My call for a tax revolt

J. Croft

It’s time for a tax revolt. Way past time. We the People of America have let criminals in three piece suits steal our economy, our money, our Rights-and criminals in battle dress uniform wielding machine guns have enforced their theft.

What have they done?

What haven’t they done! The banksters and the lawyers long ago hijacked our money and our laws-making them into weapons of war to be used against us. The federal reserve system-a private banking cartel whose shareholders are in Europe-run a racket whereby they LOAN the government the currency it issues AT INTEREST… they profit from printing the cash in our pockets! The lawyers… they write the millions of laws securing their, in reality, lawless rule over us and protect the federal reserve banksters from the justice they so surely deserve.

Banksters and lawyers manipulated the economic policies to enable corporations to export the American domestic economy, creating ghettos, trailer parks and crime in the wake. Banksters and lawyers discouraged American industry and innovation at every turn, making us subsist on wage jobs whose rates never climbed, whose dollars always purchase less, and less, and less. All the time they and their stocks and investments increased in value, their power ever increasing as we were forced to go to those motherfuckers for loans to have the homes and cars and college educations our parents and grandparents could pay for out of pocket themselves. Now the same banksters and lawyers are finishing America off; having strip mined the economy and exported it to every other nation on Earth they’re foreclosing on the rest with this Wall Street ‘bailout’.

Need it you say? Let me tell you something; the stock market’s a ponzi scam, a hustle of the highest order. You were told by your god the TV set to invest on stocks when they’re at their peak. “Momentum” the stock touters like to say. The same crooks then crash the stock, you lose your shirt and you sell at the bottom, and they scoop it up. Wait a few months or a few years then pump up the stock and then get their stooges on CNBC to make their sales pitch to you. Again. But wait, that game got boring for the banksters and lawyers so they came up with derivatives-“insurance” on the stocks, and bonds, and mortage notes and all the other debts and what not.

So you not only throw money at them when you work and pay excessive taxes to feed the beast, you throw much of what’s left into Wall Street stocks into, yes, their hands. No matter what you do, they get your money, but like all games this one’s at an end because we have no more savings, no more businesses, no more money under the mattress. We have no more credit because we’ve maxed out on every possible insturment to keep this Potemkin Economy going. It can’t go any further, we can’t be milked for another cent, which is why the banks are failing.

Which is why the banksters and lawyers are finishing us off with this “bailout”-all it does is cover the losses they incurred by draining too much blood out of us. They are robbing us so they wind up paying NOTHING out of pocket! And they’ll do their damndest to make certain we’ll pay; the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team is already deployed for action in Georgia (our Georgia) against the American People when we revolt-and we should! Tanks, Apache Attack Helicoptors, artillery, 5,000 soldiers who’ve spent nearly 3 years in Iraq busting doors, shooting anyone and everyone… a brutal, brutalized bunch and they’re as brainwashed as most cops about their own supposed superiority. More military units battle hardened and conditioned to be as brutal as possible against anyone they’re thrown against will be joining them.

Why do you think they’ve been building up the SWAT units in every community in America? Why do you think the Department of Homeland Security has grown into our nation’s Gestapo? Why do you think they’ve struggled so hard to take our guns away, to take away the skills necessary to use them? Why do you think they’ve been trying to murder the veterans with everything from bad hospitals to Agent Orange to Depleted Uranium? Why do you think they’ve spent so much time and effort to make us soft and dependent and stupid? They want to win this upcoming Civil War, Revolution-whatever you want to call it. Those that don’t resist will be literal slaves, working a lifetime for a bowl of porridge and enough power to keep the TV going in their shanty.

So why do we suffer them their lives-let alone keep paying the taxes, fines, fees and whatever else they levy on us?

Enough! No more!

No more filling out their tax forms. No more sending in checks, or signing away on W2’s permission to take taxes out of our paychecks even before we see them.

Time to stop paying taxes. Time to stop feeding the beast our money, our livelihood, our fear. We are 300,000,000 people-and if even HALF, even a QUARTER of the American People overcame their fear and said NO MORE taxes, no more quavering obedience to the bureaucrats, the lawyers, the banksters, the tin badge gods we could be Free.

George Bush was on the TV trying to fearmonger us into going along with his bankster massahs great swindle. He stated that if this bill didn’t pass that large sections of the economy would grind to a halt-LARGE SECTIONS OF THE ECONOMY HAVE ALREADY GROUND TO A HALT, THEY WERE BOXED UP AND EXPORTED TO FUCKING CHINA!!! THEY GET TO MAKE OFF WITH THE LAST OF AMERICA’S WEALTH AND WE GET TO STARVE!!!

Screaming won’t solve the problem, although screaming your outrage at the gang rape of America to all the ignorants still obsessed over the weekend ball game or the latest hollywood hijinks. Not too effective unless they finally get a clue that their way of life is over.

Yes this Potemkin America, this Potemkin economy, a movie set of prosperity has been rigged for demolition. We have almost no domestic industry, almost no family farms left. Our paid for public interstates are being sold to foreign companies, our infrastructure left to crumble and rust. Even our homes are but plywood and sheetrock-no substance. The fuze has been lit and the charge of either credit seize up or hyperinflation will destroy the movie set.

So your first order is, always, survival. Get food, extra fuel, essential items, start networking with neighbors to share items, look out for each other. Have a good rifle, good pistol, airsoft replicas of your weapons and PRACTICE at least an hour a day. Go to hit the message boards and start downloading info while there’s an internet! Get active by joining a Ron Paul group or, get educated and hit and learn the Truth.

More important is to resist the beast. Now is the time to stand, united, and say no more tax money for you, no more obeying, no more quavering in fear. The Second American Revolution begins NOW with you joining your fellow Americans in civil disobedience by not filing and paying taxes. Neither federal, nor local, nor state.

Demand accountability for your community’s finances-get educated by going to and then demand of the crooks that run your town, state, and federal government just how much investments, how much money they really got and why have they been hustling us for taxes for generations? If they don’t, organize a emergency recall campaign and get rid of the crooks and prosecute them for fraud.

Demand that the federal reserve system be immediately dismantled for the illegal operation it is as the 16th Amendment was passed on Christmas Eve by 3 senators as the Senate is allowed to pass legislation with that few members in session. More than one state listed the amendment as passed when it wasn’t.

Mind you this will not be a easy road. People will suffer, probably die for peaceable activities but that’s the fate the banksters and lawyers and their toady bureaucrats and tin badge gods have in store for you anyway, so why fret? You’re going out, go out on your terms.

Enough of us do this, we could win this. We might even pull off a peaceful revolution-in the meantime prepare for martial law, battle hardened troops in the streets, bureaucrats unleashed like never before. Each of us will have to decide their level of commitment, what skills they have to contribute to the Cause. Know yourself, your talents, know when to act and when to walk away. Resistance however is mandatory and the best peaceful means, the first order is a national tax strike.

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