J. Croft

That’s what “law enforcement” thinks.

It’s what the beast wants them to think, just like it wants them to think that it’s okay to plant incriminating evidence or destroy evidence that could prove innocence.

Most laws are made by racketeers and thieves we call lawyers.

Lawyers hand down laws for the control freaks we call bureaucrats to enforce.

Bureaucrats employ armed thugs and killers we call cops-who presume you don’t have a right to be out at certain times or at certain places they designate a “high crime area”.

Law enforcement by and large doesn’t care you have a cell phone to record your friends and loved ones getting assaulted and tortured by them, because they’ll earn a nice paid vacation if they take a life.

They know you the college student, office worker, homemaker, factory worker(we still have those?!)are too domesticated too tamed by the massive cultural onslaught of their masters, too cowed by the image of authority and competence the TV wraps them in to do the natural thing, the right thing-fight back.

In the end, that’s the only thing law enforcement respects, power. That’s why they go after gangbangers; because they’re about the only people in this country left who are willing to fight the beast.

Why? Because they came to the conclusion that they really have nothing to lose in the first place.

Certainly they target anyone of opportunity they can overcome, it’s their nature, but the beast has been using them in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they’re absorbing the lessons and resources of the military and using them on the streets. Against law enforcement.

Cops are getting led into ambushes, sniped at. They’re being attacked when they mount drug raids in their neighborhoods. It’s only going to get worse, for the cops. It’s already about as bad as it can get for those that have to live in “high crime areas” without the food and fuel getting cut off.

Sympathy for the gangsta? Not if they’re trying to harm me but I’ve personally never had a Crip, Folk or Blood harm me. They got bigger fish to fry.

Most other Americans? Too busy practicing their doublethink, too busy keeping their mind on the next Britney scandal.

Or maybe they do notice, and care, and are trying to come up with a new protest slogan.

Law enforcement doesn’t care.

They only respect force. And force may be the only thing that will save your life if they decide to just add another notch on their service weapon when they “detain” you; which they view as you being “legally” under arrest.

So that’s the quandary; “cooperate” and lose everything, or fight and lose everything.

If you do wind up fighting though, where will you go? Better have some friends who think like you to give you shelter, provisions, because you’re going to embark on a new life of being a homeless outlaw. Hated by the beast’s minions, used by the beast as a domestic Osama Bin Ladin to scare the sheep into complying with ever-more heavy handed dictates.

Never able to see your loved ones.

Risking your life every time you step out into public spaces, especially if you don’t have a disguise?

Always on condition one, scanning the cops for interest-and they will know you’re scrutinizing them, they do it for a living!

What will happen to you? Will you be an example and have people join you, or will the flouride and TV be too much?

Wouldn’t it be better to just turn off the TV set and get together with friends, target the sleaziest small town around? Conduct a emergency election and replace the entire local government?

Cut taxes so jobs and small businesses can reenter the community?

Divest all the investments as stated on the town’s CAFR( give it back to the People?

Fire the local thugs-“law enforcement” en masse, replace it with a volunteer militia comprised of ordinary citizens-just like YOU?

Have your new town be a shining beacon of Freedom so that others can do likewise and we can take our Nation back peacefully?

…While we still have something of a Constitutional government?

Your choice, People-fight back…

…or accept that YOU might be the next person a government traitor deems is always appropriate to taze.

J. Croft

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