A plea for help in changing the course of American History before its too late-it almost is!

J. Croft

We’re in a lot of trouble. I don’t need to tell you what you know first hand. For two generations now, America has been in economic and social decline. You been serving long enough, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The factories and jobs have been systematically shipped overseas, creating pockets of poverty-and as you know, the poor are the most likely to resort to robbery, theft, drug dealing and using, prostitution and murder. Not too many middle class suburbs with a high crime rate… yet. America has fallen to the curse of lowered expectations; the attitude of “oh well, the good jobs are gone let’s take on a loan we can’t afford or get some lotto tickets” pervades a once prosperous, productive People as they willfully enter into the bonds of debt slavery. Someone came up with the “bright” ideal of welfare for anyone with a beating heart and generations of government dependants were raised-born expecting less for themselves and for their nation.

Decadence-the willful sloth and decay of moral standards of a once upright, proud American People… or enough of a rotted segment to bring the whole nation down. It seems Americans are allowing the rot, or don’t recognize the fall of a once great nation for what it is. Or they watch in dismay, helpless as to what they could possibly do to stem the tide of collapse.

Drugs; they’ve been pouring into the country for decades. The more money and resources devoted to capping the supply the more it springs back up. Too much money for people not to risk everything to smuggle it in, and distributed to people with typically too little money not to sell them on the street. Not to mention too much demand from people looking for any kind of out, even if it’s at the end of a hot crack pipe.

Addiction begets more crime as those desperate enough for a blast of crack or meth or the psychic comfort blanket of heroin will do whatever it takes to get and stay high. Many a pawn shop and drug house stays fat with cash from all the crimes the addicts commit to maintain their habits.

And while in certain jurisdictions you have your hands full dealing with the addicts and the street dealers that like weeds never disappear, corruption has taken over business and government like a insidious virus. Businessmen and government officials work together to weigh the rules of the “game” in their favor and fleece the American People of every last dollar, every last possession they can wring out of them… when they’re not trying to screw each other. Worse, they wield enough power and influence to warp the all-too-many laws you’re enforcing in their favor. The only word for it is predatory-and that mindset has crept into every position of power; people reveling in their financial power, their political power. Taking their power and shoving it in the faces of everyone below them. You too, if you object.

What’s worse is the seemingly magical spell of apathy about it all that hangs over the land like a toxic pall; a resignation, a denial of the nation’s problems and their causes to the point of either feigned or actual mental retardation. This stems from not only the poor quality of the public schools, but also the commercial mass media that pumps out the same propaganda whether you’re watching ABC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, or FOX. No not the left-right drivel over hot button social issues designed to be cause for division and distraction but all the problems stated above.

And a lot more… oh so much more than could be practicably listed in an essay.

So that’s where we’re at Officer. How do we solve our problems together-and it is ONLY by being TOGETHER could we begin to solve our problems… how?

Well, to solve a problem you have to know what originally caused the problem. What are all the sources of America’s problems? Let us review the regrettably incomplete list above:

Factories gone, jobs gone-creating economically depressed areas where poverty, deliberately bred lack of morality, drugs and the expectations of the “American Dream” collide to create crime ridden ghettos? First off, it has been official government policy to export American industry and jobs overseas; the Export/Inport Bank is the US government agency tasked with guiding American corporations overseas to the cheapest, least regulated “job markets.” Second, multi-national corporations sponsor and probably even draft treaties like NAFTA and GATT that drop any protective barriers, further draining the corpse that was the American economy.

This latest round of theft-I mean, the economic crash happening as I type this-is all a giant scam to take liabilities like debt and other toxic financial insturments off the books of the rich and have the U.S. government buy it up. Judging from past performance of government agencies, particularly the IRS, the government isn’t just going to write it off… they’ll make ALL OF US pay… for the scams of the ‘elite’. Economic treason-all for a few more bucks.

Selling debt as “credit” wasn’t hard once the jobs started disappearing, the dollars started to buy less and less(as more were printed or created by “credit” by the private Federal Reserve). People needed money. They weren’t getting enough from their jobs as effective wages factoring inflation have declined since 1970. The banks-run by the same upper class crooks as any other corporation-stepped in and offered easier and easier credit. The nation’s debts, the people’s debts, increased at an exponential rate as “keeping up with the Jones” came at a price of the rest of your life.

With the loss of time due to working more and more to make the bills our “public servants” increased taxes, came up with more taxes, fees, fines-all to increase their own revenue. Any and every excuse to nip a few more dollars from us was used… do you know what makes this theft all the more criminal? The government DOESN’T NEED OUR MONEY!

See, governments took money raised from taxes and invested it… they invested it-bought everything from municipal bonds to stocks, to real estate… they invested in whatever they could make a buck off. Government from your hometown to the federal government has invested so much their holdings, including stocks, bonds and real estate comprise the MAJORITY of the American economy. Don’t believe me? Look at your town’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and learn the Truth.

So why all the taxes? Because a poor people are a dependent people. People with their own investments don’t need a corporate wage slave job-get maybe two or three percent of the value back of every dollar you earn your boss… have at least half of that meager crumb stolen by the government. People running their own store or gas station or some other kind of shop don’t have to apply for welfare, which serves as an excuse to not only tax those that do work, but also gives license to the government to run the recipients lives, violating their Rights(remember those?)

Same with most fines; as police officers you issue out fines for speeding or burn out license plate lights or “weaving”-traffic tickets that are mostly b.s. …The person you detained and pulled over wasn’t necessarily driving in an unsafe manner or had a truly dangerous vehicle to drive… there was an opportunity under the traffic laws to bust him and you did it. Now under coercion for basically nothing that driver has to go to court and pay fines… he’s been hit with a tax of opportunity collected by you, an armed individual. Highway robbery! Don’t state it’s for “safety “; that excuse is as abused by government at all levels as “implied”, “reasonable”, “legal”, or “it’s for the children”.

See, the beast this nation’s government has become has incorporated you in its evils. You: disciplined, willing to serve, sacrifice by becoming a police officer, and all around you are slothful, weak, brain dead, heartless fools. Yes, most Americans have been reduced to such so it’s understandable you having that opinion…. ever consider such opinions might be exploited by unscrupulous men who present themselves like you to further detach yourselves from the People?

Everything in America is manipulated; television programming is manipulation on a scale and technique unparalleled. The very technology is based on a visual signal sent at 60 cycles a second-the best rate to induce a hypnotic state. Just start watching the TV and see if you don’t waste a hour or two flipping through channels for something to watch instead of doing something productive? And what’s on the TV? Liberal ideology, lies, and a lot of materialism, cruelty, and egotism; all skewered to dumb everyone’s thought processes down even more than what’s inflicted on us in public schools.

“Public” schools: 12 years of substandard learning, conditioning, and the killing of curiosity and intellect. American schools are patterned after the old Prussian model designed to turn out soldiers for Frederick the Great for the neverending wars he was involved in. Today’s publik skoolz are designed to turn out dumbed down, ignorant, apathetic worker drones. A certain small percentage actually thrive in that enviroment and so are groomed for college-where they’re further conditioned with more knowledge… the kind once taught to everyone a century ago… but more importantly they’re fed the bullshit that they’re the “intelligentsia”, and it’s done by high ranking professors. Couched in nice sounding terms what these people learn is communism-state theft of our Rights, our Property, and our Lives.

They become university professors, bureaucrats, lawyers, politicians, business leaders-our rulers.

Our rulers as described above have a interest in continuing the self-serving system that’s been designed and imposed as a yoke on America. Imposed by very powerful, very smart and very secretive men but going into who they are is beyond the scope of this article. It’s more than enough to try to awaken you to

I wish this was a complete list but that’s not all they do, not by a long shot!

So who specifically is responsible?


Neo-Marxist arrogant nerds who impose a totalitarian collectivist ideology known as “political correctness” to a population already softened by years of bad schools and overtly liberal mass culture. It’s bad enough that, as a group, they show utter contempt for the best about America while daily drubbing young minds in the tragedies and wrongs-these bastards are brainwashing college students to enact the same communist philosophy they preach. Yes, communist: every one of the ten planks of communism have been enacted in this country. Planks you’re charged with enforcing.


Give a useful idiot a degree and they think they’re God. Give that idiot with a degree a position of authority and God help us! This has become a title of authority and Americans are programmed to always obey the “experts”.

It has been “experts” that have redirected the American economy toward divestment of it’s World War Two economic heritage, creating the underlying poverty that crime flourishes in. It has been “experts” that bullshitted generations of Americans into suicidal consumerism, suicidal means of income, suicidal eating of bad food, suicidal political beliefs-yes, suicide is NOT too strong a word to describe what we’ve been conned into doing to ourselves, to have permitted done to us.


Whores in three piece suits who think only of their own power and wealth. They’ve harnessed the political system for their own gain. They’ve spent this nation into the same abyss of debt and deindustrialization that doomed postwar Britain to becoming a dependency of the US-who are they going to make us a dependency of?


Petty, needling creatures who get their twisted sense of self worth off honest working Americans. Not you nor others you know?

You sure about that? Are you even being truthful to yourself?

Every day bureaucrats can impose fines, issue summons to court. Every day bureaucrats put people in jail, steal their time, their money, their property. Their edicts are the laws you’re tasked to enforce-without any sense of justice nor weighing the merits of the law yourself.

Don’t try and tell me that’s not true; cops every day judge who is going to get a “field interview”, and issued a fine or arrested. Bureaucrats do the same damn thing only they’re too cowardly to strap on a vest and pistol, they rule behind guarded offices and use you to inflict their petty games on the People.


Scum who’ve used the government to impose a legalistic Taliban on America. Millions of pages of millions of laws, backed up by millions more pages of millions more regulations to help enforce all those millions of laws in the first place.

Hell, lawyers have been screwing America up since the country’s founding! You can consider this next statement the proverbial bridge too far but the very Constitution you swore an oath to uphold and defend(at your discretion, of course)was rigged in the first place. Provide a illusion, a hologram of liberty but in reality provide the foundational framework for the tyrannical uberstate you serve and we all suffer under.

…There are of course another source of trouble. They enforce what the above pack of traitors decree. Those are your fellow cops.

Many of you instinctually react to the toxic mass media culture, the lack of a foundation of morality. Yes, you should-but the obvious glaring fault there is that you’re operating at about the same level of ignorance as most Americans. And it’s that basic ignorance about what Americans are supposed to be that our common enemies exploit; to them you’re cannon fodder, pawns, useful idiots to wield the batons, the tasers, the German built machine guns.

You are even more conditioned than ordinary Americans. You have to be because, you wield the state’s weapons. So you, full of respect for the law, country go into the police academies…

…Police academies do their best to instill into you that you are a ‘breed apart’; that you ‘can’t count on Citizens’ for assistance, that you could expect a threat from anyone, even children and the elderly. They teach you to look for any legal pretext to ‘make a bust’, even if the law’s ridiculous, or it would be wrong to enforce that law(s).

Then you start serving, patrolling the streets and people hate you, fear you. You retreat further into the police culture, absorbing and adopting the us versus them mentality, the covetous attitude over your powers, the exclusive license you have in keeping and bearing arms. The daily swim in the open sewer two generations of economic warfare and cultural sabotage instituted by our common enemies the ‘elite’ have created.

Yet your also under pressure from your own department-the way the rules are rigged so that you file out MORE paperwork for letting people off than manufacturing pretext to arrest them. You’re under pressure to pick on homeless, attack anyone wearing certain outfits and lifestyles no matter their innocence, come down the hardest on those trying to peacefully reform and simply defend themselves from this toxic society.

Don’t you ever feel like a tool? Don’t you feel used enforcing rules and laws made by elitist lawyers, judged over by elitist lawyers and judges? Don’t you feel the misery you and your fellow cops impose on the People-when you pull them over, stress them out over a cracked windshield, a burnt out license plate light, imposing fines that bust too tight budgets, taking days off for court?

Don’t you feel any guilt when your partner decides to plant evidence to get the bust? Or delete video that could prove innocence? Or decide to arrest Americans just defending themselves? Don’t you feel as much a criminal as any gangbanger when you watch as those ‘cops’ who have no moral boundaries tune someone up for no reason? ‘Pinch’ them in exchange for letting them go? Look forward to serving in riot squads busting women up, pepper spraying small children for peacefully protesting the criminals in government service that pit you against us?

You ever do those things yourself?

Would you do those things to your Spouse, your Parents, your Children, your Friends?

Your silence, your inaction is as good as doing the above crimes against your fellow countrymen yourself.

So what can you do? A lot!

First, network with your fellow officers. Time’s run out on this nation for people to just go about their lives and things need to be done. Find out how many of like-minded cops there are in your department, that will determine what you do from here.

If you have a majority of Patriots you should try taking over the entire department. Run off the thugs and criminals that make the People hate you. Run off the corrupt chief with a revelation of some kind of dirt.

Certainly, begin to go among your neighbors and friends, start getting them ready. Ready not only for the coming horrors but to politically organize them to take back their governments. Ready them by providing the leadership, the discipline and the training to reconstitute the Militia. Yes, the Militia is ALL the People.
If Militia is too harsh a political term for you, call it “neighborhood watch” or whatever. Just so long as you provide those you awaken and activate training and heads up on police state activities.

Anyway, you know gun safety, the basics of shooting, tactics, how to organize and fight. Many of you have military experience. Train and practice in secret and toughen them up. Teach them what and how cops cue in on and how to avoid trouble or at least ameliorate the danger.

You know martial law is coming. You know you’re going to be tasked with going door to door stealing the People’s guns, rounding up dissidents-I have first hand knowledge. Whatever contingency plans you got, keep them secret-TELL NOBODY. Someone will brag, someone will be a snitch.

The military’s being brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan to enforce the final destruction of America. In it’s place will arise a tyranny that once established will not be overthrown for a very long time. Man has struggled for thousands of years to fight for the Freedom we won in the American Revolution. The enemy is crafty, intelligent, ruthless-as you know-and now we face the need for a Second American Revolution to regain our Freedom, to throw off their rule once and for all. Join your fellow Americans…

…Or are you just another Tin Badge God? Rather keep your power and privilege than work to rebuild a Free Nation for our children? If you think for one second that the beast won’t fuck you over when they’re done using you to oppress us you’re an even bigger fool than I thought-because they will and we won’t let you win.




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