Against the United States Government and all interested parties controlling it’s policies

J. Croft

This BILL OF PARTICULARS is a complaint and indictment against the United States Government, it’s separate federal bodies, controlled State governmental bodies, individuals in employment and elected representatives, and all parties with either official or covert controlling interest in perpetuating the U.S. Government’s crimes against the American People:

Endorsing and encouraging banks and other financial institutions to encourage the building of debt among the American People, while at the same time denying when possible loans for small business startups squelching competition for major corporations.

Operating a national education system designed to deny Americans their heritage of Freedom, to systematically dumb down, indoctrinate and condition the People towards integration into a modern day feudalism.

Consistently and brazenly favoring major corporations and rich and powerful individuals through the laws and favoritism in lobbying for said laws.

Conducting elections in a systematically fraudulent manner with rigged voting machines, rigged counts and even falsified results.

Operating unconstitutional federal and state agencies using people easily seduced by power and authority, who abuse, assault, rob, bear false witness against and murder the People as a means of intimidation, control and conditioning.

Consistently excusing major corporations and government bodies of enviromental laws that are ruthlessly and abusively enforced upon the People for the sole purpose of stealing their property.

Operating a judicial system that knows nothing of justice, that disregards the Rights of the People, that imprisons millions of innocents in a gulag system scientifically designed to inflict torture for profit of the state and the corporations that service the system, in particular the “privately run” prisons that use inmates as slave labor.

Operating a non governmental enforcement body, the Internal Revenue Service, to collect unconstitutional income taxes, fraudulently for the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve.

Illegally tasking the issuance, at cost to the government via interest, to the private Federal Reserve that is owned by the same moneyed interests that control the rest of the US government and all major corporations that dominate America.

Deferring matters of national policy to private groups of well-connected figures out of the Council of Foreign Relations, the “Bilderburger” group, Trilateral Commission, and other elitist groups that actively act against the interests of the American People.

Operating unconstitutional courts whereby Jury Trials are not conducted, where property can be seized, children taken without consent and other matters of law that are the provence of Jury Trials.

Conducting a conspiracy against the American People whereby independent technological development is stifled in favor of technologies pushed by major corporations and government that make the People dependent.

Enforcing even the most minor points of at best questionably passed law and regulations with excessive force, even at the cost of the lives of those held at fault.

Perpetuating a conspiracy by which Television is used to reduce the thoughts of Americans to the most base impulses through progressively dumbed down programming, subliminals, and the very way televisions operate to induce a trance like state.

Permitting the major television and news media to perpetuate lies through biased news reporting.

Substituting property rights with the legal fiction “real estate” that can be legally taxed and seized by the government for taxes, or seized through eminent domain.

Denying the right of travel on the nation’s public roads, by requiring license to drive, which is a permit and can be revoked at will, and requiring by law insurance that the insurance corporations lobbied for.

Attempting to shut down the only real access to media by Americans, the Internet and replace it with a system as restricted as print, television and radio.

Covertly setting up a surveillance grid of sensors under pretext of “public safety”, both privately owned and government operated by which the People can be tracked without end.

Persecuting those Americans that protest and struggle against these and other tyrannies.

Running a fraudulent “drug war” that imprisons millions, steals their property and creates the legal pretext for tyranny while another covert branch ships the very drugs that are “controlled”.

Operating intelligence agencies for the purpose of spying and committing espionage against the American People.

Operating under de facto martial law where Rights are thrown to the side for “public safety”.

Economically segregating large sections of the American People so as to create class conflict, hopelessness, welfare dependency, and crime to scare everyone into accepting a police state.

Undermining the Sovereignty of the United States of America through treaty, “agreements”, trade pacts and other devices that impose unconstitutional laws upon the American People and loot the nation’s wealth and industry.

Denying recourse to the People of government abuses at all levels of government by law and policy.

Endorsing and promoting abortion, which has cost fifty million lives and stunted the future growth of America.

Encouraging millions of illegals to take underpaid menial work Americans can’t live on, exploiting them as indentured servants.

Denying defendants in trials the benefits of a Jury fully informed of their Right to nullify bad or unjustly applied law and free of interference by any judge.

Using military forces in violent assaults against the American People.

Imprisoning Americans in concentration camps.

Violating numerous treaties with Native Americans, committing genocide against them and banishing the survivors onto barely livable reservations where they’re economically and politically segregated.

Starting numerous wars under false pretenses in the name of the American People whether by goading attack or using agents masquerading as a supposed enemy, murdering many millions, conquering and devastating many foreign lands and plundering their resources for the profit of the few controlling interests that currently rule America.

Operating under the lawyer conspiracy-born U.S. Constitution that was forced into ratification under contrived emergency and duress, and cleverly worded at the time of it’s drafting to license future expansion of government power and authority under deception and fraud.

The unlimited usage of the Commerce Clause and “implied powers” to regulate absolutely every aspect of Americans lives, block true reform movements by staggered elections of Congress, by the Electoral College, and the unchallenged power of the Supreme Court until it’s tyranny far overshadows anything the British Empire attempted.

For using legalism and naked force to breach the guarantees in the Bill of Rights, including;

Right to Free Speech by mandating license to protest, by restricting certain protests to areas not conspicuous to the public, by restricting content and regulation of means of delivery in order to shut out all voices that are not backed by monied interests;

Right to Religious Freedom using the Internal Revenue Service to regulate Free Speech and Expression with 501(c)3 “tax exemption status”, with persecution of so-called “cults”;

Right to Bear Arms using the Interstate Commerce Clause to restrict Militia-appropriate weapons from the American People with taxes;

Replacing the Militia, which is of, by, and for the People with standing armies of National Guard, federal, state and local law enforcement forces now being fitted with military weaponry unconstitutionally restricted from the People, and restricting availability of suitable marksmanship and tactical training and equipment from the People;

Indoctrinating the soldiers, agents, and officers of said forces to the lie that they are the “modern day equivalent” of the lawful Constitutional Militia and only they should have weapons fit for Militia service, and instilling a air of superiority in status over the People;

Using eminent domain statutes to steal property, either for unneeded interests of the government or for private interests beholden towards;

Using judicial fiat, executive orders, unconstitutional law and government agency “policy” to “reason” the Fourth Amendment protections from “unreasonable” search and seizure out of existence;

Undermining and eliminating Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendment protections by working to abolish Juries independent of government control for “misdemeanors’, by imposing excessive bail and pre sentence jailing in order to force Americans into pleading into guilt, by drafting procedures designed to deny evidence and generally stacking the rules in favor of the government;

Ignoring the Ninth Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the (P)eople.”;

Breaching the Tenth Amendment by delegating to the federal government powers reserved to the states and the People;

Ignoring state ratification of the original Thirteenth Amendment abolishing titles of royalty, specifically the title “esquire” which lawyers are bestowed to by the British Accredited Registry, and banning those bearing such title from government service, for replacing it with a subtly worded “replacement” Thirteenth Amendment endorsing slavery to the United States Government;

Creating a privately controlled legal monopoly through the BAR association by which only lawyers can write the law, make rulings and try in courts;

Illegally enforcing the unratified sixteenth amendment, the income tax and using withholding.

Repeated attempts to get rid of the Constitution and replace it with a governing document that doesn’t have to pay lip service to the Rights of the American People.

Conspiracy to murder millions of Americans and enslave the survivors in work camps and tightly controlled cities.

This Bill of Particulars is by no means complete as a complete list of violations against the American People both individually and as a Nation would be impossible to compile. Nevertheless, the violations listed above alone are sufficient to warrant a demand for recompense for damages afflicted.

We the People hereby demand such compensation and those perpetrating the above crimes and any others not mentioned to be held liable and accountable.

J. Croft


  1. Mike Dagnillo Says:

    well said,couldn’t do it any better….now when do we muster?

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