Long Range Shotshell idea

J. Croft

Perhaps someone can develop this. The main issue I see is the design of the wad, and whether the fins on the projectiles should be straight or curved like a arrow for spin.

The amount of weight of the projectiles is kept down so that more thrust=more velocity.

If this is doable, I see it as a way to expand the combat capability of any shotgun beyond 100 yards with the 1 oz slug. Longer range, more forgiving hit probability, the chance to have penetrating or expanding projectiles, or a mix.

The propellent could even be blackpowder! This design could give those who cherish Freedom a fighting chance when, and it will be a when, rifle ammo becomes scarce and reloading capabilities crude at best. A rifle round requires far more precision to make the bullet jackets, the primers-already hard to formulate when working from scratch, the precise measurement of high performance rifle powders.

Low powered propellant, the projectiles can be cast easily since there’s no need for a copper jacket to ride the rifling at high velocity. I’d like to hear from anyone who can do something-post a comment below!

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