J. Croft

Once upon a time in America, the police officer was a part of the community. An agent of the state, yet a cop had more allegiance to his fellow citizens than to the bureaucrats and career politicians.

Times have changed-been changed-by a elitist political, economic and social movement that seeks to destroy the America we still hold dear in our hearts and transform it into part of a neo-communist empire. I say neo-communist because the policies the government pursues come straight out of the ten planks of communism(1) The state is supreme, and since these TRAITORS are imbedded within the state they get to control that supreme state.

A key component is control of the guns-force. Can’t get people who’d resist having their homes stolen from them for nonpayment of property taxes without force.

Can’t tax people via meticulous monitoring of their daily driving performance without force.

Can’t stop people from organizing resistance to being oppressed without force.

Can’t protect the state from the people without force.

Can’t enforce all the edicts from the bureaucrats and politicians and judges without force.

Get the picture people? Despite your personal relationship with certain cops the police are not and never have been on our side; police forces are standing armies trained to “keep the peace”. Their “peace” is YOUR SUBMISSION! And they are lavishly equipped for the job:

*A vast, ever expanding legal code designed to entrap the people and give the state’s agents the license to steal from them and kill them.

*Weapons-from aluminum nightsticks, pepper spray, TASERS, and handguns to assault rifles, sniper rifles up to .50 caliber, high explosives, armored fighting vehicles, even military aircraft. A standing army indeed.

*A subculture that’s kept insulated from the mainstream, a cult of authority and power that never ceases to glory in it’s affectations of self-righteousness, it’s prowess against ignorant, hapless victims. Drawing from those that naturally gravitate toward authoritarianism, cops today are molded into the state’s enforcers, robotically and sadisitically enforcing laws written by lawyers, judged by lawyers.

“But, the police are here to protect and serve.” The police are NOT required to protect you. Want proof? Look at the Columbine Massacre in 1999; the police, heavily outmanning and outgunning Eric Harris and Darren Klebold, simply laid siege to the high school and as everyone self-evacuated the police ROUNDED THEM UP AND APPREHENDED THEM AT GUNPOINT!

They didn’t lay a hand on Harris and Klebold-they simply kept shooting until their meds drove them to suicide instead of mass murder.

Ruby Ridge, Waco; federal agents wielding automatic weapons, body armor and armored vehicles just like the hero cops that didn’t do jack in Littleton, Colorado went all out on a backwoods family and a small communal Texas church. Women and children were openly targeted and MURDERED.

Isolated examples you say? Crack open your paper, look around, observe YOUR PUBLIC SERVANTS in action. Do they remotely act like the hollywood cops you see on TV every night? If you’ve ever been harassed over a “infraction”, profiled, or worse you know the right answer. Today’s cops are NOT like Sgt. Joe Friday, T.J. Hooker, or any cop character Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson played.

As Boston T. Party so eloquently wrote in “You and the Police”, the police work for the state and the state is looking for bodies.

Yours will do just fine.

IF you get stopped and you will sometime, have a voice recorder going. Yes you have to identify yourself and present ID and proof of insurance-what you get for letting professional politicians and their lobbyist pimps write the laws rather than you getting involved.

You can refuse search requiring a warrant but the cops will do a inventory search anyway-have any valuables and other no-no’s locked in a place secured to the car. Something that will require Probable Cause to get a warrant to open.

Probable Cause-in your encounter, you must deflect your public servant’s ideal of a Reasonable Articulable Suspicion. Basically he’s looking to justify his finding a excuse to stop and detain you on your normal business into a reason to arrest you. If you look like a ordinary person with no obvious criminal activity in a jurisdiction that doesn’t have harassing everyone they can get away with as their sole preoccupation you… may have a chance of continuing about your normal business.

And for God’s sake, watch your temper. A lot of cops are just itching for a provoked fight and will think nothing of putting you into the hospital. Some would just love to add another notch on their gun and put you in the ground.

And yes, race too has a impact on this. No arguing there.

If you’re lucky you get a ticket and a date with a traffic court and some fines. Otherwise you get arrested with extreme risk of bodily harm to yourself, even death. You’re thrown into cells designed to inflict a low grade form of chronic torture by discomfort. You’re surrounded by a ruthless criminal element deliberately cultivated by the state to terrorize you into continued support of their All-American tyranny… maybe you’ll make some new friends and avoid being raped.

You get some court appearances. You’ll be compelled to plea bargain for a “reduced sentence”. You’ll be compelled to hire a lawyer to defend-for lack of a better word-you, presumably against fellow lawyers who prosecute you and judge you on laws they wrote. Usually they work out a “script” beforehand, in spite of your innocence or guilt, or the fault of the law being enforced.

Getting a jury trial? Getting even one person who understands that JURIES CAN NULLIFY THE LAW amounts to something of a miracle as such knowledge is actively suppressed by the legal system.

And it all costs a lot of money, as the legal system is a racket and lawyers measure their time by the hundreds of dollars-per-hour. So no wonder the numbers of acquittals are small. No wonder 1 out of 100 Americans are now in the system in some way. Like I said, it’s what you get for letting professional politicians and lawyers run YOUR GOVERNMENT for you.

So what do we do?

First, you have to protect yourself.

I know this is supposed to be a Free Country BUT, try not to look or act like a “dirtbag”. Sad to say it, but middle class, mainstream American “conformists” are “less” likely to be harassed than others. Rich looking people are the least likely of course to be confronted by the police.

Make certain your car is up to code. Nothing broken, nothing that suggests “dirtbag” to cops. Some cars are automatically “suspicious” like those “gangbangers” gravitate toward.

Certain times you’re at greater risk for busts. Always be careful at night. If you see a long line of cars, and in the opposite lane there are cars at regular intervals, there’s a roadblock; immediately find a alternate route to your destination or you will be stopped. Be careful around schools as well, and any place that may remotely look like a speed trap. Any area where bars are at you’ll have cops fishing for busts for any reason they can come up with.

Wire up some tiny spy cameras and microphones in your car; in the front and back with a hidden activation switch to get evidence of evidence planting or police brutality. With the police officer also being an officer of the court, his mere word is considered as evidence, so you’ll need solid proof of your innocence. Only video makes that standard these days.

Perhaps you can travel in a group-safety in numbers. One guy gets stopped the rest stop as well.

Just about any behavior can be labeled “suspicious” by cops. Watch what you do. Any sideways glances, any uppity attitudes can and will be squelched by weak people with too much power who’s sense of person is dependent on how much authority they can wield on others.

For further reading, Boston T. Party’s “You and the Police” is available at and I highly recommend it. It has everything you need to know to defend yourself against your average power hungry cop short of violence.

Better to be able to change the law and eliminate the dirty cops. This is politics so you must enter the political arena. You want change in the laws and the way the laws are enforced you have to get in a position to make those changes.

“How to win a local election”-written by lifelong political hacks provides a textbook to spring off of, but mostly you’re looking to get elected by finding your locale’s hot buttons and pushing them as long and hard as possible. This book you’ll find at your local bookstore in the politics section.

You want to change the cops you have to change your institutions-you have to actually take over the decision making process from professional politicians and parasitic lawyers. Local towns-not big cities-are the achilles heel of the beast’s political system, and the United States Government is part of the beast that’s turned this once greatest of nations into it’s absolute opposite.

Local town government is how most government power is enforced upon the People. These are shady, small minded cretins for the most part who revel in their power over our lives. They gladly go along with the status quo of taxes and regulations and current American political thought in order to profit for themselves.

Inevitably, they piss people off about something. That is what you use to inflame opposition-opposition enough to get people to the polls on election day.

You could have a election sooner than you think. Look through your town’s local laws for anything allowing a emergency recall election. Follow the procedures.

Organize your campaign; get your candidates, get your volunteers. Know your demographics; what kind of people live where, where your support’s at where your opposition’s at. Most likely you’ll have the poor areas and middle class to support you while the rich will want the status quo-but that’s a rule of thumb.

Have your red button issues. Hammer on them relentlessly. For those that retain that American attribute of hapless apathy, remind them that THEIR POLICE wouldn’t harass them for all kinds of stupid stuff if they were ORDERED not to. BEWARE OF THE POLICE, THEY WILL BE DIRECTED TO STOP YOU!

Come election, and your slate wins you and your people will actually have political power. Now that you’re in the driver’s seat it’s time to take care of some election promises. Cut some taxes. Eliminate property taxes and allow full alloidial title so that the People truly own their homes and land and be secure in their ownership. Create tax-free zones in all those boarded up downtown buildings for local small businesses. Go over your town’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and see where your town’s invested in… maybe that money would be better spent on schools or tax breaks.

And to get back to the point of this article, clean up your police department. Get a copy of their departmental procedures and start some very heavy editing. Clean YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT of any and all law enforcement officers who have betrayed the trust of the People. Get input from any decent Peace Officers whether on your force or not. Your police department can’t be of the People unless it’s run BY the People.

ANY piece of equipment “donated” by the federal government MUST BE RETURNED! Under federal guidelines, accepting federal assistance puts YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT UNDER FEDERAL CONTROL! And you spent a lot of time and money to get elected just so you could rein in your rogue cops.

What of the laws coming from the county government? First you have to take over enough small communities in your county to win a county-wide election. That means duplicating your success in surrounding communities, preferably at the same time.

Taking control of county government is a bigger goal, but if you free your town from the current crop of socialist, elitist parasites it will become a beacon, an example of Freedom that other communities will see, and duplicate. Taking control of a county means running your candidate for Sheriff-this is big because the Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement authority… he can even prohibit state and federal authorities from operating in “his county” without permission.

Taking over a whole county… instituting government deconstruction and return of Freedom and assets back to the taxpayers will go a long way toward greatly improving the quality of life in your community; politically, economically, socially, and would greatly reduce the need for police.

See the logical conclusion? Take over enough counties and you have enough grass roots political muscle to usurp the Democrat/Republican party lock on your state’s government. Run your candidates and with the examples of your community, and your county(PROVIDED YOU CAN KEEP THE ELECTIONS FAIR)you could win control of YOUR STATE’S GOVERNMENT.

Win control of your state government and you can disband your state’s highway patrol, on the general principle that I’ve never heard of a state trooper who wasn’t a programmed law enforcing robot. You can also bring your state’s finances under the same scrutiny you did your local community. Start scrapping laws and create tax-free enterpeneur zones for the poorest in all those boarded up city storefronts. You’ll see an even bigger improvement in quality of life, which will mean of course less need for police.
Win enough states and now winning the federal government is within reach. I advocate it’s utter dismemberment and replacement with something… a hell of a lot smaller.

This of course is contingent on there being elections and a Constitutional government, which would be null and void in a martial law scenario or when the “elites” realize their plans of integrating America, Canada and Mexico into their “north american union”. In either case, there will be no elections and your local police will truly be unleashed.

J. Croft

1) 1-Abolition of property in land and application of all rents to public purposes

Unless you possess Texas property with alloidal title, you “own” Real Estate-you pay a yearly property tax to the county. You miss your tax you lose your land in a tax forfeiture sale. I myself tried to take advantage of this communist policy and get a house and flip it for ten to twenty times what I’d pay out but that’s a racket that already has big fish in it… or they get a lot of people in on the bid so they can max out the profits.

2-A heavy progressive or graduated income tax

Federal, state and local taxes, are rated according to income but unless you’re homeless you’re going to dish out at least 40% to some kind of tax scheme. Medieval serfs paid less.

3-Abolition of all rights of inheritance

Ever heard of the estate tax?

4-Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels

You leave America and renounce citizenship the government takes your property and/or make you pay taxes for three more years. You try resisting the government in self-defense they take your property. The forfeiture laws make a broad sweep and any excuse the government can make to take what’s yours they’ll do it.

5-Centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly

When the Constitution was signed, there was a standard of coinage of silver and gold that anyone was allowed to follow to legally coin their own money.

Two attempts at a national bank were defeated in the 19th century and America enjoyed a decentralized banking system with a stable money. With the fraudulant passing of the 16th ammendment we now have a heavy, progressive income tax and a privately owned, centralized credit and money issuing system with a monopoly on issuing money.

6-Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state

The FCC requires a license to transmit over airwaves. Licensing-permits form the state-are required to use public roads.

7-Extension of factories and insturments of producitons owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

Basically the zoning laws, and regionalism.

8-Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture

A national draft for non military needs has been proposed and will be enacted during martial law. Conscript labor is already a reality in the nation’s 3 million prisoners.

9-Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population.

Corporations, with much of their outstanding stock owned by the government control most agricultural land in the US.

10-Free education for all children in public schools. Combination of education with industrial produciton.

Public schools run under the Marxist NEA have dumbed down Americans for generations. Most people are “guided” into “careers” to be useful to the govenrment and corporations instead of receiving a balanced education.

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