J. Croft

ATTENTION: This is NOT a “anti-semetic” essay. I am NOT condoning the extermination of any group of people. That kind of thinking is what’s caused so much bloodshed, so much misery for the human race throughout our tragic history. Especially for the Jews, who have been targeted more than any other people in human history. However, I feel its time for me to address the issues surrounding you, the Jew.This is a topic I’ve been trying to avoid. I’ve been trying to avoid writing to you because I’ve had some ambivalent feelings about criticizing you and your People. Partly due to residual conditioning from growing up a Fundamentalist Christian praying for the apocalypse. Partly because of the nazi tactics some of your People like to use, but mainly because I had doubts and questions about issues pertaining to your People.The doubts are gone now.I had doubts as to why you were targeted throughout history; as a Fundamentalist Christian I bought the doctrinal line that Satan was persecuting you and God was judging you for murdering Jesus-yet I was to pray for you because you were the “Chosen People”.Truth is, there’s nothing special about you, nor anyone else; the doctrine of a group of people being superior to any other is the flip side of the equally misguided belief that other people need to be exterminated because they are inferior… yet both idiocies bring the same outcome.The fact is, it’s your religion’s doctrine of being so separate, of being God’s Chosen People and the ruthless survival tactics so ingrained into your religion and culture that, yes, preserved it, but have also brought your People so much calamity throughout history:*Ruthless business some of you practice towards “goy” outsiders while giving special deals and perks to your own. A racial and religious cronyism the elites among you carry way too far without check.*Willingness to go along and help tyrants crush hapless peoples throughout history so long as a few of you can gain power-even at the expense of the rest of you. And you go along with it.*Willingness to go along with the deception that all of you are actually descended from Abraham. Most of you look nothing like a Semitic would, you came from what’s now the Ukraine and Southern Russia-the one time Khazar Empire. You lost it to the Mongols when they swept westward across the Russian Steppe.*Willingness to go along with jawdropping ruthlessness when it comes to silencing those that merely question the Holocaust. I’m not talking about some toothless, tweaked out skinheads, I’m talking about kidnapping Ernst Zundel from America, extraditing him to Canada and then Germany and going so far as to arrest his lawyers for simply acting in defense. (The man’s a lifelong pacifist. A lot like your Parents were when the Zionists ordered them to econmically boycott Germany, and when the Nazis came to power the Zionists got the British and Americans to deny you refuge. Made your pacifist Parents a easy mark for the SS to round up.)I’m talking about David Irving, who expressed doubts as to merely the number of your People who died in the Holocaust-in 1989… yet he got THREE YEARS IN PRISON for that speech! That man’s a scholar! I thought with your history your People would have a bit more tact, sensibility and sensitivity about coming off as hypocrites. *You even let your leaders push through “hate speech crime” legislation that destroys Free Speech… a crucial aspect of living in a Free Society-which explains Zundel and Irving. And not living in a Free Society, with checks and balances, puts you the Jew in particular danger because of your culture’s ingrained aptitude for academics, and achieving success in a power structure already having a heavy demographic loading of your People.The danger is when the People your people take advantage of have had too much.Think that’s impossible in America?As a recovered Fundamentalist Christian I was taught to revere you almost to the status of God, because according to people like Hal Lindsay, Pat Robertson, and Tim LaHaye being on your side was like being on God’s side. I’m certain that as a Jew you view such bloodthirstiness for the apocalypse as horrifying as you would, say, the rebirth of Nazism in Germany. Or it’s institution in America. I say recovered because I saw the fundamental contradictions in Fundamentalist doctrine.You’re not gods, you’re people-deeply flawed in your own ways like any other. Yet you’re revered-are made out to be revered by your elites and the Zionist jackals that have hijacked Christianity and turned it into a adjuct of the ADL. So, doubts out of the way here are my questions:HOW CAN YOU KEEP ANY LEGITIMATE MORAL STATUS IF YOU LET YOUR PEOPLE TREAT THE PALESTINIANS LIKE YOU AND YOUR PARENTS WERE?Your People in Israel are committing ethnic cleansing and a slow genocide. Bad enough Palestinians had their lands stolen from them at gunpoint. Bad enough their Arab “brothers” give them only token support. Bad enough Palestinians are untermensch in Israel-remember THAT derogatory term?Your People in Israel however, aren’t content with such measures. Your People have transformed Palestinian towns and villages into high security prisons, steal the very land needed to grow their food, steal their water. Your People, acting as soldiers continually disrupt their lives with checkpoints, roadblocks, detaining whole groups for hours.Use them for target practice. CHILDREN are being murdered by Your People.You say “they want to drive us into the sea”-DUH! Your People stole their land! They had roots thousands of years old-more than a few probably had ancestors who were real Hebrews!You say “this is the land of our forefathers and Abraham”. Look in the mirror lately? Do you look anything like someone from the Middle East?Abraham was a Sumerian; black hair, olive skin-essentially an Arab, a Palestinian. Most of your People, and you if you don’t look like a Arab, are descended from the Khazars. Khazars look nothing like Semitic peoples, never set their feet on the Holy Land until the Zionists played power politics and help instigate two world wars to create Israel. Khazars were converted to Judaism in the dark ages by royal decree. You’re a Thirteenth Tribe per the title of the book by Alan Koestler. You and your People are committing fraud by claiming otherwise.At least some of you justify such fraud, such murderous activities under religious guise. I’m talking about your Talmud. In that book written by your Pharisees is justification for conduct that would make the Nazis shudder. Dwell on that.SPEAKING OF FRAUD, HOW COME SO MANY “GOY” CAN READILY DISPROVE YOUR PEOPLE’S ACCOUNT OF THE HOLOCAUST?Yes, your People were singled out because of the actions of your Elite Zionists whom you did little if anything to check-rejecting deals with Nazis to get your People deported while you languished in work camps. Be that as it may, how come your People’s accounts can be disproved, even sixty years later?How come Dr. Fred Leuchter, a highly respected forensic pathologist and expert on executions went to Auschwitz; he concluded the facilities there could not and were not used for gassing? Your Zionists got him banned from Germany for his findings!How come Auschwitz and similar “death camps” were really concentration camps used as factories to produce weapons, munitions and other war materials? Weapons?! And yet the only recorded revolt against the concentration camps was at Sobibor, which had a high percentage of Russian POW’s. Even curators at Holocaust museums regard the whole gas chamber deal as a hoax.There were NUMEROUS Red Cross visits to the concentration camps; any attempt to mask a genocide would be readily apparent by comparing visits.And the number of Jews who died is debatable; the “six million” figure is a impossibility given statistics, the nature of the camps and the numbers of Jews who emigrated to Palestine.Perhaps a million-and a lot of that was by starvation and disease due to lack of food and medicine because of disruption of the German rail network by Allied bombing.WHY DID THE GERMANS FELT THE NEED TO TAKE SUCH DRASTIC STEPS AGAINST YOU AND YOUR PARENTS?Zionists orchestrated economic boycotts of Germany when the Nazis took power. That would be expected but not the same Zionists having their political activities tolerated. Nor finding out your Zionists orchestrated America entering World War One in exchange for the British Empire to lay the foundation for the future state of Israel. But back to the 1930’s; Germans remembered the 1918 revolution. They too had a high percentage of your People dominating law, culture, financial institutions, and a high percentage of smaller businesses. Yes your People do work harder to gain success but your elites don’t know when to quit and felt they could grind Germans into submission. To be denied foreign markets in a country dependant on sales of exports for it’s manufactured goods was bad enough, but to endure the shady practices a lot of your People by a lifetime of Jewish conditioning inflicted-especially the richest-was too much. Your People’s greed made the Nazis job of gaining power that much easier-and we’re talking Germans here, you know they’re some of the most docile, decent, obedient people on Earth! They took your People in after surviving the pogroms in Poland and Russia! And yes, most of your People work hard just like any other., but in desperate times being found guilty by association is a very hard thing to avoid. You can thank your Zionist elite for leading you to you and your parents trials but undeniably, you may want to take a hard look at how you’re raised, what you believe in. What paths your leaders take you and your people.(I have to repeat this: did you know that most of the death toll from the concentration camps came at the END of the Second World War-when American and British bomber raids had destroyed Germany’s rail network, effectively cutting off precious food and medicine to the camps? So it could be argued that America and the British Empire were the co-perpretrators of the Holocaust.) IF YOUR PEOPLE-OR A PARTICULARLY RUTHLESS,ELITE FACTION, CAN PROVOKE GERMANS TO ETHNICALLY CLEANSE YOU FROM THEIR SOCIETY, DOESN’T THAT ALSO SHED SOME LIGHT AS TO WHY NEARLY EVERY OTHER SOCIETY IN HUMAN HISTORY HAS EVENTUALLY TURNED ON YOU?As stated, your culture and religion make at least some of you too ruthless and too powerful for a People to endure. I’ll use my country’s example; your People dominate our culture, our politics, our economy and far too many of them have an agenda that’s brought my nation to the brink of collapse and self-destruction. Mostly for lining their own pockets like any honest parasite, but also to expand their domination.*Hollywood movies have a secular, liberal, Jewish outlook that corrodes the family-the basic building block of a healthy society. Instead the state is glorified and it’s portrayal is grossly inaccurate. *Political Correctness is a way to silence opposition by making everyone afraid to speak honestly, regardless of the truth of their statements which could be readily proven or disproven in a open, free exchange of ideals. For example, someone criticizes Israeli snipers for blasting little Palestinian kids in the head and your Zionists slap the P.C. slur “anti-semite” faster than a quickdraw shooter.*Bush’s Cabinet is absolutely dominated by Zionist Jews and sycophantic Neoconservatives who make certain Israel has all the political, economic and military support it needs to keep the Palestinians crushed and the rest of the Arab World under threat of nuclear annihilation. They do this and find a way to funnel the public moneys spent into private corporations they control and make war profiteering a art form.That’s America. In Germany, your elites got so greedy they caused and excasperbated a brutal depression that brought the Nazis to power. In Russia, your elites made and directed the Communists to power and in the subsequent decades after the 1917 revolution burned thousands of Orthodox Christian churches, murdered millions of small farm owners, attempted the genocide of the Ukranian People… yet not one Synagogue was touched. Criticism of Jews was punishable by death-perhaps because all the ringleaders of the Bolsheviks were actually elitist Zionist Jews themselves… the kind your People have always been neglectful of keeping in check.The Poles once upon a time tried to exterminate you because your elites worked for their lords and other inbred royalty and ruthlessly collected debts and evicted peasants from their farms.Every society from the Romans, to the French, to the English, to the Hungarians, Poles, Russians, Germans, Spanish-have kicked you out because you won’t police your own People from going too far and endangering all of you with a brutal backlash.If enough people tell you you’re an asshole it’s not them persecuting you-it’s you being an asshole in the first place.AND IF YOUR PEOPLE HAVE BROUGHT SUCH CALAMITY UPON THEMSELVES THROUGHOUT HISTORY, HOW DO YOU THINK AMERICANS WILL REACT WHEN WE COLLECTIVELY WAKE UP?Americans are the most warmongering people in history-we make the Germans, Russians and Mongols pale in comparison. Proven fact. White, Black, Latino, Asian, Native-it’s our culture that shapes us… or rather, your People trying to shape our culture, government and financial institutions to do the Zionists bidding and keep us stupid and docile. Your People’s culture war isn’t working well enough I’m here to report.Americans ARE getting fed up with all the hustles, the scams, the fraud, racketeering, thefts, and murders done in OUR name. Crimes often perpretrated by YOUR elites-who you’ve historically failed to keep in check. And Morris Dee isn’t going to get all the guns confiscated out of our hands, not before enough of us are pushed too far and react. And if you know your history, Americans don’t react in a good way to being pushed too far. Our people invented nuclear warfare, we’ve committed slavery, genocide. You let Your People(and you know exactly whom I refer to)you let them push our backs against the wall and all that middle class Ozzie and Harriet conditioning will slip away and you’ll see savagery the likes you’ve never seen.And we’ll be looking for people to blame, to hold responsible for what we’ve all lost. We’ll be noting just how privileged Israel’s been to our public servants. We’ll be noting how many KHAZARS are in positions of power. A lot of us, when that day of revolt comes and it will, might confuse Saul the Bank Manager for Wolf Blitzer, or Eli the Plumber for Michael Chertoff. Or maybe some of us just won’t give a fuck and bust in your door and steal your possessions and string you up… even if you really are a plumber or a chef or a mechanic.Sounds like a skinhead fantasy doesn’t it? Well, you’re helping to bring this about. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do to help bring the criminals among your People to Justice so as to prevent an American Pogrom against you all?WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE?1.)You have to do something about yourself.Stop being such a follower, so quiet in the face of your leaders criminality. You must make it loud and plain that you do not condone lies, oppression, theft and murder. If you’re a moral person then you must make your morality as un P.C. plain as possible.Be honest and fair and consistent in everything you say and do. Be the counter example of the Zionists, the REAL Neonazis at the ADL and AIPAC who think nothing of murder and destroying our Freedom for power only for themselves.Grow a sense of humor about the skinheads and other neo-Nazis. They glorify a dead, failed political movement and do it in a manner befitting a pack of ignorant losers. Next time all ten of them march in public square calling for a national socialist revolution and shipping you off to concentration camps(and they exist in America today), ask them how they can afford to take off from work to march when the lot rent on their trailer’s due?I would also suggest asking yourself some hard questions about the Torah and Talmud. Ask yourself is murdering other peoples for their land and enslaving the survivors what you believe in as well? 2.)Furthermore, you have to persuade others to stop supporting Zionists and promoters of lies in your People’s name. Every time you stay silent as the Neoconservatives and the Israeli government act like Nazi wannabes you tacitly support their evil. You must lend your voices and support to people and organizations that oppose Zionist imperialism by America and Israel, oppose the Freedom destroying doctrine of political correctness and any notion that Jews are superior to any other People.3.)About the Talmud: you must openly repudiate its racist, anti-human doctrines. If I a former Fundamentalist Christian can repudiate the fantasy of a “rapture”(invented by a Zionist by the way) that involves the blood sacrifice of 99% of the human race so I could have a mansion made of gold forever, then you can reject the doctrines that 99% of the human race are “goy” cattle fit only for exploitation and/or destruction. Really, the Talmud’s more racist than Mein Kampf!4.)Be an asset to your community. To risk painting a broad brush, Jews do know how to survive, how to run businesses, how to ingratiate yourselves into positions of power, how to persuade. Average Americans need such skills in order to survive what’s coming.Your town could use some new leadership. Help organize a emergency recall election to sweep your community of the professional politicians and parasites that have made living in America hell. Take over one single community and rewrite all the laws and cut taxes and you’ll have a beacon of Freedom that will be a Revolutionary example to your surrounding communities. They do likewise and you get control back of the county government and Sheriff-who is the highest law enforcement official in the country… even federal agents have to ask permission from the Sheriff to operate in “his county”. Be a part of the solution and you won’t have the wholesale scapegoating of Jews in America like what happened in Nazi Germany. That’s including you of course. We’re all going to have to come together when the hammer’s dropped on the fantasy that is Modern America-a potemkin prosperity created by debt slavery, militarism, and greed. Really, the country’s been in decline for decades now, and pretty soon all of us not of the elite or their toadies are going to be homeless or starving or fighting to survive. That includes you and a lot of scapegoating’s going to go on so make yourself obvious by who’s side you’re on. J. Crofthttp://freedomguide.blogspot.comBONUS SECTION!I’d like to show you what I’m doing about those of your People you can’t or won’t control so for all the Palestinians out there reading this I’d like to present to you the Palestinian Guide to Rifle Marksmanship. I assure you in the coming years we’re all going to be considered as Palestinians by the “elite”-including Jews.THE PALESTINIAN GUIDE TO RIFLE MARKSMANSHIPPistols are only for close in, and are meant to help you fight to your rifle should you be dumb enough to go without it.Aimed rifle fire is still surprisingly effective in this age of guided missiles and precision guided bombs. In Afghanistan the Mujahideen would open fire with Mausers and Enfields at up to 600 meters at a Soviet convoy. The Soviets would dismount and charge up at the Afghan sharpshooters-men with a lifetime of shooting behind them. They’d try to assault up to within AK range and then more Mujahedeen would use AK’s and bombs close up and not being able to react effectively would be taken out.AK-47’s are as common as sand in your part of the world, but they don’t make the best rifle because:*inconsistent ammunition produces wildly varying bullet trajectories and thus degraded consistency, which is the key to accuracy.*the AK-47’s sight plane, the distance between front and rear sights, is a mere 14 inches and is therefore more unforgiving of improper shooting technique than say a FAL or G3.FAL fires a larger 7.62×51 round but the FAL malfunctions under desert conditions, as you may know. Still, it can be used at much greater range than the AK-47.M14 uses the same round as the FAL but is much better in the desert. M1 Garands may be around. They’re in a longer .30-06 round and use a en bloc clip, but it’s sights are made for longer range aimed fire. It’s front sight is the same width as a soldier at battle sight zero-it can readily be used as a rangefinder to determine being able to shoot without adjusting for elevation/range.Any other rifle’s front sight could be used for such a task, but it’s front sight width won’t correspond to it’s battle sight zero as a M1/14.G3 is the most rugged but it’s recoil is brutal. It’s ergonomics leave much to be desired.M-16 is accurate, but fires a 5.56mm round. It’s also fragile and it’s operating system requires more maintenance than other rifles.A good cheap rifle would be a old Enfield or Mauser. They were made to be shot accurately, ammo should still be available somewhere, with the rilfes. They don’t shoot as fast as a FAL or AK but they’ll shoot.Rifles are made to be aimed, not pointed in a general direction like a oversized pistol and pray to God to guide the bullets.You can do that yourself. Hold your rifle; notice your sights? Put the buttplate of your rifle on the meat of your shoulder. If it has a folding stock extend it now. Raise the barrel up, put your front sight post onto target. Lead a little if the targets moving, and at longer range.Align your rear sight with the front sight.Focus on your front sight.Breath in, exhale partly, hold your breath briefly.While keeping your front sight on target at the same time squeeze your trigger finger. Keep your eyes open, on target, let the weapon’s firing be a surprise while keeping your sights on target. This is follow through.Do this every time you aim and shoot.Use your rifles for combat and sighting in. Train with airguns, like a spring airgun. BB’s are much cheaper than ammuntion.Train everyone in the use of rifles-men, women, children. Shoot regularly and often and you’ll not only expand the size of your militia(basically your entire community)but you’ll greatly increase it’s effectiveness.

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