incentives for local small business. Tax the hell out of Wal-Mart. Fire all the bully cops, the corrupt cops, the traitor cops and replace them with Patriots. Take back control of the local schools and institute real learning.

Free your home town and you make it an example of what Freedom is, what America is supposed to be. You document the hell out of your efforts and you WILL gain converts. Those converts then hit the adjacent towns and townships and duplicate what you’ve done, only you’ll be there for support and guidence… and if the People truly hunger Freedom they will take a chance on you.

Take over enough towns in a county and you can take back the county government using the same template. With county government you gain control of the Sheriff’s office-and you can expel state and even federal agencies and prohibit them from operating. You can also stop foreclosures and tax forfeitures of homes. A county that is Free will generate enough converts, enough awakened people to take over towns, cities and counties all over the state.

Enough towns and counties, a majority, and you can take back your state government. Much more can be done to alleviate taxes, roll back gun control, take control of the state’s National Guard, raise a statewide Militia, generate economic activity and get the beast off the People’s backs. Enough states duplicate your state’s efforts and, guess what? You, we, are FINALLY in position to take back the federal government.

Can you imagine a federal government cutting back, spending 1/10(at least) as much as it does now?

Can you imagine a federal government abolishing the federal reserve banking cartel and issuing Constitutional money that holds its value?

Can you imagine our troops brought home for good-from Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Germany, Britain?

Can you imagine the end to the war on poverty, drugs, guns?

Can you imagine the wholesale scrapping of the United States Code?

Can you imagine barring lawyers from public service?

Can you imagine the rules rewritten to encourage and protect American entrepenurs and stop the economic bloodletting that’s gutted the economy?

Can you imagine bringing the IRS, the ATF, Homeland Security abuses and abusers of the People’s trust to Justice?

Can you imagine the inner cities cleaned up, treatement facilities for the addicts, jobs and investment for the people trapped in those economic and social prisons?

Can you imagine what you started in your home town inspiring immigrants to gear up and do likewise when they return to their countries and start taking their lands back, town by town, province by province?

What I’ve just laid out for you is the Second American Revolution. Nobody’s going to hold your hand to make it happen.

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