J. Croft

I am a Riflemam.

I’m not literally the last Citizen Rifleman in America, but I feel like it. Outside of the Internet, unless I hit a random old gun shop(can you count the “sporting goods section” of Wal Mart?) I’d bet money that you could go all day and not find someone actively practicing military rifle marksmanship.

It shouldn’t be this way, especially not these days. There should be ranges everywhere where Americans from all backgrounds can get together-are taking time off from work-to hone their rifle marksmanship, skills instilled from the earliest age. A place where people can talk about Freedom, who or what’s threatening it, and organizing a campaign to defend their Freedom, take Freedom back, expand it.

But that’s not our situation. A Citizen Rifleman is a rare breed in today’s America, a nation of adult sized children; intellectually stunted by government schools that do anything but educate.

Today’s ‘murikens, mindlessly waving their made in China flags on cue; they’re morally bankrupt, and conditioned to view that as a “good thing”, which actually weakens them in ways they can’t understand, not while modern America can coddle them at up to 21% interest. They’re psychologically and financially dependent on a kind of public/private establishment that over the decades has systematically enslaved them. A system that talks all day of the “American way” yet does everything in it’s power to subvert and deny Freedom. Especially the right to bear arms… and most importantly I think, suppressing the skills needed to wield them effectively.

So, is it a wonder we’re alone? We Freedom loving shooters have been cast on the outer fringes of a already fringe element of American society. A fringe that’s been under constant attack by traitors in positions of public and private power for two generations. How many representatives, cops, soldiers, bureaucrats nod in approval of us valiantly keeping civilian rifle marksmanship alive? Or rather, how few?

When’s the last time you heard of a local high school shooting team? When’s the last time you saw a TV show that showed the proud heritage of Free Men using their rifles to defend Freedom? When’s the last time you heard all those teleprompter readers that pass for news anchors go off on the evils of gun control? Or your favorite TV character for that matter? Riflemen-if anyone’s not thinking of that old western-are synonymous with a pack of racist backwoods cammie wearing incestous rednecks.

That has to change if we’re to revive the spirit of Freedom in America!

We have to change the People’s perceptions-well, we have to expand their horizons first. The average person hasn’t a clue about rifle marksmanship but before we can get them to shoot accurately we have to get them to see us as more than radicals out on the fringe.

The person that will have to change first, though, is you. Everyone has their predjudices, their untermenshen, their n*ggers. Whatever issues you have with so and so from such social group-get over it because I view it literally as sin to deny someone wanting freedom the means to secure it… even if do have different skin color, background, or listen to music you don’t relate to. You don’t know their story, and besides your house is made of glass too… so drop that stone already! We need as many people as we can get for this struggle.

We can’t settle with just showing someone how to shoot straight. The message of Rifleman Training MUST become integrated with the larger message of Freedom. That Freedom was won only with the effective use of force-in modern times the cornerstone of that force is the rifle so it’s MEANING must be taught along with it’s proper use… after you get them to make some hits in the black, of course.

Three examples off the top of my head that prove my point, that we can use:

American Revolution

Farmers, Craftsmen, Frontier Settlers heeded the call of Revolution by the Colonial upper classes-who wanted THEM to do the dying for them to set up their own independent mercantilist empire… that would exploit them instead of the Crown. Nevertheless, our Ancestors fought and fought hard for their own concept of Freedom.

Most had captured Brown Bess Muskets and shotguns-short range pieces but many of the Frontiersmen had the Kentucky Rifle. A elegantly slender, simple flintlock weapon, in the hands of a man honed by years of repelling Native Americans in guerilla actions and simply surviving in wilderness it had up to six times the range of British massed musket fire. Not that today’s threats to Freedom would wear fruity red coats and march in file in open country, unfortunately, it does illustrate that those Riflemen had to be crafty as well as deadly accurate to survive against the world’s best army. A union of weaponry, skill and righteous purpose the American Rifleman set the pattern of Freedom loving Individuals taking their own personal Liberty into their own hands… in spite of how far future Americans drifted away from their God given heritage! The American Revolution showed if given a opportunity to change things for the better people will go for it.

Boer War

I mention this because the struggle of Free Men is universal. The British Empire was on the march around the world-the biggest in history! Hundreds of millions ruled by a technologically advanced, yet smallish set of islands of no more than fifty million the British looted and dominated wherever they went. And in the 1890’s the same clans of aristocrats that lost their Thirteen Colonies a century before had their eyes on South Africa… all the gold and diamonds. One obstacle that remained against Britain securing that wealth was the Boer-descendants of Dutch settlers in the 1600’s. The Boers were much like the Americans of that era; self sufficient, settling a land not of their origin, contending with highly organized and effective resistance from the native Zulu tribes.

The Boers, not being stupid, prepared for the inevitable showdown; they got the world’s best rifle at the time, the Mauser m1895. Bolt action, 5 shot, in the flat shooting 7x57mm Mauser: the Boers ordered as many as Germany could make and ship until Britain blockaded… and invaded… and rightfully got shot to hell with the same sorry musketry-based tactics and fruity red uniforms. The Boers, like the American Frontier Riflemen, organized into small voluntary units, used a lot of hit and run tactics, cover, and expertly aimed rifle fire from their brand new Mausers with skill honed from a lifetime of warfare and survival.

As long as the Boer had his rifle and ammo, his horse and support from the People he was unstoppable, so the British used their superior resources to methodically build up fortifications called blockhouses. Marched them throughout Boer held territories to cut off the Boer’s manuverability in a way 7mm rifle rounds couldn’t easily defeat. The British brought in loyal subjects from Canada and Australia-frontiersmen and riflemen who’s misplaced love for Queen and Empire blinded them to their Boer Brothers and Sisters fight for Freedom. Then the British-bastards that they are-rounded up the Boers, all of them, and forced them by bayonet into concentration camps, so the Boer Commando lost his food and shelter. With the blockade cutting off outside supply, isolated geography , and no capacity to manufacture more ammuntion the Boers were doomed and eventually surrendered. A loss, yes-but of strategy and resources, not of fighting ability which the average Boer Farmer showed were superior to that of the backwards British Army.

Given even a few years of industrial development, perhaps reaching out and making common cause with the Zulu, that average Boer could have not only stood his ground against the world’s most powerful military, he could’ve won! South Africa could’ve become a truly independent nation, a second America… another lesson there on recognizing one’s true enemies and allies.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee

During the 30’s and 40’s Athens Tennessee was dominated by some “good ol’ boys”-the type of human waste that slicks their way into the local levers of power and keeps themselves there at the expense of everyone else. And they milked their power for all they could. During World War Two, those Athens boys sent off to war got a first hand appreciation of tyranny thanks to fighting the Germans and Japanese(and their own superiors, to be truthful) so when they came back home as Men the conditioning to accept things as they were was broken. They set up a GI ticket and ran a grassroots reform ticket to roust the bastards out. Being bastards though, those “good ol’ boys” pulled a crude version of the 2000 election and stole the ballot boxes, securing them and themselves in the local jail-threatening to shoot anybody who approached!

Remembering their Heritage, those GI’s went to the local National Guard Armory and borrowed some equipment they paid with their tax dollars; M-1 Garands, Carbines, and some American produced No4 Enfields, and all the ammo and dynamite they could scrounge up and laid a siege on those traitors! Fittingly trapped in their own jail they eventually surrendered… and those Patriots won because the Governor of Tennessee was wise enough to know sending in the National Guard would mean a revolt-not Civil War sized but probably on the scale of the Whisky Rebellion. Those GI’s cleaned and returned their government property to the Armory they borrowed them and went on with their lives. The Battle of Athens, TN showed the proper response to tyranny in America-both from a Citizen’s AS WELL AS A PUBLIC SERVANT’S POSITION.

Do you see?

We have the history. We have the skills. We have the Message-we’re just going to have to be willing to stick our necks out, and risk all to get that Message out.


America is not culturally homogenous anymore. It’s a kaladaescope of subcultures ranging from the remnant WASP mainstream most of you belong to, to Latino, Urban, and all the subcultures that spring up from music, hobbies, careers. Particularly with those careers involving a great deal of indoctrination, like the military and police.

With all the differences, all the varying outlooks, how’s one to spread the liberating message of rifle marksmanship? See their perspective on their lives. See their perspective on Freedom, and then see their perspective on guns and go from there.


Older folks, with a “respectable” career-with a mortgage, an auto loan and more than a few credit cards. People whose ideologies are firmly locked, not easily swayed unless through overwhelming evidence-and even then that’s a maybe! Given to believe the establishment’s line the most because they’ve willingly exposed themselves to that the longest. Collectively they still have the financial and social power to transform the nation, to complete the American Revolution and make a society that serves the Individual and uplifts the highest Godly principles of Freedom, Truth, Justice, Beauty and Love.

They don’t. And won’t unless there’s a intervention; because those adult sized children think that the establishment-the state, the media, the traitorous corporations shipping their neighbor’s job to China-personifies those traits… or at least enough of them to still blindly support it and buy it’s bullshi-er, it’s line.

That establishment line sees Freedom as something to be compromised for the sake of convenience to the state and it’s favored. Hence all the laws, regulations(and loopholes), executive orders, court rulings and so forth. And since the establishment can’t have it’s “citizens”(subjects) running around with rifles, being able to say “hell no” to them they’ve been laying siege to the Second Amendment for a century now.

Mainstream Americans, if they do have guns, have it for a occasional sporting clays shoot, or duck hunting. Or their Dad or Granddad did. It’s a fun yet noisy and potentially dangerous hobby, and for too many if guns were outlawed the vast majority would voluntarily turn them in. Their spouses certainly wouldn’t miss em. I’m not counting hunters in this category; by their very use of rifles for hunting they’re automatically in a “fringe element”.

To awaken Mainstream Americans… these are the most socialistically conditioned, most anethetized, most brain deadened of Americans yet their power, even at this late stage could tip the tide! To get them to the range to defend Freedom, a appreciation of Freedom, of a Free Society that maximizes individual opportunity and potential must be introduced. We’re starting from the beginning with these people, and even then we’ll come off like we’re speaking Martian!

Worse, it will have to be made from scratch as the nearest comparable ideology, Libertarianism, has serious flaws as far as “free trade” are concerned, plus their message is still geared toward the few intellectuals that make up most of their stalled movement. (Yeah, it is stalled because you Libs haven’t made any results!) This message must be powerfully persuasive, yet simple. A direct ideological approach may not even be possible with these folks; proven examples by other more “fringe elements” converted to the Movement will probably have to do.


All the usual suspects who think voting Republican and plunking down a few bucks in dues to the often sellout NRA will make do. Otherwise they TRY to get their overpriced deer rifle to hit the side of a barn, or fawn over their collection of wall ornaments(guns)… or worse, with the Gun Show Ninjas buy cammies and cheeseball knockoff gear that only looks kool, with their jackassed SKS wannabe assault rifle and hit the range maybe once a year and blow off a whole bunch of rounds for nothing. All supposed “style” like their favorite action hero but no results… any wonder they only do it once a year?

Yes, most DO KNOW their beloved hobby’s under attack from ‘liberals’ yet most are still stuck in the enemy’s “mainstream” thinking. However, the huge hurtle of introducing guns was long ago taken care of, so now the next huge hurtle is introducing these casual shooters to the rigorous discipline of rifle marksmanship-and the reason for it.

The introduction is simple; bump into them at the local rifle range and after letting them see you punch all your targets in the black, as they struggle with their guns lure them in. Their initial curiosity must be met by your enthusiastic sharing of knowledge and a few rounds through your rifle. Then show them how to do likewise with theirs; believe me, actually showing them how to hit with their rifle will open their eyes… but anyone who’s a Rifleman knows this. The critical part is the conveyance of the rest of the Message; the need for the average citizen to have a rifle and the skill to to personally defend themselves and theirs from attack… from whomever.


This is more diverse a group than you’d think-more like several sub groups…

THIS is the generation we have to get to in restoring America-or forge a Second Republic. Either way, it’s they who are going to shoulder the greatest load in rebuilding not just Freedom, but the entire domestic economy-manufacturing, infrastructure, finance, agriculture, services, retail. Our culture; music, entertainment, literature, morals, the churches or however way we wind up in the aftermath being with God. If we don’t reach them, they’re going to hate us for not having anyone among us who cared enough to take time off from watching “dancing with the stars” to warn them.

They’re a pretty diverse group as I said; think back to high school and all the little cliques and subcultures, and all the social stratification that carries over into adulthood.

The Athletes, the Honor Rollers, all the people honored in the yearbook; consider them “mainstream” in thought-buying the enemy’s line because they get rewarded for towing it enough to get those little “perks”. That being stated, you’re most likely to find your shooters in this crowd; so there’s a conundrum of people accepting the way things are-with guns! That however is my view, there might be lot’s of people who could see the light.

What’s in the middle? Lots of folks just trying to get through another eight hours of soul draining routine-being conditioned by the obscene Prussian model of schooling traitors imported in the 19th century to create a exploitable working class. These people are hit or miss like any group but they don’t stand out, so you’ll have some people toeing the party line and some nice malcontents to recruit.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are all the outcasts-some are troublemaking little punks, most band together for support, some aren’t worth thinking about, and some you shouldn’t even think about showing how to shoot a gun! …The gangs already have guns-it’s too late getting the things out of their hands. Same goes to that sad bunch of outcasts with enough sense to know standing alone only works in the movies. That budding psychopath alienated by a education system designed to divide, conquer and stupefy you need to get his parents to give the poor bastard a COMPLETE change of enviroment!

Aside from the budding psychopath and obvious shithead, these people do have one thing in common; they know a lot of things are messed up.

GOING WAY THE HELL OUT ON A LIMB I believe they could be our best prospects for recruitment-even if there is that horrible culture clash issue to deal with. However, like most young Americans these people have nobody to show them what to fight for, as conditioned as everyone else.

A few conscientious Riflemen who’ll try not to judge them on their music and clothes but on their acts… next time you’re at the gun range and you see some “metal faced punks” I’ll quote from some old geezer who bitched at about their “hollywood marksmanship”…

…They won’t learn how to be a functional person without guidence. They sure as hell won’t learn how to channel their energies into a proper and comprehensive effort to take America back. A media first approach is needed with these people, plant the seeds in their culture. Getting those cultural seeds is going to be a chicken-and egg sort of problem, and someone into generating their media “underground” who’s recruited is going to have to be found.

Once those seeds are generated, once in their “underground” they see how things really are and rise up to the challenge, stop blindly lashing out at random but channel that rage against what’s oppressed us all-only then are they ready. Showing some “kid” how to use that “assault rifle” to get hits might get him to listen to you about other important topics, build some mutual respect, get some recruits to the Movement when you show them they can fight back, change the way things are.


Very hard to find nowadays, very risky to approach given how today’s police are systematically losing their minds, between the psychotic paramilitary training they’re getting and the propaganda about how they’re defending “the people”. This is nothing but code for the incestuous union of public office and private power that is the establishment. Sounds 60’s? Sounds like a line a street cop would never buy? Probably-probably not because these cops wouldn’t be sympathetic if they didn’t see the utterly total corruption their profession serves and protects.

These people should be our natural allies-but approaching, finding them, involves approaching tens, hundreds, probably thousands of traitors and otherwise ordinary criminals armed by the state. They likely have MOST of the skills needed but like the military have been deprived of the rifle marksmanship standards our grandfathers were trained under. Some tracts a invitation to a rifle marksmanship clinic by a range or range officer who either is a sworn peace officer themselves, or has enough respect from that community that any thug cop who tries to break up the party will be protected.


Probably all of them aren’t too thrilled being issued Eugene Stoner’s bastard child. Some even are not liking the way this “war on terror” is run, where it’s going, where this whole 9/11 adventure’s taking the country. Too damn bad most of them are conveniently overseas; if allowed back into this country in any numbers I guarantee a social and political upheaval would take place that would make the 60’s look like a mild hiccup. We’ll have to catch the active duty ones as we encounter them while on leave… hope that DU poisoning hasn’t crippled them up first.

The Gulf War and Vietnam War Veterans? Lump most of them in with the Korean War and World War Two Vets; getting infirm from “modern living”, weak from old age, service-induced sickness, or both. Good trainers and motivators; we can give them a channel for the deep deep rage they feel towards the rulers of this once free nation of ours. Many are hunters or collectors, some go to the gun shows. Obviously, they’re found at the local VFW.


You can’t trust them-this includes the cops. You going in yapping about “freedom” and “heritage” and long dead dudes in three cornered hats and at BEST you can look forward to a beatdown.

Yes there’s a lot of pent up rage in the cities that’ll yield another series of riots with the next crisis. Yes we’ll need their cooperation in building a more equitable society. Yes city folks have a lot of technical skills needed for the rebuilding that’ll have to happen no matter what the next decade yields.

The big no remains; how do you trust people who’s enviroment consists of a lot of shady characters, denied economic opportunities, malignant neglect, forever low expectations? I don’t have a way and I shouldn’t. Let those who’ve come from the street, who know what we know go to them. I know what you’re thinking now. You think gangbanger, crack dealer, pimp, welfare mom, future Maury Show guests. Yeah…

…Yeah but these AMERICANS along with the new slave class known by you as all those Illegals poring through our deliberately underguarded southern border, they want to be able to live as you and our parents did. They can’t because “they” have social engineered the poor and minorities to be as the Goths and Vandals were to the late Western Roman Empire; the unassimilable oppressed barbarians who finally brought that civilization down.

Besides, these “criminal types” they’ve been resisting the establishment all their lives-not that those pricks have given them any other option! That and the systematic economic treason by those blue blooded bastards have alienated them, made trying to “fit in” a struggle most folks from any background would find insurmountable. Perhaps their personal strength and experience being the typical adversaries of the establishment will give others much needed wisdom and strength. Most important, they need our help. And we need theirs.

We can’t do it now. We shouldn’t. And I’m afraid a lot of bad things are going to have happened to us all before they’re willing to look honestly at themselves, see how dysfunctional they are and begin to make changes. Bad things like a collapse of America’s civilization-a house of cards as you know. When they do wake up they’ll make great recruits as our message is a message of self-actualized hope; but until then DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOU RISK ENABLING A CRIMINAL.



IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU ARE SOMEONE STRANGERS WILL RESPECT ENOUGH ON FIRST MEETING TO LISTEN TO! It doesn’t help the cause if you come off like a psycho, or a creep or a doofus or some other brand of asshole. Nothing will hurt our cause more than a bad first impression. I mean, would YOU listen to a message about Freedom and Rifle Marksmanship from say, Urkel? Scott Peterson? Bill Clinton? Jeffrey Dahmer?

If you know you make a bad impression or can’t effectively do it person to person don’t feel too bad; everyone’s got their strengths. But that doesn’t mean you can’t strengthen your interpersonal skills, and you need to.

Gun ranges-best place to meet shooters.

They already got guns and are trying to shoot. Now’s your opportunity to show off your shooting skills and hopefully get noticed. Let them try your 25 meter targets-bring extras! If they bite, start training them right there-even if it causes you to be late for whatever, even work. Your personal sacrifice of time to aid them will make a big impression.

If nobody’s there at the time, leave extra 25M targets-one with your results.

Get a 25M rifle clinic or challenge going with the range owner. Even a clinic will bring in renters and that means $. Having a Rifleman Challenge with a cash pot for best shooters will bring in $$$ for the range and the greed will help spread our Message.

Booth at the Gun Show-while they’re still allowed!

Second best place to meet shooters, network with all the characters that hock stuff, get a live audience. Get some salesmen among you to take a Saturday and Sunday afternoon to man the booth. As for the booth, well if you just have some tracts you won’t get much attention-you need an attraction that’s also educational-how about a pay-to-play shooting gallery?

Some sort of rifle marksmanship demonstrator using AIRSOFT GUNS-configured like a M-14 or some other MBR with the proper sling and sights. Targets like you’d find in a combat situation. Wouldn’t such a interactive display get people’s attention? How much more attention could you get if you offer money back if they score high enough.

Oh, since you’re operating a booth you might as well have some goodies for sale. Have private sale MBR’s or even SKS’s, Enfields, Mausers. Targets, slings, ammo. And media… tracts, videos, books. More on that immediately below!


While person to person contact is the best means of reaching out, media allows reaching out to a much broader audience. Fred’s column in SGN is one way and I believe an effective means of delivering the Message. We need MUCH more.

More tracts, like those cheesy little Chick Tracts you find in church but with a basic message about marksmanship or freedom are good attention getters, and cheap. A lesson that gets the reader to ask more questions-and places they can get answers to should be on the back cover.

Video production; this is a audiovisual generation, that’s where we need to go!

One category that’s a no brainer is how to shoot. There are some out there, like Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, the Marine Corps video guide, but Citizen Riflemen should make their own videos. Get some master shooters together with a how-to video production that also delivers the why as well. As you know, Americans equate TV with reality-where’s our TV?

Another category is our Heritage; our own productions on Colonial Militiamen, Frontiersmen and Indians, the Boers, those GI’s at Athens, Tennessee cry out to have their stories told both in documentary and fictional accounts. These are far more difficult to make; they’ll require a master’s touch in the writing, the production. The distribution’s coming around to finally benefit us; I’ve been tracking developments in the filmmaking industry and the distribution networks that have been bottlenecked by our enemies are giving way to technological advances that allow us to distribute on the Internet-not to have to go through “their” markets and film festivals where it’d have a snowball’s chance in hell.

A word: any video production requires professionals for the job. You can’t rely on bubba and his trusty ol’ 8mm camcorder for this! You need $ to hire sympathetic actors, directors, cameramen, and all the others that constitute a film crew, plus $ for camera rental, $ for the editing platform or time at facility, $ for video duplication, $ if by some miracle you can get this “right wing” work into a film festival just to twit the lefties. Yes video is a very powerful tool-it’s used to brainwash millions of Americans every day, but it’s a expensive tool.

The way to finance this is through a corporation-a Nevada incorporation so as to allow anonymous shareholders and executives. Through this privacy shield the Riflemen and other Patriots can buy stock; the cash can then be used to rent equipment and locations, hire actors and crew and used as representation for media distribution. Consult “Boston’s Privacy Manual” as to making a alternate address for you patriotic stock purchasers.

As we recruit and expand we must encourage those we find that are expert in their fields to contribute-incorporate our Message in their work or contribute work that directly helps ours. We’re in a war-it’s already been declared on us-and the only right choice is to fight back.


If we want help, we should give it first.

There are other Patriots that are fighting for Freedom. They could use our help-volunteering and such.

Say a anti-tax group or a group protesting new laws that have nothing to do with gun rights. Union workers circumventing their corrupt leadership, protests against a whole slew of issues that get you angry too. Go in, volunteer, even if you wind up doing the grunt work. Don’t start off with the Message; let them get to know you first as a stand up kind of person and a hard worker for their cause. Earn their respect-it’s that reputation you forge that will open the door in their minds when you get around to teach. Or won’t.

If we want people to listen to us, to help us we must be willing to do likewise for others.

What’s the point? A synergy of individuals and groups fighting for everyone’s Freedom arising like a swarm of fire ants. Right now there are a few of us and we are easy enough to bump off or otherwise discredit, but get the whole colony going and it’s retreat or get literally eaten alive! If we want a renaissance of Freedom we’ll need everyone’s efforts, everyone’s causes to be mutually supported, and used to attack the establishment, the system simultaniously.

If everyone, from all walks of life could just get together and fight for their Freedom back we could win! We really could; the enemy doesn’t have enough technology, enough brain dead jack booted thugs and bureaucratic scum to stop us. We just have to awaken to that.

We don’t struggle alone. God is with us as we fight this most necessary struggle. Because God created us as Men and Women with Free Will, He meant for us to live in Freedom not in slavery-otherwise we’d be as bees or ants, a hive mind. Our enemies want humanity to have a stupefied hive mind, to break us down to our very souls, to be but tools to serve them.

God works through us and even the devil himself every moment to bring this about, but He would have a lot easier time of it if YOU would just drop that remote, get up off that couch and fight side by side with our Father-for your Freedom!

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