J. Croft

Why are you putting up with being called ‘nerds’? You think it’s a backhanded kind of cool-like Blacks using the n-bomb on each other? Guess what? You are what you let others define you-you want to be fucking defined by slurs? You take the sand kicked in your face and pretend it’s anything but?

You let yourselves be called insults, and insult each other, you limit yourselves. That is why you gravitate toward powerful characters and settings far outside your own lives-you crave for the power others would deny you-that more importantly, you deny yourselves.

Yeah, I know you’d love to have Kevin Pererra hang with you and play with your X-Box all day. I know for a fact you’d love to hang with Olivia Munn all night! Yet, you have to realize this: they are spokespersons for G4 Network. G4 is but a subsidiary for NBC-Universal, which is a huge media conglomerate… but it’s yet another subsidiary of some other megacorporation conglomerate that absorbs corporations and people and personalities you’re literally programmed to idolize just like the Master Control Program in Tron. Just like in Tron at the heart of these megacorporations are way too rich, powerful, old white men whose sole pleasure in life is power.

You know because there is a strong moral core in most science fiction and fantasy that such powerful, power mad people are evil. There is much truth to that, more than most of you know. These ‘people’ have an agenda they’ve perpetrated on us all, and you see that agenda all around you:

*Racial conflict

*Economic collapse

*The theft of Freedom

*Ecological destruction

*Using America’s military to usher in the Apocalypse

Fucking pissed? I am, but that’s what the media corporations are for. They have key lackeys of those MCP-type old fucks that get the orders to keep you distracted and dumbed down. They in turn set corporate policy on what gets past the mainstream media gatekeepers. Ever try producing anything independently, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

So that’s what Kevin and Olivia are-gatekeepers. They know what’s allowed and what’s not, and that’s why they march in ideological lockstep with literally every other media figurine in keeping the status quo of media bullshit going. That’s why when real questions about the Kennedy Assassination or 9/11, or this new Wall Street bailout… a payout to them for ripping America off… they go with the pre-written script and call anyone with more than two functioning brain cells ‘tin foil hat wearers’.

…Keep laughing. Reality’s about to intrude on your fantasy life. Going to be real hard to pay to go to Comic Con when you have no job and what money’s in your pocket can’t even buy a loaf of bread. Or afford the electric bill to keep your computer going-there goes your internet, your Max Payne, your downloaded porn collection.

I’ll repeat: have you even glanced at the recent news? The Wall Street gangsters, the banksters are waging economic war against us by creating instability in the Dow Jones average to scare us Americans into going along with the economic cap to the head their bailout to themselves is. In spite of a hundred to one ratio of Americans-like you-screaming, those traitors in Congress passed the bankster bailout. If there was anyone in need of a bailout it’s US!

US-for the economic gangrape of our once great nation; sending our factories and jobs and technology overseas, probably to never come back.

US-for enduring taxation of over fifty percent and parking the funds raised in investment vehicles so the beast can profit even more from our suffering.

US-for twisting our cops and soldiers to becoming our oppressors instead of our protectors since we’ve been illegally barred from exercising our Second Amendment Rights in defense of our families, towns, and nation.

US-for their never-ending legal assault on our Freedoms. You can’t have Freedom if you have to ask a public servant for permission to exercise that Freedom.

They’ll be coming for your guns next. You got guns don’t you? You’ve learned how to shoot-not with a joystick, not from some bullshit Hollywood movie that deliberately teaches you the WRONG way… actually getting down with a rifle, a handgun and practicing the fundamentals of making a shot every time, as rapidly as you can.

If you have a rifle, plant the buttstock into the meat of your shoulder. Not shooting from the hip.

If you have a pistol, hold it UPRIGHT-that sideways gangsta style’s a Hollywood invention.

Front sight on your target…

Line up your rear sight with the front…

Take a breath, let some out, hold…

…While keeping your sights on target SQUEEZE your trigger-let the gunshot surprise you, it won’t hurt. Squeeze through with your trigger finger.

Recover from recoil, work the action if it’s manually loaded do the same thing all over again.

Get some training: go to for rifle training.

Get to the gun shows, scour the classifieds for private unregistered sales. Get semi-auto .308 military pattern rifles, extra magazines, web gear and as much ammunition as you can acquire.

Get in shape so you can handle your rifle better, fight better.

This is the foundation of Freedom-armed, capable Citizen-Riflemen. You and others united in Freedom are known as Militia-a term the beast disparages the most because Free People are those turds ideological arch-enemies. Exercising Freedom, you’ll want more. You’ll want to spread the word, Free others, start taking back your government… enough of us do this we can all get back our power, our respect.

You want respect, you want power? It’s not from making the perfect scale model of a Klingon battlecruiser or the ultimate Star Wars fan film, it’s standing with your countrymen in defense of our nation and Freedom in the face of the beast known as the US government! Join us in the Second American Revolution and together we can make our most outlandish Star Wars Old Republic fantasy reality. Don’t, and we face post nuclear apocalypse Terminator, Children of Men… extinction. The choice is yours, and it’s the most important choice you’ll ever make. Retreat back into your little prefabricated geek world and you guarantee your own destruction and ours.

Our Father, in Heaven, created us so that each of us can be the best we can be. If you don’t feel Your Father in your heart, you truly have nothing. To know God is to know Love, Truth, and Justice. Without Love, Truth, Justice, what is Freedom? And what is life without Freedom but existing under another’s rule. We all know what kind of life that is.

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