J. Croft


It’s true. The Internet is considered by the Pentagon to be an “enemy weapons system”. Why? Because this current Internet is the last flourishing bastion of Free Speech and free enterprise and Freedom is a philosophy the government is an enemy of.

Large parts of the Internet the government can shut down on it’s own but that’s not foolproof-it is also alarming to those who cherish Freedom and would lead to escalations beyond what’s planned. So the plan is to let the current Internet infrastructure die off by letting the major servers crash one by one until everyone is forced onto the reservation known as Internet 2. This will be a constricted pipeline whereby you can only go to a few thousand major corporate and government websites instead of the millions of free voices you can now. Just like cable.


Most all of Congress is bought and paid for, and they don’t like your Freedom either. They’re in lockstep with the private moneyed interests who control the US government and the major corporation like puppet masters. They fear the truth. Specifically they fear the truth about them to finally get out to the general public still mentally asleep. So any attempts to get Congress to mandate repairing this Internet will fail.

So will attempts by entrepeneurs to bolster the current internet because it’s in the government’s interest to let it collapse. Companies can be bought out, patents bought up or violations of patents brought up by major corporations in court. The FCC could simply barge in and ban it. There is no legal recourse to saving it.


There’s no saving the Internet from its earmarked demise, and without it we’re thrust back an entire technological era in communications. And we need a Internet more than we’ve ever needed it due to the enemy’s stepping up their program to rid themselves of us.

We need a Internet-so we need to build our own. From the ground up.

Now, it’s obvious a loose-knit pack of Patriots are NOT going to string up millions of miles of either copper or fiber optic line. It’s also obvious that using existing infrastructure, that those attempting to use that will be no problem to track down. And shut up.

So I propose a wireless solution.


This is going to be a series of disposable, easily built nodes using readily available, off the shelf components for ease of manufacture in small, clandestine workshops with iffy electric power and resource availability.

Broadcast signals can be encrypted, frequency shifted. They can use different frequency bands than most normal traffic, switchable in case of government interference. Logging in must be able to be handled by currently available components or devices that can be easily built in clandestine workshops.

Intel has come out with a long range wi-fi router with up to a 60 mile range. Costing about 500 dollars the device is simply a radio transceiver with modern electronics. Using this as a model, it is my contention that a reverse engineered model easily constructed from readily available components can be made in large numbers. Such efforts are necessary because the Intel node or any copies made will most likely be able to be hacked by the government and thus made useless.

The devices must be mobile, relatively small so that they can be easily moved and hidden. Preferably small enough to fit inside a van or the bed of a small truck and relatively lightweight and simple to assemble and set up.

Antenna design… must have length but it must also be able to allow portability. These things will be hunted down because to the government they will be an enemy weapons system.

The devices must be hardened as best possible against destructive electromagnetic pulse.

The devices must have it’s own power supply. Some kind of on board generator or solar panel array, but plugging it into the existing power supplies will allow it to be tracked down because electricity flows are monitored. Recent advances in solar energy could make a small, relatively rugged solar array give a strong enough current to power a node. Another consideration is using a small Tesla turbine fueled by a wood or charcoal fired tube boiler to power a on board generator.

The devices must also be cheap to build-to the point where thousands can be easily built, giving our Internet a disposability, a redundancy because the government WILL object to us raising our own communications system. The radio components should be easy enough to build, and the processors hard drives for the server are also inexpensive. Second hand components and scrap.

The devices must be powerful enough so that working in unison they can overcome jamming. Rugged enough to take abuse and able to function with not the best of components.

The devices must be rugged enough to withstand natural disasters, and abusive handling.

One avenue that, I have to repeat, needs to be explored is using Tesla technology both for transceiving signals and power generation. I am thinking of ground wave transmission, a steam engine based on Tesla turbines, or something more exotic that Nikola Tesla came up with.

Those working on this must use the maximum security. Once a working prototype is completed and tested a means of distributing a cypher to Patriots must be made. This must be slaved to a means to hop frequencies at random to confound attempts at spying or jamming. Once a working design is perfected this must be distributed freely to Patriots. This can’t be a moneymaker it must be a essential tool of Freedom. We will need our own Internet for a open source information and knowledge base to facilitate leaderless resistance.

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